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  1. After midnight at my house...
    Shot just a couple hours ago. Pentax K20D, Pentax 10-17mm fish eye at 10mm, F/11, 30 sec., ISO 200.
    Tugg's Tavern, St. Anthony Main, SE Main St, Minneapolis, MN.
  2. I caught this little fella watching from behind some wattle where he thought I couldn't see him.
  3. A return of my Painted look
  4. Wow Steve...That is an amazing image...Stop it, I do not need a fish eye...I don't, I don't!
  5. Photos from Savage Gulf. Pentax K200D, FAJ 28-80mm AL, 2 seconds, f/80, ISO 100, tripod. I don't remember what filtration I had on there. Aperture 2, digital post; "centerlined" most of the adjustments.
    I had several good photos that day. Some of those are in a Simpleviewer gallery here: http://www.agxphoto.net/jpo3136/17july2009simpleviewer/
  6. Ok, as I was walking down Historic Broadway, I saw this lady hiding behind the umbrella and thought the shot was cool...I shot this with my Manual 17mm Tokina F/2.8 @ F/8 set at hyperfocal...

    So as I am walking, I am jingling my keys hanging from my pocket..I do this when I want to grab someones attention and when they turn, I accidentally fire the camera and get a nice capture....

    So as I am passing by, I was going to shoot the shadow on the floor, but decided to shoot her against the sun...

    When she asked why I took her picture, I told her because she looked pretty and she blushed and I was on my way. I took many like this, but have not looked futher. Hopefully in the next few weeks I will get caught up. I have about 30 gigs of pictures to go through....

    Oh, I am also experimenting with some PP stuff...Trying to give it more of an artsy / 3d look. I am not sure I am liking it or not, but I am trying...If it stinks, let me know and I will drop it...
  7. These are all shots with my K10D and the DA*50-135 zoom. Sometimes I still can't believe spent $750 on a lens. Then I see the pictures. One of Pentax's better lenses.
  8. I just caught a Lear Jet landing at the downtown airport.
  9. Potted Plants.
  10. Here are two shots I took at Fisher Pond when hiking with Haig T.
    Fisher Pond 1
    K20D, DA 70 Ltd., f 4.5 @ 1/90, ISO 400
    Fisher Pond Fern
    K20D, DA 35mm Ltd Macro, f 3.5 @ 1/45, ISO 800
  11. Both shots with the K10D & DA* 16-50mm. Both shots from Hawk Hill. Wanted to get the bridge peeking thru the fog but it was way too thick. Spent close to 4 hours up there waiting for a clearing but it didn't happen. Went back at night and it was spectacular! Out of all my travels thru North America, San Fran is by far my favourite place! Beautiful city.. incredible trip!
  12. Two with Pentax K10D
  13. and second one...
  14. It was a great pleasure to use my SMC Takumar 85mm and 28mm and the SuperTak 50mm macro this week on some city strolls but when I went up to the mountain "Hohenkasten" and to the city "Appenzell" and the cheese and chocolate factory by bus tour I used the K10D with the FA 135mm in tandem with the *istD and DA 16-45mm for convenience.
    I show you one photo with the SMC Takumar 85mm from the market converted to bw with a bluefilter and one of a fruit and flower garden that reminds me of paradise and an "ad" for Swiss Appenzeller cheese I took with the DA 16-45mm.
  15. a glimpse of paradise - SMC Takumar 85mm on the K10D
  16. on the market - SMC Takumar 85mm bw bluefiltered
  17. Here are two from this week. The first is the Cira Center, in downtown Philly. I included a shot of it in my earlier post this week. This one has much less pp. I wonder what Dorus would do with this shot? It was taken at sunrise using the Sigma 17-35mm EX. The second is from Chester County, about 30 miles west of the city. Taken with the 35mm ltd.
  18. second
  19. John, do you live close to Savage Gulf? I live about an hour away, and have never been there.
    A couple of weeks ago, I decided to do something new with a few pictures. This first one is a 5 image HDR of a Tomato.
    Pentax K10d, Pentax 50mm, F/11, tripod
  20. After crawling around in the rhododendron for about a half hour, I came to this waterfall.
    Pentax K10d, Tamron 28-70mm F/11, 5 image HDR to keep the water highlights from blowing, Tripod.
