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  1. I took this shot using a Pentax K10D, with a Tamron 70-300mm f/4 lens with a 2x teleconverter. A Great Blue Heron on a very hot and humid morning near Philadelphia. 6/27/08
  2. Great Blue
  3. Your photo has an "oil painting" feel to it Robert. Very nicely done!
  4. I agree with Doug: the dark/light gradient in the background is a nice effect. It's been a pretty good week for me--now that I've acquired all this good glass, I feel obligated to put it to use.
  5. Nice heron, Robert. I like your deserted street, Dave, and your leaves aren't too shabby either.
    The last couple of weeks have been a bit eventful for me, head in computers, but they are all working again now. Went to a party last night and had a go at some people instead of flowers and sunsets. It's been a long time since I've aimed a camera at humans, and I took only three lenses with me, so here is one from each. All at iso 1600, f2.8, only pp a little white balance and some cropping. I left a bit of warmth to retain the character of the party.
    SMC-M 50mm f1.4

    Tamron 90mm f2.8
    [​IMG] And the DA* 16-50, just so that it doesn't feel left out! It is a very capable lens, but not right for this situation, not for me, anyway.
    I accomplished more with the 50 and 90 than I did with the 16-50 in this situation, but the latter was no slouch. I would really like a 50-135 for this sort of event, it's on the wish list!
  6. Your little birdie must have fluttered onto the branch while I was typing my effort, Dave. Nice one! Anyone know
    why my EXIF data doesn't show? It is in the original files. It was a K10 if you are wondering.
  7. This dandelion was shot with my Vivitar 105 f/2.5
  8. Here's the photograph. Sorry
  9. 3rd & last try. This is getting irritating...
  10. 3rd & last try. This is getting irritating... [​IMG]
  11. Well worth the wait, Guy--really cool!
    Number 1 is a real winner, Ian!
  12. Great ambience in that great blue, Robert. And Ian, those must be irish pics, I believe ?
    I didnメt do much photography this week, been busy working for a living and suchナ. <br>
    Did spend an afternoon on macroメs however, and testing several lenses in combination with macro-rings. Unfortunately the exif getメs somewhat confused by those rings, it doesnメt store info about the lens itself anymore. So I have to start all over and record every move and step I make. <br>
    Still, I got some nice macro-pics along the way, and my loss (of time) is hardly worth mentioning.

    <img src="http://album.zoom.nl/public_images/17779/NyDGSk.jpg">


    <img src="http://album.zoom.nl/public_images/17779/cn3vOI.jpg">

    <img src="http://album.zoom.nl/public_images/17779/0DnkLm.jpg">
  13. That flower is really cool, O Shiva!
  14. Looks like you're having some fun Dave!... The texture on the leaves is awesome. I like #1 of your series Ian - cool reflection... can I join you there next time I'm in your country? The dandelion is mesmerizing Guy - well done! And I'm totally jealous of your macros O Shiva! What lens? It looks like I can reach out and touch them! Didn't have much time myself for knocking about... here's a pic of my dog looking for trouble.
  15. Robert, nice dream-like feeling on your Blue Heron-very romantic.
    Dave, I love your posing Cardinal-very well detached from the background.
    Guy, your dandelions look really cool. I would increase contrast in curves just a little bit to make them standing out more.
    O Shiva, outstanding macros. The first one looks like a laughing cartoon character and the sewing needle is mesmerizing. Great job. What lens are you using for macro?
    Here are my pictures, I hope there is no rule that they need to be taken this week though...
    Camera: Pentax KX, lens: 1:2.8/28mm SMC, film: Kodak Plus X-125, developed in D-76 1:1, Tiffen deep yellow filter and tripod have been used.

