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  1. It's early Sunday morning in Switzerland and I had another great week with lots of different photo moments. It just pays off to carry a small D-SLR like the Pentax *istD and a prime all the time :) I started an absolutely wonderful (but noncommercial for me) project this week taking close-up photographs of a puppet theater for a new christmas story in december in a tent in the main rail station of Zurich and hope I can show you samples later :) In between, my contributions for the POW for you.
  2. A second hand store in Zurich tries to sell this barber chair for $2000.
  3. From my walk at lake Zurich with the Schneider-Kreuznach Xenar 105mm F3.5
  4. Lovers under a Tinguely machine
  5. Another from the Pittsburgh series.
    Roberto Clemente statue at PNC Park with the Roberto Clemente Bridge in the background.
    Sigma 10-20mm at 10mm, camera was put on the ground on an ultrapod and triggered with the remote for a different perspective!
  6. Hmm, great beginnings!
    My three for this week were shot on Friday in the hills outside Taichung. They are all of my family.
    First, my kids.
    Second, my dear wife.
    The Absence of Time
    And third, my daughter in the mist.
  7. I have been working on the painted look again with some landscape shots of late.
  8. Garry, FABULOUS captures! Way to go!
  9. Both shots were taken with the 28mm 2.5 tamron I was given I do like this lens alot.
  10. and last but not least is a macro of a scorpian.
  11. [​IMG]
    Mammoth Stuck in Tar at the La Brea Tar Pits
  12. Nice pics as always..I still have not had time much time to shoot this past week. The only thing I got was on a trip to the Apple store in Old Town Pasadena to pick up a couple of I pods for my kids...While there my twins took advantage to play Star wars games...I shot these with my G9.....
    <img src="http://i404.photobucket.com/albums/pp128/jgredline/family%20pics/applestore.jpg">
    <img src="http://i404.photobucket.com/albums/pp128/jgredline/family%20pics/applestore5.jpg">
    <img src="http://i404.photobucket.com/albums/pp128/jgredline/family%20pics/applestore3.jpg">
  13. Wow some great shots as usual.
    Gary I wish I had your people shooting skills!! The all 3 are good, but the mist shot is exceptional IMO.
    Well, here is a shot I took today (YES, TODAY...not months ago).
    I realized autumn was almost over up here and I'd gotten really not a single shot I liked. This was the first one I processed, and probably the only one as my wife is bothering me about some family shots from May, and some other family shots from July.
    Other than 2 stop digital graduated ND filter, this was basically untouched. I used a polarizer on the camera and it really made the colors pop. Although my wife said, "I'd like to see more reds in the photo." I replied I just shoot what I see, if you want me to change the green trees to red (and I could do it) marry someone else!!!
    Pentax K10D, FA 28-70 @ 35mm, polarizer set to full. ISO 100 of course on a tripod!!!
  14. I thought being a fellow pentaxian I may as well contribute. I woke up at 6 this morning to get out to a local park I hadn't explored yet. Still processing the rest but this is one I'm extremely happy with. It really felt great to be productive so early in the morning rather than sleeping in with the wife.
  15. Farm tour. I'll save you the cute kids and kittens shots. Maybe.
  16. Inside - nice light pattern. Probably could have been better captured. Daughter licked by cow, distracted.
  17. And lastly - when animals attack
  18. Garry - all three nice shots, but Emerging is fantastic. Love it. Ben, that's a neat effect, especially in the first it seems to help with a flat scene. Markus, I like that guy standing on his bucket. Really works in BW. Justin, nice scenery shots as always, the fall colors shot is lovely no matter what your wife says. Ryan, neat capture. Way to get up early! Javier, where's your son's camera? I thought he always had it on.
  19. Nick, did you shoot the barn shot in RAW?

    If you did, try processing it as two images. the outside drop the exposure by 1 stop and up the recovery a bit (maybe).

    I'd raise the mid tones of the inside just a little to get the cows a bit out of the shadows but the inside exposure looks good.

    Anyway, the point is to me you framed the farm complex in the background quite well, and I'd like to see it a little less "hot" so to speak.

    @ Ryan...love the spider web. Nice scene

    @ Javier...I'm not commenting, it's Canon gear (just kidding!!!) but I'm wondering if you applied noise reduction post processing or if the G9 renders images that "smooth".

