Precident Obama's Beautiful Statement on Prince Philip

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  1. Remember, Prince Phillip walked with the Kennedys in the JFK funeral procession (and de Gaulle).
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  2. And this is relevant in the Minox forum because?
  3. I think I read this on Twitter too ( it sounded familiar). I thought it was a beautiful statement too. It must be daunting for non-royals to pay a 'formal royal visit' to the UK with its regulated program, protocols and etiquette. Photo's and whispers of any missteps soon hit the press (like President Trump once walking in front of the Queen!!)
    So I liked Obama's comment that they received a warm personal welcome and that they got on personally too.

    More on Prince Philip at Wikipedia

    Whatever people may think of Royal families - are they still relevant or a relic of the past? How much do they cost the taxpayer? Isn't an elected president more democratic? And so on. My experience has been - with all the downsides - the benefit of a long-term sense of stability and continuity as elected politicians come and go. Especially at key moments. It'll be interesting to see whether and how the UK monarchy changes when William takes the throne.

    I'm a Brit but I've lived in the Netherlands for 40+ years. Here we have a so-called 'bicycle monarchy'. In the sense that there's much less pomp and ceremony than in the UK. The now King Alexander went to a 'normal' university and worked behind the bar there. He became an internationally respected 'expert' in water management. Queen Maxima also has a degree and had an international career before marrying Alexander later becoming Queen. She has indeed been photographed multiple times on shopping trips on her bike. Their children all went to 'normal' local schools. Of course, there are 'formal occasions' when the King and Queen make public speeches or are photographed in full regalia. But in general, Royalty here is more informal and laid back than in the UK. But even so, they still preserve a sense of stability and continuity. . There -s a small 'Royal Household' but most extended members of the royal family (including brothers) have paid or unpaid day jobs. The Kings's brother is a business consultant, an uncle is a flight safety expert. So what I like about NL is that there are no 'hangers on'. Most members have their own jobs, interests and spend their time on these. Once a year, the whole royal family turns up and visits a few towns on"Kings Day" which is broadcast on TV. For funerals too.

    Just pointing out that there are different forms of "royalty. The UK variety is - as far as I know - one of those most steeped in tradition.


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  4. Prince Philip published a book titled Seabirds in Southern
    Waters, with 18 photos taken with a Minox subminiature
    This is the very first book with Minox photographs in Minox history

    See Hubert Heckmann "MINOX the Queen of Spy Cameras--Variations in 8x11
    "Prince Phillp, the Duke of Edinburgh,became a dedicated
    'Minox Friend',and the famous German camera always
    accompanied him on his many tours.A true nature lover,the prince used his Minox camera to take photos for an illustrated book about birds in southern waters, His book,
    Seabirds of Britannia was received enthusiastically by critics in many country" ----page 23,second edition, 2012
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