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  1. It's just a little before 2 AM here in Newfoundland so I thought I'd kick off the POW before heading off to catch a few ZZZZZ's. Hope some of you fellow Pentaxian's caught tonights Stanley Cup Game 5. Great to see a fellow Newfoundlander (Danny Clearly) score Detroit's first goal...The Wings are going to take it in Game 6!
    Here are 2 quick snaps from me. Both taken with the FA 50 on the K100DS....
  2. Here's the second shot....
  3. stemked

    stemked Moderator

    Here's something I just scanned from Velvia ASA50. Lens was a 200mm Macro A*, camera Pentax LX
  4. Another week, another flower. K20D, Tamron 90mm macro.
  5. Two shots from earlier today in the front yard. Both with 200d and Pentax 6x7 macro.
  6. Duane,
    great looking shots as usual, your kid shots always stand out as being better than good!
    Like the dew, almost looks like frozen dew to me.
    I'll continue with Doug's film theme....
    Pentax 645N, A 55mm @ f/16, 1/15 second. Fuji Provia 100F... Better viewed larger here but still way too small to get the detail.
    Pentax 645N, Ilford Delta 3200 @ EI 3200, A-55mm 2.8 @ f/5.6.
  7. The second
  8. After a long day at work and an hour and a half commute home in the rain, here is what I am greeted by to make it all better.
    Shot on Kodak Ektar 100 through Pentax 50mm/1.4. Pentax ME Super Camera.
  9. Duane, those two shots are great....
    this is just from testing my new 21mm, so while they aren't that nice, they're the best of the week for me=)
    k100d, 21mm ltd, f9.5, 1/90s no post, a bit of back focus, so the flower isn't really in focus, and I think I need to turn down the contrast a bit.
  10. Nice start Duane.. great shots with the kids, and an irreverant dog :)
    Doug, I suspect your spider isn't going to be thirsty for a while..
    Steve, that 90 mm lens is a beauty.. lovely colors and detail
    Justin the wildflowers shot definitely needs viewing LARGE :) Very pretty scene. And umm Caney looks very different in that shot.. lol
    John, that's a pretty good catch with your second shot.. great detail
    Morgan, isn't it wonderful to feel loved every time you step through the door, even if you were gone 5 minutes? :)
    Russel, I think you said it all.. I've always found red a difficult color to get right..
    A slow week for me.. processed some shots from my Australia trip in '08 and then played around with creating borders in Photoshop..
    #1 Kookaburra at a national park on the outskirts of Sydney
  11. Nice to see you guys are using film. Keep it up. Every time I get PO'd at the digital world I swear I'll return to only shooting film...never follow through.
    Here's a shot from a wedding I did a while back. Doing a little post processing before printing...here comes that "digital world" PO!
    K10D. DA* 16-50mm lens, ISO 400, 1/125s, f5.6, AF540GZ flash bounced off reflector disk upper right and slightly behind camera.
  12. I took the K10D, the Minolta table tripod and a very old and a very good friend, the Pentax A-70-210mm zoom first to a nice park in Zurich and then on the 4 hours roundtrip by boat on lake Zurich to Rapperswil and to the castle there and back. Photos are taken on the mini tripod with MLU and I hope you can see why I carry that lens!
  13. evening view from castle Rapperswil
  14. historic roofs instead of a brickwall test :)
  15. I'm documenting the local flora this summer, mostly artless pictures of bark, leaves & etc., but some flowers, which I'm putting on flickr, and the occasional critter that gets in the way. Here's a Crab Spider making a good living lurking in a Canada Anemone. K20, DA 50-135 + 500D
    I've started using a rail with macro. Here are two weedy species demonstrating the result of focus-blending in PS. First, Bladder Campion
    Hairy Vetch.
    Both taken with a K20 + Tamron 90mm.
  16. Looks like a great start to the POW this week.
    A Still Life from me this week as the weather has been miserable. I thought I would do this up as a print for my mother to put in her kitchen.
