POW Masterpiece of the Week 2008-10-19

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  1. Nearly evening here in Taiwan. Let me post this first to avoid two threads ....
  2. OK. Looks good. One shot from earlier in the week, and then two quickies from today for me.
    Shot this from the 5th floor, just prior to a school mutliskills interclass competition (K20D):
    The Arena is Set, Battle will Commence Shortly.
    And then today, lunch at a restaurant (K100D):
    Mom's is always better!
    And then arriving back home, family portrait in the elevator mirror (Flipped around - I'm not left handed! K100D):
    Why is Dad always hitting his head on the door frame lintels Mom?
  3. first: I LOVE the family portrait

  4. Thanks Maria - but, What are you doing up at 3:13 am?!?!?! I expected the Europeans to be the first replies!
  5. Your family looks very sweet Garry, the kids look the same age as mine. Everyday is a full day. I was so stir crazy this lovely autumn afternoon from staying in the house ill with a flu, that I broke free, camera in hand and went around the yard. These were all taken with a K20D and either the DA 35 Ltd Macro or a Mamiya/Sekor 60mm f 2.8 M42 macro (one of the best and most obscure macro lenses out there). [​IMG]
    Dried Grasses 1, K20D, Mamiya/Sekor 60mm, 1/125 @ f5.6, ISO 200 [​IMG]
    Wild Rose, K20D,DA 35 Ltd Macro, 1/45 @ f4.5, ISO 200 [​IMG]
    AutumnPod1, K20D, Mamiya/Sekor 60mm, 1/750 @ f3.5, ISO 200 [​IMG]
    AutumnPod3, K20D, Mamiya/Sekor 60mm, 1/90 @ f8, ISO 200 [​IMG]
    Center Grasses 1, K20D, DA 35 Ltd Macro, 1/15 @ f6.7, ISO 200
    Suncatcher, K20D, Mamiya/Sekor 60mm, 1/180 @ f5.6, ISO 200
  6. I started reusing my old M lenses this week and next week I will take the M42 SMC Takumars to the vineyards for some golden fall colours. Got a professional looking and very comfortable neoprene belt with a red "Pentax digital" sign on it with my second (used) K10D and the LL-80 screen as well:)
  7. Fall in the city of Bremgarten
  8. detail from the catholic church in Bremgarten Switzerland
  9. ok I done some more of the painted look this week along with some self portraits and some macro work with flowers since its spring down here.
  10. A Little Black and white fun
  11. and a flower bud for spring
  12. Great shots! I'm still into the autumn mood.
  13. Here's a shot of Lower Ausable Lake
  14. Even though the actual sky was blue, I call this Red Sky
  15. One last shot of an autumn pool showing motion, but freezing some jet sprays.
  16. Early kick off folks, I'll have to get up much earlier just to catch up with you guys. Garry - great black and white photos. Love the "Mom's is always better photo". It's a delightful candid. Michael - nice shots, I like the composition and geometry of "Center Grasses" a lot. Markus - your b/w's are superb. The first is stunning. Outstanding capture. Ben - great b/w. Did you burn the black background in Photo Shop or was this a really dark background and flash photo? Here's a couple of quick shots from me. Both were taken yesterday with the Sigma APO 50-500mm F4-6.3 EX DG HSM on the K100D Super with a Manfrotto 680B Monopod for support....
  17. Here's the second...
  18. Very nice work, all of it! My masterpiece? Dunno about that, but here's the best I can come up with. We've been having some weather, and I've been tramping around my neighbours back yards. All made with a K20 sporting the 16-50. Horizons are really hard to judge around my home ground, not a level piece of land to be seen. I have ordered a tripod, should be here in a day or two, and a spirit level, should help things a little....
  19. A great start to the Sunday POW. Garry, the family portrait is really cool. And Markus, I really like the black and whites. My school is holding an unusual fun raiser. The pottery classes are making bowls which will be sold and filled with soup on an evening in December. There will also be some auctioned. I am especially interested in this event as my daughter is a social worker on the staff of the homeless shelter that will be the recipient of the money. We hope to raise over $7,000. It is called Empty Bowls.
  20. These next two are of a table and bowls which were made by a student.
  21. same one in color
  22. @ Duane it was a dark background with flash photography. I got bored one afternoon and decided to play around a little with some portrait shots I don't normally do them that often.
  23. Once posted this thread expllodes every week with some great work. My favourite spot to check on Sunday mornings. As Justin said earlier last week. November is a fairly poor month for landscape shooters. So I'm trying to squeeze in as much time with the new to me K20D and enjoying it.
  24. Garry - Mom's is better is a great shot and I like the basketball court.

