Power supply/timer alternatives for a Chromega E

Discussion in 'Large Format' started by michael_veit, Aug 28, 2003.

  1. The Chromegatrol timer/voltage stabilizer that came with my Super
    Chromega E Dichro II enlarger went on the blink a couple months ago.
    After considering the repair option, I decided instead to bite the
    bullet and buy a new Chromegatrol II timer. Unfortunately, that one,
    too, stopped working after only 2 printing sessions -- it suddenly
    started making a grinding noise and failing to activate the
    enlarger's light source when in "expose" or "focus" mode. Needless to
    say, my faith in the chromegatrol family of controlers is pretty low
    right now and I'm wondering what other options are available, given
    the Chromega E's funky plug configuration. Any ideas for an


  2. I've been using a Chromegatrol II for about 3 years, only problem I've had is the LED time display sometimes displays partial numbers. turning it off and back on fixes the problem.

    Not a total solution, but you might consider getting just the Omega power supply and buying a separate timer. At least that way you minimize your exposure to Omega quality control/design flaws.
  3. The focus/expose switch failure is a well-known problem. I've seen it several times. If your timer is new, Omega should fix it, if not, the parts are available from them. An electronics repair shop should be able to fix it easily. Or try Harry Taylor at classic-enlargers.com.
  4. Thanks for the replies.

    The timer is indeed new and already boxed for return to B&H who said they'd refund my money. Right now, I'd surely feel more comfortable with some other brand alternative, but there might not really be one. It's too bad I know nothing at all about electronics because I'd be perfectly happy with a toggle switch and metronome.
  5. I have an older Chromega E & power supply. There is no LED readout,
    instead there is one dial for 10's of secs and one dial for seconds.
    (also a switch for seconds and 1/10 seconds that I never use)
    It (for many years) has not had any problems...yet.
    You may try to get one of these used, if they have better reliability.
    I see them on ebay now & then.
  6. Consider a Zone VI or a Metrolux compensating timer. This will give you a very consistent source of light.

    You can purchase and install the sensor separately. For example, I installed a sensor on my Omega D2V condensor head, and it works perfectly. (Alas, I no longer use a condensor head.) Check with Calumet or Metrolux as to how you would install the sensor. In a color head, I could see where it could be installed in a location where the light source could be too bright or too hot.

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