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  1. Well, it is sunday morning.....so here goes :
    dunk it here
    fot those who wonder, it's an old silver spoon in a sort of cappuchino (and not a drill)
    inside the machine (is becoming a gruesome series....)
  2. Here's my three they are from eden where I have been the last month and a half, two are normal captures and one is a painted look. I hope you enjoy them
  3. Here's the Painted look one
  4. Last but not least a normal capture
  5. Dorus - Always an exceptional set of pictures, the spoon in the cap's particularly detailed
    Ben - The painted Bridge Crossing is very well processed ... crayon, acrylic?

    Some light play for this week ...


    Lizzy Under The Spotlight
  6. What a great start to this week's POW. Oshiva, thought for sure that was a drill just couldn't imagine what it was going into. Thanks for the explanation, nice work as always. Ben, sure looks pleasant there. Chune-Hoong, I like both shots very much, especially the first. Well, with my K10d still in the shop, I have been spending some time (one could say too much time) playing in Photoshop. So here are three shots taken fairly recently.
  7. second
  8. It had snowed earlier, but I recently learned how to photoshop in falling snow.
  9. Very Nice. A few from a recent ski outing. [​IMG] A Frosty Railing [​IMG] Best Foot Forward [​IMG] A little golf anyone? [​IMG] Golf ball in watery, frozen grave.
  10. Nice shots guys - am in love with that fake snow, really subtle. The 'drill' is also standout for me...
    One of a friend I shot on Friday...
  11. Here are a few from me , I will start with a crappie(fish) feeder at the local lake placed there by the fishermen, it looks alien to me
  12. another crappie feeder
  13. Greeny Industrial
  14. Great pictures as usual.
    The first two are from an assignment that I'm supposed to have done and turned in by Monday morning. The assignment was to shoot hands doing something. So here's my interpretation of it.
    Pentax K200d, Pentax 50mm F/1.7@3.5
  15. Pentax k200d, Pentax 50mm, F/1.7@11. (I got such a sharp image above that I decided to use the same lens again!)
  16. My assignment went askew when I saw this sunset.
    Pentax K200d Pentax 18-55mm, F/32, Gradated blue filter.
  17. Wow, nice stuff. Will comment later.
    I took a stroll through a local Confucian temple. Here are some shots:
    The first is a temple eave detail:
    Pentax K20D, Tamron 17-50 f2.8
    Second is a flower (Yeah I know, a flower, - shoot me later!):
    Also Pentax K20D and Tamron 17-50 f2.8
    And lastly a dramatic sky and temple eave: I loved the clear air that day - could actually see the clouds clearly. The black and white conversion is deliberately dramatic to draw out the contrasts evident to me on that day:
    Also Pentax K20D and Tamron 17-50 f2.8. Here is a link to the larger version for those that want to see more detail.
  18. I’ve been inside the last 3 days or so with a bug. By Saturday morning, I really wanted to take some photos, spending time on the Pentax photo gallery website only made it worse.
    At breakfast yesterday I decided to find a subject in the house to explore. I’m slowly learning that interesting photos are made as often as presented. It seems like a novel perspective can work as well as a novel subject. Of course it is better to have both.
    I was roaming around the house trying to put my recaptured insight to work and heard intermittent scratching in the office, I thought was coming from the walls. After a couple of minutes trying to chase down the noise, I looked up and saw this strange pattern in the snow on the skylight.
  19. A few seconds later I had my answer, some robins were having a bit of fun. I’ve never seen anything like this before, but I think they were using the skylight as a slide.
  20. It only lasted a few minutes as the sun had come out and was making short work of the snow. But I was happy to get both a novel perspective and subject.
  21. Dorus , it seems to me Spoon in Cappuchino is one of those fine images that suffers from the need for explanation. Ben , I like the way you brought in a lot of foreground in the complosition of the bridge crossing. I really like that mini-dragon and dragon's tail , Chune ! That heron is really interesting, Robert --is it a juxtaposition or did you really get the moon behind the bird? I like that golf-ball shot, Bob --maybe try other crops? I hope your friend thinks that's a very funny photo John-Paul --because I sure do! Crappie fishermen are a strange lot, Ronnie --I've never figured out why that fish has such a cult-like following. Those are interestingly eerie photos but I like the Coke shot best. Number 1 gets my vote, Jon . I can see why that sunset distracted you: its a sweet shot. I'd crop off some of the bottom (but I have a deserved reputation as a cropping butcher.) I like the orchid, Garry --fair warning to prepare for floral OD as spring arrives and I do like the contrasting textures in that last shot.
    I spent some time out with the DA*300mm looking for signs of spring this week but didn't find much. What I did find was leaves being blown into a stream. I wish I had done better by this one in the way of dof but I like the shape and feel of it
  22. I'm not really all that happy with this photo but I do love these communities of moss & lichen--reminiscent of barnacles, seaweed and coral on underwater pilings.