    Michael - Looks like a great pair of lenses "Center Grasses" is very good and "Sun catcher" looks great.

    Markus - Very good series. Nice B&W conversions and the leaf shot has great tones and look. I like the last one with the 2 lights the best. The 2 different sizes, the play of light against the wall. Excellent work.

    Ben - The landscape is interesting and the effect is getting close to aan impressionistic painting.

    Bob- Excellent series. The first and second are great shots. Love that broad view over the lake.

    Duane - Nice capture, sharp and very good colour. 500mm? Very good with a long lens.

    Ian - the rainbow is a very nice shot. Bump the contrast a little (curves) and you have a winner!

    Robert - The second B&W is fantastic. I'd have that framed if it was mine.
  25. Neat stuff, folks!

    I think your first shot is interesting Garry. Nice family portrait too. The autumn pods are really nice, Michael.
    I'm really taken by the Bremgarten church photo, Markus! The composition is a bit challenging--but in a good way. I like the strong horizontal in your landscape, Ben--the "brown belt" in the intermediate foreground makes things interesting (and the flower bud is very cool!) That's a very impressive 'copter shot, Duane! Ian, that second (sepia?) shot qualifies as masterpiece in my book--bravo! Robert's Empty bowls is right up there, too.
  26. From Agra, India - the city of the Taj Mahal
    This building is a masterpiece in itself, not my masterpiece :) [​IMG]
  27. Subhankar,

    The framing of the Taj is excellent!
  28. I see a lot of people are up early!
    Garry: I like the icecream shot.. you got him at just the right moment..
    Michael: the autumn pod is my favorite
    Markus: the shot with the chess pieces is really nice.. I like it in bw
    Ben: Not too sure about the painting, but the bw is a fun shot, and that cactus bud is pretty darn colorful
    Bob: the beaver meadow is really nice, and so is the red sky. Did you intend to have the sky so blue? I've found that that's the result of underexposure..
    Duane: Great shot of the helicopter., nice detail!
    Ian: I really like shots 2 and 3.. the reflections in 3 are pretty nice.
    Robert: Pretty neat all 3 shots.. I really like 3 a lot and 1 is not far behind
    Peter: The grasshopper detail, the spider and the bird are awesome..
    Subhankar : Those are great scenes from Agra.. the market place and the taj photos are really good.
    As for me, I came back from my trip with about 3500 shots.. I have to post 3.. hmmm ..
  29. Fine dining near the Opera house
  30. Flowers at Crescent Head
  31. One of the walls at Australia National museum
  32. So before I comment on the photos, how do I post so that I can start each line with someone's name instead of doing the "@" thingy?? Like what Haig did... it's easier to read...
  33. You have to post in HTML instead of Plain Test. When you want a paragraph break type <br>. Easy..
  34. Dave, it's not sepia, it was the colour of the day!
  35. Subhankar - Great series. I like the first the best and the one that looks like a market or bazaar.

