PPA Insurance - know anything about it?

Discussion in 'Business of Photography' started by deb_ful, May 19, 2008.

  1. I'm thinking of joining the PPA for equipment & injury ins. Does anyone have
    anything good or bad to say about it?
  2. I'm a PPA member and have insurance through them. I may not be the best
    respondent because I've never had to make a claim or test the policy, but I feel
    good about the coverage and know based on comparison with our personal
    insurance broker that the PPA is very competitive.

    I will also say that my PPA membership has paid for itself in other ways, including
    jobs I've gotten through the web site, the Professional Photographer magazine
    (which I look forward to monthly) and the other benefits.

    :) Karen Lippowiths
  3. Karen ,

    There 's an upcoming article in "Professional Photographer" (PPA's magazine --I'm a Technical editor for the magazine ) about a photographer who used it to pay for wedding restaging and guest travel expenses after, well, let's just say a large dog ate some of his homework, and the magazine has received lots of comments from photographers who have used the insurance after catastrophic RAID array failures.
  4. PPA is a great orginization so I would trust the companies they endorse. I recently attended a leadership training and meet several folks from the top. It was well worth it.

    As for insurance I have mine through Marsh Affinity (the comp PPA recommends). However, I am wondering what others have had experience wise with the company here through photo.net.
    I don't mind paying extra for service but as it stands now the policy for my equipment would be MUCH less through this place instead of Marsh.

    Anyone had any claims experience with the company through photo.net? Much thanks!


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