    Abandoned farm, Hwy 48, Ontario<br>
    <img src="http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3266/2350061821_dede910eb4.jpg?v=0"><p>
    Abandoned farm, Hwy 48, Ontario<br>
    <img src="http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3011/2350058935_3c641556d2.jpg?v=0"><p>
  16. Terrific composition in the first one , Mihai!
  17. Well, I have sent my K100D in for repairs. Nothing major, I accidentally kicked the USB cord and snapped the connection off the camera body - dork! I will always use a card reader now. Saves on the batteries too. Anyway, the guy that I bought the camera from has very kindly lent me a 26 year old Chinon CM4s while I wait for the K100 to get back. As the Chinon is a k-mount, I thought I could play a little with my old film lenses on film again - it has been over a decade since I used film. The result has been very disappointing!
    Ha ha! I guess I am spoiled by my K100D. It could be that the camera and lenses are really old (my old 28-80 gives crappy shots on my K100 anyway, but the Chinon came with a Chinon 50mm f1.4 that I thought would be better, but isnメt really), or that the lab hasn't done a good job processing the film (I will be モloupingヤ the negs later), or because it was cheap film (it was Fuji s200 ヨ cheapest on the shelf) - or maybe all three factors together. I feel that the "dynamic range" of the shots is horrible, and they are really grainy.
    Anyway, here are a few from my first test roll, resized of course so they don't look too bad.
    A market near home.
    Two colleagues. You see Haig, I hire ugly freaks as well as beauties! (Uh just joking Dwayne!)
    These two colleagues are leaving. We are still hiring Haig!
    Any advice on using the old Chinon or on what film would be great thanks. I am going to try some black and white next.
  18. Ok, Garry, you're losing the two beauties, keeping Dwayne and hiring (or, if there was a missing comma, *recruiting*) Haig. May we infer your wife had a few words to say about hiring practices? ;~)
  19. Great work all! I haven't shot much this week, just a bird nest that my family discovered outside our apartment earlier in the week, though I'm not happy with the results of the nest shots... Not sure what I should have done to get better shots of it. I tried all kinds of stuff but just couldn't get it...



    The whole set
  20. I have some wildlife shots for this week. Starting off with a sickeningly sweet shot and then a couple of carnivores to take the edge off. This fawn was in frozen mode and I just happened to find it while trying to locate a nighthawk nest. Happened to have the camera with me while out for a walk. This was taken with a Vivitar (Kiron) 100mm f/2.8 macro.
  21. Here is another taken with the Vivitar (Kiron) 100mm f/2.8 macro. This tree was just alive with bugs of all types while it was blooming.
  22. A showdown in the old west. Taken with Super Takumar 200mm f/4.
  23. A wonderful sunny and warm week here in Zurich Switzerland gave me plenty of photograhic Pentax moments :) After passing a strict polic entry control I was able to take some photos of the council of the state of Zurich (partly) at work with the Sigma 24mm without flash of course.
  24. Great stuff gang! Here's a couple from my latest outings. Finally have ample sun here in the Pacific North West so have been taking advantage of it.
  25. I like the "hungry3" shot, Todd--they look like crocuses.
  26. A photo near lake Zurich with the Tamron SP 70-210mm zoom on the K10D
  27. You don't have to catch any fish to have a good day fishing.
  28. Zurich main rail station seen with the Tamron SP 17mm on the K10D
  29. Summer impressions with the Tamron 90mm macro
  30. the last one for this week :)
  31. Wow, What an amazing set of images this week. Incredible. In fact, I think this is the most diverse I have seen this with quality to boot. I will see what I have this week. I did not get out much as i spent much of my week sick...
  32. Ok, I took these yesterday. I took my son out as I have been teaching him how to use the Pentax ME SUPER. More on that Later. Anyway, we found this set of old railroad tracks and we where attracted to the graffiti art. These where shot with the Sigma 10-20mm [​IMG] - [​IMG] - [​IMG] - [​IMG]
  33. Markus, outstanding dragonfly shot. Here is mine. I particularly liked the stream bottom colors and the iridescence of the flies. I think they chanced into a very interesting composition. They could have been sharper, though. I particularly liked Robert's heron and Doug's dog (I felt like I could pet it). O Shiva's macro shots are fascinating. You all set a high bar and I am humbled by your postings compared to many of my results, but I am improving with the help of the forum.
  34. Dave,

    where did you take the shot of the deserted street, it looks familiar.

