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  1. So I'm sitting here fixing a huge virus problem on my computer when I thought I'd check out this weeks POW and saw that it hasn't started yet! Then I realize it's only a little after 5:00 am EST. My choices? Start the thread or get a new life and go back to bed...
  2. Found this guy committed to his work
  3. Just a little reflection of oneself...
  4. Try #2
  5. Clearly going back to bed is overrated! Nice start Doug, glad somebody is keeping an eye on things :)
    I've been fooling around with the shots from the last trip.. and mostly the animal portraits.
    This is with the DA* 50-135 as well.. you just can't trust those captions under the photo anymore!
  6. #2
    A study in Pelican..
  7. Nice beginning Doug. Just move to Asia - it's already evening here.
    Haig, the pelican is stunning.
    I met a fellow Pentaxian on Saturday morning and went for a stroll. Took some shots along the way of course.
    At a flea market, setting up stall, K20D, Tamron 17-50, ISO 400, f5, 1/800:
    An alley near the jade market. I don't usually do selective coloring, but this seemed right. K20D, FA 28, ISO 400, f5, 1/40
    And lastly, near the red alley, a drum of coals being prepared for the lunch business, K20D, Pentax A 100mm macro, ISO 800, f5, 1/640:
  8. Great start, Doug!

    Yesterday's project was photographing this bee which had poignantly expired nestled in a zinnia. I hadn't used it for a while, but the Sigma 105mm f2.8 Macro was the right lens for the job.
  9. This 'candy apple' bud was a target of opportunity.
  10. Haven't shot anything in the last 2 weeks, but have got off my butt and re-started the big scanning project of the past. Here are two, Mamiya MSX 500 and (I think) M42 135mm, taken during a trip to the Bay of Islands in the (southern) summer of 79. The Mamiya was my first "needle" meter and the precursor of my K1000. Both shot on Kodcolor II with ISO 80. I like the first for its grain and the painterly sky. The second was converted in Power Retouche.
  11. "Poplars" is great, Tony!
  12. Nice start, Doug. I like sisters. Haig, the pelican shot is awesome, beautiful lighting. Nice macros, Dave. I have the same lens but haven't used it much lately. Ian, I like the jade market shot but I think just leaving the awning red would have done it. I agree with Dave, Tony, poplars is quite nice.
    Here are two from last week. The first one is an attempt to get a shot for the next camera club competition (tomorrow night) which is photojournalism. I have found it to be a very difficult project but a useful one as it has forced me to get out of my photography comfort zone. I can submit three but I am not real happy with any of them. This one was shot with my Canon 50D and the 75-300mm lens.
  13. and on the river....
  14. A change of pace for me I took the camera to a high school football game (Richwood Lumberjacks 1st round playoff win, still undefeated!!!) and had a lot of fun, hard to get good shots from behind the fence, at least thats my excuse.
  15. K200D Schneider D-Xenon 12-24/f4 at 16mm. Attempted to capture the evening afterglow on the autumn leaves. The sky was overcast except where the sun had set creating this singular twilight. The best I could do was cloudy white balance biased towards blue but the silhouetted branches remained stubbornly edged with red. Coffee filter-based manual white balance was completely cold. Very minor colour balancing in RAW also did not help. All in all a difficult problem.
