Praise for Vuescan and Ed Hamrick

Discussion in 'Digital Darkroom' started by brentdlong, Jan 26, 2005.

  1. I posted last week that Vuescans IR cleaning on my Canon FS4000US was
    completely useless. I got in touch with Ed Hamrick, as most of you
    know, the creator of Vuescan. At first I didn't think it was going to
    accomplish much, but when I found something funny while inspecting my
    IR channel in PS and shared it with Hamrick, he was all ears. He had
    me email him a scan, got right on it, and in a couple days time I got
    an email stating that the new version 8.1.26 was working on the image
    that I emailed him.

    Upon download and five scans last night, I am blown away. The IR
    cleaning is perfect! I couldn't possibly be happier. Kudos to Ed and
  2. Hello Brent,

    I would like to thank you for informing Ed of the problem. I added to your last post a little test that I ran with a purposely scratched slide. And I had to concur with your findings that indeed the IR was not working very well. The time that you took to email Hamrick software will enable all FS4000 users to have a better experience with the vuescan software. This is not only good for us but also good for vuescan as it shows the due diligence that the team shows on building the software. I personally believe that had this problem arisen with your filmget software your response from canon would have been non existent, so well done vuescan, Ed hamrick and of course you. This problem would never have been solved without the time and effort you took to inform them of the error.

    I look forward to downloading the next version tonight when I get home.

    Many thanks.
  3. Yep. There used to be a problem with the Scan Dual III and high bit-depth. I found that if I didn't scan the whole area and avoided the last 3 rows or so of pixels that everything worked out perfectly. I informed Ed Hamrick of this and within a few updates he had everything working perfectly in that regard.
  4. Good thing the moderators changed the title from "Little praise" to "Praise"! I was wondering who was angry at Ed Hamrick... :)
  5. Downloaded 8.1.26 yesterday. Dust removal is great. Scratch removal is still not up to er... scratch. I have very lightly scratched neg which my sister wants for her mother in law (the pic is of her in laws). It has light scratch across her face. Even on heavy Ir I still cannot get rid of this scratch even though the IR channel shows that it is recognising it as a defect. I'll have to do some more thorough tests tonight.

    Also anybody now where the density display is?? I know where the tick box is in prefs. but I can't actually see anything different when it hah been ticked.
  6. "Good thing the moderators changed the title from "Little praise" to "Praise"! I was wondering who was angry at Ed Hamrick... :)"
    I thought about it for a couple minutes before I did that. I decided to leave it up in the air as an attention grabber so that hopefully even more people would read it. When I saw the title today, I thought it had been changed, but couldn't remember what I had decided last night.
    Sorry, Steve, about your disapointment in the scratch removal department. I was going to run a test myself, but as I don't have any scratched slides I'm not too concerned about it. I don't know either how well the scratch romoval part of Polaroid's free download plugin is, but it was doing a credible job on the dust after I selected it from the IR channel. I'd give it a shot at that scratch, after first selecting it so that you don't mess with the whole image. Good luck.
  7. Brent,

    Where can I find the polaroid plug in. Is it a photoshop plugin or Vuescan plugin. Many thanks.

  8. has the vuescan-forum finally been established?
  9. michael,

    I'd love to here details about a vuescan forum. That would be very handy.
  10. I would also like to add my praise for Ed Hamrick and Vuescan. I was quite impressed with the added level of control that it added over Filmget, which is something Canon should be ashamed of. I too had quite a few scans that I spent a LONG time cleaning up with the healing brush before I realised that the latest version was having trouble with the IR cleaning. When I had stopped being thick and checked the site I saw a more recent version with the fixes for the FS4000US. Not bad at all.
  11. Yo! Steve! Sorry for the long wait. Go here and you'll be set. It works as a plug-in for Photoshop, but I'm not sure beyond that. It may work as a standalone app.
  12. Thanks Brent.
  13. jtk


    It's been a mistake for me.

    I recently bought the $89 package so I'd sure like to be set straight and make it work.

    Two immediate beefs:

    1) Incredibly slow. Far slower (easily 4X) than the excellent Silverfast SE or Epson's house brand app (even at 48)

    2) Conflicts with fax apps (has found two fax apps that I didn't even know I had).

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