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  1. How does a Christmas tree look through floating water? Important questions like these are answered in the international Pentax Picture of the week gallery, enjoy :)
  2. the "Christmas tree" photos are unmanipulated :)
  3. a post processed one for the bathroom collection
  4. Markus, I am not sure that last one is appropriate for a family friendly bathroom. Hee hee hee yes my brain is still 13.
  5. Maybe you had too much "Tofurkey" Nick ;-), would love to have the receipt for my next vegi rendezvous...
  6. Markus, I like the second image..Very unique and very nice...
  7. Here is a snap shot I took out the window of my car...I could not help but laugh. I felt like I was 15 years old again...
  8. Woah! A new look to the posting area (o dear).
    Markus: The Xmas tree through water is way cool. And I think I want this bathroom shot for ours, too (Nick's 13 year old brain notwithstanding.
    Javi - Very colorful. And I laughed my head off for a little while. Cute.
    Mine for right now. We had a family sitting on Monday in their home. Little guy was a hoot, but this was THE ornery face of the day - and boy is he full on ornery in this one. My fav of the whole time.
  9. Too much indoor work this week, so I had to take my shots where I could get them. It was pretty cold for Puget Sound, which meant a decent sunrise and sunset.

    Thursday morning brought a brisk ferry ride. I bobbed between the outside deck and the somewhat enclosed sundeck, blowing on my fingers which are exposed, naturally, by my fingerless gloves. This shot shows a lot.

    On the ride home yesterday the sunset was just luscious. In the distant Cascade mountains, Mt. Rainier has two lenticular clouds to its left; two is pretty unusual.
    It was so colorful when I got off the ferry, that I literally ran up the hill home, grabbed my tripod, and headed west down the block to where the sun was setting behind the Olympic mountains.
    A tale of camera pr0n:
    On that ferry ride home, also shooting on the outside deck was a photographer friend who I hadn’t seen in a while. John’s work is awesome truly. In high-end galleries he exhibits rich wall-sized mountain and coastal scenes from large negs with a DOF in which I could live for a week. I had heard rumors that he “went digital.” Well, the rumors were confirmed and I witnessed the most impressive example of camera pr0n I’ve ever seen--only it was real, with the words “Hasselblad” on the front. I even touched it. I still haven’t washed that hand :)
  10. It's been a while since I posted anything in a PoW thread...a looong while.
    K100D Super + 31 Ltd. Taken at night (in case it's not quite clear). This is my favourite retired car.

  11. Same camera/lens combo as above, but taken during the day :)
    I enjoy abstracts, in case nobody ever noticed.

  12. Last entry for the week, another night shot. No prizes for guessing what equipment I used!
    It feels good to have something to post again...
  13. trw



