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  1. The verdant desert. After a few days of rain, it's quite amazing how everything grows and all that brown stuff almost transforms itself into a green carpet. These photos were taken at Bartlett lake.. levels are down because they have diverted some of the water to a nearby lake.. Hopefully these will make a nice change for all of you that are snow bound :)
  2. This was quite a spectacular sunset with the clouds and the rock formations
  3. A saguaro, and you can see the large moon (shot this past Thursday).
  4. Finally, facing west as the sun went down behind the hills.. I changed this to a painted look using brushes in photoshop {it was a bit blurry.. no tripod :-( }
  5. Well I recently put up a bunch of photos from AUGUST...yes, I just finished these, you, I and the people in them are just seeing them for the first time.
    This is from Wittenberg Mountain the fist summit of three in a 14 mile, 10,000 vertical foot gain/loss hike my wife and I did back in August. Beautiful day (and night as we took 15 hours). I think this was a 9 shot vertical panorama with the DA 21mm. Don't remember if it was tripod mounted or not but do the the alignment being nearly perfect I'd guess it was.
    This shot was from the same trip and it is with the DA 55-300 at f/11 and 200mm. The rainbow never got better than that but it was still a beautiful sight. More so since the storm never actually bothered us.
    This was from the same vantage point but towards a different direction. DA 55-300 at 300mm. Broke a lot of stereotypes about long lenses and vertical landscapes.
    Finally, a little available light with the K10D and 21mm at f/3.2 and ISO 1600. Hand held at 1/8th of a second. Didn't quite work in color but (at least to me) worked perfectly in black and white.
    Overall not a bad trip photographically considering the ground we covered. It helps that we don't care if it gets dark, so the only time constraint is not falling asleep while walking.
  6. Wow.. such different landscapes.. Those shots look incredibly good Justin.. Love the pano, but the third shot I find extremely good.. B/w came out pretty good looks like. I'm sure the color version was probably looking a tad blotchy in the dark areas. That 21mm is looking more and more attractive..
  7. Aha! I have something to contribute. This is from a few days ago. Went to an abandoned hotel in the hills outside town at dawn with a buddy. Here are some of the results:
    The Apocalypse Hotel:
    Ghost rising in the Apocalypse hotel:
    Sunrise through the grasses:
  8. The skyline's awesome, Haig :) do you intend to convert any to b/w?

    Went down to a resto that just opened recently, and their specialty ... ducks!

    Duck King

    I'm aware that we have duck lovers among us ... the live kind, that is :)
    No offence!
  9. I've got nothin' but noisy hoops shots this week--and I'll spare you more of those. I really like the landscapes, guys--particularly Haig's first & Justin's first. Very effective Hyde park shot George!
    And not to worry, Chune-Hoong, I'm a fan of duck in that form, too!
  10. Great photos everyone.
    I have a couple from a recent winter walk.
    It was very cold but not unbearable.
  11. I was trying to capture the frosty pane of the windows of a booth when this skier crossed my visual field.
  12. We have a few geysers in New York State, not like I saw in Yellowstone, but the color contrast with the steely gray waters of winter intrigued me.
  13. S.P.A.C. as it's known to local people, Saratoga Performing Arts Centers has had a myriad of performers walk these hallways in warm weather, but in winter walkers, snowshoers, and skiers frequent these famous hallways.
  14. I did some b/w portraits of local politicians for a flyer with the K10D & Tamron 90mm macro & 2 Metz flashes this week and only a few other snaps I can show here. I will be away for the next weeks mostly without having an internet connection and wish you all good light and happy moments :)
  15. working with ceramics on a kakadu in Bruno Weber's park
  16. night scene in Dietikon Switzerland
  17. a sample of my (small paid) portrait session with the Pentax K10D & Tamron 90mm macro. I Metz flash on the Pentax flash grip on the left bounced partly to the ceiling, a second Metz as optical slave bounced to a white wall on the right. Flash and camera on manual settings. I had to soften the skin in photoshop, you will not make anybody happy taking headshots with a dedicated macro lens ;-)
  18. It looks unbearable to me, Bob! I like the X-Country Skier shot a lot (but think I'd play with crop options.)
    Love Mouse House and Snails, Markus!
  19. Outstanding landscapes from Haig, Justin, Gary and Bob. And Markus, I wish I know how to use flash, a free tutorial from you is appreciated someday.