    Todd, I love the birds waiting for their food. Excellent shot.


    I like the shot of the counsil room. I would love to see more, especially the paintings on the wall
  35. I had to go to manual focus for this one. AF did not pick up the stamen(?).
  36. Christopher: It's the corner of Franklin and Howard Streets here in Baltimore: it may never have been bustling on
    a late Sunday afternoon (when this was taken) but it sure looked a lot better in my youth. Franklin St.is US 40,
    btw, and I suspect there are similar scenes all the way to SF.

    Marcus, I love your train shot and your tracks, too, Javier! Great stuff, Bruce!
  37. Spain is playing Germany in the Euro Cup finals in an hour, so I have to get a lot done before I head off to the pub with my German friend to show him how Football (Soccer) is played :) So please forgive me, as I will post my pics from this week and leave. But I will be back to comment on many shots that I've liked later in the day.

    Mihai, photos posted should be taken during the week ending on the Sunday when the thread is begun, but if you had a bad or busy week, it's OK to post older stuff. I think the idea of the thread was started so people could have a little bit of an incentive to shoot. Actually, I don't think we have a problem with motivation, rather we have a problem with guilt, where many of us feel that photography is taking time away from our jobs and/or families and we put it to one side all too often. But enough with the armchair psychology! Here are my pics


    Don't panic people, it's OK, and I'm OK. I promise I'll go back to B&W next week :) Both pics were taken with my new Tamron 28-75mm f/2.8, and I'm so happy I finally bought it, it's a great piece of glass.

    First up, an old car I pass on my way to/from work often, and which I have also photographed often (I think I posted a shot once). I'm very attracted to this car (photographically), but I've never quite found what I was looking for when I photographed it. After one of the big storms we had this week, I took this shot, and I'm quite happy. I think my problem was I was trying to show too much in the past, while the simple approach in this shot is closer to what I actually wanted (but didn't know I did).​
    Retired Chevy
    You're probably all tired of my frickin leaves, but the problem is I've been chasing a leaf shot that's proven elusive. Last week's leaf shot was close, but the top 1/3 of the leaf was outside the plane of focus, so I had to keep trying. I'm happy to say that this shot is probably 98% what I wanted. It still has some flaws, but they're not glaring. I've even left it in colour ;-)
    Freshly Rained

    By the way, I've realised that whenever I post a photo I go on this internal dialogue trip, trying to explain where and how the photo came to be. If anyone wants me to shut up and simply post the damn pic, please say so! :) Seriously, I don't mean to bore anyone, and I won't take offence.

    See y'all after the match!
  38. Wow, great shots all round!

    Uh, Dave, the comma can be added or omitted - ask Haig!