    From Neck Point Park, Nanaimo, BC
  14. Back to working on my black and white "Trouble in The Forest" project after a summer long hiatus.
  15. Sorry, wrong file type.
  16. Some interesting shots this week for sure. Lots of different stuff.
    Well for me, I was testing tethered shooting on the Aspire One. Pretty cool. I had to burn an ISO image of the Pentax CD and put it on a portable HD so I could install it on the CD-less UMPC. I do have an extra CD-Rom but I happened to give my sister the extra external drive bay...so I have an excuse to buy a slim burner at some point.
    I eventually gave up tethered because the animals were not being cooperative with being strobed.
    This is a straight embedded RAW JPEG from the camera! It is a "snooted snout" with wireless Skyport trigger and a vivitar 285HV.
    This shot is from August 2008 in the Great Gulf Wilderness. Caney's last visit here in 2000 was not exactly a great weekend. He almost drowned 2 separate times in severe flooding, once I had to jump in and unsnag him from a "strainer" which is a tree in the current that snags you and keeps you from escaping.
    He is clearly remembering these events as the conditions are similar to 2000, with severe wet weather and extreme flooding. He is thinking, "gee, last time we were here it rained 24 hours straight and he clearly tried to kill me, I wonder if we've returned to finish the job?"
    Javier likes the rain, so I'm thinking he should move out here. Most people think the Pac Northwest is the rainiest place in the US. But unfortunately in the Northeast, while we don't have natural disasters like California, we do have the worst weather in the US. We rank among tops in rain, snow, cloudy days, lowest temps, and we often get stretches of 90F weather with 100% humidity which rivals the worst of the hot weather in the US. The Great Gulf Wilderness is situated 4000ft below the summit of Mt Washington which has the most rain days of any permanent weather station in the US! Add in the fact that 100+ days a year the summit of Mount Washington is hit with hurricane force winds (70mph) and you have a recipe for fun! If you like seasons, and extremes there is no place like the Northeast US! While some of you might not appreciate sealing, you might be able to tell by how wet my wife is, and the flowof the water, that shooting in the rain is often part of the fun out this way!
    Just so you don't think I'm making this stuff up...
  17. I guess we might as well use this toolbar :).. As usual, the photos from this group are never disappointing.
    • Markus, I prefer the second xmas tree shot.. and I am not sure I would want to brush my teeth in that bathroom after somone's comment!
    • Javier, you manage to find the most unusual things! That's pretty funny tho :)
    • Maria, your little guy is cute.. and if that's as ornery as he gets...
    • Michael, I like all three shots actually.. first one is especially neat..
    • Mis, it's about time you got back here.. you've been out wandering around too long :) I kinda like that brick wall more than the other two..
    • Trent, that looks like a very carefull positioned tree.. Nice shot
    • Scot.. the landing is pretty neat b/w. I like the light in the different areas
    • Justin, that's a really cool shot of Caney, and so's the second one..
    • As for me.. a couple of shots from Boston where I enjoyed a cool-down.. I left Phoenix at 89 F and arrived in Boston to be greeted with 14 F.. And 2 shots from the Dale Chihuly "the nature of glass' exhibit at the Desert Botanical Gardens in Phoenix
  18. Another cold sunset in Boston
  19. Chihuly Glass
  20. Fascinating what shapes he creates with molten sand..
  21. I done mostly landscape work this week but I did have a family of king parrots drop in who always show up aroundthis time of year to show us their young so here is my few.
  22. another
  23. I will wait a few days before I leave any comments as I have noticed this thread getting more wieldy as the weeks go on.
  24. As always, a lot of great stuff. Markus, the second christmas tree is really nice. Maria, great shot of the little guy. Michael, the colorful sunsets are very nice and I can certainly identify with your haste to get the shot, as I guess we all can. Mis., nice to see your stuff back on the pow. Haig, the River shot is my fav, very nice composition. I didn't do much this past week but here are three from the week before.
  25. and another from Connecticut
  26. and one from Philly, where the Wissahickon mets the Schuylkill.
  27. I took a trip to Vermont, Land of Maple Syrup
  28. Maple Syrup is REAL BIG in Vermont
  29. Missile silos in Vermont?
    No, just Otter Creek Brewery.
  30. Year End Party
    on Saturday Evening



    Pretty girls -- the excuse for the 4th.

  31. And some Vermont Barn Doors getting into the Christmas spirit
  32. And Vermont Barn Doors getting into the Christmas Spirit
  33. There are already some good shots as usual but I'm still a little groggy so I'll come back and comment on the ones posted... here are my two shots; they were taken from mt. washington in Pittsburg and it overlooks the 3 points area and heinz field. However, instead of the usual view shot (which is there on my flickr so if you are interested) I tried these compositions: [​IMG]