    @ Ben, well you know I'm not a fan of the painted shots, but the scorpion is pretty sweet!!!!
  20. After soccer practice with the kids the other night...<br>

    <img src="http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3147/2932924495_f8799705b6.jpg"><br>

    Blue skies after a rainy weekend...<br>

    <img src="http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3272/2932923233_32c053c0f7.jpg">
  21. Justin, I de-speckled them in photoshop.. While the G9 is known for its great low ISO performance, it is also pretty common that it does not like anything over ISO 200. ISO 200 is pretty much the max on it...Good eye..
  22. Late afternoon sun poked between the clouds and shot a ray in the direction of my apple tree. It'll be the last crop for this year so had to grab a photo while it lasted.
  23. And now the photo...
  24. First attempt at a b&w conversion. Just desaturated and sharpened. Tried playing with the levels but seemed to look better as is, tho I'm sure it could look better in the right hands. Couldn't really see through the viewfinder, had to hold up and focus and try to set it straight down. Need to get a book or something to set the camera on so I don't cut her ears off next time.
  25. @Ryan Frosty Morning Does it for me great shot well worth getting up for me.

    @Garry all 3 are great as always you do know how to capture people.

    @Justin I dunno I think there is just enough red in the tree's excellent shot

    @Nick I love the farm shots especially gaggle.
  26. Great series again this week. We should pick 12 "best of" from the first 10 months and produce a calendar? It would be almost impossible to choose the 12 best shots! [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  27. My local photo club had an outing yesterday at a very cool restaurant/art gallery location. A great chance to
    give the (new to me) K20D (thanks Javier for all your help) a test run. Very happy with this camera.
  28. Markus - Great poster hanging capture Nice going Justin – you 've even got Betelgeuse – form the Orion constellation – the armpit of the hunter! (apologies to Douglas Adams) Gary your stuff is superb – nice wife portrait – great use of B&W. Ben – your images are quite surreal – and disturbing – I mean that as a compliment. Jeff – like the geese shot – if you nip out those 3 street lights you will have a very powerful image There's always some one shooting the cat. Good on ya Brendon. Try doing B&W with the channel mixer tic monochrome and play with the rgb channels keep total to 100 – here is not the place: for details – http://www.photo.net/equipment/digital/editing/bwconvert/ and so to my first POW post – taken this week and touched up in PS tonight. So I thought why not post it. K20 taken for an outing at about 6 am Sunday last week. Cheers guys
  29. Oh no the bold thing has just started - please fix it someone.
  30. It was me, I totally messed up that post and really don't have a clue how to fix it. I didn't even know I was
    doing this since the confirmation page doesn't show the bold type. After all this time you'd figure I'd know the
    proper HTML codes but don't. Could anyone direct me to a page that has them listed?
  31. </b></b></b>Time for me to comment and maybe turn off the bold?</b>
    @Markus - I want that barber chair!<br>
    @Justin - the Helderberg Escarpment is stunning. I love the line of mist/distant sky between the hillside trees and the crest trees.<br>
    @Ben - to be honest, I don't like the painted effect. Yet I can see how you're trying to do a really beautiful land justice. Keep trying, I may get to like it yet.<br>
    @Jemal - nice mammoth. May I suggest slightly more contrast? Seems very slightly washed out?<br>
    @Ryan - photography should always win out on an early weekend morning, but seldom does! Nice web!<br>
    @Nick - "<i>Daughter licked by cow, distracted.</i> LOL! The geese shot is impressive. Scary things those!<br>
    @Jeff - Stunning skies. I'm jealous.<br>
    @Peter - nice idea about the calendar! But there is no way 12 images would do it! More like 52 - one for each week! Great shots by the way, really like the leaf floating!<br>
    @John - hope the bold is off. Really nice surfer shot! Did you use any kind of filter/polariser, or is the sun just slightly off to the side?<br>
  32. </b></b></b></b></b></b></b></b></b>Geesh, this bold is something different this time!
  33. Ah! Finally!
  34. Gee whiz guys, I'm really starting to like those black and whites. Reminds me of my college days at the Dayton Art Institute when Tri-X film and Agfa paper were the norm. Since you asked, I must add that yes, I still have the K1000 camera with the 50mm 1.4 lens that I used then. I still like to run a roll of film through them on occasion.
    For my submission I would like to complement Scots apple picture with a picture of my Dad's peaches.
  35. I'll add some comments either tonight or tomorrow on everyone's work. It's Canadian Thanksgiving here and my better half (also known as the "boss") has Halloween decorations for me to put up and a turkey for me to cook. It's worth it since she gives me plenty of time to go play photographer. Thanks Garry for getting rid of the bold type. I'll figure out the correct way to post stuff some day!
    So another B&W from yesterday,
    and a shot from high on the hill overlooking a waterfall. This couple were having fun doing portraits near Quebec City. A huge waterfall is in the background behind them and I was up on a hill standing at the edge watching them.
  36. I'm in the process of slogging through a couple hundred shots I took yesterday as "Official Photographer" for a neighborhood event yesterday and recovering from my own Garry-esque "OMG, this is all crap--I've totally failed!" angst. Fortunately, Abe had my back. The primary challenge was coping with bright sun & deep shade (and I recognize this is a situation in which my no-flash approach is really problematic.) So I'm digging shots out of the shadows and supressing noise as best I can. The results aren't superb but I have to say that there's something about the tonal quality of the end product which I kind of like. I certainly salute you folks who do this for a living!
  37. I've got a couple more from an afternoon trip up to the mountains to get some Fall colors and then one that resulted from helping a friend trying to sell a house. Andy
  38. I think the leaves on this tree curled up like this at the first real frost.
  39. This is my first attempt at "commercial" work. It was for a buddy and I wasn't paid, so that is why the quotes are there. I think the house comes out looking very nice.
  40. all great photography here as usual! my shots are from a trip to laguna beach yesterday...
  41. I a few birds in flight shots that are probably better quality, but I thought this one had good fun factor...
  42. this one again chosen for the fact that I actually thought of a title..
  43. My wife and I spent the weekend visiting our son at Syracuse U. We just got home a couple of hours ago so I have nothing to post just
    yet but I will post some soon. Many great shots this week.

