Praktica super TL repair?

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  1. I just picked up a Praktica TL at the local Goodwill. The body looks good, the Oreston 1.8 is flawless, but the shutter has a small issue. 500 through 30 work fine, as does B. Slow speeds below 30 default. As I change speeds with the shutter cocked I don't even hear the slow speed escapement charging. Any idea where the escapement is on the TL? Under the top deck (hope not), or under the bottom plate? Any chance of getting close to it by removing the film gate from the rear?
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  2. Mathew Hi! Most of the gear in Praktica Super TL is at the bottom. You should be able to remove the bottom plate after peeling off the leatherette and removing the 6 screws that hold it fast. When you remove the bottom plate a plastic spacer at the bottom of the film cassette chamber would come loose. Make sure that you don't lose it. [If an earlier owner had already lost it then you won't find it!].
    The slow speed cam and mechanism will be accessible easily, once you remove the bottom plate. Usually these are not affected by dirt or alignment problems. There is a lever and small screw that adjusts the arm of the escapement. However, I am unable to diagnose anything from this distance. Let me know if you would like any diagrams from a repair manual. All the best, sp.
  3. Here is a picture that may be of help. It is of the PL Nova 1 but the Super TL has almost the same mechanism. Best, sp.
  4. Thanks Subbarayan! When I posted my question, I thought to myself, "12:30pm in Baltimore = 10pm in Bangalore, I should hear from Mr. Prasanna in 12 hours or so..." That's good news. The escapement is in a convenient location. The camera works fine (on the fast speeds) so I was not willing to do an extensive tear down. First roll is in it right now, so I'll post the photos and tell you how it goes.
  5. It is a very good camera. You will enjoy it even if it works only on the faster shutter speeds. It is also quite easy to clean the curtain spindle bushes and lubricate. The tension [if needed] can be adjusted with those ratchet wheels to the left of the picture. The oblong piece in the middle is a pendulum that releases the slow speed escapement. If I remember right, it can be adjusted as to its release position, with a screw. Looking forward to your pictures. Best, sp.
  6. ...Hey Matthew and Subbarayan, I know this is a 3-year old thread but I hope both you and particularly Subbarayan are still following any notations or questions regarding shutter issues with this camera...I have a Praktica Super TL (Hanimex) that given to me by a friend that has a shutter problem that I've attempted to address with no success so far...when I wind the camera the 'latch' that catches and holds the shutter in the 'cocked' position does'nt engage and the curtains will return to the 'rest' position as soon as I release the wind lever...I have the bottom plate off the camera and I've looked at and watched everything there while winding the camera and then allowing it to unwind and I can't for the life of me see anything there that catches the first curtain gear to hold the shutter in the cocked position or either I'm looking at it and don't know what I'm seeing...I've seen the photo that Subbarayan supplied of the Nova with the bottom plate removed and they're very similar indeed but I don't know if this 'latch' or 'pawl' that catches the first curtain gear and holds it in the cocked position until the shutter button is pushed is there or if it's inside the body of the camera where it can't be seen...from everything I've read about shutter issues with these cameras this seems to be a fairly common problem with them especially if they haven't been used in some time but aside from some comments that I've seen that the shutter 'latch' or 'pawl' tends to freeze in place from lack of use over time and needs to be re-lubricated I've found nothing else about how to correct this or any photos or a repair manual that would show where it is...I'm familiar with Pentax K1000's, Spotmatics, Yashica TL's, Exakta VX's and Exa's and would've thought the shutter mechanism in this camera couldn't be that much different than any of the rest of these but I've never used or worked on one of these before and don't know exactly what to look for so I'm stumped at this point and don't want to risk breaking anything if someone who knows them better than I can give me a couple of pointers...Subbarayan please give me the benefit of your experience here if you see this note and Matthew anything you can add will be helpful as well...thanks in advance, Rick Smith...
  7. Hi Rick! I wish you had posted this as fresh thread in PN. That way amny of us will view it within the week. This one is in the archives and I ran into it accidentally. What you have stated happens at times when the crank handle [wind on] is loose. Pry open the indicator plate over the pivot. You will find a ring nut with two holes. Try and tighten that. In some cameras I have bought this was the problem. Once that was tightened then all speeds started working okay. I hope that is the problem. sp.

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