    Shot with a K100D on a tripod @ 90mm F8 1/10 sec
  17. Wow! That is some beautiful work Markus.. the flowers are gorgeous, but the scene from the castle is extraordinary.. love that effect. I think the lens passed the test with flying tones! I would not leave home without it either!
    Leo the shot with the fat crab spider is spectacular.. Not that the other two are shabby.. lol
    Scot, nicely composed and presented shot.. didn't mean to skip right by you, but I did get distracted :)
  18. ok seems my photo didn't up load lets try again.
  19. All I've got is a critique for Duane: GO 'WINGS! ;-) Yeah, it's hard to be humble when you DOMINATE! It's nice to see some good news coming out of Detroit for a change. With a baby due in a few weeks, I don't know if I'll make it to Michigan this year... :eek:(
  20. Very impressive natural photography, but I think I like Ben's pp the most :)
    I did a great bird shoot this week, but decided for these :
    with my son Shiva at the dentist
    [​IMG]Lens Focal Length: 21,00 mm ()
    Shutter Speed: 1/180 sec
    F-Number: F6,7
    ISO: 400
    And here's a true fairytale: A local bank financed this project for a friend. When someone higher up found out, the money was stopped. And then the building stopped.... That was 6 years ago....! This was to become a replica of an old castle, and a resort of sorts. Now it is a tourist attraction of a different kind altogether.
    Lens Focal Length: 40,00 mm ()
    Shutter Speed: 1/2000 sec
    F-Number: F9,5
    ISO: 200
    and some hdr
  21. Frankly, I think this might be one of the best threads ever. Maybe Justin's guidelines are having the desired effect.
    -Justin, thanks for putting those guidelines in place. I am sure you get paid big bucks to do things like that. But I do think it will help.
    - Duane, great shots, as always, of your children.
    - Doug, I really like that shot of the dew drops, I think the colors are great!
    - Morgan, I must admit I am not a big dog person but my wife is and I can't wait to show her that pic.
    - Haig, excellent shot of the bird, wonderful detail.
    - Markus, all three are spectacular, especially the sailboats.
    - Dorus, as usual your pp on that second shot is outstanding!
    Here are my two for the week. The first from last Sunday and the second from last night. My wife and I were at a wedding in Lancaster County, PA when this ballon appeared over the horizon. Everyone with a camera was shooting, hard to pass up.
  22. secondly..
  23. Very nice! Rte 73 View [​IMG] Morning Sky on the way to the fishing hole [​IMG]
  24. Near the TN..KY state line a few weeks ago,,I hit the brakes quick for this one.
  25. Sorry ya'll I uploaded the wrong photo, somebody please delete it,thanks
  26. Good work as usual guys, just read the guidelines...let's see what I can do...
    K10D - DA 70mm Ltd. From a walk in the South Tyrol...
  27. Doug - that's a really neat capture with the dew.
    Steve and John - superb macro shots.
    Justin - love the dog. Outstanding.
    Morgan - great dogs.
    Russel - good start with a great lens. Keep it on the camera for a while and shoot a wide variety of subjects in all different types of lighting until you get comfortable with it. The DA 21mm is ideal for landscape photography. I've been struggling with landscape for a while and here's some advice I was given last weekend by retired local newspaper photographer, Terry McDonald:
    Look for an interesting foreground and background. Use a tripod. Set the lens for the smallest F/stop. Place an interesting object or element within 4-6 ft. Focus 8-10 ft into the picture. I'm still working on it but I thought I pass on the advice. Have fun with your new prime.Cheers.
    Haig - two terrific photos. I like the first best since I appreciate how difficult it can be to capture a bird shot like that, especially when there is usually very little time to compose it.
    Scott - well done on the roses and the rings. Red is a tough color to capture well but you make it easy.
    Markus - love the B/W historic roof tops - what a spectacular background!
    Leo - creepy spider but great image. Nicely done.
    Ben - Wow! That's an artistic still that you could print and sell. Kudos.
