Powershot A520 - memory card problem

Discussion in 'Mirrorless Digital Cameras' started by ian_f.__uk_, Feb 6, 2006.

  1. Please does anyone have information about using 256MB SD cards in
    the Canon Powershot A520? I have tried two unused Sandisk 256 SD
    cards in my brand new A520. Formatted them in the camera, both
    immediately gave problems. They record images OK, but next time I
    switch the camera on it says "No Image" and I cannot view them. I
    take one shot, and they reappear - until next time I switch on
    again. Also, I cannot download images from these cards through my
    card reader onto my PC. All I get is blanks where the pix should be.
    Also, it often throws up "Memory Card Error" when trying to shoot.
    Re-formatting makes no difference to any of these problems. All of
    this means that I cannot download or print any images. Another guy
    also with a brand new A520 is having similar problems with Sandisk
    256MB cards (bought from the same source). The card dealer says he
    has sold 200 from this batch with no other complaints and
    says "Sounds to me like a compatability issue." I may be unfair to
    Sandisk, perhaps this happens with all 256MB cards. (The Canon 16MB
    card supplied with the camera works perfectly.) I would like to
    hear whether anyone else uses 256MB SD cards (especially Sandisk) in
    the A520 - or what other card should I be using? Please help this
    frustrated novice!
  2. I have used a 256mb SD card (not Sandisk) in the Powershot A510 and A520 without any problems.

    Go back to the store and try another 256mb card from another mfg.
  3. Ian,

    I bought my daughter-in-law a Canon A520 this Christmas and a SanDisk 1GB SD card and since I haven't heard any complaints from her, I've got to believe she is having no problems. I know she used the camera alot during Christmas and New Years and I know she's copied the photos onto the PC and she may have even formatted the card again. So, the SanDisk 1GB SD 'regular speed' card works fine in her copy of the Canon A520.

    If the camera consistently fails you...then many of the stores that sell cameras usually have various cards laying around. See if they might allow you to try different brands and sizes at the store.

  4. I am using a Sandisk 256 card for over a year in a nikon and canon A610. Never a problem.

    The card dealer says he has sold 200 from this batch with no other complaints and says "Sounds to me like a compatability issue."

    Hmm, bought off Ebay I bet...Call sandisk with card in hand and talk to them. They did have a bad batch of these at one time if I recall
  5. This sounds like you have a camera issue not a card issue. It could be as simple as a dirty connection in the camera or something more serious. I would bring your camera into the store and try several cards in your camera. Take a card that is acting up in your camera and try it in a demo A520 and see if the same thing happens. As far as other brands go, I sell Delkin, Sandisk, and Lexar and all have been trouble free. Delkin is our most popular brand, selling 10 to 1 over other brands. Very rarly do we ever see a defect in the Delkin cards.
  6. I am currently using 1GB SD card with A520. It never give me the problema. But it's not formated from A520. I usally format it from my PC. I share this card with dofferent camera but all images are there and can read from my pc card reader.

    Try to re-format it from PC to see if it continou give you the problema. Anyway to understand if it's problem of Caemara or problema of the SD card, try to do the following:

    - format it in PC, save some files into it and read it from other PC. If it's ok the Card should be OK. and Try to shoot some photo from other camera to see if it give you the problema. It should not give problema. Otherwise there is problema of the compatibility of the camera reader. Then try with your camera, if the problema is stil there, there is some issues with your camera card reader.

    Hope it can help
  7. I have a similar problem with my PowerShot A520 and a 1GB SD card. When I turn the camera on with the card in, it says Memory Card Error. But if you change from Record mode to Play mode and back, it works fine. If you turn the camera off and back on, the images don't appear in the preview - but they seem to still be there! If you take another picture, the original ones will come back. Not sure why this is, but I have asked Canon - still waiting for a reply! If anything comes, I'll post it here.
    Hope this helps!
  8. I think is a compatability issue. I have some errors using a Sandisk 256MB card in the A520, and it?s a nightmare when is the memory is full.

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