    As for me, I have been busy on and off in selling gear out of excess from LBA. It is GOOD feeling to have abandoned the outrageus plan in getting Nikon D90 as a 2nd system. The beauty and simpler white camera has blown the D90 out of my nutty mindset.

    I tried PTTL flash for the first time on my relatives. I told them that I would keep coming back until I get a picture of satisfaction. So far I get only a small percentage of keepers. Many are done poorly based on me not reading up the menu and have a thorough understanding on bounced flash and I don't have the mindset of a keen photographers for what needs to be tuned for the lighting direction and flash strength. Many still have shadows on the back in the use of single flash mounted on hot shoe. I need two flash with slave and the expansion on reflector, diffuser, bracket, wireless and most important of all a tutorial with basic knowledge.

    My relative and her very cute Snoopy.
    And I tried earlier on a tight room with her beautiful daughter, but I fell short in adjusting the right angle and strength of the flash. The background shadow in some of the other keeper pictures add distraction and the skin tone seems wash out from her beautiful face better than a point and shoot but still far from the keeper shots with proper standard.
    And they have a super daddy who arrange his home with beautful color that many walls are photo friendly. And her dog is not only cute but human like who can stop in front of a piece of yummy food until the super daddy says 'Go Snoppy'
    I will come back to this wonderful family with hopefully better knowledge, another flash for the shadow on the back, and more tuning on flash strength, bounced angle, diffussing light means, reflector and more pratice time with the family. All portraits are done with Pentax K20D, Pentax FA 77mm f/1.8 limited and AF540 in PTTL mode.

    And finally some old photos for a friend who just passed away in the holidays after fighting with seisures and diabetes along with old age
    Passing Of Gus
  20. Let's see if I can do this right...
    This is from 1-9-09 at the Como Zoo & Conservatory in St. Paul, MN. This is the "Sunken Garden", one of the wings of the conservatory. The first photo is from the far end of the wing looking back to the entrance from the conservatory lobby. The second shot was from the entrance end, and I lucked out by suddenly finding myself alone for just a minute or two along with two other shooters (pink sweater and red hat from below) at the same point, all taking long shots of the space. K20D, Sigma 18-50 F2.8 lens (first time out with this lens). First photo 18mm, F18, 1/5 second on a monopod. Second photo 18mm, F11, 1/20 second on monopod. (Playing with manual modes.) White balance set for cloudy- no artificial lighting, and the sky was evenly overcast just before noon. Most of the dome had lightly tinted glass, though.

  21. This week was exceptionally wet. Things dried out enough for me to get out with the camera by week's end. Yesterday morning, my family and I arose early and joined our local Audubon group for a birdwatching outing. We went to various waterfront locations and watched shorebirds. With the wet wind it was just uncomfortable enough, plus I'm a lousy bird photographer. But the excuse to test out the Bigma was just perfect, so my only worthy shots were of non-birds:
    Here is the group. Those scopes are remarkable.
    At a lagoon it was very quiet and a little quaint, with some wind protection; this is a typical Puget Sound winter day.
    At a different location, I kinda liked the look of this battered place, it's part of a historic general store that is now closed:
    I also started working on shooting material for a local juried art exhibit this summer. One theme I'm playing around with concerns my commute from home to work. These are the stairs that greets everyone who walks from the parking lot down to the ferry dock.
    And a commuting skies shot, this time from the mid-afternoon:
  22. trw