    Haig - Wow. Love the B&W. The inside lamo vs the outside. The person framed like a photo. Excellent. The flower shot for very different reasons is also and excellent shot.
  36. Sorry I hit the commit button way too fast. "inside lamp vs the outside"
  37. Thanks for the tip Haig!
    Garry: I like your first shot the best, its got a interesting composition! I would like to see you do that again with the kids in the shot but at a slow shutter speed for some blur...
    Michael: Your 'Wild Rose' shot has cool dof... the inside of the flower and leaves are in focus but the petals are not? Did you set it like that? Also, what is a suncatcher?? Maybe I should get one for certain parts of my house!
    Markus: Your first shot is the best for me, gives a really strong sense of fall, even though its in b&w. Nice!
    Bob: The 'red sky' shot is good, though I would have liked it if you zoomed in on one of the leaves and have just a few of them against the blue sky... just my 2 cents!
    Duane: Where's the second shot??
    Ian: I really like your 3rd shot because of the reflection in the windows of the building! Have you tried converting your 2nd one to b&w?
    Peter: Your 1st shot is the winner and I cant look at your 4th... cant stand spiders! Did you try some fill flash to pop out the flowers some?
    Robert: I really like the dof in your 3rd shot and the light coming through. Very nice composition.
    Subhankar: The light in your first shot makes the photograph and I love street scenes from India, they are always so vibrant! I also like the use of the leading lines in your 4th shot.
    Haig: The shot of the wall is neat! Really makes me want to see more of that wall to figure out what it is and what it looks like! My shots are from my honeymoon in Zihuatanejo, Mexico. I thought I was going to take a bunch of shots when I get there but I ended up hardly taking any and when I did I felt I was taking just snapshots... not my most creative trip and I'm kicking myself now... I think I was in total stress unwinding mode... The 1st shot is from our breakfast table, and my current computer wallpaper lol!
    The 2nd is a shot of the flames they light up for dinner time... I love fire!
    The 3rd is along the main pier in town where we would see whole families out for a stroll... really neat that all the generations are just hanging out... I really wanted to try and crop into the old lady but I also liked that you can see about 4 generations.
    OK last one, this is some the landscaping around the resort, this shot was taken in a light rain, hooray for the weathersealing! [​IMG]
  38. [​IMG]
    power wash
  39. This thread is another great testament of how good the Pentax equipment and photographers are. As always, I'm really liking the black and whites. If I had to choose, I think Robert's photograph of the many bowls sprawled across the floor would have to be my favorite so far.
    My pow was taken at Hell's Kitchen flea market in NYC... Not exactly an original idea, but then, I'm not sure I ever had one.
  40. Catch up:

    Love the bugs, Peter (well, not really--but they're very nice photos ;~)

    Subhankar: wonderful taj shots! I like #4 especially.

    The cliff-edge flowers are great, Haig (and I spent about three minutes just scrolling the wall shot up & down ;~!)

    Those are really nice clean photos, Somanna--especially the fire shot (but I'm going to disagree with your
    suggestion that Ian convert that shot to B&W.)

    Michael: "Power Wash" really works--well done!
  41. Dave R. - interesting colors and composition.

    Michael S. - great combination of light and shadow with a little action.

    Somanna - love the composition and flames in your second shot.

    Haig - the colors and detail in your first shot (Sydney) are mind blowing. Kudos.

    Subhankar - the gritty real candid that is your second shot is superb. Nicely captured.

    Peter - tough call to pick a favorite out of your shots, they are all outstanding captures. After a lot of thought I'd have to say that I like the last best - my eye is drawn to the detail of the reflection in the water.

    Robert - like the color and love the DOF in the "Empty Bowls" shot.

    Bob - they're all amazing fall shots. I particularly like your choice of shutter speed for moving water photos.

    Ian - terrific atmosphere in your second shot. The moody skies and sunbeams are very nicely captured.

    Great thread so far folks - lets see more....
  42. Every week this thread just get's better and better.
    This most interesting thing I did this week was to go to the Texas State Fair which is here in Dallas at Fair Park and is the largest one in the country. It attracts about three million visitors over it's four week run. The Fair's mascot is the talking waiving animatronic Big Tex. Big Tex made his debut at the 1952 fair; he is 52 feet tall, weighs 6,000 pounds; wears a 75 gallon hat measuring 5 feet high. His chest is 30 feet, the belt is 23 feet with a 50 pound buckle. Tex's boots are size 70 and measure 7 foot 7 inches high.
    Big Tex at Texas State Fair [​IMG]
    The 212 foot tall Texas Star Ferris Wheel was at one point the worlds largest and still is the biggest one in North America. For scale each of the cars holds about eight people.
    Texas Star Ferris Wheel
    Fisheye of the Federal/Tower Building in Fair Park which was built for the 1936 Texas Centennial Exposition.
  43. I really like a lot of the shots this week! So some comments:
    Michael, love the wild rose.
    Markus, your detail from the Catholic church is very good.
    Ben, interesting self portrait. Stark contrasts.
    Bob, so much better than fish pics!
    Duane, nice heli, where's the second? Have second thoughts?
    Ian, all three are stunning!
    Bob Colameco, lovely shots. The second is really good!
    Peter, flower and bird are special shots.
    Subhankar, I love them all! Please start a thread sometime of your own showcasing your pics of India. They would be a very entertaining browse!
    Haig, all good shots! And all so different! The first and the flowers get my attention the most.
    Somanna, all very eye catching. The last shot has great atmosphere!
    Michael, power wash is excelllent.
    Dave, that might be good in a high contrast black and white.
    Roger, nice fish eye shot.
  44. Here's the second at last...(also posted in the Sigma 50-500mm thread)...
  45. @Garry, I love the family portrait...beautiful family....