    Garry - Emerging is really well done, what a beautiful shot.

    Ben - I like the painted shots, would love to know how to do it.

    Justin - You captured something I saw a lot of this weekend, really nice shot of Fall!

    Peter - the leaf shot is really nice

    Dave - The shot of the young girl is very nice, I hope we can see more!
  44. [​IMG]
    K10D and Vivitar 135mm f/2.8 1:2 close focusing

    K10D and Vivitar Series 1 70-210 f/3.5 from Tokina

    K10D and Sigma 105mm f/2.8 1:1 Macro Ex (non-DG)
  45. Todd


    Your Daughters eyes are quite intense.Looks like a cover of Time/Life or NG.

    Great Capture
  46. I had a busy weekend. Fishing on Saturday and hiking in the Adirondack Mts, NY today. First - Why I get up early before the crack of dawn to go fishing. Not just to catch fish, but the serene surroundings. The sun is quite a bit blownout, but I think it depicts the scene well.
  47. Today my wife and I hiked to a place called Indian Head which has a spectacular view of Lower Ausable Lake.
  48. I have way too many pictures to post for POW but an Adirondack plunge pool along the way. I did buy a tripod. I did not bring the tripod, so unfortunately the foreground and other aspects are a bit blurry.
  49. We hit the trail late, about 10:15Am and returned to the car at about 5:45PM, about 10-12 miles of hiking. The Adirondack evening sky did not disappoint us.
  50. wow many more fine shots since I posted earlier. I am going to go back through and comment later, maybe tomorrow but wanted to say thanks to you, Christopher.. I was identifying with Dave because I was dealing with harsh mid-day sun at the beach and so was working the pp to the best of my ability, which isn't much.. Just thought I'd post the before of the shot of my daughter, because I thought I got some pretty good results from where I started..
  51. the after again so you dont have to scroll
  52. Two from today.. Otter Hole
  53. number two
  54. Well, I shot my first official engagement photo shoot this afternoon. #1 lesson learned: I have a lot to learn about directing

    Anyway, here's one of my favorite shots of the day (ironically, when i looked at in on the LCD right after taking it, it thought
    the shot didn't work at all, but when i got back to the computer, i loved it. funny how that works):
  55. man i'm REALLY bad about remembering to attach the stupid picture! ha.
  56. apologizes for the the multiple posts, but not only did i forget to attach it this first time, i uploaded the wrong version of the photo. it's supposed to have a border and a water mark.
  57. Peter I love the picture of the couple doing portraits

    Todd – nice undercover shot. If you mask the sky (Easy with the magic wand and a bit of feathering) you can then deepen the sky if you want to and still brighten the face.

    Tom – you do go for some lovely walks. I like the second picture most

    Adam – well done with your first engagement. And third time lucky with photonet.

    @Garry – the sun had risen about an hour ago, so it was still quite low in the sky and I was shooting at about ESE (The sun goes around to the North in Australia) So the sun is slighty off to the left. No filters and exposure as delivered by Pentax! I was however only half awake and I had left the iso at 640 – Every night I put my camera to high iso before bedtime – sort of weight training for sensors, so as to have less noise the next day. ;~}

    Oddly I had remembered to clean my front element to minimize lens flare.

    I was tired though 'cos it was the night we lost an hours sleep and I presume you guys all got an extra hour, which is why all your pictures are so crisp, sharp and happy. And not shot at iso 640 –

    I ask you who sets a camera to iso 640? – I hadn't even been drinking....