  16. And another
  17. Doug, I'm glad you didn't get a life; I love "Sisters" in every way—fantastic shot.
  18. Two from me. Hey, there was a sunset last night... Both are with the K20D and my not-often used (since contracting LBA this time last year) Tamron 18-250. You know, this really is a good lens, I have to use it more often. I just don't because I don't go after long tele shots too much.
    55mm, 1/320, F/11, ISO100
    250mm, 1/125, F/11, ISO100
  19. Very amazing pictures. My boy say "wow" and all of these are outstanding pictures and as a Daddy, I am so proud and I told my boys that my Pentax friends are one of a kind photographers who love Pentax for a reason.
    My snapshots in the Mountain View shoreline park from bay area in California.
    vc #1
    Fall Leaves in Park
    Canon 5D mkII photographer
    When I later talked to him, he had K10D before
    Phone Camera Family
    All pictures taken with Pentax K20D and Tamron SP 70-210mm f/3.5 adaptall-2 19AH . I have entered the contest with Why I love Pentax and along with friends here, I am very much high on thoughts with Pentax
  20. Seaweed [​IMG] Shells along the shore [​IMG] Tea [​IMG]
  21. On the way to yesterday morning's soccer match
    Port of Tacoma
    K20D, Sigma 50-500mm @ 73mm, 1/1500 @ f 11, ISO 400
    Blue Hydrange
    K20D, 35mm Ltd Macro, 1/180 @ f13, ISO 400 + Sigma Closeup Ring Flash
    Throw In
    K20D, Sigma 50-500mm @ 500mm, f 6.7 @ 1/250, ISO 800, Photomerged in Photoshop
  22. Port of Takoma is terrific, Michael! It would be an exquisite, almost mystical, scene without the plumes but they add a strong pictorial/narrative layer.
  23. Will comment on my favs as soon as more are are up, though Sisters is an amazing capture!....
    OK, i managed to get on the set of a filming of CSI NY in the historic distric of L.A. So far I have images of CSI Maimi (filmed in Redondo beach), NCIS (filmed in Pasadena), CSI L.A. (filmed in L.A.), Numbers (filmed in China Town), The mentalist (filmed in Pasadena), Tons of LAW and Order...So many more...Movie Majic is amazing...Anyway, these folks where wearing yellow passes, so I was golden for a few snaps, but got found out pretty quick and got the boot...I think what gave me away was the lack of the right equipment as I had my very simple K20D with with my Sigma 24F/2.8 lens while all other official photogs where carrying some serious equipment...Anyway, my wife and I are always looking at the places of all these shows and more and are amazed to see shows like Fringe that take place iin Boston being filmed two blocks from where we live...
    Anyway here is an alley scene.
    Here is a 100% crop, no pp so it is not very good, but I like the look.
    Here is dummy they where getting ready to dress.
    Here is the madness that it takes for a simple scene and this is like 10% of it.
  24. Something different for me...The Venice canals.
    K-7 with SMC-A 28F/2.8
  25. One more from the Venice Canals.
    K-7 with the Pentax SMC-A 28F/2.8..No pp done, straight Jpeg as was the previous.
  26. For the record, Javier, a K20D & Sigma 24 f/2.8 is very serious gear in my book! ;~)
  27. I like that there is no post processing on your photos Javier. Keep it up!
  28. Two pictures with the K200D and Soligor 75-150 at f/3.5.
  29. The second one.
  30. My favourites so far this week are Haig's a study in Pelican, Dave's 'Candy apple' Bud and Steve T's 2nd shot.