    Our poor bridge didn't survive the snowstorms here. We're probably going to replace it with a floating dock as that requires less engineering and permits.
  23. Some shots from my recent trip to Sinaloa De Leyva, Sinaloa, Mexico
  24. Great stuff folks. I will comment on my fav three for the week as soon as a few more are posted up.
  25. Contemplation between Heaven and Earth
  26. Willow leaves
  27. Some street
  28. Some of my favourites:
    @Haigs first two landscapes, perfect lighting and a really like the colours and composition
    @Justins panorama, stunning as always, but I prefer the notebook writer.
    Bobs skier was really an interesting pic, and the vivid colours of Geysir Brook is stunning. Serene and cold. Nice.
    @Markus, all are nice but I prefer the composition and light in the house and mouse. Good shadows, maybe a tad to strong but that is being very picky (had to find something). Looks like natural light, so if it is achieved by flash I need your tutorial as well.
    @Steve, your pics show how different the ceiling can look just by shooting in different directions. Like them both for different reasons, first one for the peopel and particularily the two kids, the second for the ceiling
    @Michael, the abandoned house/store is really nice. Days gone by. Would have been perfect with an old weathered man with pipe sitting on the porch.
    @Hin, I think we are at the same stage in the learning curve on using flash. It is something I find quite hard, and I need much more practice to master it. I think your results are quite good, especially the lighting on the daddy looks natural. I agree the daughter pic is a bit flat, but it is all about trying and trying.
    Here follows my pics. The first is me trying out some flash portraits of my daughter, experimenting also with bounce, PTTL and opening up for ambient light. This one turned out to be one of the most interesting, and it was when the flash did not fire (did not wait long enough for the recharge). Obviously the picture is quite underexposed and therfore noisy, probably about 3 stops, so the levels have been adjusted. I was sure it was for the recycle bin, when I initially looked at the thumbnails, because it was almost black.
    So a malfunction is my POW. (and I really like the SR, it is 1/15th handheld with AF540 mounted)
  29. Then a couple of Safari Pictures. We went on a short trip to a game reserve about 30 minutes from Durban. There are no predators in this park, so you get quite close to the animals. I think they believe us humans to be quite stupid...
    The sky was a bit grey that day so the light wasn't the best, but it was a great day anyway.
  30. Lastly a few zebras discussing todays grass quality.
  31. I forgot to mention Gary's first Apocalypse Hotel. Cool composition. And while posting myself, Javiers first, resting after some hard protesting... She seems a bit sceptical about you.
  32. Nice work everyone! My fav's so far are Haig #3, Justin #2, Garry #3, and Bob #2...

    I've just moved again and had very little time for camera so far this year.. Managed to grab it for a short walk the other day...

    Down to the last leaf...

    A little berrkeh...