    as usual, shot on my k10d with the 18-250 d.i.a. (do it all).
  34. Bob - nice doors, very festive, I like the bottles of maple syrup best - great colors and lighting.
    Hin - the portrait of your wife is nicely done, she has a very beautiful and natural smile.
    Robert - your shots continue to amaze me - you are indeed a Guru of landscape photography.
    Ben - interesting PP on the landscape. How did you accomplish that look and feel in PhotoShop?
    Haig - love the Boston sunset.
    Justin - great capture of traversing a difficult obstacle. Well done.
    Scott - terrific back lighting on the tree and interesting in BW. Kudos.
    Trent - Outstanding subject choice in beautiful British Columbia. A real treat to see. Thanks for posting.
    Mis - great capture of the old car.
    Michael - that 3rd shot is an amazing landscape / sunset. Nicely done.
    Maria - the little man shot is a well preserved sweet moment. Great shot.
    Javier - interesting subject choice. That's a lot of padded cups!
    Markus - that's an eye opening perspective on the trees. It's creative, dynamic and just downright enjoyable to look at. Kudos.
    Here are a few quick shots from me. These are more from last weeks parade.....
  35. Heres another...
  36. Yet another....
  37. Yet another observer...
  38. Second attempt...
  39. Again some excellent work from all. It's tough to comment on everyone's work so I'll pick a few to comment on.
    Markus, both those abstracts are excellent. Great stuff.
    Javier, that's a fun shot.
    Love that moment captured Maria. Well done.
    Michael, The reflection is cool and I realy like the soft pastel colours of the 2nd shot. Good story and I'll have to try and find some of his work.
    Misere, who would have thought you'd submit B&W's after a long hiatus. The 2nd shot is excellent. Love the texture.
    Cool shot Trent. That's a subject that could use some further exploration.
    Great backlight Scott and the conversion looks great.
    I couldn't see the first shot but always enjoy a good shot of the forum mascot!
    Haig, you made a simple subject become very dramatic with that 1st shot. Very good.
    Ben, the first parrot shot is great. Well done.
    Robert. I like the fishing line in the first shot (wish it was closer) and the bridge in sepia is excellent.
    Bob, Great colour in the 1st shot and I think it's time for some pancakes!
    Hin , good shots and the first one is very cool with the light and skeleton.
    Somaanna. Great first shot. The city in the background is great.
    Duane, I agree, she is and too bad our wives shy away from the cameras. Love the 2nd shot.
    These first 2 were shot out on the low tide sand flats in PEI. It was early yesterday and friggin' freezing but always great to go shooting.The light before sunrise was great.
    This one was a work shot. I was hired to create a slideshow of a group of cottages here. So I ttok some shot of the buildings and a few sunsets. Pretty hard to get both the building and sky propberly exposed. Just too much range for the sensor. So this is a composite image. It's meant to be dramatic to catch the customers attention to the opening page of the web page.
  40. Whoa--way to start the POW off with a bang, Markus! And others have certainly risen to the challenge. Michael E's first ferry shot is a killer and Roberts fly fisherman got me (once upon a time, that was me.)
    I spent yeaterday photographing lenses. Most of us do that from time to time and it's an interesting exercise. Here's one of my ok results. It's a beat-up old SMC-A 70-210mm which seems to work fine despite the dents and a disconcerting wobbliness and which I offer free of charge to anyone who wants it (just email me.)
    I'm thinking, btw, that it may not be wise to use one of my sharpest lenses for this sort of photography ;~)

