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  1. Well, blame it on Michael Elenko. He suggested or inquired about a picture of the year. I was hoping one of the more brilliant photographers would start the thread out, but since no one has, I guess I will attempt to start a thread. As in the past for this thread please pick ONE of your best images or one that you really like. Mine is a shot from exactly one year ago or so of my wife just before she crossed a bridge at a New York State Park that we live near called Moreau State Park after a newly fallen snow/ice storm when the lake was not frozen yet and there was no wind so the water reflections were quite pleasing. K10D / 16-45 lens @ 38mm / 1/30 sec / f8.0 / ISO 100 / Exp Comp +1.0 Winter Reflections [​IMG]
  2. Ok, This is my favorite of the year and it came as a complete after thought. As I was loading up my gear to go home from a day at Long Beach, there I saw this image framed through the back window of my truck...For all the fancy DSLR's I have and the greatest wazoo lenses, this image was made with my Pentax Spotmatic, Super Tak 35F/3.5 and Ilford XP2 ASA 400 speed film...
  3. Bob, the red against the muted palate of the scene is great. Javier, what a marvellous "found artifact" feel. This is less interesting, but it immediately came to mind as my favorite I took last year.
  4. Thanks for taking the initiative Bob. I don't mind being blamed for good stuff like this. Each of these proceeding images are memorable and well-executed. A real treat for a gray, dank January weekday. It would be nice to have folks continue sharing their intentions with each shot, a Pentax angle, and a bit of a back story.
    This was in a special, somewhat secluded location of a large garden. The day was pretty gray (so what else is new in Puget Sound in late October) so the maple was fairly dark underneath. I was (and still am) figuring out how to use the ring flash. I gave it a blast with the widest lens I had in the bag and then had to calm down some--I'm guessing a few of you had a bit of an adrenaline rush after taking some of the shots in this thread. Post-processing was the harder effort as I aimed for a more even exposure and contrast. Good enough for me.
    Autumn Shroud
    K20D, DA 21mm Ltd.,1/30 @ f6.7, ISO 800 + Sigma Closeup Ring Flash
  5. As I sat on a little stool clicking away at the bees, just wishing I could catch them doing something interesting, along comes this near-miss. Aaahhhhhh!!! I think this is a fun photo, reminds me of two pups wrestling in the grass. I smile every time I see it. K20D and Tamron 900 macro.
  6. That's a great kick-off photo, Bob!
  7. This is "one of" my favourites of the year. Since I take so many wedding shots, I'm drawn to more and more unusual stuff. There's no PP work here. Just shot at high ISO and I put the WB way over to blue to enhance the already blue light the performance was using.
  8. Beautiful shot, Bob. Colors are just perfect. Javier, I agree, I think that is one of your best! Nick's flower, Michael's autumn and Steve's nature shots are all wonderful. This is really some nice stuff here. I am anxious to see how this thread plays out. Thanks for starting it, Bob.
    Mine was shot last April and has been posted before. Shot with the K10D and the DA 50-135.
  9. Well, this is my favorite shot I've taken this year even if its not technically the best.
  10. It was tough for me to pick one shot that I liked "best" from the past year. This was taken in late July, during my first visit to the Canadian Rockies. It was the first time I had seen a lake of this color in person, and it was pretty amazing. Emerald Lake, in Canada's Yoho National Park in British Columbia. DA40, K20D, ISO 100, f/5.6 at 1/200, handheld.
  11. This is one tough job... here I think this one, quickly, before I change my mind...
  12. This is not my best, but almost my last picture of 2009. And certainly out of the shoot I was very much looking forward to. Just got back from Surinam where I attended a hindustani wedding.
    Lens Focal Length: 21,00 mm ()
    Shutter Speed: 1/30 sec
    F-Number: F3,2
    ISO: 1600
  13. I think I have already posted this photo but still to this day its one of my favorites of 2009.
    What else would make a great photo other then capturing a dear friend tracking wildlife with you
  14. Let me share mine - a multiple exposure shot with the K10D and 77mm limited:
  15. There is some great work here I can't wait to see more... This year I have had alot of ups and down with my photography with the loss of all my gear and having to rebuild to learning new techniques and finding a renewed passion and just as I have had up's and downs so have my photo's but overall I would have to say that this bridge shot taken with my K10D that was stolen is my favourite shot of 2009 and definatly one of my best.