    Mis - the story is half the fun!
  39. Great POW this week I must say. Where to begin.. Hmm. Well. Welcome to Mihai first of all. Those shots are great, I especially like the second one. And I love to see that filters are still actually used. You'll learn that there are a few B&W enthusiasts here. Mis chose to go colour this week, but he'll come back. He didn't do to bad with colour either I must say. Great shots infact. Congrats Mis, will you see the world in B&W again?? All are great, but I really like Scott's fishing photo, great mood. And Markus was on fire this week. Didn't do much digital this week, but I trailed lightroom for some older stuff (not very old, but not this week) and PP'd two photos of the two women in my life. My mother and my girlfriend. Cheers Fredrik
  40. And the love of my life
  41. Both were taken with the k10d and 43mm Limited. I apologize for the last picture. It was not taken with a Pentax, but with my Leica d-lux 3 PS. Rarely use it anymore, but when I unloaded the memory card I found this little shot. I really like it. Wish I brought my k10d and tele for this. Please forgive me.
  42. This is the first picture I post. i hope the quality can get close to the high quality of the rest.
  43. Nice Heron Robert - your photo has a dream-like appearance. Dave - great DOF in the leaf image. Ian - your first shot is amazing - I like the perspective of being on the outside looking in. Guy - 3rd time's a charm - awesome dandelion. O Shiva - you have a knack for making all of us notice simple things we might otherwise be blind to. Kudos. Doug - great capture on Brownie. Mihai - great shots - keep them coming. It's a toss up between Todd and Andrew for cutest photo of the week - "The Whole Set" and "Frozen Fawn". Scott - a good bottle of dark rum is a fisherman's best friend. Markus - the Zurich main rail station photo is an impressive image - well done. Javier - the gritty real life graffiti art shots are terrific. Bruce - I've never seen bugs that look like that - cool. Mis - your "Freshly Rained" shot TOTALLY ROCKS! Wow! That's my vote for photo of the week! Fredrik - the "eyes" have it. Two outstanding captures. Kudos. Johan - beautiful photo - your first post is excellent. This week, there hasn't been much of an opportunity break out the K100D Super and be creative. That being the case, I took my daughter out to ride her new "mountain bike" this morning and brought the Super along too. Today was her first time riding without training wheels - I anticipated some interesting shots. There was potential for capturing; determination, focus, effort, fear and possibly a spectacular crash or two. Fortunately there were no crashes or fear and I was tremendously impressed with her can-do attitude and self confidence. Here are two photos from this morning. Both were shot with the DA 50-200mm.
  44. Here's the second....
  45. "Focused" is a nice shot--but a tired pun ;~)
  46. I didn't think immediately of a bad pun, and I like that one best, Duane. How old when training wheels come off? Johan, that's a great first shot! Did you use a filter to darken the sky? Mis, I think the story helps make the photo even better. And the leaf is truly spectacular, batter than your previous attempts, nice as they were. I somehow found myself taking flower shots with my kit lens, and having accidentally left it on ISO800 after some inside shots. Still I like how this one turned out.
  47. I have been pleased using extension tubes with a 50mm f4 macro lens and an "el cheapo" tripod for some really close shots. I never could understand why my macro pictures turned out so bad - it's the camera shake! I even found a remote for $1, although I mostly just use the 2 sec lock up. Still having a tough time with the metering for long shots, but learning as I go.
  48. Oh my! What a wonderful group of shots! Missing Haig's work...ahem...

    I have not shot a THING this past week. Summer school concluded on Friday (THANK GOD!) and I've been working on a Blurb book. Did you know they are having a Photo book contest and the grand prize is $25,000.00? My daughter has such a great eye and loves photography, so I've encouraged her to enter the contest and have been helping her out with that.

    At any rate, I'll comment on the photos that have caught my eye this week, even though they are all excellent;

    Dave, your cardinal is lovely...my 300mm shots NEVER are that clear and crisp unless I'm shooting Macro. I'm jealous!

    Doug, the lighting on Brownie is fabulous!

    Mihai, I knew your shots would not disappoint...they're great! Exposure and composition...just great!

    Todd, I think the baby birds shot is a great capture!

    Andrew, the showdown picture REALLY got my attention...who won?

    Scott, the fishing picture really conveys the idea of RELAXATION! LOVE it!

    Markus, I REALLY like that butterfly picture! Great color! Bokeh on that lens is VERY nice!

    Mis, you shot in COLOR! Holy Cow! And I agree with Garry, your stories are so very entertaining, it would be very disappointing indeed if you left that info out! I REALLY like your leaves. You posted a b/w (or maybe infrared?) of a leaves picture a few weeks ago that I'm in LOVE with, but I really like this one too! Especially the water droplets! So fresh looking!

    Fredrik, I hope you've taken the time to frame and hang your pictures! The one of your mother is so priceless, and I'm sure I don't need to tell you how beautiful your girlfriend is, but the black and white images really make the facial features in both these lovely ladies really POP! FRAME THEM! (*smile!*)

    Johan, WOW!!! I just love your picture! Looks like your exposure was perfect! Can you give us more info about the picture, please?

    And Nick, I am SO JEALOUS of that Daisy picture! between Hin's teleconverters (or whatever they are) and your extension tubes, I have got to get SOMETHING to replicate this type of photograph! I love the color and detail of everything! The only thing missing is some water droplets! LOL! I know...I really need to "get over it"...I just think water drops add that "sparkle"...

