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  1. Wow, it's 09:13 Newfoundland time on Sunday morning and no one has kicked off the Photo of the Week thread yet. You usually have to get up really early to start this one. This week has been fairly diverse for photography as I've had my sister visiting from Ontario and our families have been across much of the Avalon Peninsula and taken folk in festivals, family outings, hikes, boating trips, bird watching, sight seeing and a whole lot more. I'm looking forward to seeing the work of other Pentaxians from the past several days. Here are 3 quick shots I captured this week....
  2. Here's the second....
  3. And the third....
  4. New friends invited me on Mt. Rigi yesterday and I took several photos of her children. Michelle (9) and Lucienne (6) got very interested in my camera and all the other equipment - so don't miss "the children picture of the week August", 17,2008!
  5. yesterday on Mt. Rigi
  6. Greetings from Phelpsville (aka, Baltimore)! I'd better post while I've got a connection. I was inspired by Daniel to take some shots of my favorite model (these, with the 43mm Ltd.)
  7. carline thistle on Mt. Rigi
  8. And, finally, a casual shot that turned out pretty well:
  9. Well, I have been intending to post a thread thematic to what I have been doing over my two week holiday, but here I am, going back to work tomorrow, and there is no way I am going to get through the post processing of the thousands of raw shots I have on my portable hard drive, at least not for a long time. So I might as well post 3 of the shots that are already on my computer.
    I took my family up to Taipei to do some very touristy things, and then we went to a great book store and blew about US$300 dollars on books - we don't have a good bookstore in Taichung. While walking around, we came across an advertising gimmick for a new whiskey, where three models were brought in shut inside a huge block of ice. They broke out of the ice block with the first bottle of this whiskey to be sold. The crowd loved it, and I managed to snap this shot before my wife dragged me away - it pays to be 6 foot 8 inches in Asia, you can get great shots over everyone else's heads!
    K20D, DA 50-200, 1/200 sec, f8, ISO 200.
    The second shot is of Taipei 101, recently just become the second tallest building in the world. Heavy PP on this one for an interesting effect.
    K20D, FA 28mm, 1/1000 sec, f4, ISO 400.
    The third shot is on the way back to the subway as the sun was setting. Saw this glass pyramid and snap
    K20D, FA 28mm, 1/1600 sec, f4, ISO 400.
  10. Duane - love your third. I am a sucker for a road of into the distance - and the kids hand in hand just make it!<br>
    Markus - I like all three, but the thistles shot is probably my favorite.<br>
    Dave - Great shots of Clara, but this time I gotta vote for the hat - really cool shot.
  11. Yeah, Duane's hand-in-hand is great--ditto Markus' thistles and mama's knee. T101 is wild! What's the Taiwan take on the Olys?
  12. Great pics from everyone as usual! Well here goes...
  13. Duane - Ian Running makes me smile. Wish I had that feeling you captured. <p> Markus - #1 - great capture- Love
    the Dynamic Range <p> Dave, what a lovely daughter you have... and she can fish!!! Great hat shot... lost mine, is
    that it? ;) <p> Gary - I like them all, especially the 2nd. How was the whiskey? :) <p> Had an afternoon and evening
    to play around on my trip to Los Angeles... was hard to pick only 3 but here they are... <p> <img src
    = "http://d6d2h4gfvy8t8.cloudfront.net/7687221-md.jpg"> <p><b> The Vigilant Supporter <b> <p><img src
    = "http://d6d2h4gfvy8t8.cloudfront.net/7687265-md.jpg"><p> <b>An Archaeologist's Tools <b> <p> and finally <p><img
    src = "http://d6d2h4gfvy8t8.cloudfront.net/7687303-md.jpg"><p> <b>Jeez, I hope the boys don't see me in this...<b>
  14. And yes I know that flower macros are "a dime a dozen" but that's what I do...
  15. Guy, great detail on that image! What lens did you use?
  16. </b>Dave, Taiwan have been on edge for a long time with the olympics, and a lot of coverage has been given to all the Taiwanese athletes. The crowds were huge all around Taipei this week when Taiwan played China baseball. Shops and government office had large screen displays everywhere. People were crowded in the streets watching together instead of at home. Talk about a nation united! Every time a ball was hit, caught, or a run was made etc, they went absolutely ballistic! The atmosphere was phenomenal! In the end, China beat Taiwan, but I would have loved to have seen the celebrations if Taiwan had won - that would have been legendary!
    Doug - I take my whiskey seriously! It takes more than a pretty model and a name like "Silver Grouse" to get me happy! I didn't buy any. Flash on the market with a 15 year old single malt? I don't think so. If they had been handing out taster's shots, I would be able to say more, but for now - nah.
    Guy, really nice flower macro. They may be dime a dozen, but that one is good.
    Hope I turned off the <b>bold</b> type?
  17. Oh, poor dog! But a great shot. And Duane, I love Ian Running - it's tough to pull that off so well, I've tried many times. I am a sucker for kid shots, Markus and Dave, those are very nice. Trying something new (not just flowers and girls), I took my camera to a local outdoor concert. It was billed as a dance for kids, but the reggae was WAY too loud for my girls. This girl seems to like it, though.
  18. By the way Doug, nice hydrant.
  19. The venue is right on the water - it was a lovely night.
  20. And Eliza too, I just can't help it. She's a rock star! Garry - I can't see why your wife would object? :)
  21. @Duane; I really like the candid, I bet that is getting printed and framed for the family! @Garry: the T101 shot is quite surreal, cool pp work put into it @Markus; neat composition of the flowers in the thistle shot. @Dave: i like your casual shot the best.. @Guy; what is that flower/plant?? @Doug; the details in your 2nd shot are interesting... Here are my shots, taken in downtown Raleigh and I decided to take my 50mm A f/2 to force myself to be "uncomfortable" and not get lazy composing using zoom lenses! It was "Bust-A-Prime" day indeed! The photos have been slightly adjusted in iphoto.. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  22. That last shot really works for me, Sommanna. Have you tried it with some of the top cropped?
  23. Wow, awesome shots everybody. Still weeding thru my vacation pics.
  24. And a moon shot near a coliseum like mountain.
  25. Lots of portraits this week (something I really ought to get into).. Also the 'street'pic are very nice. And do I detect (with joy) a tonemapped image there, with Garry's ? And Dougs vigilant supporter is outstanding.
    I got me only one picture this week, worthy of presenting here (have to maintain a reputation ;)))). Been far too busy (with working for a living, for example....) . Thanks to the kids : <br> <br>