  23. Those are really fun, Andrew!
  24. Excellent stuff this week gang! The quality of everyones work sure has taken a giant leap forward...I feel like I might get left behind.
  25. Wow, I see that the bar has been raised significantly this week with more to come!
    In the spirit of strong colors, I'll submit my favorite shot taken in downtown Seattle this week with the DA 35mm Ltd.
  26. Dave, yes, the moon was inserted into the picture behind the Heron. The moon shot was actually taken on Christmas morning, 2007, over Haverford College. The heron was shot in Nov. of last year, and I added the blue-black gradient layer. I like your first leaf shot. Andrew those bird shots are awesome!
  27. Finally, it's starting to warm up.....
  28. Dead duck
  29. This one makes me wonder how the other duck died.
  30. So, this past week we had a group of "preachers" come to Auburn's campus. basically, they think that God hates anyone who sins, and that they themselves have stopped sinning. everything inside of me disagrees with them, but they did give me an opportunity to pretend that I was a PJ ;)
    (apologies for the harsh lighting... it was mid afternoon.)
  31. Very nice work with that, Robert!
  32. Wow...I know we keep saying that every week, pics get better and better...This week there ''really is'' some great stuff!!!!I will comment on my fav three as soon as more are posted.
  33. Getting the evil eye ''again'' ;-)
  34. I went to a Low rider car show. It was my first one, but I plan on many more...I had a great time.
    This image was shot with my ME SUPER / M40 F/2.8 @ F11 with Fuji Superia 100
  35. I discovered a new to me Hiking trail about 40 miles from my house. I will need to explore it further...I really love the dynamic range of film...
    This image was shot with my ME SUPER / Cosina 55mm F/1.2 @ F16 with Fuji Superia 100
  36. I spent this week working on old photos and reworked some early digital portrait with Elements 6. At the end of 2006 that was around the time I put away my film Pentax ME Super body and switch almost completely to digital. This was one of the first photos taken during the shoot as the model was watching TV unaware I was taking the shot. I had taken a few test shots and was over exposed, I looked up I seen this natural pose, as a guess I stepped down the AV 2 steps and focused from the chest not to catch her attention and was able to take this candid photo. The photo was taken with the Pentax K10D sigma 105 f2.8 dg macro with various lights and reflectors. F 3.5 1/45sec iso 100 Photoshop removed color, adjusted levels added color tone and noise, no cloning or masking, and cropped.Original photo 2697pixel by 3060 pixel
  37. Second was taken on the same day
  38. Now...My 5 cents for the POW =)
  39. And obviously some B&W...
  40. Whoa, that B&W azalea is magnificent, Arkadiy!
  41. Excellent work as always it seems like everyone has improved 10fold while I have been gone seems I have some catching up to do.
    dorus oshiva Great detail in the silver spoon and cappuchinowhat lens did you use here?
    Chune-Hoong Pong Riverbank has great lighting,
    Bridge crossing was sharpend to enhance the detail and I used various plugins to reduce noise, soften the colours and add texture to give a painted look.
    robert colameco That Fake Snow looks great and I like the composition the fence lines definatly add to the over all effect of the capture.
    Bob Marz the golf ball one is intereasting did you use a polarizer filter ?
    Beerbrain/Ronny Perry Love the shadows in greeny industrial nice composition.
    Jon Reid #2 has great detail
    Garry Ian Young might be a flower but great colours I always seem to have trouble captureing things that yellow.
    Andrew Hanna Nice set and definatly an intereasting perspective to the art of photography.
    Dave Hollander I am a huge fan of your work, this week I think leaf in the stream: Beech is my favourite
    Steve Dean did he make the shot... Nice capture with great DOF
    Javier Gutierrez The Black and whites look great... You always seem to get that evil eye.
    Ian Forsyth The first one seems so natural, it makes me feel like I am looking across the lounge room at her watching TV. Very well caught.
    Arkadiy Chernov The B/W is my favourite nice composition great DOF and excellent PP
  42. Please pardon the fourth posting but I have been working on this all day and I think it finally came together.
  43. Hey thanks for the comment Dave; my voigtlander 90mm is paying back i guess ;)
  44. Adam: all I want to know is - did they say they were from Topeka? We won't even claim em. Wish they'd just pack up & move out of state. If not, where from? So I'll know where to suggest our Topeka crazies go to...
    Well, I've enjoyed the POW since it started, WHERE HAS ROSE GONE?!?!?! And this week is no exception.
    Ron: Coke is my favorite, but then, I'm totally addicted to the stuff, so maybe it's just personal bias....
