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  1. Hi , I just recovered an extensive set of original B/W negatives, and am anxious to begin re-exploring them . I purchased and Bessler233CII on line, but discovered it has a two cord power line from the lamp head. One is a plug that has a note on it that says it goes into a standard 115Voutlet. The other us a grey smooth round cord that has a 3 prong round pin plug. Only have experience with old style single cord models. Is this a dual B/W power head?. Anyway, any ideas as to what type of power connection setup I need? Thanks a bun in advance.....Don
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    It appears to be a Beseler 233 CII , but looking on Google produced no relevant info except for a couple of magazine adverts from the 1990s ! One of these, however, emanated from Adorama, who are apparently still in business. Long shot, but they may be able to help you. Failing that, ask the seller, or obtain a refund unless the original listing indicated that extra accessories were necessary.

    It is, of course, possible that one of the leads connects to an enlarger timer or meter of some kind. Another approach might be to eschew the wet darkroom approach, and use a scanner to obtain electronic copies.
  3. Hi Don,

    Here's a picture of the transformer and three pronged connector that is part of my 23CII. I believe this all relates to what's called a "cold head", which is a reduced-heat lamp system designed to keep negatives from buckling under the heat of a normal bulb.

    Hope this helps. 23CII transformer.jpg

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