    <img src="http://album.zoom.nl/public_images/17779/vpS1ep.jpg">
  26. Nick - that little girl just screams "whacha doin?" Love the candid <p> Somanna - looks like you've got a handle on
    your lens - great comps and love the bokeh! <p> Garry, glad to hear someone else takes their whiskey seriously
    (but I've never met a FREE whiskey I didn't like) :) Too bad their marketing dept. put all their eggs in the eye candy
    department and not where it might sell some product... Lagavulin is one of my fave's, as well as Bunnahabain(sp),
    Laphroig, Talisker, Cardhu... etc., etc. <br> <br>
    Oh, sorry about the bold thing. Looks like I started it and I'm not sure why it didn't shut off in the first place.
  27. Your reputation is safe O Shiva - absolutely fantastic shot!
  28. Did this switch the bold off...?
  29. I love the diversity of this thread and look forward to seeing the world through the eyes of fellow Pentaxians each week. As always the images captured are outstanding.
    @ Markus - "resting on momma's knee" is a well framed moment and superb shot.

    @ Dave - love the BW shot. It makes you wonder what she's thinking about. Also, I have a hat just like that too!

    @ Garry - very interesting effect indeed on Taipei 101, the PP really creates an amazing effect. I can't imagine why your wife would drag you away from the stunning lady in the silver bikini!

    @ Doug - great job capturing the gritty feel of the "Archaeologist's Tools", nice DOF too.

    @ Guy - great macro, your previous posts have encouraged me to take more flower shots, I haven't yet purchased a macro lens but will soon. For now I'm using my DA 50-200mm.

    @ Nick - that concert candid is a keeper, great image. The "Rockin Out" shot is a moment to cherish, they grow up far too quickly.