  16. Great pics all!
    I really like the softness in this one.
  17. Everyone has posted some great stuff but IMHO Ryan Watts has posted the best one so far. Congrats Ryan!
  18. From March 2009:
  19. Very nice stuff! I absolutely love Micheal's shot of the tree. Inspiring!
    I don't have much in the way of Pentax shots for the year since I only just got mine. But I did like this one so even though it's been posted before here it is again.
    K-x with 50mm A 1.4.
  20. Holy cow this is hard just to choose one for the year! In the end I chose this one:
    Taken in September in the Smokey Mountains Park, North Carolina.
  21. Frozen corn stalk. This is probably not my best, but it is one of my favorites.
  22. Woof, how awesome to see ya here :)
  23. I am unsettled in cropping part of the head and tilting. It is filled with user errors but it reminds me the newbie effort for my 1st shooting in indoor staged performance. I shot it with FA 77mm f/1.8 limited and I couldn't move my position when the dancer is closer to me. That cultural dance was the most exhausting shoot for me in 2009 that involves 10 hours of shooting in rehearsal and formal in two separate days and 20+ hours in editing. It was a tough lesson learned as a newbie not knowing that taking too many pictures could be a tremendous burden after the shooting. I can have picked another better shot for POY but I like this one for the excitement and the pose of the dancer reaching up and it reminds me the lack of preparation and skills in the shooting.
    1/500 sec, f/2.2, 77mm, iso 640, 0 Ev, K20D
  24. Here is one taken with my K10D and the lowly 18-55 kit lens at 18mm, which is the worst setting, supposedly. It is not my best but I find it the most interesting as I daresay that even my 50mm M 1.7 would have a hard time doing it better. This is detail from an old Penna RR steam engine rusting in the yard at the Penna RR museum.
  25. Another kit lens shot from me too. I have used (and now own) other lenses which knock the socks off the kit lens, but no lens gets you in the right place at the right time. This with K10D, 18-55mm.
  26. here is my entry, something a little different. hope you enjoy.
  27. Pentax 645.
    I had a good year. I went out to California and Indiana, made many pictures in the mountains, worked on my book, helped my friend with his web series, had a few photos shown in smaller spots. I was fortunate to get that grant. I picked this picture just because it was among those events.
    What would be best would be a tough call because I had a lot of small adventures and learned a bunch of stuff.
  28. Oh, I remember that shot, Camus, from the PF competition I judged--how wonderful to see it again here!
    I could agonize over this forever but I think I'll choose this one from the Eastern Shore trip--odd perhaps since I do relatively few landscapes. I had passed this house several times on that excursion , making a mental note each time and, finally stopped to take a set of shots on my way back home. Once again, it strikes me as having that 'painterly' feel which seems to emerge--somewhat mysteriously--in my pp at times.
  29. I love Ian's dog looking into the distance. And Donnie's 'gator is a great composition and sends shivers down my spine. And Javier your street stuff is stunning.
    This has been a year playing with off camera flash – I may have posted this already – the significance is that Dougal is having a haircut tomorrow – it is too warm in Brisbane just now, so he will become a scraggy messy short haired thing that bundles around and has much more energy – giving me little chance of taking his photo lying still -
    This one with flash through brolleys both ends of the couch, and gold reflector camera left – Pentax K20 1/125 f5.6 DA 16-50 at 50mm (iso 400 for some reason – must have forgotten to change it to 200!)
  30. Took a friend and fellow photographer to my super secret waterfall on windy run, a steep little creek that has lots of cascades and waterfalls but is inaccessible to any sane human beings! Had a great day crawling through rhododendron thickets, over boulder piles, and up steep hills, the photo's nothing great but the day was the typical day of a wannabe appalachian nature photographer and reminds me of why I love my little slice of america, so thats my photo of the year!
  31. After acquiring my first DSLR this year (a K200D), still I have to say that I like this one the best. Scan of a wet darkroom print, shot with my Pentax Program Plus, Kodak Tmax 100 film, Soligor 75-150 manual focus zoom. ...Sometimes things just "click". Unfortunately, the small size doesn't do justice to the sharpness of my lucky shot. Thanks to my student nephew who temporarily set up a dark room in my basement last year.