    OShiva - great HDR capture on the castle. Nice work. The moody clouds are stunning.
    Robert - your framing of the balloon is terrific. I like the way the landscape leads the balloon into the frame.
    Bob - great shots as always.
    John-Paul - where was that photo taken. The landscape is amazing.
  28. Here's one more shot. I just happen to like this one a lot.
  29. This weekend is the local annual soap box derby. It's hard to get good framing with the cars when they are moving around 40 kph and I'm standing so close. K10D, 50-135 DA* @ 1/50s, f/6.3
  30. I may try again this afternoon. K10D, 50-135 DA* @ 1/50s, f/6.3.
  31. More flowers & bugs, I'm afraid.
  32. I found this guy (a juvenile grasshopper or cricket I think) on a spent peony. I guess every generation has a unique sense of style.
  33. Toronto Canada, Sunny days.


    K10D Super Takumar 28/3.5


    K10D Super Takumar 28/3.5
  34. Wow guys! Absolutely all the pix are amazing!!!!! I wish I had time to comment on everyone pix...
    This POW is really, but REALLY impressive!!! Congrats...
    Bad thing I have nothing to post this week...excepts shots from my last shootings.
    I just got a job in a corporate jet operator as a mechanic, so I'm going to miss my daily shooting for a while. I will still post things on the forum, and help wherever I can =)
  35. Truly some great work this time as well.
    This first one I did some manual focus blending in CS2. At F/11, it was still impossible to get both flowers in focus, not to mention that they were on about a 20" stem with a slight breeze!
    "There seems to be a correlation between the shutter button and the wind."
    I'm now working on a yellow flower with a stem that looks about 3 feet long and a little bigger than a pencil lead!
  36. With cooler temperatures, fall is in the air as well as the undergrowth. These bushes always turn orange about the first or second week of June.
  37. I got back last week from six days in Puerto Rico. These are far from my best photographs but a fascinating subject in mid-day light. The three shot composite was needed for scale.

    The Arecibo Observatory is the worlds largest radio telescope. Finished in 1963 it weighs over 300 tons with 38,778 aluminum panels each adjusted to within 2mm precision to form a spherical curve.
    All were shot with k20d at ISO 200 First two (note scientists in traveling car) Pentax DA 18-250 @ 142mm then 50mm. Third shot DA 21mm limited two image stitched panorama f/5.6 adjusted in Lightroom
  38. Justin,

    I have to really apologize for not listing some details of my POW shots.
    Actually, I haven't been computer bound the past few days and sorry, did NOT read the Guideline thread as I did something I have never done before. I had a week off from work and decided to be a 'Trout Bum' for five straight days. Fishing, fishing, and more fishing.
    Actually both of my shots were taken either on the way to fishing or on the way home from fishing.
    The new guidelines are great, I do believe it SHOULD make me a better 'picture taker' as I don't consider myself a photograher like all of you, yet. Maybe someday. There is always hope.
    Rte 73: Pentax K10D, 16-45mm lens, A 16mm @ f/8, 1/500s, ISO 100
    Morning Sky: Pentax K10D, 16-45mm, A 45mm @ f/4, 1/8s, ISO 100
    Both spectrums of the lens. Critique please anyone.
  39. I think the new rules seem to have bought out everyone's best.
    Duane Mills Your first shot is my pick of the week you really captured the joy of youth I just wish you got the bottom of his foot to make the capture perfect.
    Haig Tchamitch Love the Kookaburra great composition it looks like he is sitting there watching over his territory.
    dorus oshiva Nice HDR its a pity that they didn't finish the castle it would have made for some spectacular photographic opportunities.
    Patrick Vesterback The first shot is my favourite a great action shot captured well.
  40. #1 Oak Leaf
  41. #2 Old Track
  42. Smiling kids nice kick-off, Duane ;~)
    Very nice, Doug! I tried something like that a while back and failed so I Know it's surprisingly hard to get a good photo of a wet web.