    Good job everyone!

  49. Those are really good, Nick!
  50. You know folks I think every week this thread just gets better and better. There are all wonderful. The three chicks made me smile, nice capture and I love the B&W windmill Since I got it last Wednesday I've been playing with my new Pentax D-FA 50mm Macro. The lens is a definitely keeper for me. I'll post a series soon with my thoughts on the lens. The critter below is less than 1/2 an inch long and was hanging on a wisteria bean pod just outside my front door. It's about a 50% center crop 1/60 f/9.5 ISO 400 - D-FA 50mm macro on my K10d. /Roger
  51. Oh my! I'm a few weeks late but here are a few more of the kittens - growing up...
  52. and spot
  53. one more time
  54. Wow, what a gallery! Just wonderful!!! A tribute to Pentax equipment in the right hands. Isn't it amazing too, how good these kit lenses are! Nice crisp shots!
  55. maybe its not a good night for me to post... I keep lagging out.
  56. Well, Sunday's over.. and if I am going to comment on all these gorgeous photos that everybody has posted.. Monday will be over too! Umm.. Garry if you keep getting rid of the beauties, I might have to reconsider sending in my application.. I spent the spare time I had this week, setting up a tent to take some macros of jewelry for a friend.. I might have to look into a strobe at some point to get some sparkle into the 'stones'. A couple of shots using the 'tent':
  57. Odds and ends
  58. Some color
  59. This is like walking through an amazing gallery: such wonderful surprises at every corner....!
    Some asked about the lens(es) I used. I can't answer that, check the text with the pics. I've tested 8 lenses, all with macro-rings attached, and losing bits of exif on the way.
  60. HAIG! OH MY ... ! Those tent shots are excellent. Yes, I know I was shouting, but I don't think I have ever heard of people bemoaning the lack of sparkle - it's usually all about preventing the blown out reflections of the strobe that gives people headaches! What great and even exposure over the entire surface of your subjects, which seems to be a certain commercial requirement. My experience is that having sparkle/highlights/reflections are SO hard to avoid.

    My one gripe would be the substance you use to keep the ring upright in #1.

    PS. Just hired a beauty of note to replace one of the ladies that was leaving. But actually, she was the best teacher, by far! Really! No really! She was. Really.
  61. Thanks Garry.. there seems to be a lot of experimentation involved in getting the best lighting.. by the way, if anybody has experience in this area, I would appreciate all the help I can get!. The sticky wax to keep the lens upright is easy to pp out. I was just too tired to do it for a test shot. I've spent far too long in front of this silly computer as is! I need a vacation.. or maybe a sabbatical somewhere I can rest my eyes :)
  62. Weekend historic train ride



  63. I couldn't make it back yesterday, as Spain won the Euro Cup and I found myself doing other stuff away from the internet.

    Have you guys noticed that the number of people posting on the PoW thread has increased over the last 8-12 weeks? That's a good sign for sure. Of course, it also means there are many more pics to look at (good) and many more to comment on (bad, if you're lazy as I am). I'll comment on my favourites, so please forgive me if I don't comment on your photo; it's out of laziness, I assure you.

    Robert: That great blue Heron is &*%^$#@ good; I only wish it could have been posted larger. Are you going to print in out large? Such a pleasing composition too, like the heron knew exactly what you needed.

    Dave H.: I love the New Leaf, the repeating pattern dissolving into the bokeh is fabulous. Hmmm...maybe I do want a 77 Ltd after all...

    Ian: I like your first shot through the window.

    O Shiva: A change of pace for you, but I like #2. I have a thing for rust :)

    Mihai: No matter what week they're from, I like both these pictures. I don't know if you posted both of them together on purpose or not, but I like how they are almost the same scene, only one of them has a man-made tower as the central subject, while the other has a tree. Yet both subjects appear old and derelict. The fact that your use of B&W is superb doesn't hurt :)

    Garry: You can tell us and yourself whatever you want...but your wife knows the real reasons for your hiring of a new teacher. That she still loves you says a lot about her ;-)

    Todd: The 3 hungry chicks should be titled "The Three Tenors"; I love it.

