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  1. 'Sunday morning, praise the dawning
    Its just a restless feeling by my side
    Early dawning, sunday morning'
    Back to shooting some film, this is HP5 @ 800 in DD-X, MX body with M42 Auto Yashinon 50mm f1.4. This is where I belong.
  2. Very nice shot...in fact, it's quite beautiful George!
    ...The basement where I work...
    K10D with my new DA21...the love affair continues...
  3. George, excellent shot. Was there any particular motivation for you to frame it the way you did? i.e. subject dead centre (vs off-centre, or landscape vs portrait). The pic's great as it is, don't get me wrong :) i'm just curious about the thought processes that went into the composition.

    Made an impromptu visit to the National Indoor Stadium last weekend, having seen an ongoing badminton tournament being broadcast live on the telly.

    National Indoor Stadium

    And here's a snapshot of the action ..

    Korea Vs Indonesia - Men's Doubles Final

    Happy weekend all!
  4. Well we are having a 'real' winter here in the northeast USA. It's snowing as I write with 6 inches of snow on the deck already and it has been cold.
    That doesn't stop some of us, nor the K10D. I went cross country skiing twice this week in the early morning hours and the K10D didn't miss a beat. My only worry was my finger freezing stuck to the shutter button.
    So it was a balmy minus 17 degrees fahrenheit. Perfect.
    It was "Cold As Ice". Wasn't that a song by Foreigner in the 1970's.
  5. Cold As Ice
  6. It was a really nice day
  7. I tried to capture another self portrait. In another thread, Howard wanted to know how I ski with a camera around my neck. Hope this pic provides an answer.
  8. I guess it was colder than I thought. OShiva presented a photo similar to this a few months ago.
    My wife feeds the birds in our backyard. This poor chap didn't survive. It was a very poignant scene.
  9. Excellent light George and John, the B&W works so well on theose images here are my 2 for for this weeks photos ..more of Mid Tennessee
  10. The lens I used was really a$12 Sigma 28-70mm A......my memory isnt so good early in the morning these days
  11. This picture was taken almost a year ago - but I finally used it today to complete the photo book I have spent the last 4 weeks putting together (160pgs and > 500 images) - more of that when I get it back from the printers. So it kinda my POW and the thread did start with a B&W feel.
    btw - its lovely and warm here in Brisbane - What's that white stuff you guys keep getting all over your sensors - are you shooting in infra-red mode turning all the grass white?
    Keep rugged up. I'll throw another prawn on the barbie for ya ;-)

  12. Interesting how this week has a black and white spin to it. . .
    During a break this week, I went wandering around the railroad tracks in the older part of Seattle.
    I'll comment on my favorite images later on.
  13. I'm liking the feel of the photos so far, esp yours George! Was that photo taken wide open? Striking. Bob, you're in a winter wonderland, I like the 'morning ski' shot mainly because of the light and the dead bird photo is a stark reminder on how brutal winter can be instead of the usual 'look its soo pretty' sort of feelings. Beerbrain, your rural decay photos are as usual fascinating and I like the 2nd shot because of that dainty lace curtain in a crumbling house. Michael I like the last shot though I think I would have filled the frame with the stairs only. Here are my shots:
    This was taken out and about last week in Raleigh, there was a inauguration parade for our gov. and she took part, and yes it was a cold day to be wearing a kilt:
    (I cropped off the rest of the sign but wanted the arrow showing pointing directly at her)
    This jazz musician actually plays in a band but sometimes he's just out in the street filling the area with some lovely jazz:
    This was a building that always interests me because of the way its windows reflect the sky and light and almost has it merging into one:
    All shots taken with my Pentax 18-250 and shot in RAW. I am really liking shooting in RAW now because of how much latitude I have with the image in pp. Case in point, this building (which was the water tower for the city of Raleigh) was directly backlit, so I spot metered it to expose for the building but the sky was blown out. In Aperture I was able to tone it down and bring out the sky and the clouds. No way I could have gained so much in jpeg!
    I will comment on the others later on...
  14. Thanks to the great advice I've gotten here, I seem to be making some progress in shooting basketball.
  15. The light has been better (at least uniform) for these away games. We'll see what kind of results I get in the mixed light at home.
  16. And some interesing shots while testing out the Tokina 400mm f/5.6 AF SD I bought on eBay (tentative conclusion: well built & compact but IQ is only fair.)
  17. Very interesting pictures from everyone, I want to comment a few.
    @George, the 1st b&w is a great charmer with lot of emotion of the subject.
    @Bob, your beard is lovely and the little bird remind me of survival food in both Man vs Wild and Survival Man in discovery channel.
    @Dave, your are encouraging us along with Justin and others to shoot sport with no fear.
    @Chone, the stadium and the badminton shot is professional looking.
  18. This is a serious crop--the bird was about two counties away. I think it's an interesting image--if not a good photograph.
  19. #1 Red Drink