    @ Sommanna - Outstanding monument photos. I really like the color and DOF in the second image. The third is amazing too. I think Dave might be right on the money suggesting a little crop to enhance.
  30. How about this...? [crosses fingers]
  31. yea the cropping of my third photo is the way to go... great suggestion, thanks!
    @O Shiva; what is that photo?? a bubble? through a peephole? very cool...
  32. Great moon shot Bob! Is that a fisheye or is the landscape presented that way? <br> Ok, Mis, I've tried to turn it
    off with each subsequent posting but nothing seems to work. Any suggestions for me to try since it was started
    with my initial post?
  33. No idea, Doug. I've tried < /b > and even starting and ending a bold section, but it didn't work. I wonder if this...
    ...will work?
  34. one more attempt Did it work?? It says it did here...
  35. Nope, didn't work. OK, well here are my paltry offerings for this week, which has again been almost photo-less for me :-( A bit of humour, courtesy of our local road works department.
  36. We thought there was a small bird in the Bottle Brush Buckeye but instead it was the largest butterfly I had ever seen-- almost six inches wingspan. I had been trying some indoor shots at ISO 1600 and in my rush did not reset. I got a lot more noise showing up in the blue portion of the wing then I would have expected. I got most of it out in the RAW conversion.
  37. And a bit of B&W artsy stuff.
  38. My posting is in bold also, though I used plain text. I took a quick look at the HTML and did not see extraneous <b>. Must be at the server.
  39. Saw this on one of my hikes. Since this was adjacent to the trail, I wonder if this was accidentally seeded by a snacking hiker earlier.
  40. Duane: Love, love, love Ian Running. I would take your third one and convert it to sepia, for a nostalgic look.

    Markus: Great as usual! The 1st is my fave.

    Dave: I like the receiving-the-gold-medal pose Clara hit in that photo. Sounds a lot better than a looking-for-woodpeckers pose, as far as names go :)

    Garry: No idea why your wife would drag you away from that whiskey campaign... As for your 2nd shot, I think you've been hanging out with O Shiva to much :) Glad to see you're enjoying that 28mm.

    Doug: I find myself photographing fire hydrants way to often, so I can appreciate a nice night shot of one.

    Nick: The little girl is TOO cute!

    Sommanna: 3rd shot is the winner.

    Bob: Your Moon shot over the mountain is fabulous. Convert it to B&W with a red filter and you have an instant Ansel Adams :) My fave of the week so far.

    O Shiva: Or should I call you O Escher?

    Bruce: I think somebody started a thread a while back for photos that were taken at stupidly high ISOs because the photographer forgot to reset the ISO. I'm a member of that club too :-s Great butterfly, though!
  41. Wow, every week peoples skills improve...There are some great images here. I will comment on them a little later this evening...My wife and kids went out for a week, so I am pretty alone to do what I want, so I will go on a picture hunt. I am trying to decide to drive east, west, north or south....But I digress...Here are some from me.... Here is A Japanese beetle. We have quite a few this year and my son captured this one for me...When you flip them on their back, they have trouble flipping back over. [​IMG] - Here is the beetle after I sprayed it with w water bottle. Cold water slows down bugs so u can shhot them.... [​IMG] - This is a broken deburring tool. It lasted all but 30 seconds of use (and $65.00 bucks) and after a close look, it was obviously not fused correctly. I sent these images to the manufacturer and he replaced the tool for me. Normally they will not replace cutting tools.... [​IMG] - [​IMG]
  42. Mis, As I recall Boston, folks will park *anywhere*! I like the cup shot but you'll have to remove it--too early for autumn. I just didn't want anyone to think Clara was having a vision or something like that--she was just looking at birds. ;~)
  43. Duane: 1st pic is a clear winner - Intense

    Dave: Love the hat - No bullet holes?

    Garry: 2nd pic is simply awesome - Good PP

    Doug: Fire hydrant is cool! & I used my Vivitar Series One 105mm f/2.5 macro. (fetish lens)

    Somanna: The hand pic rocks! It's some kind of thistle (I think)

    Bob: Nice moon shot.

    Duane: I would highly recommend the Vivitar SR1 105 f/2.5 if you can find one on zbay.

    MM: Your B/W rules as usual.
  44. Duane - the third picture is darling.

    Markus - I'm impressed how your use of b+w brings out the subject. The geometries of the thistles is interesting absent the distraction of color.

    Dave - a most pretty subject, I like the last b+w.

