Power of a single photo-amazing story!

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  1. In a recent issue of the LA Times there is a story by and about one of their
    photographers, Louis Sinco, who took what is an "Iconic" image of the Iraq war
    and the follow-up on how the pohoto changed two lioves.

    The link is to the first part and there is a second embedded in the first.


    Really great stuff.

    What would the story have been of Capa's photo of the soldier getting shot.
    The photographer who took the photo of the burned Vietnamese girl did meet
    her later. Remember the follow up to the Afghan Girl image?

    These are wonderful stories of the real power of a single photo.

  2. I just saw that on mediastorm today:
    Very moving piece.
    And Mediastorm is a great site to keep updated on.
  3. the video has some great photographs. thanks for the link.

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