    with Tamron 28-75mm f/2.8​
    #2 Praktica MTL5

    My 1st SLR camera with Praktica MTL5. I am in the process of staffing up a series of M42 lens for it to go out to re-live my film camera experience. So far, I have Super-Lentar 28mm f/2.8, Czj Biometar 58mm f/2.8, Czj Biotar 80mm f/2.8, Kiron 70-150mm f/3.8. And I plan to get a good 35mm such as SuperTak 35mm f/2.0 but I get bid up in ebay, bummer. Product shot is taken with Pentax DA 35mm f/2.8 1:1 macro limited, I find the DA 35mm comes in handy for product shot

    #3 Oliver in my neighbor
    A wild cat who lives outside my neighbor who has electric blanket for him at night and guess where he chooses to sleep every night, my pouch with a bigger chair with a nice cushion.
    and one extra to share a good story of my neighbor's pets and cute animals
    #4 Martin
    I name him Biggaby as he is big and I thought he is a girl when I saw him the first time.
    Martin is a new goose replacing Gus in my neighborhood. #3 and #4 are taken with Sigma 105mm f/2.8 1:1 DG macro. I have the stories of Passing of Gus and that of the new comer Biggaby & Lily in my personal blog post.
  20. Hmmm, great stuff. Will comment on my three favs as soon as more are up.
    For now, I will post some images from yesterday. I took my son Daniel and went to a War memorial (we are huge supporters of our troops). It has been so hot (low 80's) with harsh sun that it makes it hard to take good images. And while I have far better pictures, I like the wall of our fallen.
    K10D, Sigma 10-20mm lens,
  21. In a stark contrast to Bob's frosty images, here I am at the beach in 82 deg weather.
    For a larger view, click on link. http://s404.photobucket.com/albums/pp128/jgredline/Landscapes/?action=view&current=POW3.jpg
  22. And when I left, it had cooled to a nice 70 deg.
  23. Nice Javier. My inlaws are in San Diego, and never fail to remind me how nice it is down there, but a picture is worth any number of words. I like the beach shot a lot.
    Dave, the BBall shots are much more "pop"y. Nice work!
    Ronny, you are proving yet again it is the photographer not the lens. That second shot is very interesting, the colors are great.
    I found a SMC Takumar 135mm at my local thrift shop and tried it on my bellows for some macro shots. It is almost too big to screw in, but once on did seem to work well.
  24. Unlike Cali, it is a little cold here in Wisconsin. But there are a few photo ops before ones' battery dies.
  25. And a little splash of color.
  26. This weeks photos are a few shots from Memphis, where my wife is from. As I noted while down there (many times), I always forget just how hot southern women are, and only fully remember when I'm in the south. I can't explain it but when I'm walking through a mall down there, I get whiplash a lot more than up here. Add in the accent and I'm a goner. One of my climbing partners once told me it's because that is where my formative experiences with women in the carnal sense were. Makes sense, although I seem to remember one of the reasons I chose a southern school was the selection of females! So, maybe he wasn't right after all, still the idea of his hypothesis is heartwarming ;-)
    Anyway, more of my experiences and photos with the Pentax system in Memphis using 3 prime lenses (21, 43, 90) can be found on my blog... mountainvisions.blogspot.com or pentaxdslrs.blogspot.com
    Should note the basketball shots were all taken with manual focus. So much for SDM and auto everything! I enjoyed shooting with the manual focus lens, but in truth, I use manual focusing all the time, even with my autofocus lenses (and yes Lindy, even on the Nikon system, or if I owned a Canon, most likely with the Canon system too) when shooting sports. However, I have not actually taken a manual focus lens to a sports event since the late 1990s!
    Pentax K20D, Voigtlander 90mm APO, ISO 1600, f/5.6, 1/250th
    Pentax K20D, Voigtlander 90mm APO, ISO 1600, f/3.5, 1/400th
    Pentax K20D, FA43 Limited, ISO 1600, f/2.0, 1/60th
    K20D, Voigtlander 90mm APO, ISO2500, f3.5, 1/500th
  27. Justin,
    Wow, my continued faith in Voigtlander lenses is fulfilled by your basketball shots. They appear to be "pro" quality to me at these small views. Nice camera work and white balance too. Excellent work.
  28. ME,
    Yeah, the bball shots actually looked great at full res, I was impressed. Gone is the buyers remorse for paying $450 for a $300 lens, this lens is not only a keeper, but I expect it to be part of a 3-4 lens travel kit for a long time. It really is a shame it's not a 2.8 but at at least it's not an f/4...I'll split the difference!