    Oh, and then for a little fast food the other night too.. ;-)
  33. Running some PP on our last wedding. I've got several fav's out of the bunch, but these 3 are my tops.
  34. I pose em, matt shoots em. I'm surprised how cute this one came out, it must be the sneakers.
  35. Again, I pose, matt shoots - but I'm letting him get good w/ the lensbaby, then I'll play around more.
  36. Playing around with GIMP. The original picture needed something. Not sure this was it, and my wife hates it, but i like it.
  37. Haig--All your shots are lovely; my fave is the second probably for the color, light, and clouds matching the focal length.
    Justin--The last B&W shot is so immediate. Nice detail too.
    Gary Y--Your last shot has a wonderful tone, and the detail is compelling.
    Bob M--Love that X-country skier shot. I'd be doing the same if I lived in your lovely town.
    Markus M--Excellent portrait, catchlights, tone, softening is just right, and she looks happy.
    John B--Deep Reflection is a very fine photo. The red is perfect.
    Maria Mc--Yes, that last one is a great example for the lensbaby. I've got to play with mine more. Nice.
    Vegard--Thanks for your kind words. I'll have to photoshop in that old man from another picture!
  38. Playing around with GIMP. The original picture needed something. Not sure this was it, and my wife hates it, but I like it.
  39. Well, I'm posting for matt, cause he's busy putting this same shot on facebook. He & his dad took our girls & their big presents from Santa to a parking lot so they could have some actual space to pedal around in. Cute.
  40. Happy New Year guys!! There sure are a wide variety of of wonderful pics this week. Here's my first contributuion for this year. Unfortunately, between the bright moonlight being diffused by some clouds and the DR being simply too much, this was the best I could do with this scene.
    Any ideas how I could have shot this better?
  41. Happy New Year guys!! There sure are a wide variety of of wonderful pics this week. Here's my first contributuion for this year. Unfortunately, between the bright moonlight being diffused by some clouds and the DR being simply too much, this was the best I could do with this scene.
    Any ideas how I could have shot this better?
  42. Wow some good shots this week.
    I usually wait till Wednesday to comment but I'm compelled this week (partially because the last few wednesdays have been busy).
    @ Haig, loved the desert shots, looks like it's going to be a good spring wildflower season. I like the moon in the last one, I think that might do best as a black and white.
    @ Garry, the sunrise through the grass is my favorite, great lighting and exposure. The ghost rising is a close second. Well done for the effect you were going after.
    @ George, I see your going for the Velvia/Lomo look with the digital colors. I think it suits your photography in color.
    @ Chune, the duck works for me. Although much better if it was on a plate in front of me.
    @ Bob, I love the skier in the frosty window. I would crop the lower panes out and give it an 4x5 or 1X1 perspective. I gotta get up to Saratoga more often, especially in the winter when it's not a zoo!
    @ Javier, that is some of the best street shooting you've done yet (that I've seen), and I love the contrast in the images.
    @ Hin, you'll figure out the flash eventually. One thing I noticed about your portraits is the eyes appear to be dead, the have very slight catch lights, but overall are dull. I think that would immediately improve them. Skip the P-TTL and just put it in manual, once you figure out manual, see if you can solve P-TTL (all I can say is it's like a math equation with constantly changing constants...good luck figuring it out).
    @ ME, I'm glad to see even Seattle gets dreary and becomes a skeleton forest at some point. I never liked that time of the year between fall and snow cover! The idea for the exhibition sounds like a great one though, and a good excuse to shoot some photos during the week.
    @ John B, I like the willow leaves and the girl by the river the best.
    @ Todd, love the lone leaf. And you guys have all the good fast food out west. I suppose that is a good thing since fast food is bad for you and fewer choices mean less options to eat poorly. But it would be nice to have a choice of more than McDonald's, Wendy's (my favorite because of the Chili, which is actually healthy for you), Taco Bell, and Burger King...that's it. You guys have Jacks, In and Out, White Castle, Del Taco, and many others.
    @ Ian, I thought for a second you have the 15mm Limited, I was about to call bloody murder. I like the fly fishing still live, I'm sure Bob Marz would have even more appreciation for it!
    @ Maria, never been a fan of the lens baby but the last wedding shot is intriguing. My favorite is the last shot with the girls though.

