PP challenge August 6 2022

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  1. Let's have fun while we learn (and show) how we use our imagination, creativity and skills in post-processing.

    There are no rules or guidelines: your post-processed images can be 'adjustments' that you think improve the image or 'wildly creative' interpretations. Entirely up to you. Please summarize your PP so we can all learn from each other.

    If you would like to post a PP challenge next week (or any other week!), please do! Any Photos/Images can be posted for PP challenges. They should be of sufficiently high resolution, for example, 3000 px on the long side.


    PP challenge 2022-08-06-1.jpg
  2. Blue overlay plus a bit of levels/curves.

  3. tp6pckuo.jpg
    Brighter with a touch of abstraction
  4. Nice photo, Mike! Topaz Denoise AI clean, Topaz Gigapixel AI x6, resized to original, ACR adjustments of geometry, highlights, Topaz Detail 3 large details slider, Hue/Saturation master increase in PS, Topaz Sharpen AI standard.
  5. ppc building skateboarder.jpg
    Skateboarder's fantasy.
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  6. ppc transformed building.jpg
    Second version
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  7. This wasn't a photo that I'd ever 'earmarked' as a potential PP challenge. I just picked it at random because it seemed to be a bit different to most of the ones I've posted before. As always, I'm absolutely amazed and delighted with the imagination and creativity of all the 'versions' so far!

    I had no idea how to PP this. I started out trying to 'color' some of the (mostly) grey areas but I soon gave up. Much too much work and what I had done looked awful. So I took a break, went shopping, and on the way came up with the idea of 'bending' the straight lines. Googling how to do this, I discovered that Photoshop's 'Liquify' filter worked well though it took me a few attempts to calibrate it to the effect I wanted, I darkened the image and the thought occurred to me that the 'bendy lines' could (with a very wide stretch of the imagination ;)) suggest some kind of theme park space (or ride). So I included - with my thanks - part of Wikipedia user WillMCc's 'ride' photo' licensed under CC Attribution 3.0 Unported.

    PP challenge 2022-08-06-1 mike.jpg
  8. A big wow!
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  10. G'MIC for Windows PS.


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  12. I'd never heard of G'MIC but I'm looking forward to trying it out!


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