    @Michael E, I am partial to the Rose. Perhaps a bump in saturation and a 20% increase in sharpness and you will have a winner...

    @Markus, I love the chess shot...Not only because I love the game, but because it is truly inspiring...''bravo''

    @Ben P, keep having fun with the black and white, you are doing great!!!!!

    @Bob M, I LOVE the red sky...''bravo''...sometimes the simplest shots are the best ones......

    @Duane, Great use of the bigma. Love the helicopter shot...

    @Ian, Great rainbow....Great image all around...''bravo''

    @robert c, I really like the composition in the third image...Well done!!!!

    @Peter, Love the grasshopper..It was tough between that fellow and the spider...Well done, Bravo......

    @Subhankar, tough to choose. They are all unique in their own way. I will have to go with the first...Well done..

    @Haig, ''BREATHTAKING STUFF''...I really thought your first image was the home run, till I cam accross your second image...The use of black and white coupled with the framing, kicks ass......My fav so far....

    @Somanna, I really like the generational portrait...It is unique and quite good..

    @Michael S, I like the way the face is hidden. Great use of color as well...Nice capture..

    @Dave Richhart, I love the pastels...Good comp as well..Well done..

    @Roger, I like the ferris wheel shot...Looks good...

    As always, great work folks.......
  46. Wow, lots of good stuff. I scanned quickly, but I was impressed by Haig's flowers on the cliff. Love the out of focus sea below. Not sure I have a masterpiece, but a few shots for the week.
  47. I have other shots of this plant from earlier, but it looks even better now.
  48. And a film scan, from my Ricoh XR-7 (Pentax M lens). I just like the light, and the cluster of objects. Not sure why.
  49. Duck River TN K100D
  50. Duck River Manchester,TN K100D
  51. Amazing photos from everyone. I got a used DA 21mm limited. While it is a used copy, it is my 1st limited. The pancake size is impressive, and I get hooked thinking of the other limited lens. I just wish that this limited is f/2.8. I had few test shots in the weekend.



  52. Duane, I'm in awe at that helocopter pic. How far away were you standing? here's one from my weekend wood's adventure.
  53. and from columbus day's trip to the Topfield fair. (I just got it downloaded yesterday)
  54. i posted some shots of this waterfall last week, but i happened to be back at the same place when my mom came in town the other day, so here we go:
  55. Thanks Rose. I'm guessing the distance was about 350 Meters or 385 Yards. It's a really long lens and sharp too. The monopod really helped for stability. Lovely reflection shot Rose. I like the colors and the geometry of the branch. Very nicely done.
  56. A number of delightful photos, and a friendly and enthusiastic group here.

    I certainly appreciate the kind words about my snap.
  57. Ok, going with the theory "Better late than never" - I FINALLY get to sit down & toss a couple contributions in. Amazing how I'm always doing this at bedtime. I swear I'm going to have to blog - because the stories are just fun, but I did 2581 miles (exactly. no rounding) in 73 hours last week. My weekend feels 6 days long. Been back since Friday morning, and it barely registered I had a kid to get to school this morning! I honestly almost forgot! Anyway - 1 pit stop was in Lamona, Iowa. An itty bitty town just barely inside the south border. Took this one - WITH PERMISSION - and really wanted to try more angles and stuff, but the poor girl was so flustered I couldn't stand to stay there and just make her uncomfortable. I should have taken the pic when she was reading in the buggy, but she was just so darn embarrassed, it made me embarrassed.

    Garry - what was I doing up at 3:15? Well, it was 2:15am my time, and I was waking up in the recliner for the 3rd time.
    Fell asleep goofing off & waiting for our girls to go to sleep. I really like the colors in the track shot, but then I got down
    to the family portrait.