    Andrew: I'll be sending you a the $50 repair bill I got from my local repairman; you busted my cuteometer with your Frozen Fawn.

    Markus: Love the train.

    Fredrik: Wow, your high key portraits are beautiful, as are the subjects. Very brave, interesting crop in your girlfriend's shot.

    Duane: I like Focused, especially those strands of hair coming through the helmet, giving a sense of speed. I remember the day I learnt to ride a bike; ended up with bloody knees. Your daughter is already ahead of me :)

    Alisa: Thanks so much for your comments. I never got a chance to repost last week and I wanted to let you know how much I liked your daughter's portrait. You are so very good with people shots...you're a natural! I always learn something from your portraits. As for my shooting in colour, I've always leaned more towards colour, probably because I love B&W and can only justify making a photo in B&W if I can really pull it off. B&W isn't just about hitting the "convert to B&W" button. At the same time, I don't want to be a snob that misses out on great opportunities just because "I'm a B&W photographer" and I refuse to shoot colour. I love photography, period.

    Roger: Great photo, yucky, butt-ass insect :)

    Haig: I spent an afternoon a couple of years ago trying to photograph my wedding band. I decided jewellery photography wasn't for me. You are well ahead of anything I could attempt, and I admire you for taking up the challenge.
  64. Sorry Dave, no pun intended. I should have thought more about the title.

    Nick - she's 9, the training wheels should have come off at 7 but this ancient dinosaur wouldn't push her - I just decided that a shiny new bike without training wheels might provide some incentive. Your Daisy shot is outstanding.

    Thanks Mis - I brought a small stool to get the right height for that photo. Seems to have worked out.

    Hin Man - love the train shots. The first looks very similar to Javier's work.
  65. Hin Man, that last train shot is wonderful!

    I sure identify with your laziness Mis Mei. It's often hard to get the comment mode flowing. I have a hard time picking favorites too.. The best I can do is a top four. I like Ian's reflection, Mis's leaf, Mihai's mill, and Johan's windmill..

    Btw Mis, I was on the same train of thought on the nest titles. There are actually 4 in the nest and on another shot I titled it "Chick Quartet".. I will steal your idea though and update another of the set with that... ;-)
  66. What an awesome group of shots this week. Hard to single out anyones stuff. A few Pentaxians got together for a day in the Toronto Zoo. Here's a couple of my shots from the day: [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  67. Peter, did you go with Daniel? (Not sure if he's in Toronto, though.)

    The butterfly shot is too small at p-net's max pic width to be appreciated, but looks to be beautiful. I simply love the tiger, what a great pose; if *only* that blade of grass in the foreground in front of the eye weren't there...
  68. Mis, Yes I was with Daniel and victor from Pentax Forums. We tried to get a bunch of giys there together but this
    is the Canada weekend here and many were away or busy. Yeah i wished the blade of grass wasn't there as well. I
    might try to remove it if possible.

    Here's the butterfly in a larger version.Sigma 70-200 f2.8 non-macro:
  69. Thanks for the bigger butterfly shot, Peter. Really does look better.

    It would be cool to get a bunch of Pentaxians for a day of shooting here in Boston. It would be me, Rose,...errr...hmmm...well, that's not really a bunch, is it. And I've made so much fun of Rose's cats that I doubt she wants to meet me.

    OK, I'll go to the zoo by myself then. Maybe I can join some Olympus club or something...
  70. Miserere, A Boston meet-up would be a blast. Boston is not that far from where I live (closer than Toronto). I'd like to participate in one next year sometime (trip budget is about done for this year). I know there is a good number of East coast shooters on the other forum we both participate in as well. I imagine it would be possible to get 10 or more together for such a date if there was enough notice.

    Thanks for the comments on the shot.
  71. Peter, that sounds like a great idea. Let's not forget it!

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