Power Cord for Nikon MH-18a Quick Charger (Update)

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  1. After looking at my MH-18 cord, a knowledgable friend suggested that
    this APC accessory cord might meet our needs. At some point I will
    take my MH-18 charger down to COMPUSA to see if indeed the APC INPA2
    will actually plug into the charger properly.


  2. Sorry abourt that first URL above.

  3. Robert, thank you. It looks like your links are to the right power cords. Those cords appear to have an appliance end of C7/C8 as described below. I would check on the amps rating of any replacement cord and the wire description.

    This link provides some helpful technical info on cords: http://www.quail.com/iec.cfm I was looking at cords 1068 and 1062 for use in Italy. Even these two intl cords are rated 125V; one is 7A and the other is 10A.

    From looking at my Nikon US cord, it appears to have an appliance end that is C7/C8 as described in this link. My Nikon US cord says: 125v-7A on one side and LS-7C and LINETEK E70782 on the other side.

    Given the small amps rating of the C7/C8 cord, 2.5 amps, I am really wondering if we are dealing with a real issue here or a non issue from a practical matter. (I never did that well in physics. )

    Joe Smith
  4. Here is another one for less money:


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