  41. At the other extreme, here's an experiment from last night: shot at ISO 3200 by sodium street-light and processed with abandon.
  42. Oh, Peter, those are wonderful!
  43. Another shot from last week, hike up Little North Santiam River, Oregon
  44. Sunset last night, taken from my driveway, no manipulation
  45. Final shot, trying first night shots with digital, not great, but not bad....
  46. Hi Everyone,
    So many intrigueing shots so far.
    Markus--love those first two, especially the first because it is more abstract. The color palette is electric and the texture has a three-dimensional aspect.
    Miserere--the brick wall sparkles, perhaps that's a positive artifact from oversharpening? I also like how the lights fall on the surface.
    Scot T--that tree shot is somewhat hypnotic. The light filtered through the top leaves is so delicate. Very nice art.
    Justin--your dog story I'm keeping for my kids to read. I don't miss upstate NY weather at all. I fled there 30+ years ago.
    Haig T--Thank you. We were at the Desert Botanical Museum in April and it was just incredible. Having Chihuly's work hanging around makes me want to hop a quick flight down again (plus it's grey here in Seattle mostly). The chandelier shot has such balanced color.
    Ben P--gotta like the "Country Farm House" postcard. It's blue and a bit funny in a post-modern sort of way.
    Robert C--Thank you. That sepia one from Philadelphia (where my wife hails) looks old style. We've canoed around there, but not too close.
    Duane M--Thank you. I see the patience in your lovely wife's eyes. It's a familiar look to me.
    Peter Z--Thank you. I'm so glad you picked up on the colors of that second shot. I worked at that for a spell in Lightroom using some secret sauce involving clarity, sharpening, and camera calibration settings.
    I love natural texture and pattern and movement and you got the trifecta this week with the low tide shot. The third one is adeptly compiled. It almost looks like a HDR, but it is more believable--enough to trigger a fantasy of someone needing a vacation.
    Dave H--Thank you. That snow shot is wonderfully strange and textured. I'd lose those two reflective dots in the lower center and then declare victory.
    The day is young, let's see more!
  47. Last friday (5th) I went to listen to these two gentlemen who played at a local club here in Örnsköldsvik. Mats Öberg and Morgan Ågren has played with Frank Zappa and also Dweezil Zappa. The bass player is Gustaf Hielm who used to play with Messugah...if anyone ever heard of them.
    K10D 16-45 f4 ISO 1000
  48. Our decorative grasses have surprisingly kept their seeds through the recent nasty weather. I had to wait for a bright day.
  49. I know -- a cat photo -- but I couldn't resist.
  50. Wow, has this thread grown overnight. Will need to comment a little later..
    For now here are two from Yesterday. A house finch (I think) but shot with my new Tamron 70-200 F/2.8 wide open...Much better than the sigma I returned.
    I love the detail from this lens.
  51. Hmm, not sure what happened to my blanked out photo of Caney...looks like if the access level is changed in flickr it disables linking!
  52. All of the photos are great! I really love looking at these photos of the week! I have three that I like. Not taken this week, but last week.. I'm catching up.

  53. Nice surf...
  54. and my fav...
  55. WoW alot of great captures this week as usual. I really do love this thread it inspires you to raise your skill level from week to week as everyones photo's get better and better.
    First off to Duane Mills The PP on my "Country Farm House" was achieved with Paint shop Pro x2 and the use of these plugins Alien Skin Exposure, Contrast Master, Topaz Adjust and added a Texture I also developed the image in SilkyPix.
    Now to the photo's my favourite's this week are:
  56. That's a relly great shot of Caney, Justin.
    And I think "Not for Surfing" could use a bit more punch (contrast, saturation, etc), Ben, but the subject & composition are really terrific!
  57. Psst Dave I think "Not for Surfing" is Tom Maher's But I kinda like the Last one "Lone Horse"
  58. An impressive exhibition, as always.

    Markus: imaginative as always; you have an eye for the unusual. One question regarding the faucet: do you know how it should be turned on?

    Javier: colorful; I could not make out the sticker on the container -- wondered if that would add to the humor. Very nice bird photos with impressive detail for f2.8

    Maria: he is so cute; looks like he is scheming what to do next.

    Michael: i like the last sunset; timing is everything for them.

    Misere: the wall abstract is neat. Did you try to get the grain effect by your settings or was it added later?

    Justin: quite the dog! Love his portrait: "Caney, dog of mystery". Did you help your wife across after taking the photo?

    Haig: the bridge is well composed. The Chihuly glass exhibits are often fascinating. Prices for the works are astronomical.

    Ben: nice parrot shots. I remember feeding a parrot at Pebbly Beach; they are fascinating and beautiful.

    Robert: the fly fisherman is nicely done. To be able to capture the line in motion in that lighting is impressive. The sepia treatment of the falls is nice considering the likely age of the bridges above.

    Bob: nice shot of the bottles; if you would have said they were of expensive whiskey I would have believed it. Those are some red barn doors.

