PPAP and representative abstract photography

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  1. This is not a philosophical question. It is meant to be an "abstract photography" question concerning representative photos - with a teaser.
    The Japanese "Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen" video and song by Japanese Pico Taro, also known as "PPAP", which is said to be representative music inspired me to ask the obvious question in this new forum: Is there something, that can be seen as representative photography and why not representative abstract photography ?
    A longer text below on "representative music" opens up to reflexions on representative arts and representative photography.
    It might be just for information for those who are interested and less an opening to a debate.
  2. "why not representative abstract photography ?"​
    Abstract photography is representative photography.
  3. Normally one would say that abstract art is non-representational and not a sub-category of representation.

    However, representation and non-representation seems to have degrees, a continuum between (at one extreme) pure abstraction, and pure representation. In this continuum of abstraction, representative images become less and less recognizable for the viewer and slowly become pure non-representation.
    In your thread on "contemporary abstract photography" I gave some links to photographers who create images which seems to be pure representation of cities and architecture, but have a an abstract quality, to various degrees because of composition, light, colors and choice of elements.
    With reference to your graphic I would therefore rather be inclined to see the two subareas: "figurative" (the same as representative, in my view) and "abstract" as partly overlapping areas, so that you have a "grey" area covering all images with both, to variete degrees, representative and abstract qualities to them.

    The representative/non-representative quality of Abstract images, could be compared to the case of music - ref the article I linked to.
    This is not a pipe
  4. This is not a pipe; it is a figurative representation of a pipe.
    Representation does not = recognition of things. Abstracts represent an idea or a feeling. If they don't represent, then they are not abstract-anything; i.e. they are not abstract. They are just macros or patterns or whatever they *are.*
  5. What is the characterization, style, feel or logic that tells a viewer that the subject in the photo is a specific documentation or narrative of the subject? Not an abstract.
    This boils down to internalized image language whose intent is determined and amplified by the photographer at a certain strength or level of obviousness that the viewer can't misinterpret it as anything other than a documentation or narrative of the subject.
    The pipe image is surrealism IMO that conveys to me a sort of philosophically humorous POV on society's need to be told and sold on what to do with their lives even against their better judgement by displaying the pipe with a nonsensical contradictory statement about the subject using the image language style of modern advertising signage. It's presented out of context within a frame in order to place focus and amplify the "Made You Look, Stupid!" effect often associated with modern advertising. Others may interpret something different.
    I don't often have that many words to describe the image language or intent and character of communication viewing Abstracts. Abstracts to me convey ambience, mood, mystery and attitude out of the viewers uncertainty of what the subject is causing the viewer to turn inward to examine their own interpretation with no finality. Reality becomes infinite.

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