    Great stuff everyone!
  32. I like the idea of a POY. It pits your best work against others who, at least in my case, may be much better. With the caliber of talent here, I would hate to be the one who has to choose which image is the best. Well anyway, here's one I like from 2009.
  33. Well...after scratching my head a while, I think this is my favourite photo of 2009. Despite its technical flaws (improperly exposed and showing shake blur), I still produced a final image that transmits emotion...or at least it does to me :) I still remember the exhilaration I felt when I spotted the scene, took a knee and made the shot. It was over immediately and I had no time to reset the camera and take a better exposure.
  34. As for other people's shots, I am finding the choices interesting. I am familiar with most of your photography, and in many cases I would have picked other photographs as your Best of 2009. It's curious how our choices can contradict those of our viewers, and I imagine some of you who have seen more of my shots might be surprised I chose the one I did.
    That said, I love Bob's opening photo. Javier's has been one of my favourites since I first saw it ages ago, and I think it's one of his Top 3. I'm surprised at Peter's choice, but I do like it. While I also like Robert and Camus's photos, I would have chosen others from them as my favourites of 2009.
    Hmmm...the more I look at them, the more I like Somanna's radioactive lichen trees... :)
  35. Would it be fair to say?... This is my Favorite P.net thread of the year!
    The little stories have added so much to the viewing pleasure....
  36. Well like others have said there are many great shots here, and a great variety of subjects and styles too. Its good to see and I'll be watching this thread with interest.
    I have so many shots from this year having been lucky enough to have taken some time out and travelled for 9 months of it, and I have many favourites. I guess of all my shots this is one that keeps on jumping out at me but its probably not my best either. Just flying into a warm sunset sets off emotions I guess?
    The shot was taken over Darwin, NT, Australia, with my K20D (300mm f16, 1/500sec, ISO100, curves adjustment, and crop in post)
  37. I was torn between a lot of different photos. In the end I think I like this one best. It was taken about 11PM near Glenn Allen Alaska on our epic motor home trip this summer. It is an HDR but I tried hard to not make it look like one.
  38. Marty, you pic makes me want to go on vacation!!!! :)
    Andrew, you have found the true purpose of HDR photography: To squeeze wide dynamic range into a narrow receptacle (you camera's sensor) so the picture looks as it would to somebody who was there seeing it with his/her own eyes. Very nicely done, too.
  39. Not having the camera but two days at the time of this shot, this shot yields from my 2nd outing with it.
    K110d, 18-55mm lens kit, some post production.
  40. A lot to enjoy in this thread.... Incredible work by everyone! I don't have any super faves from this year, but my favorite outing of the year by far was a vacation taken in July to Carefree AZ. Man what an awesome place. I was blown away by the beauty of it. A lot of my stuff from the trip was HDR, but here is a non HDR that is probably my favorite non-hdr from the trip..
    Model - PENTAX K100D + Kit lens
    Software - GIMP 2.7.0
    ExposureTime - 1/40 seconds
    FNumber - 13.00
    ExposureProgram - Manual control
    ISOSpeedRatings - 200
    DateTimeOriginal - 2009:07:23 05:31:29
    MeteringMode - Multi-segment
    FocalLength - 43 mm
    ExposureMode - Manual
    White Balance - Auto
  41. Todd, that's a lovely picture and one of the best captions too!
  42. [​IMG]
    The Eiffel Tower from beneath.
    Pentax K20D - Manual Pentax 50mm 1.4 - f/4 at 1/10 - handheld, no tripod
  43. Nice one todd. Yours has my vote so far. well done
  44. Andrea, that is awesome!
  45. I gots to say, while all the images are fantastic, Misrererers. makes me stop every single time to look at and admire and with I took it......One of the best street images I have ever seen anyplace....Bravo!
  46. We spent the New Year's Eve in Bucharest and we entered this club, no one was there and I just snapped a photo which now I like very much. Pentax K-x, kit zoom, iso 3200 and I believe it was on High Contrast digital filter.
  47. This is an incredible collection of photos, displaying an immense range of subjects and treatments. The ones that stand out for me are the frozen corn by Seaain, the gator by Donnie, the maple, the portrait by Dorus, and the Eiffel Tower by Andrea. Bravos to all.