    You like your flowers by the bushel , don't you Justin? Wonderful shot (and very cool border, too) I'll be presumptuous and say think I'd have chosen a wider aspect ratio and trimmed some of the top.
    Winners, both Haig! Not surprisingly I especially like the koo... (oh, never mind--I'm working on my new netbook here) you know: the bird.
    Love the hqppy dogs, Morgan.
    The lilies are splendid Markus! I've gotten some good shots with that lens but haven't used it for a while--you've inspired me to dust it off.
    Very impressive stuff, Leo--the spider especially!
    The unfinished castle is very cool, dorus! There was a building with a similar tale in Montauk, NY. I don't know but I wouldn't be surprised if it had been rescued at the height of the recent bubble.
    That first shot brings back memories of Vermont Bob--trout country for sure.
    Actually, I can much the same about your Tyrolean shot, John-Paul (ecxept the Vermont part). There's a haunting quality to that photo which really like.
    Very nice compositions, Prasanth! I'm ambivalent about the color--but that's a good thing.
    Oh dear--another good photographer (Arkadiy) lost to employment?! Is nourishment and shelter really that important ?
    Bravo, Jon! I faced a similar situation this week with wild onions. I pulled it off only to find that shot was ruined by a dog hair stuck to subject ;~(
    I think those Arecibo shots are very effective, Roger.
    Ta-DA!--I've done it--POW comments on a netbook! Really gave all ten thumbs a work out ;~)
  43. [​IMG]
    K2000 with DA 18 - 55 f/8
  44. You like your flowers by the bushel , don't you Justin? Wonderful shot (and very cool border, too) I'll be presumptuous and say think I'd have chosen a wider aspect ratio and trimmed some of the top.​
    Considered it, and haven't ruled it out. Although I'm torn, I like the flowers, but also the greater aspect of the forest. Plus, framing wide perpective shots is a pain, just did a quick check and 16:9 looked horrible to me, and 2:3 didn't really take much off to make a difference.
    Tough call though to get the shot I wanted, I was already at ground level with the tripod, and forced to go wide for the DOF since I was already at f/16 to get the DOF I wanted. I guess a tilt lens would have been useful here. But I think it is going to look great as a full size print (20in+ on the long side) since there is a lot of detail that doesn't downsize well.
  45. Ben, That is a winner! and very appropriate for a kitchen. The subject matter is well arranged, and your post processing was dead on..
    Dorus, nicely toned and pp with the castle
    Robert, I like both shots.. more so because they are in b/w. suits them well..
    Bob, your rte 73 is really nice.. see if you can lighten up the barn just a little,, would be good to get a bit more detail there..
    Ronny! All we get is the rear end of a pink elephant? lol
    John Paul, Tyrolean landscapes are pretty.. and the cloud cover actually adds a certain 'je ne sais quoi' to the shot. I would have lightened it just a touch to emphasize the sunny areas.
    Patrick, I think you did awesome considering your constraints. Those look pretty good to me!
    Dave, I like your rose.. would have cropped a bit more of the old one out.. I think it detracts from the one in the middle. And that juvenile bug is just precious he looks so funny :) Nice shot!
    Prasanth, nice shots of downtown Toronto.. used to live there :) I like your pp..
    Jon, Both shots are very nice.. well executed and very pleasing. For me that's always something I look for in a shot.
    Roger, that observatory is impressive! Nice shots
    Mark, your oak leaves are too dark .. at least on my screen. The old track on the other hand is a winner!
    Heather, nice capture with the kit lens!
  46. Just one, another flower.
  47. Haig, Thanks for the suggestion about the crop--I'l play with it. I apologize for the resizing error, btw--I hate it when I can't see the whole image at once! And isn't that little bug a trip?! I can hear his momma grumbling about "the way the young folks get them selves up these days!"
  48. I've kept my Auto-Takumar 55mm f/1.8 stuck to my K10D. It took me a while to figure out the MAN/AUTO switch. I kept it on AUTO and wondered why my two Takumar lenses looked soft. On the K10D, it needs to stay on MAN to use the aperture...otherwise it stays wide open no matter what you have it set on.