    Garry - the Taipei 101 is most dramatic. The glass pyramid stands out well --- is there an art museum underneath?

    Guy - I like the close up. I appreciate how difficult it is to get it right, as you did.

    Doug - interesting perspectives; never saw such a multi-colored hydrant.

    Nick - you captured the girl in her element

    Somanna - I like the first one best. Serious subject matter. Would fill flash be useful here? Or cause way too many highlights?

    Bob - I also like the moon shot. Nice composition.

    O Shiva - once again you show your creativity. I like the Escher comparison. Now just figure out how to hold the bubble and shoot.

    Miserere - public works is often an oxymoron. How would your Autumn -- rushing the seasons? -- photo look in color?

    Javier - the first one would be a good cover photo for a Kafka book. They are beautiful insects but a big nuisance for us.
  45. Wonderful, Javier! That last shot is art as well as documentation.
  46. More terrific shots.

    @ Bob - Stunning landscapes. Absolutely amazing work. Which Pentax dslr were "evening light" and "moon shot' taken with and, what lens was used for each photo?

    @ O Shiva - very artistic perspective and excellent capture, your reputation is safe.

    @ Miserere - Love the BW artsy stuff - it rocks! The sepia conversion you suggested looks good - thanks.

    @ Bruce - That's a big honkin butterfly, nice image.

    @ Javier - Pretty colors from ugly bugs - cool.
  47. I have the K10D. I only have three lenses to date. Hope to acquire more. The lens used for both shots was the
    Pentax 16-
    45mm. It's a pretty decent all around lens. For my long shots I have the Tamron 50-300mm.

    As I said in another post, I still do not own a tripod as my son lost my only one when he (borrowed it) during his art
    education at Alfred U. I may be looking into one soon with the rebates I finally received from SanDisk. So all of my
    shots are handheld.

    I also don't have your guys photographic eye, but I do seem to get decent landscape shots. Maybe I have an eye for
    landscapes at least.

    Boy, everybody's shots are really awesome.
  48. Thanks Bob. Your landscape photos are stunning. I've been struggling with landscape photos for some time but seem to do OK with candids and action shots. I too only have 3 lenses, the DA 18-55, DA 50-200 and FA 50mm. I've been on the fence for a little while wondering if I should get a higher resolution Pentax (K200D or K20D - most likely the 20D when the price drops in the fall) to compliment the K100D Super or invest in primes. The DA 21, DA 40 and DA 70 look appealing. Anyone out there getting great landscapes with 6.1 MP and prime lenses? Please post a few.
  49. Many, many great shots this week. I spent some time on the banks of Philly's two rivers this week. The first is quite bad, grainy etc., I know but when I looked at it this morning I had to laugh. Is it the Spanish-American War era Olympus bombing Camden N.J. or just fireworks after a minor league baseball game?
  50. the other river
  51. And finally my son, Chris, who is about to leave for his junior year at Syracuse U. Here coaching a team in the famous Narberth Summer league. (Kobe played here as a kid!)
  52. big mistake!! Here's the coach
  53. Robert, I was about to ask if your son was Spiderman...
  54. Mis,

    I used PS Elements 6 to convert to BW and then red tint. Is this kind of what youwere looking for?
  55. I haven't had a chance to get out and shoot for sometime and have been missing being able to post in this thread. Great work from everyone. I'm always amazed at the diversity of vision and subject matter.
    Here's my contribution, probably the best from my 2 hour photowalk today:
  56. Ones I missed:

    Doug:"Archeologist's tools" is surprisingly engaging.

    Bob: the original colliseum moon shot works for me. I like the perspective.

    O Shiva: the bubble is very clean but worth spending some time with.

    Robert: The Schuylkill composition is really wonderful (and I'm glad the Dutch never made it this far south--"Jones Falls" is *so* much easier to spell! ;~)
  57. Oh, that's NICE, Travis!
  58. trw


    This is actually an older picture, but I'm putting it up for this week as I've just spent a day making art cards, including this image.


    It was from my first "Strobist" style studio session with my K10D. The studio was our home sewing table with a piece of black velvet set up as a tiny continuous background. One Sunpak hotshoe flash in a shoot-through umbrella camera left and one Vivitar 2800 camera right.
  59. I love these pow threads. It's so fun to see what you're all up to on a regular basis. Each one of the photo's here are really nice.