    @ Nick S, I don't love it but don't hate it. Of course your text reminds me of my wife, often we don't agree on the images, but everyone has significantly different taste, and different things invoke emotion in different people.
    @ Lorenzo, not sure there was anything you could have done to improve the scene. The moon is just too bright. Try again on a nother night, or possibly try multiple exposures, although with the moon behind the building that would be very tough without some masking in photoshop to reveal the exposures.
  43. Morning walk on a foggy Northwest day.
  44. I really love Markus ' house of the mouse. It's so cheerful and odd, I keep going back to look at it again. Also his BW portrait!
    And the shot of the two girls in their cars (Matt ?) is perfect!
  45. Chune-Hoong Pong I'm huge roast duck fan.
    Here's my contribute to POW, a giant lichen.
  46. I'll have to come back later to comment on some of the superb photos this week.. I just popped in to say thank you to Justin and Chune-Hoong for the b/w conversion idea.. I tried it on #3 and it sure made a big difference..
  47. Are the saguaros playing handball there?
  48. Harry S. Truman Amtrack Depot
  49. Try again...
  50. Choo-Choo
  51. Here are a couple of mine I shot today for this weeks POW
  52. Old Garage in TN
  53. While I was waiting for my wife at a theatrical try-out this afternoon near downtown Minneapolis, I took a little time to shoot through my "never used since I bought it" 18-55 kit lens on my K100D Super. I'll say, it provides a good result. I roamed around the Kenwood neighborhood of Mpls, way out of my price catagory, but some beautiful old houses none the less (and some new ones, too). Like this one, probably one of my favorites of the day, I love that porch. Looking at the original photo in full 6mp splendor, at 100% viewing the details of the wall masonry look pretty sharp and distinct. Above 100% the details begin to pixelate just a bit. (Of course by the time it gets posted here you can't see any brick joints or other fine detail.) I'd inquired about using this lens a few days ago and concluded I'd give it a shot to keep on the K100DS for motorcycle touring purposes this summer. 31mm, F13, 1/125 sec., ISO200, auto white balance. No editing before posting other than a Photobucket resize.
  54. Haig - I have to pop back in and say I love the b&w. I totally did not notice the moon until I saw it in b/w. Nice.
  55. [​IMG]
    What a great forum. Superb photos and a meanful exchange of information. Here's another cliche photo . . .
  56. Wow there's alot of posts, and so here are the ones catching my eye:
    Haig: your last shot, diggin the effect and colors, reminds me I should try stuff like that in pp, instead of just the usual 1-2-3 steps.
    Justin: your first shot is just breathtaking and the 3rd shot is impressive.
    Gary: the 3rd shot, because its not something I can/remember to try to do. It works for me.
    George: that is a powerful statement you have in your photo from Hyde park...
    Chune: very tasty! nice lightening, detail and color.
    Bob: your last shot is exposed very nicely. Good capture of the light and shadows and the detail of the snow.
    Michael: I like the stairway shot, though a little blown for me but I think I would add some vignetting...
    Javier: funky effects on the photo... the grain... but it's the first one for me, she's got you right in the viewfinder.
    Todd: your last leaf shot really pops!
    Maria: that is a cute pose on the 2nd shot, and the shot is nicely light considering its indoors.
    Nick: that effect works for me! You should print out the photo just for the added reaction from your wife!
    Steve: I like the zooming effect on the train. Usually I'm not a fan of that effect...
    Here are my 3 contributions; 1st is some soup we had for supper, and I'm getting more in food photography though I'm only shooting with my 50mm f/2 or 18-250. No lights or such... this one was taken with the 50mm at f/2.8 1/30 ISO 400 no flash. Shot in RAW(!) and touched up in picasa..
    The next 2 were taken during a meetup here in downtown Raleigh and were taken with the 50mm. the 2nd one at f/2.5 1/20 ISO 800 in RAW and converted in picasa and the 3rd at f/2 1/15 ISO 1000 in RAW.
  57. Splendid variety of shots this week! Ones that stand out for me are Haigs desert shots, Justin's mountain views, Beerbrain rural decay shots, Javier's protest shots, Steve Dean train photos and Somanna's blue electric shot... It seems every week the range and quality goes up. JB
  58. One more, I can't resist. What better to test a lens with than a
  59. My three
    Two Girls
    Winter Leaves - California Style
  60. excuse me for to many other priorities at present
  61. Amazing light, dorus!
  62. Been a while since I posted. You are forewarned: It's a colour pic :)
    On the Lookout
  63. Umm.. thanks for the warning Mis.. for a moment I thought my monitor was playing tricks on me..
  64. I havn't posted in a while either, I've been too busy.
    I took this picture a couple days ago as the clouds were settling down, and moving out. This is the first time I've ever seen this myself, and defenatly the first time to photograph this sort of scene.
    I used a Pentax k200d, Vivatar 28-70mm lens, polorizing filter, enhancing filter, and tripod.
  65. Jon, how did those graffiti artists get way up there in those clouds? Umm.. really nice shot by the way :). I'm not too crazy about that top cloud layer, but cropping it out is not great either..

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