    There were 1 or 2 in the Memphis set that would not handle printing (well anything more than 4x6), but for the most part they were all fairly noiseless, and sharp. Well as sharp as the DOF at f/3.5 allows! I'd say most of them would do fine up to 8x10, a few could be printed bigger. Motion blur like always is the limiting factor in sharpness, shooting pros at anything less than 1/500th is borderline.
    As you know the Voigtlanders have a really long throw, I believe the 90mm has about 1-1.5 turns for the whole focus range, so precise focusing is possible, but it's also a detriment for fast focusing.
    The lighting was so good in the FedEx I actually only used NR in a few photos total, and even then it was turned down to between 10 and 40% on all colors (with the 40% being the background shadow colors). I even turned it off in Lightroom, so these are in many cases essentially straight from the camera. The lighting really is key to low noise photos.
  29. Went on my first IR shoot of the year last Friday and I found myself shooting with less than optimal conditions. Forgot to get new batteries for my ist*DS so I had to shoot with the K10. For those who have tried shooting IR with this body, you already know that an unmodified K10 has a very strong IR-block filter. To make matters worse, there was light cloud cover which kept changing the light conditions.
    This one taken with the K10D+Kit lens+Hoya IR filter combo. Shooting at ISO 800, f/10, I needed a minimum of 180 secs shutter speed to get acceptable exposures. Good thing I had NR off! :D
  30. Another one:
  31. Powell Gardens
    Kingsville, MO
  32. Nice shots, Justin! (Man, I wish I could shoot at 1/500th ;~)
  33. @Bob - Thanks, I went to the Loweprowe site and could then see the shadow of the holster bag in your picture. BRRRR!! But the loweprowe looks like it has better straps than mine which has a (fake) black leather outside with a silver knight chess piece (Just like Paladin's holster). It certainly looks like a much better idea than a whole bag or nothing at all.
    @Dave - As Professor Higgins (in My Fair Lady) once said "I think s/he's got it! Looks like there's an extra stop's worth of light at the other gyms. Maybe that bake sale wasn't such a bad idea. And ChasZ looks like he's stalking something ... you?
  34. George,
    I love your first picture. It's perfect. Somebody asked why did you center the picture. Can I jump in?
    1) Centering the picture did not make it static. Her face is not the lightest part of the picture ; her hair (on top), the book pages, the lower left corner and the window are the brightest parts of the picture, thus getting the eye moving
    2) the right edge of the lower left bright area, her forearm and her neck and head angles form parallel diagonals across the picture, other elements - horizontal and vertical - also cause the eye to move;
    3) The window on the right is balanced by the dark area on the left;
    4) The eye and the brain try to probe the darkness, thus giving depth. The indistinct details also create interest.
    5) The bounced light onto her face gives just enough detail to make it interesting as well as the "portrait" distance.
    6) This picture would not have worked in color - too distracting.
    This is a great picture!
  35. Hi everyone, hope 2009 is off to a great start for all. I've been out of the loop for a while and have missed both the having time to capture images and the photo.net Pentax forum. It's good to see the POW thread is alive and well.
    George C. - "Blessed Light" has amazing feel and mood, nicely done.
    John-Paul - desolate basement, interesting light, nice capture, that DA 21 looks like a great lens.
    Chune-Hoong - that first shot has superb sharp detail. Which lens did you use and what settings did you shoot at?
    Bob - nice day indeed! Love the "Morning Ski" shot.
    Ronny - looks like the best $12 anyone ever spent. Wish I could get a great K-mount lens for that around here! Great capture with the rotting wood and peeling paint. Kudos.
    John - Nice B/W. You keep the Barbie fired up and we'll keep ice fishing with a little dark rum for warmth. Winters can be fun but the older I get - the warmer I wish it was.
    Michael - great B/W's but I like the Sepia shot best. The symmetry created by the water reflection and how it's broken by the chair really captured my attention. Kudos.
    Somanna - strategic crop with superb effect!
    Dave - indoor basketball, wow, difficult light and challenging for AF. Outstanding captures.
    Hin - love the Praktica - both the image captured and the camera. The results from your DA 35 look awesome.