  21. Camus- wonderful shot of the lady on the rainy street. The street is full of texture and the color of the umbrella brings a naturally dreary sceen a great splash of life.
    Javier- lady #4, there she really became full of life and very natural. The first 3 of her are rather statuesque. I wish I could do this kind of shooting, but I just can't get over the hump and point my camera at people on the street, especially "photogenic" people. Cripes, I feel an internal physical reaction just attempting it, strange to say but it's almost like the internal fight-or-flight instinct kicks in when I try to do this. So, instead, I tend to grab shots of the "big picture" with people, like this one- oops, another fish eye shot, a couple hundred feet to the left of the first one. In front of Minneapolis' old continuous operating bar (opened 1890), Pracna on Main, catching the late-diners and drinkers. Stop in for a pint and a sandwich. K20D, Pentax 10-17 fish eye at 10mm, F/11, 15 sec, ISO 200. Sorry to do that to you, buddy.
  22. Gabe in low light
  23. Storage sheds in NC
  24. I've been heavily into the pp-work last week....
    so you will have to excuse my indulgence, it's a learning process
    Lens Focal Length: 21,00 mm ()
    Shutter Speed: 1/250 sec
    F-Number: F6,7
    ISO: 100
    Lens Focal Length: 50,00 mm ()
    Shutter Speed: 1/750 sec
    F-Number: F8,0
    ISO: 100
    Lens Focal Length: 21,00 mm ()
    Shutter Speed: 1/500 sec
    F-Number: F8,0
    ISO: 100
  25. Javier - Your set of the girl on the street with commentary, is a complete course in portrait photography 1
    1) no involvement w/ subject, too far away
    2) subject is aware of you but defensive - she's standing like a boxer, ready.
    3) She's engaged, curious, but still wary
    4) Open, relaxed, a great photo.
    Steve - I still get that clutch, but overcome it by taking pictures. If the subject came over and asked to see the picture, would they be pleased with the result? If yes, then the intestinal grab, should go away. That's my gut check. Keep trying. You take really good flower portraits - that's how I got started - people are blooming all over the place!
  26. [​IMG]
    View it big to see how amazing Acros is pushed to 400
    Image data: Pentax 645N, 200mm f/4 @ 5.6 SMCP-A lens, Acros 100 @ EI 400, Kodak HC 110 (dilution B) developer, 9.5 minutes @ 20C, agitation for 30 seconds to start, and then 5 inversions at the 1/2 way mark. Scanned using HP G4050, minimal digital adjustments.
  27. The shots are fantastic this week. My two shots illustrate the two extremes of the Oregon climate and geography that can be found about two hours drive from each other.
  28. Next the other extreme , the central Oregon desert high mountains...
  29. My favourites so far this week are Patrick's bridge, Javier's Lady with umbrella series and Justin's portrait. Dorus's first has an honorable mention for the PP work.
  30. Nice to see all that talent in the POW.
    I spent a few days in Seattle this past week.. I'll post a separate thread soon. Meanwhile ..
    Something old.. (from last year)
  31. Something new..
  32. I've still got several photos from my Alaska trip to show so I'll stick to those for a while.
    First up is a sheep from Radium Hot Springs in Canada. The sheep are wild but have accomodated to people and we drove up on this guy at sunset .
  33. Oh, deer..
  34. Some red salmon going up the Russian river falls in Alaska.
  35. The cemetery in Barkersville British Columbia, it is an old gold mining town.
  36. These are a couple of photos from Marineland in Niagara Falls, Canada, taken this afternoon. I particularly like the first one, because in these types of places I sometimes enjoy watching the people more than the animals. I wonder if the whale is people watching also. Both are with the K200D. The indoor shot is with the 18-55 kit lens and the outdoor shot with a manual 70-150 Soligor zoom.
  37. And the second one:
  38. I'm working on my post about Scott Kelby's Photo Walk, but here's a quick photo from my walk in Boston. Great fun, by the way, and I would recommend you all to sign up next year.
    Javier might enjoy this photo :-D
  39. not the most careful composition in the world, but for a spur-of-the-moment "ooo that lighting is pretty" shot, i'm happy it ;)
    [ K10D + 18-55mm II ]
  40. Sigmar,
    Is that a 70-160 zoom? How is it holding up? My 70-160 is getting wobbly. Nice shots.
  41. Dorus, I love your second photo - composition is simple and perfect, sky interesting, the light on the grass next to the road draws me in, and there is something about the range of (muted) colours that pleases me a lot.