    Steve: I more want to know how the duck died w/ it's neck under a picnic table.... looks like a suicide
    Shiva: always love your stuff - it's more funky that most of us get. Loving the 1st & 3rd. really. I like techno, so #3 is cool. And yeah, #1 does look like a drill, glad to know you mix your coffee w/ spoons, not drill bits :D
    Garry: the temple is someplace I'd love to see. All that color and detail, overwhelming to try and see it all. but the b&W w/ the sky is just STUNNING. those were some great clouds!
    Andrew: the birds made me giggle. very cute.
    Between every one (all 4 of us) being sick - at least one person at all times since, like, September, and me being pregnant, I've barely moved off my couch. Maybe I should be practicing pics of solid reds (the couch). It's really starting to bug me that I haven't gone anywhere with camera in hand for the sole purpose of taking pics just for the heck of it. Ok, so I'm also extremely cold and I've gone into reptile-like hibernation (no, I don't get overly hot from being preggo, I'm weird) and I refuse to go outside if it's 40s and under.
    Keep the work coming guys - maybe the energy level will get up, and so will the motivation from watching all your stuff. Which I am still enjoying - i'd just be tossing up past weddings right now. Luv youse guys!
  45. Adam, don't feel bad about your preachers. I once went to a David Copperfield performance as a kid. In my town, we had a famous crackpot street preacher. The guy was protesting David Copperfield with a sign that said, "Magic is the work of the devil." The magic show was about stage illusions.
    For my POW, it'd be snaps from an equipment setup. They'd be POW because I made them in digital JPG; I stopped caring and started using the K200D more. Ended up making my first little how-to video. Shameless plug for that below. It's a sexy thriller.
    Those were good portraits, Ian.
  46. Sorry, double post malfunction. Studs use the 645 Adapter K. Just saying. J.
  47. No ice racing this week... we had rain earlier in the week and apparently there is about 6 inches of water on the track. So went out to shoot one of our other winter sports. Here's a couple shots of some skiing. I tend to overexpose the snow for the skiers. These shots really show that. All with the K10D & the DA*200. [​IMG] [​IMG]
  48. My best for this week so far:
    Ben, I love the bridge-crossing, but that sky is still to course.
    Chune-Hoong: nice work with lights & shadows
    Robert: top-class work on the heron pics !
    Ronny: you have the gift for spotting scenery.
    Jon’s for that orange killing
    I like the artistic bw, Garry, and I don’t usually like bw’s
    Andrew got some fascinating bird shots, extremely original
    Dave: that beech leaf is just perfect, the other is slightly overexposed
    Michael’s bike is really my favourite, beautiful styling
    And Maria: that spoon in cappuchino was an experiment.
    I used a 80-320mm pentax telelens…. Honestly…
    with a Raynox 250 macro attached !
  49. Here are some shots that stood out for me this week:
    • Well Dorus, as usual I love your works of art. The basketball net is just simply stunning! It's my pick of the week!
    • Ben, as far as your painted works go, this is a very good one - I wouldn't mind having that on my wall!
    • Chune, great use of light. I love the light shadow play.
    • Ronnie, the feeder shots are definitely alien-like!
    • John, the close up hand shot is good, but I keep feeling as though it is missing something. It might help to see the object the hand is working on?
    • Andrew - very unique! I fully believe the birds were just sliding out of pleasure! I have a budgie that slides around - purely out of the fun of it!
    • Dave, the sycamore shot is great, and yes, a little more dof would have really made it. The moss and lichen shot is also pleasant - don't know what you see that is not satisfying you?
    • Arkadiy - that black and white flower is really eye-catching!
    Good on all the other shots too guys - nice stuff!
  50. Jon Reid said
    "I got such a sharp image above........."
    Very funny
  51. My three favs for the week are,
    @Ben P's bridge crossing. I love the painted look and u chose a really good subject to spend the time on. WELL DONE!.
    @Jon R's orange peeling image. I found myself admiring the creativity of the image. I think sometimes we spend to much time looking for the perfect image, that we miss the ones that are right in front of us. Well done.
    @ME's handle bars image. I like the comp and PP work. This one really works for me.
  52. I'm a little slow this week. Wow, there's a full POW gallery with terrific shots all around. Here are a few that really sttod out for me (in no particular order):
    Ronny Perry, the faded Coca-Cola on brick scene is gritty and real with a splask of color from the light. Well done.
    Garry, it's been that long since I've seen a flower up here in the great white north that your shot was wonderful to see. It's a sharp, vibrant and well lit capture with outstanding DOF. Kudos.
    Jon, the orange and the knife is the everyday extraordinary. Stunning image.
    Steve, great indoor basketball shots. Thanks for listing the DA*50-135 as the lens as I'm attempting to convince my lovely wife I need both the DA*16-50 and DA* 50-135. Now only if the K30D would come with an LBA excuse generator that hypnotizes our significant others to encourage lens shopping....