    Javier - Beautiful photo of the War Memorial, nicely framed, seeing your son run his finger along the names of fallen heroes really captures the spirit of the wall.
    Nick - interesting "Portrait". Not going into the printing business are you?
    Justin - the ambient lighting and detail in the band shot is stunning.
    Lorenzo - I've never tried shooting IR but your images have peaked my interest. Nicely done. Thanks for sharing.
    Steve - unique abstract. It works well in BW. How does it look in color?
    I haven't had much time to shoot over the past few weeks so here are a few quick snaps of the kids with the K100D Super, DA 50-200 and AF360FGZ for a little fill....
  36. And the second....
  37. My first shots with the 70mm Limited
  38. Water tower
  39. Did not really get out to take shots this past week.. still working on stuff from before.
  40. This photo was taken by the Hudson River here in Lower Manhattan. Most of the weekend was spent waiting for some action at the US Airways crash site. Nothing much happened in the many cold hours I spent there!
  41. great shots everyone! some standouts for me from above are George's #1, Bob's #2, Beerbrain's #2, Michael's #1, Dave's #2, Javier's #2, and Haig's #1...
    my stuff from the week was all k100d + FA50mm...
  42. never too punk
  43. just another tile
  44. oh, and I forgot about this one that I took on my birthday (with kit lens)... you have to excuse me for posting so many shots, because it was my birthday this week.. ;-)
  45. Todd that last is neat in a digital sort of way. Also, Duane - what great shots of your kids! May I ask how you desaturated them?
  46. I like that last shot Todd.. and happy belated birthday :)
  47. Two late afternoon pix from last week that I posted on the Pentax forum.
  48. Before I share my favorites, I ask for sympathy of sorts: tonight is my daughter's 11 year old birthday party and for some reason beyond my comprehension she managed to finagle having 10 of her girlfriends sleep over our house. Over the past 6 hours we've had pizza making, a fashion show, a tug-o-war, a series of "commercials", birthday cake, gossip, ice cream, yelps, and a lot of smiles. They are all camped out on the playroom floor in sleeping bags watching the first of a few videos. I think the coast is clear.
    These are my favorite pictures:
    George C.-Blessed Light is awesome. Yeah, film! Someone said that they will give me that Yashinon lens last week, and now I am looking forward to it.
    Jean-Paul T.-Nice followup to George's shot. What a great focal length choice and light capture.
    Ronny Perry--Another fine texture shot. It looks like you must have some fun when going out taking shots. Send me an email if you are ever in Seattle.
    Dave H.- Jenna Drives is almost high key. Love the symmetry of the bodies. You are improving bigtime.
    Javier--Nice last shot. That color!
    Lorenzo P.- Very impressive framing and compelling renditions. I'm getting more interested in this IR approach.
    Ian F.-That third shot is a winner. The lighting is spectacular
    David N.- I'd be very happy with that picture. The red combined with the cracked ice is engaging.
    Todd P.-Thanks. "For Love" is very urban and fun. The lighting is special. What did you do?
    Thank you Somanna; I have a few versions of those stairs shots, they are all close but not quite there for me. Yet.
    Thank you Duane Mills. You made me go back and really study my shot and appreciate it far more than I did. That's rare for me. Sweet shot of Ian and nice lighting.
    Uh oh, the video just ended and the natives are restless. I'm gonna go and hide now.
  49. Thanks Nick. After reading some of Hin's blog, I gave Picasa a shot rather than using my normal default, CS3. Hin uses Picasa and I like the way he processes images. In Picasa I used the effects tab - B/W, the basic effects tab - auto contrast, then exited Picasa and resized the image in CS3 and finally went back into Picasa and applied a little sharpening before uploading to photo.net.
  50. George - blessed light is a really good shot.
    I have something to contribute, but apologies to the folk who have already seen these shots in my 43mm limited thread. So, in keeping with the black and white theme, here are two shots:
    Firstly, Yi Jia:
    Secondly, Delou:
  51. By the way Dave, that bird shot really looks like a Chinese painting! I really like it!