    I picked this photo from April along the John Day river in north central Oregon. This is near the John Day Fossil Beds National Monument. The colors in the rock are fascinating to me, and the spring grass compliments the other colors.
    K10D, kit lens, 45mm, f9.0, 1/250, iso 100.
  48. One of my favorite shots from last year at a lavender farm near Seattle
  49. This is my favorite for 2009 because it was so hard to get. Professional Armwrestling matches can be over in less than a second. I snapped this one just as the ref gave the "GO" command.
    From 2009 Armwrestling_SEAC Nov 7
    DA 40mm/2.4 LTD
  50. I remember that photo John and I agree, it needs to be here. The emotion on the guys face is amazing and the exposer and color is perfect.
  51. Friends, I hate to renege, but although the John Day photo is fine, my real favorite photo, though not technically great, it one I took of my wife. She is teaching third grade in Amargosa Valley, Nevada, shown here just before the kids started coming in for the morning.
    I love this because it really reflects her personality, her vitality, and love of what she is doing.
    K20D, kit lens, 35mm, f5.6, 1/50, iso 400, 540 flash.
  52. Interesting and diffcult thread! I chose the easy way: will share my picture with the highest number of views during 2009. Shot with Pentax K200D and Sigma 400mm/5,6 APO.
  53. Javier,
    Thank you very much for the kind words. You know that I follow your work intently. I have to say that my favorite Javier photo is one you took on the boardwalk, a photo of three people with a lady sitting on a man's lap and they looked like they were having the greatest time ever. To draw a conclusion from the photo (knowing nothing about the people in it) it looks like those two people who are enjoying one another so much probably don't have much else besides one another. It was very touching to me even if the reality is not what I draw from the photo.
    You capture so much of the daily human condition, but not just snapshots of things around you. They aren't just scenes from your walks, but slices of peoples' lives where you capture memories for them. It's like you capture clips of people's lives that they themselves would want to have in their family scrapbooks forever. Very few people have photos of 'themselves' being 'themselves' the way they really remember having lived that moment. You capture that. Your photos inspire me to go beyond the technical and make photos that the people in them would be proud of.
  54. Wow John. I don't know what to say. I am touched and blessed.
    Thank you :)
  55. This young lady was a fellow participant in a nature photo workshop that I was taking this past summer and she graciously agreed to model for me. I learned a lot, saw where I needed more knowledge and loved taking pictures of her because she is a natural model. I believe she also enjoyed herself, given her expression here.
  56. Hmm, I really don't have a photo of the year. I have some decent photos from 2009, but nothing just screams to me WOW! 2009 was a wasted year on many dimensions, and I'm glad it's gone.
    I've mostly returned to film. And glad to have lightened the burden of digital processing, following a hard drive meltdown, a laptop and a netbook dying in the same month, I realized I like having hard copies, even ones that fade, and become brittle. A little Kodak Digital ROC can bring back a lot of the original color, and all I need is some sunlight to view them. For some reason I stopped with automatic hard drive backups mainly because I was shooting so little and decided not to leave my desktop running 24 hours a day just to run overnight backups, and I almost lost quite a few files, including at least 1 I cared about from a saleability standpoint. Fortunately I have shot so little since May 2009, that I had a lot of my stuff leftover on cards. Or, I was able to recover using Sandisk Rescue Pro recovery from formatted cards. Overall, I lost just one weekends worth of photos...moral of the story, backup and backup often. Second moral of the story, just because Sandisk gave those Rescue Pro disk away, didn't make them worthless.
    That and the fact I just like processing my film. I also like the emotional connection to it I don't have with digital at the time of capture, when shooting digital images are almost taken for granted. I resisted digital for a long time because when I'm out in the backcountry, standing on a mountain, or in front of a lake, I don't want to deal with computers or electronics, and a digital camera is just a little computer with lens.
    Anyway, this shot stands out as just one of those days where you have to be outside to get the shot. There are always a few images in my mind from the start that I'd like to get, but those are always dependent upon the conditions. Sometimes no planning, no magic lens, filters, or tomfoolery is required, just roll out of bed and summit a mountain, and on the way down, this might be staring you in the face.
  57. Welcome back, Justin! Great choice for your POY. I can feel the cold and the beauty...even if I am looking at it in a dark room :)
    Are you here to stay?