    Now that I've slept a couple times - and at almost normal hours even - I can look at the pic w/o crying from laughing so
    hard. It's not that your family is anything other than cute... I never ever pictured you THAT tall!!! I have many many
    friends well over 6ft, but with your kids & your wife so far down there, and the top of the elevator door right there.... and
    then I remembered the wedding post..... I started laughing so hard. It's a great shot. Ya'll should put that on your wall

    Hin - your eye continues to amaze me.

    Haig - the church shot is a stunner. Wow on the composition and the light & the shadows....

    Sommana - I'm pretty sure photogs are forgiven for not thinking so much about the camera when on honeymoon! ;-)
    I'm pretty sure Matthew is just the only weird guy in the world that would spend 40% of our honeymoon taking night
    exposures. In the middle of winter.

    This is also in Lamona, IA. At the old train depot, now an office building or park building or something. Frankly, in the
    rain, I didn't care to investigate that closely. I wanted the shots, not the building.
  59. well bother. I dunno what just happened.
  60. I don't remember who posted this general shot originally - but obviously I liked that way of looking at rings. Thank you for the idea! I would have liked it if there wasn't a building at both ends of the rings, but at least I thought to play around w/ my DOF so I'd have one shot w/o the building being nearly tack sharp.
  61. Somanna, Some very good shots and the first one is worthy of a frame. I'm glad to hear you didn't take many pictures and had your mind on something else!

    Michael. The shot works. I never would have though of shooting this but it's cool how the water is in various states in the image (mist, drops etc)

    Dave R, This is excellent. The intense colour and odd wall hangings just grab your attention. Would make a very good B&W as well I bet but probably best as is. What caught me was the colour but the thing that holds your attention is the textures of the 3 very different surfaces.

    Roger, the first shot is cool. I like it! The second seems to have a WB issue and things are too blue but a fun shot anyway. That is one big FW! I hate them and it's the only thing that makes me motion sick (and I've sailed across the Atlantic plus spent most of my life on the ocean in some form). The FE shot is cool.

    Duane, I'm really impressed with the Bigma shots and this one is probably the best of the series you've posted. It's sharp with great colour and background control. Excellent for what is generally a slower lens.

    Nick I like the first shot and the garage wall shot. Don't know why but the last one is oddly compelling.

    Ronny, I like the 2 shots but maybe it's site resizing or a bit too much sharpening was done to these. I think they would look better if they were softer.

    Hin, you always have an eye for a unique shot. Stuff I''d never trn the camera on for. I really like the first 2 images. Although I usually can't take selective colour B&W shots. This one is very good.

    Very nice shot Rose. Got more from the woods?

    Adam, very nice shot. I might do a little WB adjusting and add some contrast but this is very well exposed and I like the angle you used.

    Maria, the shots are all very good. My favourite is the basket seller although the busted bench is very compelling on it's own. Where's Matt these days. Has his little "forced vacation" soured him on PN?
  62. Oh, that reminds me to say -

    Roger: the fisheye is coolness on that building. wild.

    Nick: I agree, I don't know what is about the garage wall, but I like it a lot, too.

    Rose: good job w/ the reflection. Did you take one horizontal?

    Nick: Thanks. The bench had the contrast cranked all the way up. Hard to get any contrast w/ the clouds as thick as
    they were - casting all the light everywhere. Good thing I grabbed the DA*, it was actively raining by the time I got to the
    bench & playground!

    No, matt's not soured on PN. Few circumstances all collided. The Internet Nazi's @ his work have pretty much blocked
    p-net. Funny thing is, I don't think it's even everyday, but it could be by now. Since I've been back in town, he hasn't
    gotten out of bed from being sick. (drugged himself up and dragged himself in today) AND he's actually been running
    overtime up there - 10+ hour days & even a couple mandatory saturdays. Kind of weird for a Catia operator, not
    somebody on the assembly line.

    AND to top it off (literally!), he's been replacing our roof since..... jimminie, I can't remember when this started! But, w/
    as irritating roof as we have (stupid hips & 2 layers of shingles) he's been working on it w/ only his dad for help most
    days. That means 10hrs @ work, then on the roof until past dark - which comes a lot sooner than when the roof was
    started! Then up there all day on saturday & even a couple hours on sundays. And this doesn't even count the days he
    had to take an early lunch & RUN home to stop some rain leakage/blowing in (good thing I'm here all day now)! Good
    news is, I think there's only a little trim work left. Finally. YAY!!
  63. Maria, I did take a horizontal view - but I liked the portrait version more. I didn't PP the H view yet - but I'll work on it tonight, to show the 'why'.