    Great shots by all...
  53. Dorus O & Javier--thanks for your kind words. When I spied that bicycle I just knew the tap was open. Don't you just love that feeling? It's very much a high.
    My faves and there are many:
    Dorus-I'll start the mutual admiration society, I just dig all three of your shots. The comps, creativity, and colors are just rich. I have the pleasure of viewing them on a 23-in IPS monitor and they just pop,especially the drill.
    Ben P-The Bridge Crossing is so inviting in a post-modern way. My favorite component is that patch under the double yellow line in the foreground.
    Robert C--The Winter in Chester County is a classic; my favorite of all your shots so far. The Blue Heron in Snow is a close second. It's vaguely Asian.
    Bob M--Golf Ball is very creative and kinda funny too. There are too few funny photographs in the universe.
    John-Paul T--Gotta love that portrait--color and lighting rock. His eyes!
    Ronny P-K100D first shot of the fish feeder has great form and color. Coke is nicely framed, though it may be nice to make that traffic light go away. Or maybe not.
    Garry Ian Y--Temple and sky is a grabber. I would try to make the clouds a bit darker even with a mask.
    Andrew H--the first one is my fave, love the inspiration, I'm sticking a tripod under my skylight this week.
    Scot Tremblay--what is that? the scale has me all messed up.
    Ian F--The first portrait captures my eyeballs. Nice lighting and timing. You did a great job on the toning as well.
  54. Since I'm never sure how much post processing has gone into the beautiful images posted in threads like these, I'll submit one of my before and after Pentax K100D shots.
    Landa Park shows some of the most interesting things with light and color I've ever seen in a local park.
  55. An outstanding series of photos by everyone.. My favorites
    Dorus: The net, and the spoon
    Ronny's first aliens and the Coke wall
    Garry: The flower and the b/w. That's a pretty sharp lens, by the way
    Michael: Interesting lines with the bike
    Steve: Good capture with the basketball poised
    Javier: I liked your landscape with all the details
    Ian: the second portrait has nice light
    Arkadiy: the b/w
    Dave: your beech leaf.. nice texture on the water
    Robert: I like the blue heron.. except I think the bottom right is a bit too white
    Ben: The river crossing turned out beautifully
    I didn't really do anything other than some pp this week.. too many out of town friends visiting :)
  56. Arkadiy, were those flowers done with the new Voigtlander?
    Maria, I didn't totally disappear - I have a very productive weekend - an old friend visited from NY and I spent the weekend teaching her a bit about photography. She'd mentioned wanting to learn how to do macros. And I'd just received a set of extension tubes, and some close up filters - so I gave her a treat - allowing her to use my k10d. First, the extension tubes with a 200mm tak, followed by the FA 50 with the close up filters, then last - the pentax 100mm macro. - All told, her best image ended up being done with the close-up filters and the 50mm. It was a fun experiment. I don't think I'm allowed to post that resulting image here, because it isn't mine. But, I will post a few of my own.
  57. my black boy
  58. and one of my macro captures
  59. Rose:
    Well, it's not new, but it's the 2002 Voigtlander 90/3.5 SL. Probably one of the finest pieces of glass I've ever had my hands on.
  60. Arkadiy, it sounds like you recommend it then. I saw your original post about ordering it. And, I was wondering how it worked out for you.
    I received my 50mm nokton - but I haven't finished shooting the roll (film) yet. My first thoughts on it though is that It's not as intuitive as other lenses I've used. The aperture ring for it, is placed closer to the front element - so when I go to focus - I find myself shifting the aperture instead of the focus ... rather bothersome - but I think it'll be worked out in some sort of practice/learning curve.
  61. Rose:
    It's all Justin's fault, he was whining left and right about how good they were, and I ended up getting one. I totally fell in love with it. Smooth focus, very precise, and the image quality is really superior to the one of the limiteds and other pentax compatible lenses. Plus the price is also awesome. I mean, they are equal or at least very good runner-ups for the Zeisses. For me it worked great, since I always used manual focus coz Pentax auto focus really sucks, and Im faster using the focusing ring than the AF system itself lolololol =P. But yah, manual focus is not for everybody, and the weight of their lenses either.
  62. Well, if your pictures are anything to go by - then, I may be increasing my shopping list again for another 'new' lens.
    I don't much mind manual focus. It's what comes from focusing that counts, not how the focus is acheived. :)
  63. Greetings. .I am enjoying my new DA 40mm and the wonderful weather that Pittsburgh usually enjoys in February
  64. Aberaeron, West Wales
  65. Samuel and David: Welcome.. good to see posts from you. That DA 40 is a little beauty isn't it?

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