  58. I've never been fully, gone, I was monitoring the forums via RSS and occassionally logging in, but of course the temptation once logged in is to post. I won't be getting up to 3, 2, or even one film canister anytime soon. I have several trips planned in February, and I'm up in the Adirondacks almost every weekend Fri-Monday afternoon. Plus, I've been getting a lot of my stuff print ready. So the week goes by fast, without a lot of computer time!
    With the 4 day weekend for me, and the ridiculously warm temps (yeah, I know 40F isn't balmy), I figured while I was tied down to a computer I'd stop in "live in person". I hate holidays, so I'm sitting out the weekend till at least Sunday night. I don't have to be at work until Tuesday afternoon or evening, which means I can start my weekend when everyone else is headed home :)...
  59. I know what you mean, Justin. I'm down to 1 film canister, and not that bothered. I am annoyed at the lack of shooting time I have. I need to make that a priority.
  60. Good to have you back Justin! Hopefully you'll make more than a cameo appearance for 2010! :)
  61. Hey Justin, great to hear from you. Well, Justin that shot, your mood, the mood of the shot, the simplistic method, all speak for itself. I'm not too sad 2009 is over either.
    I have to say due to the fact that I don't know any better, and I surely don't know 1/1000th of what you guys all know, most of my shots are without any special lenses, filters, or as you say 'tomfoolery'. And I agree, years ago before digital when I had a Canon SLR my shots were 'different' for some reason. Probably because for me with a young family, film and developing were pretty expensive so each and every shot meant something. Now that I have switched to digital I shoot way too many shots. I just picked up some used Ansel Adams books from Amazon and his approach was something I am going to look more at.
    Thanks everyone for posting
  62. Bob,
    If you have the inclination, you might fool around with black and white. Total cost to get you started (and at the same time process about 100 rolls of film) is about $100 give or take.It's really not messy using the syrupy HC-110 so the kitchen sink works just fine.
    You need about 2 feet of counter space total. It's a lot of fun, gets you connected to the images, and has some of that magic of waiting hours, days, or weeks for your slides to come back.
    I'd say most of my shots don't require a magic lens, often it's just about being there. And I know you know that as well as anyone.
    Enjoy the Adams books, those older film books believe it or not still have tons of value in the digital world, regardless of what you are shooting. Most of my photography book collection is film books, and I still reference them. On the flip side, I was reading a 1960 something copy of Mountaineering Freedom of the Hills the other night, and holy crap, what a useless pile of paper. Wanted to toss it in the wood stove!! I guess capturing light in a lightproof box didn't evolve nearly as much as ascending a mountain over the last 50 years!
    BTW, I loved that shot when you posted it last year, definitely my kind of scene. You should consider contacting NYS Parks if you think it is printable. Would make a nice inset to a brochure. Moreau is a gem, especially with that Spier Falls section added on. When we eventually move to the Glens Falls area, that side of GF seems ideal. Wouldn't mind a house backed up to the park.
  63. What I like about this "picture of the year" thread is that it includes two types of shots: 1. the kind one might be proud of for technical, artistic, or objective reasons, and 2. personal favorites that connect strongly on an emotional level. They also may be artistically or technically excellent or even flawed, but the driver is the emotional connection.
    It's all good to me.
  64. I hope it's not too late to post. After being away for a while, it's kind of hard to remember to drop by over here.
    At the beginning of this year I was searching for the solution to making digital images look like Fujichrome Velvia 100F. After a few months of experimenting and spending much time in photoshop, I discovered the secrete. I recorded that secrete into an action to increase shooting time. Now, instead of spending several hours a day staring at a computer screen, I have a lot more time to just be out in nature and to wait for those things to come along that only patience can bring. After all, like Justin said, "...just roll out of bed and summit a mountain, and on the way down, this might be staring you in the face."
    It's kind of hard to decide which image to select for Photo of the Year. After visiting many different national parks this year, it's kind of hard to decide. But here it is, my best of the year image.
  65. POY? Really hard to decide, but I personally like this one.. :)
    Shot taken at Lydd-on-Sea, UK in May 09.[​IMG]
  66. Wow! ^ That is an amazing image. The tonality is just gorgeous.
  67. Here is my choice. To pick one photo isn't all that simple.
    Newcastle NSW Australia, beach scene by dawn.

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