    Here are some recent bday party shots out of my k100d+kitlens:



    Here are a few others I am sneaking in from the same party..
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  60. I was out trying to sneak up on my new Kangaroo friend to try and get some shots in when this little guy flew down and sat on the Hills Hoist above me so I decided that I would take a few shots of him and well this is the result.
  61. Here he turned around for me he just seemed to want his photo taken.
  62. Neat shots, Todd--a kind of sideways perspective on creative party decoration! I especially like the feel of the diminished light in lower part of the balloon photo.

    You're really putting that lens to good use, Ben! The second shot is really nice--too bad you didn't *quite* get all of his tail.
  63. Okay... my turn. Life is crazy busy now that vacation time is done. Here are some shots from the last week. First... Seoul nightlife. Shot about 1.30 in the morning from my hotel room window. Second is some statues at Sanbanggulsaon the west coast of Jeju Island. Crikey... it seemed to take forever to climb the mountain. May have had something to do with the temps in the mid 30's. Third, thatched roof in the Seong-eup Folk Village on Jeju Island. Pretty cool place. Houses of lava rock and mud with thatched roofs. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  64. ben - very nice! You're definitely getting the hang of it!
  65. Thanks guys I really am starting to llike the new lens I didn't spot that I hadn't fitted the whole of the tail in so I thought I would show you one with all the glory of the tail.
  66. Wow.. lots of new faces and soem great photos by everyone. I haven't been able to post for a few weeks.. I just got back from an extended trip to the east coast.. Lots of photos.. in the meantime, here are 3 photos of the Polar bears at the Baltimore zoo.
  67. Yummmmm
  68. Give me a fish any old day
  69. 1 more, also from the Baltimore zoo. All these were taken with the 50-200 DA and the Tamron 1.4 TC.
  70. @O Shiva - yes. It is tonemapped, and I was inspired by your work! Glad you like it. Great bubble!
    @Doug - free whiskey is indeed very pleasant!! I see you are a long time appreiciator of the golden liquid. I have only
    been enjoying it for a few years now. I am going to go through all those brands you mentioned in time. I've just got to
    finish off on or two of the 5 bottles I have in my bar right now, maybe next week. ;-) Actually, I think I spend almost
    as much on whiskey as I do on camera gear! Taiwan doesn't have that much variety in whiskeys though.
    @Mis, love autumn in a cup. And yes, O shiva does some amazing stuff! I guess my affinity with his work is the
    Dutch heritage on my mom's side!;-) The 28 is great.
    @Bruce, as far as I know, the glass pyramid is part of a government office building. No museum that I know of.
    Thinking of Paris by any chance? Love those wild raspberries!
    @Javier, we have those beetles here too. Now I know what they're called! ;-)
    @Bob Colameco, love the other river.
    @Travis, stunning b&w.
    @Trent - good lighting.
    @Todd, love your composition on the second shot.
    @Ben, you really got that bird!
    @Patrick, would love to see the statues large, and maybe in b&w with stronger contrast? Nice shots.
    @Haig - good to have you back! Nice zoo stuff. How did you get a shot of my lower end? ;-) I have a serious
    complaint - how the heck do you get busy for a month, and yet arrive back with all three cannisters in good
    order?!?!?!? Come now - where you buying them, huh?
  71. You were in Baltimore, Haig?! Wish I had known!
  72. Ack!!! Someone stop the shouting. I'm trying to sleep here.
  73. It's making my ears hurt...maybe this will work?
  74. I think you did it Andrew!! A little too late, but better late than never!
  75. Hooray, Andrew! How did you do that?
  76. I vote Andrew, guru of thread fixing. Thanks, the bold was hurting my ears too! Cute cat.

    Haig - love the polar bear in the water - looks cool!

    Ben - nice bird shot - the last one with all of the tail feathers is excellent.

    Patrick - the night shot rocks! Awesome.

    Todd - great captures, outstanding DOF on IMGP4435

    Trent - nice still life, excellent color contrast and lighting.

    Travis - love the BW flower shot. I've never considered BW for flowers before, now I will.

    Robert - what can I say - your night shots are always superb. Well done.
  77. Yeah Andrew, what did you do? I tried every HTML trick I could think of!