    I have been working mostly on macro/Close-up photograhpy still which has been great for pulling me out of a slump I had been in, but this week I managed to also shoot some landscape and thought I would share some of these with you.
  31. @manuel R.: I like Javier's shots as much as anyone, but do realize that jpegs out of the camera have serious post processing performed. It happens using software within the camera. In the custom image menus, there are settings for saturation, contrast, hue, sharpness, and white balance. The "purest" approach to shooting out of a DSLR would entail publishing an unaltered jpeg of straight RAW image, and even that would probably have some jpeg-induced magic.
  32. Here is my 2nd one
  33. Michael E: Now that you write about it, you are simply right! Will be checking my settings...let's keep clicking...and learning!
  34. k10d, DA50-135
  35. A beautiful warm day in Philly, after four days of rain. I took a stroll in Woodland Cemetery, about a 10 minute walk from my house.
  36. Second from Philly:
  37. I have a couple from the Columbia River on a frosty, foggy morning in November. Pentax K20D, Pentax F28mm, F1:2.8.
  38. I had to re-size the photos, will try again.
  39. One more!
  40. took this one a couple of weeks agao
  41. John, that first receeding fog shot has really nice colour. Just a couple of minor things I might change, and that would be touching out the white speck near the bottom right, and the trees at the edge of the frame on lower left. Great light though. Will comment on more later.
    I haven't been on here for a few weeks, my computer died and then I was away photographing the first thing I've down professionally - a national motorsport race meet. Getting flown to the meet, put up, given a camera and a press pass was not a bad experience. Quite a learning curve when you have to photograph something as coverage. A good learning expereince. You have a to be quite bold and pushy, but that's easier to do than you might think when you're there as a pro photographer.
    These are some of the images I have edited that I took. My job when I got to shoot was mostly covering the general atmosphere, kids, crowd, girls and I also did some pit stuff and on-track pre-race shots. The pit stuff was quite exciting, as the guys are very busy and in a confined space. You have to be prepared to put your camera right in people's faces, but also to get out of the way quickly. They're also not keen on you photographing some of the more high-tech car alterations.
    These are with Nikon D2H (old, pro level journalism camera at time), and some Nikkor zoom. Lacking a flash made it a bit more difficult in some situations.
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  46. .........................
  47. I've been taking foliage pictures for the past three weeks and can't look at it anymore, so I'm posting three from last month taken in Manhattan. It was a nice walk from East 59th Street and Fifth, at the bottom of Central Park to Lincoln Center on the West Side at 66th Street.
  48. Try again #1
  49. #3 Lincoln Center
  50. Some appreciation of lessons to learn.
    Doug: Sisters strikes the true meaning of the word.
    Haig: Pelican is beautiful.
    Dave: Come and show me all the marvellous images you can find in my garden! We have brown getting ready for white. The Zinnia is great.
    Robert: Keep on rowing, you have the art.
    DC: Difficult problem ably handled.
    Steve: Not many sunsets like these. Beautiful.
    Michael: Tacoma shot is perfect.
    Ben: Don't know how you do it but neat stuff and very effective.
    Camus: Good luck with the first contract. Looks like you will be fine.
  51. Nothing too stellar this week...
    Bird and Shoe
    Hell's Angel
  52. I like both of those, Jemal. There's a very interesting texture to the bokeh--not "dreamy-creamy" but very effective in both.
  53. Thanks Dave. They were both shot with the Pentax A 100mm Macro 1:1 lens. It was hard shooting that lens, but its so sharp, which I think created the interesting bokeh.
  54. First some quick thoughts on some of the submissions so far:
    Doug's sisters is just a fantastic shot.

    Tony's poplars is very nicely laid out. When I first saw it I thought it was Camus.

    Robert's on the water is great.

    I like Michael's Port of Tacoma.

    Sigmar's abstract gets my attention.

    Camus's stuff always impresses me, the driver shot is great.

    This is just the stuff that really jumped out at me. I think this weeks submissions have been really good from everyone so far.

    I have three more HDRs for this weeks submissions. I recently bought Photomatix and have been living the old saying that if you give a guy a hammer every problem looks like a nail.