    Hin: is the skeleton to signify the past year? Creepy. Nice lighting and background dof for your lovely wife.

    Duane: a lovely wife and boy. A flattering, very natural portrait of your wife.

    Peter: impressive lighting and dof for the sand flat shots; well done. The cottage is dramatic but still in the realm of realistic.

    Dave: the lens shot is impressive. I would expect it quite difficult to get good lighting and not one's image in the lens.

    John: the lush colors are captured nicely in the river shot. Wow, what a sunset

    Tom: I also like the lone horse Taken where?
  59. Ooops, right--thanks Ben!!
  60. Ben P., thank you, the second shot was taken with the DA 12-24 @ 19mm, f6.7 @ 1/180, ISO 400. This lens I take 85% of the time.
    Bruce M., thank you. I agree, timing and just luck.
    Tom M., Lone Horse is contemplative, love the foreground.
  61. Argh, this new text editor isn't working for me, will have to try later... :(
  62. Some really good stuff again this week. I have been really unproductive photographically recently. Too busy with other stuff. Will definitely have something for next week. Some that caught my eye were:
    • Markus - the second christmas tree.
    • Mis - great come back - it's been a while!
    • Haig - the river in Boston.
    • Bob Colameco - the sepia bridge/falls.
    • Duane - the four-legged observer.
    • Peter - those low tide lines are great. The work shot is interesting, but the mismatch between the sky and the reflection in the windows jars a little.
    • Bruce - I'm a dog man, but that is an entirely acceptable cat shot!
    • Justin - doing Caney justice.
    • Tom - that surf ... Love the pastels.
    Impressive stuff folk.
  63. I was finally able to process some photos this week. This Chinook stretch for several Kms and it gave me a change to use my new sigma 70-200mm 2.8 on some landscape photos.
  64. Michael Elenko That Lens does a great job I usually use my 28mm for landscape's but after seeing yours I might have to think about investing in the DA 12-24 or something similar.
  65. Thanks all - Everyone has amazing photos this week.
    I took "Lone Horse" on the north shore of Aruba. I liked it so much I've already printed it! As for the "not for surfing" photo, I have two versions. One if definitely more punchier than this as I adjusted the white balance to a preset. Though what I presented here is accurate to the scene that day with all the mist from the ocean in the air dulling things down. (all three images I submitted were taken in Aruba within 1 mile from each other)
  66. I like that, Ian!
  67. Wow, While there are some very fine images here this week, I thought I would choose my favorite 5 in no particular order. These are the ones that stood out to me the most and gave me reason to pause...
    @Michael Elenko's second image is superb. Since I have been trying to take landscape images like this, I can sure appreciate the timing and technique . Nice colors and composition...
    @Haigs, River...Wow, what awesome composition , color and detail....It is not just another river shot.
    @Ben's country farm house...Love the pp work done here . It is obvious what you where after and I believe you got it..
    @Somanna's camera shot...I love the creativity ....I took a similar one a while back, but came out no where near as good...
    @Justins, Caney....Simply a perfect portrait shot....
  68. New text editor still isn't working but I think I've found a work-around, lets see... Just messing around with different effects and such.
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  69. Dave H, interesting shot. I agree to clone out those 2 white spots.
    John B, that looks like a beautiful spot and nicely captured. The sunset is great.
    Kari, Nicely done in very tough lighting.
    Bruce, that cat hot cracks me up. Fun!
    Javier, those shots are awesome. Sharp as a tack and really great colours. Fantastic!
    Justin, that additional shot of Caney is great. Love the look and the light. Great stuff.
    Tom M. that surf shot is great and the angle makes it. The lonely horse is even better. well done.
    Ian F that is a stunning shot. Love the light.
    Matthew L, that 3rd shot is fantastic. I like the PP work and the expression you captured.
    Thanks for the comments Micheal, Dave, Ben, Bruce and Gary
  70. Matthew Lies - Photo Number three is hands down my favorite of the entire thread. Bravo!

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