    Camus, I agree with the praise about the green umbrella shot - well done.
  42. Steve T, Thanks for the comments...It is fun watching folks blush and come out of their shells..
    Howard, Thanks for the comments. I guess it comes so natural to me thee days, that I had not even looked at it that way. :)
  43. here is one I took this week of my wife's friend and my new model.
  44. Ok, time for my Fav 5....The 5 that stood out to me the most are
    Camus Wyatt 's ''Queen Street'' Everything about the image is right. It is gorgeous...
    Markus Maurer 's image is spectacular. The obvious adoration the dog has for the little girl is breathtaking....
    Steve T 's second fish eye (I hate you right now ;-)) is the reason I want one...still that image required some skills and the exposer is spot on as well as the comp..Nice image...
    Justin Serpico 's little boy is awesome...To really appreciate it, you have to look at the large image...I love great black and white work Great Grays!!!!
    Sigmar Dau 's people watching whale made me LOL and the joy it brought me...Awesome job...A people watching whale...I love it! and the silhouettes of all the people is awesome..
  45. Wonderful job by everyone again this week.
    Steve T - Nice street shot, I like the fish eye!
    Ben - The painted look is great
    John O - You do great things with B&W and this week's waterfall is no exception
    Javier - Great street series, I always enjoy your street shots
    Steve D - Great skyline, I'm glad you're enjoying the new lens
    ME - Enjoyed the blues & reflections of your first one
    Patrick - Amazing bridge, definately one of the best for week
    Camus - Great sunset magnified by the shadow lines
    Markus - The B&W onions caught my eye today
    Robert - I completely agree that the "ugly" structure is very photogenic especially with such a nice blue sky
    Jon R - Great work on the HDR waterfall
    Dorus - You never cease to amaze with your PP work, # 1 was one of my faves for the week
    Justin - Love the portrait
    John B - Wonderful way to illustrate the contrast in climate
    Haig - Oh deer...it's very cute. Well done
    Andrew - Amazing sheep, great how even the background compliments the color of the sheep itself
    Sigmar - Great Orcas. I'm not the only one who wonders if the animals people watch, glad to know it
    Miserere - Great portrait despite her somewhat irritated expression
    Adam - Congrats on making that watermelon look so appealing, had to go and get one
    One big & one small from me this week. Both taken at Red Rocks Park near Denver.
    f/5.6, 1/1500, 55mm, ISO 200
    f/3.5, 1/3000, 18mm, ISO 200
  46. Javier,
    Here's that same scene from fish eye #2 (which did receive a bit of minor cropping from the sides and bottom), but taken with the Sigma 10-20mm at 10mm, same camera position, 10 seconds at F/11. I love the detail on the brick road pavers brought out by the car headlights.
  47. My favorites this week:
    John O'K-O--A meditative photograph nicely crafted and lighted. The texture on the big boulder is beautiful.
    Camus W--On Queen Street, Auckland is the best of the week. Mice movement and color of course. The woman's legs compliment the street incredibly well. Kudos for an artful shot
    Markus--Market(ing) is excellent still life. The lighting is spot on and I like the layout of the bundle ties. Swiss cheese ain't so bad either--the forms and colors are compelling and everyone has to love the dog and kid.
    Robert C.-I'll say it again, the building is a great shot. Those clouds!
    John Reid-That tomato shot is so cool. Colors too.
    Dorus O--Bleak future is very sci-fi and it looks like you put a lot of work into the shot.
    Justin--Nice one. You just convinced me to buy a pack of Acros sheets for my 4x5 outings.
    Haig--I would not have thought to use the DA 12-24 that way for the columbine shot. Very nice. I'll refrain from more comments about deer in Washington, except to say that you've seen our new deer fence and gate for the garden!
    Sigmar D,-This is one of the better aquarium shots I've seen. Nice colors and placement of the orca.
    Thanks Heather.
  48. Steve, that is very cool, u should start a thread on some of these side by side. I am sure many folks would enjoy that. I know I would...
  49. Some very good images this week so far. I joined a small group of photographers on Scott Kelby's Worldwide Photo Walk this weekend. I decided to go minimalist and only had a K20D and DA 35mm f/2.8 Macro Limited. The sharpness and color rendering of this lens is fantastic. Here are two from a farmers market we went to during the walk. More in another thread.