    First up is a digital version of the sunset I shot on film last week.
  55. This is another shot of Smith Rock at sunset.
  56. This is an old homestead out in far NorthEast Oregon.
  57. what an exceptional harvest this week, chapeau everyone.
    I got only one proper photo to show:
    And this 'press'-work last night in my backyard :
  58. So, dorus, Martians were trying to kidnap your tree?
  59. Thank you Andrew. Smith Rock & Homestead both do it for me. Congrats.
  60. Heres mine for this week.
    K110D with Kalimar 80-200mm f/4.5~5.6
  61. Three
  62. My favs for the week.
    Doug Robinson's Sisters is simply a fantastic image!
    Robert colameco's homeless man...While many will look at that capture and say, what is so hard about that, I know first hand how difficult those types of images are to make. Easy to look at and critique, but to get out there and do it is tough...Well done Robert.
    Hins, silhouette is a great capture. The phone camera family image is very good!
    Howard's silhouette is also very good...Nice to see things that are different.
    Nice work all.
  63. My faves:
    Doug - Sisters- a real Kodak moment and the worker- Lewis Hine Lives!
    Haig - Pelican is perfect
    Garry- Drum of Coals
    Dave -Candy Apple
    Tony - Poplars Bay - great composition
    Robert C - The rowers are addictive! - nice catch
    DC - Autumn glow
    Steve - beautiful sunsets
    Hin - #3 - wow
    Michael - Port of Tacoma - Great atmosphere
    Sigmar - Your Soligor is working great. My 70-160 Macro wobbles - I should take it out anyway.
    Camus - You caught it.
    Andrew - Great color on Construction
    Dorus - I really like your graphic design shots. The green really pops this one.
    Jack - #3 - the colors make it.
    Javier - Thank you. The sky shot was taken by just turning around from a shot of the park. I spent about an hour at the fountain. I need to sort through and make a thread.
    Great work people!
  64. Andrew,
    I think that I used to live there!
    Well, maybe not that house, but not too awfully far away.
    Otherwise, most impressed with Haig's pelican, Sigmar's abstract, Hin Man's phone camera family, and Garry's drum of coals.
    Very nice.
  65. Thanks Tony I am glad you liked them, I shoot in RAW and sharpen the shot a little to enhance the detail then use B/W styler (photoshop plugin) to convert to black and white.
  66. John,
    That is a couple of miles past Starkey on the way toward Ukiah. I love that country and would move if there was anything for me to do.....
  67. Better late than never...
    Thank you all for your kind remarks... makes me wanna keep the life I've got! Now for a few remarks of my own: Collectively, one of the stronger group displays I've seen in a while. Here's a few that stood out to me:
    Haig - All 3 are awesome but I love the turtle... didn't know you could capture emotion on the face of one!
    Gary - You always seem to capture a feel in your photos that eludes me. The coals are really cool. Where did you move to in Asia and are you still teaching?
    Dave H. - Stunning shots- simply gorgeous in composition, color and detail. Put them on a wall!
    Tony - Poplars - Nailed the composition IMHO. Extremely pleasing to view.
    Robert C. - Love the look and feel of the sculler.
    Robert B - Good capture of action on #2.
    Steve T - Sweet sunsets. I have yet to captue anything that good.
    Hin - Great silhouette shots - Love #3.
    Bob M. - Seaweed captured and held my attention - nice shot.
    Michael E. - Great textures captured on both shots.
    Javier - The colors and reflections in your last shot are awesome - wish I was there.
    Camus - Nice captures of the kids expressions... made me smile.
    Andrew - Smith Rock looks like a painting - Nice!
  68. My picks of the week:
    andrew h. - homestead
    dorus o. - green building
    Howard T - #3
    Camus W. - promo girl and race fans
  69. I certainly agree with Doug.. an exceptional crop of photos this week.. thanks to everyone that commented, I think that's something that's appreciated by all of us.
    One of the photos that I liked a lot and nobody commented on was the first shot by Jack.. I think that scene is perfectly exposed, framed and presented. Maybe I took a closer look because it's the type of scene that I like shooting, but I thought it worth mentioning.
    It's also good to see Garry posting again..
  70. Thanks Doug. I'm still in Taiwan, but we've moved out of the city (not that there is much countryside on this little island!). It has resulted in a lot of home repairs as recent mega-typhoons have left us fairly flooded at times, which in turn has left less time for photography.
    Thanks Haig - good to be a little more regular!
  71. Jack's #1 should be a post card. It is really beautiful. Thanks for making me take a second look Haig.
  72. [​IMG]
    Shot with a Canon 40D (Gasp!), with a Super Takumar 50mm f/1.4 at f/1.4 earlier today.

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