    Anyway, these Taks are great, great lenses if you can get over manual focus.
  49. The water drops are an assignment from The Strobist web page. One flash off the camera, pointed at a colored reflector or a gel on the flash.
  50. Well - here's one w/ a back story... and that's the info on the picture, too.
    We decided to try something new to us for the reception because we finally had a good location/circumstances to do this. Matt set up our studio strobes with gels (don't remember both colors, but apparently blue was one of em!!) in front of the dance floor.
    Unfortunately, we learned we can NOT have the AF540s AND a radio slave on the camera at the same time. Therefore, we had to rely on the extremely unreliable optical slave being put on the large strobes (pooh!). It didn't take long for me to learn to just stand immediately in front of the strobe & it's slave, Fong sphere OFF, lens focused about to infinity, and just aim, shoot & pray. (ALL lights were off except the DJs very distant flashing lights w/ gels).
    K10D, ISO 1600, DA*16-50, f5.6, 1/8 sec. I gotta get us some Pocket Wizards.
  51. This one was just taken today. Trying to decide color or b&w when I turn over proofs. I'm kind of extra proud... because we shot mommy & daddy's wedding 2 years ago & feel more like we made friends than clients.
    This one is slightly new to us - we decided to shoot with the video light box (4 CFL bulbs in a soft box) instead of our strobes. I wish we had a little more light, for lower ISO - but Matt was planning on converting all to b&w anyway. Expect to see more from this sitting (Matt shot over 100 frames himself) I've got 2 more i just LOVE out of the bunch.
    K10D again (duh!), FA 100mm macro, ISO800, f3.5, 1/30th
  52. Oh, Maria--wonderful!
  53. Well, it has been a while since I last participated, or even posted anything anywhere here - just too many fingers in too many pies :). Here is a shot that I took a few weeks ago, but I just got around to editing it and giving it to the subject a few days ago. K20D, Pentax F 100mm Macro, ISO 200, 1/320 sec, f 4.5.
  54. And here is a shot of a very different subject, but also very contemplative, in a more "I'm hungry, you'd make a meal that would never run out!" kind of way :). This chappie was about 8mm across. Shot with my K100D and my old homemade 2x macro and frankenflash. For some reason, the camera was in jpeg mode. I think it was after having lent it to a friend, and then I forgot to put it back to RAW. Anyway, heavy saturation is in-camera, no post processing.
  55. Oops, the shot:
  56. Maria McManamey Your daddy Napping capture is beautiful I would leave it colour it's stunning how it is. IMHO
    Steve Dean Love the water shots its something I am meaning to try I just never seem to get around to actually doing them.
    Garry Ian Young Great macro I do kind of like the heavy satuation.
  57. Ok, here are mine...
  58. and then this one...
  59. And because I can't help myself... this is where my head's at. (how's that for bad grammar?) :)
  60. Maria, I agree with Dave, excellent shot of the little guy. I also really like John-Paul's South Tyrol and Mark's Old Track. This is really a good group of pictures - well done, all.
  61. Thank you all for your nice comments and your high quality contributions this week and the weeks before.
    I hope you don't mind that I see the POW more of a "no words" forum. I still would love to give you an idea of whats happening in my photographic life during the week with several photos instead of just "the best 2"....
  62. Terrific late additions!
    Welcome back, Garry--I was wondering where "you was at" as we say around here. Two very nice portraits there.
    Nice flowers Rose! I like the lilies best--the other two are a bit too subdued for my taste.
    Oh and I'm with Ben, Maria: keep the color!
  63. thanks Dave, I'm becoming quite the gardener these days - All I seem to be able to think about is plants - I tell you - you can't take me anywhere - I go to the grocery store - and I'm visiting the plant section. I see roadside plant stands, while on a drive to visit some friends in the country, I order plants online. - What the heck can I do with more plants? I rent a 3rd floor attic apartment with no great light-source - so winter is going to be crazed with my potted garden coming indoors...