  58. Garry, your shot of your daughter, the "emerging" photo, my favorite one! I like the mood of the photo, her expression, the mist, everything! Nicely done!
    And there are some really neat fall photos coming through from the rest of you lot, and I'm looking forward to seeing more... I took a few yesterday but havent had anytime to post here... or for that matter my shots from honeymooing in mexico... aarrghh... catching up with reality... sigh...
  59. John said "Todd – nice undercover shot. If you mask the sky (Easy with the magic wand and a bit of feathering) you can then deepen the sky if you want to and still brighten the face." Thanks John. I couldn't quite figure that out. I could select with the wand with a bit of feathering, but didn't know make it so I could edit the face and leave the sky alone that way.. And if I tried to darken the color it got really weird looking.. So I just copied the sky over from the unedited shot to the edited shot and did it that way for now.. It's a hack job but better than nothing... I was so focused on trying to get results with the eys that I didn't realize until you mentioned the sky that it was a greenish color..
  60. Great shots everybody! I guess I'm a little late this week. I tried to get some shots of fall, but the colors had not changed enough for some really good landscapes. So, I settled with what I got. BTW Todd, how do you get such good skin color? When I try, my people look either dead, or like they have some really high blood pressure. Here's my attempts at Autumn, hope you like them.
  61. And another. -Jon
  62. Jon, if it's good, I don't know how I did it. Wish I did! Your reflections shot is especially wowsome!

    Markus my favorite of yours is the lovers shot! What an incredible eye you have!

    Justin you hit your shots out of the park of course...

    Garry, your emerging shot is awesome. So well done.

    I really like your farm house shot Ben. Very interesting processing.

    Nick I really like your gaggle shot.. What a sight!

    Peter all of your shots are wonderful, and the statue shots wow me the most.

    John great surf shot. The sense of scale is really nice.

    Nice shots Hin, and the first one is especially impressive for it's focus/dof

    Bob you get the prize in my book. Each of your shots are so good!

    I love the otter hole shots Tom. What a magical place and captured so well.

    Ronny I'm diggin the orbs shots. I like the daytime version best. Awesome composition.
  63. Hey everyone, I've been swamped with work 7 days a week for almost a month now and have been getting discouraged at not having the opportunity to get out and capture some interesting images. This weeks thread is once again another winner with solid contributions by all and quite a few amazing shots. Unfortunately I won't have time to comment on all of them at the moment but here are a few that really stood out:

    Todd - "Bluedified" - beautiful eyes, great editing.

    Tom - "Otter Hole II" - composition, lighting, color, Wow! That is one completely stunning capture.

    Ryan - "frosty morning" was well worth getting up early for. I like it. Kudos.

    Andrew - your first attempt at commercial work is a keeper. Well done.

    Garry - "Co-conspirators" is a delightful candid. That's a special moment to capture.

    Jon, Adam, Bob, Hin, Dave, Peter, Nick, Ben, Jamal, Javier, Justin, Markus and Brendon, excellent photos by all. It seems that each week the group sets a higher standard.

    Not having time to shoot this past week - I'll have a look through some photos from the past couple of years and maybe post a "Pentaxian's best non-Pentax shots" thread later today. I do have a few Canon photos that are fairly decent from the days before I upgraded to Pentax.

    Cheers to all.
  64. Whoa. Jon? Whoa. THAT'S NEAT. I had a 3-day weekend, so I hope this still counts... shot this today, of the U.S.S. Constellation, the last existing American Civil War-era naval vessel and was one of the last sail-powered warships built by the US Navy (built in Portsmouth, VA, now docked in Baltimore, MD). K10D with Tamron 28-75.
  65. jon, that last shot of the reflections in the water is outstanding. you guys are REALLY making me wish it wasn't still in the
    upper 70s where i am. fall, hurry up!! ;)
  66. What a wonderful array again ! <br>
    I’m just rushing by here, drop a few pics and be off again. Sorry. <br>
    It’ll take another fortnight for me to get back here, to sit down and ‘talk’ <br>

    <img src="http://static.zoom.nl/E1F5DC16CE3EAA68A3BDD869605E028D.jpg">
    Another look at the ol Dutch windmill
    <br> <br> <br>

    <img src="http://static.zoom.nl/CFB30DD156FC526171F7199896F11E91.jpg"> <br>
    Very uncomfortable

    <img src="http://static.zoom.nl/010B213EBEDD8B049516C7EF7CC5C6C2.jpg"> <br>
    Yes, sometimes I make ordinary pictures too…… 
  67. ordinary? where? rather astoundingly astonishing these shots are...
  68. K100D tamron 75-150 I treat my Pentax DSLRs like Im shooting film with a Nikon FM, it handles like a FM which I used for 20 years, Pentax fits great in my smaller hands.. new park in Murfreesboro TN

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