  52. I guess my own aesthetic contributes to my choice of favourites: Treen, I like that a lot, reminds me of a Corbjin, Garry I like your second shot and Michael, your landscapes are just missing some soiltary figure. Chune-Hoong, I took the photo when the image in the viewfinder looked good to me, in retrospect, I guess I wanted to include the windowlight to the right and the detail of the papers in the bottom left. Portrait would've lost that and from memory, the light from above didn't pick out much detail from the waist down anyway. Somanna, I think it was stopped down to f2 or 2.8. Howard, thank you for your comments, I suppose there is a balance of angles that mimic each other, there's also highlights that form a triangle in the middle keeping it a bit geometric which I've just noticed. Michael, my resolutely untechnical 'testing' of this lens (i.e taking pictures with it) puts it above my SMC M 50mm 1.7 in terms of how it deals with flare and how it renders out of focus areas, unfortunately, it doesn't meter well on my MX so it doesn't get much use. Out of interest when did photo of the week become photo essay of the week?! I jest... Let's pray for some sun here in London so I can get some colour in my life, the *ist D seems to fall apart at ISO 400,
    Regards to all, George
  53. wonderful portraits Garry!
    Michael, I just saw the couple as I was walking along and snapped in Program mode, which for some reason decided on a one second shutter at f1.4, even though they were under a bunch of big lights, but that long exposure kind of threw me off and then I was nervous they'd see me, so I chickened on trying again to get a sharper shot, but I was glad the light at least turned out the way I saw it.. :)
  54. Hi folks..Nice shooting all..
    My 3 favs for this week are
    @George....Truly your are a gifted film shooter. There is nothing about that image I would change.
    @Duane, The portraits of Ian and Emily are absolutely great. Great PP work on them as well...
    @Todd...Venus over Laguna is your finest image as far as I am concerned. Well done!
  55. Wow great series of shots everyone. Too many to make indivitual comments on but a few that caught my eye against all the excellent work.
    George C's opening shot. great light and 'look'.
    Ronny Perry's crumbling house. almost B&W with the striking blue paint peeling and the lace in the window. Great capture.
    Javier's boat at sunset. I don't know if that's flare or a reflection but a great looking image.
    Justin's great B Ball shots. Sharp as a tack. Nice lens and great work. So where are the hot women? :)
    Duane's shot of 'Ian' Perfect light and very nice capture/expression.
    Ian F's 3rd mountain shot. Great light in that shot. Wonderful landscape.
    Lorenzo's first IR has a great mood to it.
    Haig's flower macro. Crystal clear and nice colours.
    Todd's first flower shot. Great background in that shot Todd. The last one after sunset is excellent. Happy B'day!
    Gary's second profile shot. Love the dark look of that one.
    It's been brutally cold here and this is the only decent shot from the week I've taken. It was -38C and just at sunrise in Grand Falls New Brunswick. There's a river that cuts through the center of town and where the water was exposed to the air, a heavy ground fog blanketed parts of the valley.
  56. Ok, I'm going to post this week - since Saturday was very productive for me.
  57. another...
  58. and finally - a portrait shot
  59. Terrific, Rose! I love the Green dragon and the ukulele portrait is stunning.
  60. Ian - wow, very amazing and rugged landscapes. Nicely captured.
    John - your first shots with the DA 70mm Limited make a very compelling case for choosing that particular prime simce it looks as the price/performance ratio is excellent. Outstanding shots.
    Haig - wonderful lighting in the "Botanical Gardens" image. I assume the exhibit is glass?
    David - looks cold. The patterns and reflections in the ice are interesting and the red ship really pops.
    Todd - the DOF on the 50 is a blast to play with however I like the "Seconds" shot best. The motion is very well captured.
    Will comment on more shortly.....
  61. Howard - great yard, I also like the low sunlight and long tree shadows in the shot.
    Garry - superb B/Ws. I like the shadow from the hat in the photo of "Delou" and how the eyes are not visible. Great composition with a wonderful gritty feel.
    Peter - terrific photo of Grand Falls with wonderful atmosphere. I haven't been there in quite some time, not since being based in Gagetown and ocassionally driving to Edmundston on some weekends. please post some more shots as it is quite a scenic town.
    Rose - love the "Dragon". Kudos.

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