    Maria - I'm liking the Rings. what lens were you doing the DOF test with?

    Peter, I took a lot of pictures in the woods, and will be heading back there next weekend - if the weather proves to be as generous. ( I'm going to have to take Markus' lesson to heart - and change my ISO more regularly). :)

    Adam, seems like you've found yourself a good spot. I wish I had a waterfall near me.
  64. Rose - unless my memory is completely fried, it was the DA* 16-50 But I couldn't begin to tell you where I had it set w/o
    going back into aperture which, frankly, I'm being too lazy to do right this moment.
  65. Thanks Maria and Peter - I have a hard time explaining why I like that garage wall shot. It was the last, to use up a roll, and yet it seems by far the best. So it goes! I think, Maria, that you are recalling a ring shot I posted a while ago. And I am flattered you would recall it! I had background trouble too. It is a neat exercise in DOF. (I think mine was a 50 1.7) Didn't you post some "working on the roof" shots months ago? Poor Matt! :)
  66. If it was really someone else's, don't tell me. :)
  67. How absolutely CRAZY! We should have an assignment that focuses on rings - where everyone does their shot using a different lens.

    Nick - I'm liking the bokeh on your lens, quite a bit.
  68. Great shots folks. Here is my contribution.
  69. Roger R: Matt has a question for you. He heard something on the radio, and wants to verify it.

    Is Big Tex saying "howdy" A N D "hola" this year?
  70. Oops.........forgot to upload my photo. So here it is.
  71. Another wonderful thread of fun.. The top stunners for me are Haigs Paper daisies, Hin's purple mysteries, and Maria's first ring shot...
  72. What a wonderful set of photos in this thread! Thanks to Christopher, Haig, Peter, Somanna, Dave, Duane, Garry,
    Javier and all of you for appreciating my work. I am delighted! I am very new to photography and I am amazed by the
    quality of all the photos posted here. Not sure how to judge any particular shot. All of them are unique in their own

    Just happy to be here :)
  73. @ Maria "Matt has a question for you. He heard something on the radio, and wants to verify it. Is Big Tex saying "howdy" A N D "hola" this year?"

    Maria I didn't hear an hola from Tex, but was not around him that long. I was more interested in the car show, midway photo ops and the photo competition, not to mention shaking my head at the food offerings; the fair proves there's no food on the planet that can't be battered and deep fried. So I can't deny nor confirm the hola, but it would not surprise me a bit, we're pretty bilingual these days and that is a trend that will keep growing.
  74. Thanks everyone for all the comments.. As you might suspect, I really enjoyed my trip to Asutralia, I will post a few pictures in a separate post later.<p>
    Somanna: Welcome.. you can always use 'p' instead of 'br' if you want to make it a larger break. As for the photos, I can see why you have the first on your desktop :). But I do love the fire shot! And having few photos is no excuse just because you were on a honeymoon! sheesh! <br>
    Michael S: I think the action of the water is sort of the focus of the shot.. I would have tried to include more of the water spouting off the top.. Nice shot anyways :) <br>
    Dave R: Unusual pieces .. but it was a good photo op. Good colours and interesting subjects. <br>
    Roger: The fisheye is pretty neat.. and I like the night shot of the ride even with the distracting building in front. <br>
    Duane: The second photo is not as impressive.. it's just a silly powerboat! lol. I must say, those are 2 great shots you got with that lens.. Love the results! <br>
    Nick: are we not worthy of a whole leaf? I like your garage shot as well.. probably because it's a bit like comfort food.. familiar objects in their natural envirnment.. I like your first ring shot better methinks :) <br>
    Ronny: I like your second shot a tad better, even tho you might be able to ps the first one into a better look.<br>
    Hin: Always innovative.. The first bw is a good one.. I might have cropped a bit more.. The cyclamens are really pretty.. Nice! <br>
    Rose: Nice reflections by the way.. I looked at your other post as well. It's missing something tho..nary a puddytat in sight? <br>
    Adam: Good waterfall.. I would maybe add a bit of warmth to the photo. <br>
    Maria: Your basketseller is awesome.. Really like that shot. Also the rings are very good..<br>
    Subho: Nice colors.

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