Pradovit CA - 2500 and slide mounts

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  1. Hi,
    First of all, I would like to say thanks to all the people in here, who helped me get my slide projector to work.
    A few things that I noticed with the jamming issue : I am able to mix both plastic and cardboard mount slides in the same tray. It gets jammed if I use the remote or if I use both forward and backward advance buttons on the projector. A little bit of lube on the transport mechanisms has kept it working fine.
    My local E-6 lab is finding it difficult to source cardboard mounts. I thought of getting plastic mounts and looked at the Gepe mounts. There are quite a few mounts ( different thickness) and I am not sure which one to select.
    This projector uses the 50 slide tray from Leica ( non LKM type).
    Thanks in advance.
  2. When I remount slides I prefer GEPE 7012 scan mount which gives a full size 24X36mm opening. I don't loose any of the image that way. (I can still "crop" with black tape, when desired.)
  3. SCL


    I've used a variety of mounts. Everything I've had come back in the last 5-6 years has been on plastic ones. Last week I had a problem with a cardboard mount from the 1940s - a corner was losing its rigidity and bending a little as it was going into and our of the projector, causing a slight I guess I'll have to remount it. Good to hear of others using their projectors these days.
  4. For years I've used Gepe 3mm slide mounts with glasses and 2mm glassless ones, with no problems. The projector is a Pradovit P2002 similar to yours and I've used the DIN 50 slide tray.
  5. Sanjay: has your projector got forward and backwards buttons on the projector? Surely it has just one - quick push - forward, push and hold - reverse? I use glassless Gepe mounts on my Pradovits - never jams. They work with both glassless and glass slides. Any plastic mount though should be fine (Gepe's are more expensive).
  6. Hi ,
    Robin , thats right: only one button . Thanks all for the responses. I am planning to go with the glassless mounts.
    I guess 3mm or 2mm slide mounts should be fine.
    Is there a LKM 50 slide tray ? My tray is Leica and can hold 50 slides . Alex, whats the difference between the mounts with metal masks and mounts without metal masks ( purpose/ advantage/ disadvantage)? does it really matter?
  7. Sanjay, you can't use LKM magazines on the 2500 - you need a 2502 or later. You are not missing anything: the LKM magazines are prone to jamming in my experience.
    The metal masked slides are nicer as they give a sharp edge and (probably) hold the slide flatter. Their disadvantage is they are much more expensive. I don't think it matters for projection purposes - I use metal masks when digitizing my slides though.
  8. I measured the thickness of a 35mm Gepe mount at 0.088". A Wess mount measured 0.097". Would the thicker Wess mount be therefore less suitable? And my slides these days come back in thin plastic mounts, no longer in cardboard ones. I measured one of the plastic mounts at 0.049". Would that make it better than the Gepe in the CA2500? Or does it make any difference, as long as they are plastic and not cardboard?
    What is it about the cardboard that kills the quick change?

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