  50. I came across this one and forgot had had taken it. This was a quick shot as we were getting out of the car at home. Another one of thos e little rascal pics.
  51. Thanks to Howard, Javier, Heather and Michael for their comments on my orca shots. We visited Marineland with out-of-town relatives. The excitement and wonder in the eyes of the kids is always tainted slightly for me with some sadness at seeing these magnificent intelligent animals in captivity. Hence my thoughts on what the whale might be thinking. Marineland has at least toned down the circus-like aspect of it's shows. I'd rather photograph them in the wild, but living in southern Ontario this is as close as I can get.
    Howard, the Soligor lens I used is an old 75-150 mm f/3.5 zoom of doubtful heritage. It belongs to my generous brother who more or less stopped using his Pentax stuff when the world went digital. One day I'm sure he'll come calling for it. It works OK (though totally manual) but some of the pictures seem slightly soft and cloudy.
  52. Sigmar,
    My 70-160 Soligor is a "macro" (I think it goes to about 1:3). It has a macro ring just beyond the aperture ring that takes the focus from normal to macro in a continuous range. If twisted off normal any amount, picture quality goes if not close enough to subject. It does tend to be a soft lens. It will sometimes pick up flare if the lens hood is not extended. But, I just checked, the 70-150 was not macro. Weird that they would make two such similar lenses.
  53. On Sunday, when my wife and I went to Adorama to pick out my belated birthday present (my delay due to indecision) we also visited the High Line Park a new NYC park built on an old railroad line that brought cargo to Manhattan.
    A few pictures:
    Looking North
    [​IMG] Looking South
    Statue of Liberty
  54. Howard, I think I see s dust spot on your sensor?
  55. Hi Javier,
    In the last picture, right? In the sky on the left. How come I couldn't see that? Well, I did check unmanipulated when I uploaded to my portfolio. Well, time to use a swab and PSE. Thanks for the heads up. Embarassing!
  56. Thanks for the comments on 'On Queen Street, Auckland' (the green umbrella girl). I often go out for street shots but this was one of those occasions where I just happened to have my camera in case I spotted a good scene.
    I just took this one, interested on what you think:
  57. Excellent Camus.. I like it even better than the green umbrella girl.. and that was pretty darn good.
  58. Ok, I don't post a lot these days, but here is my newest stress relief mechanism - yes, I have more pets ... it was my b-day gift to myself.
    The idea was to create a natural planted tank - yes, indoor underwater gardening - but then I got sucked into buying 5 betta girls. I added 3 of them to the newly created garden last night and enjoyed watching the interaction between them - although, I had to seperate one of the bullies before leaving this morning...
    These both were taken with my k10d and the DA 21mm.
  59. and the second one -
  60. Camus,
    Outstanding shot. The lines tracking with the clouds at that moment is extraordinary and it says a lot that you captured it with the woman no less! My only improvement might be to trim the bottom another 10%. Kudos.
  61. Thank you all for contributing and looking and Javier and Michael for the comments on my "Cheese ad". Javier, the dog loves the girl but would love the piece of cheese in her hands even more ;-)
  62. Thanks for the feedback, I cropped a little from the bottom right (and lightened it slightly), for this version:
  63. second try
  64. I'm not normally a fan of macros but Haig your green macro shot is one of my favourites this week. Michael Elenko, your first pond shot just has a really nice colour. You can see the great contrast of black and white film in Justin's shot nice shot, and Dorus I like the angled triangles of your second shot but the photoshopping is too much for my taste. John Behrends, I think the lines in the hills are a really good opportunity to contrast them with vertical lines in the foreground. I can see a very vertical tree contasting nicely in a black and white shot, if anything like that is available?
    My two cents this week.
  65. 2 fungi.
    White Worm Coral, K20 + 50-135mm.
    Painted Bolete, Canon SD880.
    Many (most?) plants and fungi I've photographed in the field show tenants, upon review in LR, lurking, feeding, boinking, or whatever. Here's a closeup of the slug, above. Also SD880, crop.
  66. Weird, the images are scaled improperly in Microsoft's IE. Firefox displays correctly, and is color managed, too.
  67. Rose, I like the beta fish shots especially the second. My daughter had a male beta that lived about 4 years until we found him quite still at the bottom of the bowl. 8~( We planted him in a flower bed.

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