    I live in new england - and I ordered a zone 9-10 - vine ... that's going to grow 20-25 feet tall... imagine that one potted and indoors... I may need to cut a hole through the roof... :)
    Yes, it's all about flowers - and I finally got my gumption together to put some of my plants into the ground. Yesterday, I broke dirt - cutting through the landlord's nicely growing lawn - and planted what will soon be a nice looking raised flower bed. The Columbine, and the red lilies are part of my now planted garden. What a great inspiration - it got me to put my 100mm macro back onto my k10 - and take photos of my happy plants... :) I admit it - I've not touched my camera as much this past month, as I should have. But the inspiration is there again. Yeah! Yahoo! hehehe! :) (High on fertilizer?)
  64. with Pentax DA 35mm f/2.8 1:1 Macro limited
    with Sigma 17-70mm f/2.8-4.5 in Japanese Tea Garden in San Francisco
  65. Patrick - outstanding soapbox captures. Did you pre-focus?
    Dave - the juvenile grasshopper is very well captured, I like the prominence of the antenna in the image.
    Prasanth - excellent lighting in downtown TO. The first image with long shadoes is my favorite of the two.
    Jon - that 28-70 looks like a great lens. Nice color contrast.
    Roger - that observatory looks spectacular. Thanks for posting.
    Ben - thanks. The cropped foot drove me a little nuts because I took a second shot after backing up a pace but then my son was aware of the camera and the decisive moment was gone. The challenges of preferring primes!
    Mark - very nice atmosphere in the old track photo. Kudos.
    Heather Doland - nicely done. Great capture.
    Nick - the rainy daisy's are well captured with good DOF.
    Steve Dean - wow, those shots look terrific but must take patience to set up.
    Maria - love "daddy napping". Would you also post it in B/W? I'd really like to see how it looks.
    Garry Ian - creepy bug superbly framed and captured. Kudos.
    Rose - three great photos. The roses are by far the lovliest of the bunch of course:)
  66. There are so many fine photographs of such varied subjects that it makes my focus on birds as art seem more than a bit narrow. Believe it or not I've never posted in the POTW. As always the K20D and Da*300 are my weapons of choice with some use of the Sigma 50-500.

    A stack of turtles

    THe original with No PP. Trying for something different in cropping.
    Cleaned up the white specs in the green stuff being really tricky, i.e. no cloning.
    I Thought the blue lines brought out the rule of thirds aspect.
    Again, trying to get off center.
  67. Nice work, Brad. I do like the composition of the swift shot. I wish it were a bit sharper (I've had a lot of practice wishing my own bird shots were sharper ;~)
  68. @Dave Hollander,
    Thanks for the kind words. Yeah, hey..nourishment is important! lololol
    Aviation has always been my great passion, and since now I graduated, and found a job within a month, despite this crisis. It's a miracle.
    I had my first day today. Weird stuff, nothing to do with college. But those 9hs went flying by... It was gooood!
    So, in the next weeks I hope to post some aviation pix. Or some dirty mechanic's stuff here and there =)
  69. Dorus:
    Shiva at the dentist: Wow. Like something from the old Life magazine.
  70. K10D and Sigma 10-20 lens. HDR by Photomatix
  71. And this one, same gear but without HDR treatment
  72. A little late to the party this week. I found this bull elk grazing in Yellowstone last May. Its antlers are still fuzzy and stubby but are likely full grown and pointy by now. K20D and Sigma 100-300 f/4 + 1.4 TC. Too bad I have to go back for a week long photography class next week. Sigh. ;~)
  73. Two more flowers for the week
  74. and #2 - color of flower not adjusted!
  75. Haig, fabulous shot of the bird. Sharpness AND depth.
    Some people have been asking about the 3D effect of some lenses. You got it here.
    Even if it ain't a Pentax.
    Right on.
  76. Thanks Steve.. I had a good model, and the light was decent :)

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