    Haig, great rear end, and kudos for doing it in B&W :)
  78. I've been hiding from this thread this week (and last) we have had some of the most miserable weather in PEI,
    rain day after day. About the only thing I've shot is work photo stuff or a couple product shots. Each week these
    get better and better. Without question my favourite thread to watch and learn.

    Duane, love both the kid shots, particularly the 2nd one, beautiful.

    The same Markus, The first is excellent and I love the expression in the 2nd, Great conversions.

    Very nice portrait Dave.

    Garry, now I know why you live in that area of the world!! I like the effect you used in 101

    Very nice composition and colour Guy.

    Doug I like The Vigilant Supporter quite a bit but the An Archaeologist's Tools is the best. I never would have
    known if there was no title and the first impression was "what the F..."

    Nick that's a fun shot and a great moment captured!

    Somanna, great series and I like the texture of the shots. The last is stunning!

    Bob, both great images but the second is beautiful.

    O'Shiva, even just the one shot is outstanding. It's a tougher subject to capture than it appears.

    Miserere, That shot definitely shows your sense of humour. Excellent! I like the cup shot as well.

    Bruce, quite a wonderful butterfly, too bad about the settings but it still turned out well.

    Javier, that beetle has incredible colour. Nicely captured.

    Robert, I like the old ship at night and the spider web is excellent. Looks like a broken window at first glance.

    Very nice Travis. Good conversion and a nice subtle look to the image.

    Nice studio work Travis.

    Great party pics Todd, Love the first one.

    Very good captures Ben. he did some nice posing for you. I like the first the best.

    Patrick, all excellent shots but the 2nd is my favourite.

    Haig neat zoo shots but that last one wasn't very flattering to Garry!

    That's a fun shot Andrew. Very different take on a cat shot.
  79. Awesome Andrew! Thanks for relieving my guilt feelings! I see from looking at the source that apparently the bold
    function can be imbedded within the code... appreciate the lesson! Superb cat shot btw...
  80. This egret seems to be happy that I am taking his picture ...notice the color-coordinated feet, legs, eyes and forehead. [​IMG]
    Pentax K10D / Tamron AF70-300mm Di
  81. I looked at where the bold started, saw there were at least two opening tags but no closing tags. I just put a couple of extra tags without adding any opening tags. First attempt to close didn't work because there were multiple unmatched 's.
  82. Thanks everyone.. It's good to be back, and not have to deal with dial-up! Garry, I was wondering why that giraffe kept turning it's head away from me everytime I wanted to take a photo.. why didn't you say it was you? And by the way.. keeping cannisters is easy as long as you post a good patoot or two! Dave thanks.. I'll definitely try and get in touch next time. I was playing a bridge tournament in Hunt Valley.. and was not going to have much time to do anything. We lost a knockout match towards the end of the week, and my client decided to spend some time with his kids (he lives overseas).
  83. More like a picture of the year for me... My son was born Jul. 24th... This pic taken on the next day.
  84. Felicitations Christophe!
  85. Rod, excellent Egret capture. Nice background and very well exposed.

    Haig, that rear end i wild. never heard of this animal.

    Christophe Congratulations. Beautiful image and you win the week!
  86. Nice one, Christophe! On both counts: a good photo and a good baby! :)

    It's good to get them into photos at an early age, so well done there as well.
  87. Beautiful photo Christophe, a very special moment very well captured. Congratulations on the birth of your son.
  88. Congratulations Christophe!

    Haig, do I correctly interpret that you make a living out of playing bridge?
  89. THis thread has gotten so big there is no possble way to comment on individual photos anymore, but I've got to say, while it's grown in quantity, it's also grown in quality.

    Lots of great shots week in and week out.

    Congrats on the new baby Christophe!!
  90. Thank you so much, folks! Expect more of the little guy in the weeks to come.
  91. Garry.. Yup! Both play and teach/coach.
  92. Peter.. the front end of the Okapi.. and you can see his tongue in action :)
  93. I had never even heard of this animal before. Strange beast. Thanks for the pictures Haig. You learn something every day...
  94. Okapi, I didn't know what it was either but my 9 year old informed me that's an african forest giraffe. Great shot Haig, my daughter loves it.
  95. Welcome.. that's what kids are for.. to educate us old farts on matters of technology, and odd facts :)

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