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  1. Well, it is 8 AM here on the east coast of the U.S. and no one has started the pow yet, so here goes. My first shot was taken several years ago with my old Nikkormat. Our dog Maggie as a pup. I just thought it might be a nice idea to post some dog picks today, in honor of Caney. My second shot was taken this week with my new camera. AAAHHHHH, a HMMMMM, well a, canon 50d.
  2. a horse in Chester Co.
  3. I went to the local camel races and show this week it comes around every 2 years and I got a fair bit of photography in I have some 300+ shots to go through but here is a couple I have framed and resized for the POW. Both taken with tamron 300mm with ISO 200 @ F8 and 1/500 sec.
  4. Shot #2
  5. Great idea Bob. I was thinking the same thing as I also saw no one had started a POW and I think it was all for the ame reason that after the bad news, no one felt very much like starting a POW this week and you started a great thing. Like Caney, even though Chelsea would be in pain, she would still like the outdoors very much. Chelsea and Steven in her latter years. [​IMG] Acadia Sunset - Caney saw many of these in the ADK's thanks to his pal Justin [​IMG]
  6. Good morning, Sunshine.
    K20D, Sigma 10-20mm at 14mm, F13, 1/100 second through polarizing filter (light plz.), earlier this morning. Just a touch of editing.
  7. Great kick off Robert. I'll follow your lead and Ben's theme too. Here are a few quick shots from this week.
    First up, Marley the mischievous...
  8. Second up, a girl and her best friend. My daughter Emily and Sonny this morning....
  9. I have no dog, but I feel for you, Justin.
  10. Two shots this week, one landscape and one that is a departure for me , a portrait shot...
  11. The second...
  12. Most of my photos from the past week have been from another project, but while I was working on those I developed some Ektachrome from a week or two ago. I snapped this one on the way to one of my project locations. I'm confident this same subject was photographed by Ronnie and made it to POW a little while back.
    Ektachrome, E100G, 55mm Takumar, exposure unrecorded. E-6 home processing kit; Epson V700 scanner.
  13. I'm still working on the shots from my Canadian adventure but here are a couple taken at the Newark Airport (shooting is a great way to pass the time between flights. ;~)
  14. She'd spent the night in the Airport enroute from Paris to Chicago.
  15. Maggie, sucking up to a food source. I think I'd be inconsolable if I lost her, though a new puppy would probably help in a hurry.
  16. Hydrangea
    Pentax K20D, DA 35mm Ltd. Macro, f 8 @ 1/30, ISO 800
    Mimosa at home
    Pentax K20D, Voigtlander 125mm, f 4.5 @ 1/20, ISO 400
  17. I took a drive to the San Gabriel river Friday, mostly just to get away and go for a walk. The river was really low. I was able to walk in areas that are normally under 3 feet of water and in some places 5-6 feet of water. The water was so low it had to be diverted and only 1/2 the river was being used..
    Some fresh graffiti work in this bone dry section of the river...By the way..Ever notice how telephone wires are always ready to ruin a shot??
    Normally most of this is underwater.
  18. My favorite shot of the day. I focused on the shadow itself. Normally, this fellow and his horse would not be able to cross here.
  19. Robert, how do u like the 50D and congrats!
  20. Hey John OO.. I have seen those chairs somewhere before, just cant remember where.here is my 2 for this week One from Murfreesboro TN and the blue car from Cullman AL
  21. Those chairs were outside a closed gas station at a crossroads in Whitwell ("Whut-wuhl"), Tennessee.
  22. The Kyles
  23. DA* 50-135mm, K10D
  24. DA* 50-135mm, K10D
  25. Here are a couple of shots of Lars -- a German Shepherd / Collie mix who was one of the sweetest dogs I've ever known.
  26. Lars again.
  27. And to keep it Pentax-related, a shot from this weekend with my K100D.
  28. Last week was the Fifteenth Annual (XV) family and friends Yosemite backpack trip. These photos show two of the reasons we keep going back. K10D 16-50 and the first time using a neutral density filter, hand held. (I'll never leave home without it when hiking).
  29. DA* 50-135mm, K10D...Downtown Kansas City
  30. Javier, I know you're not a big Canon fan, though I don't know why. (and you need not explain) My main reason for going with Canon was due to my desire to do more sports shooting. The high school that I teach at is a private, all-male, sports obsessed school. I need to do more sports shooting for our yearbook as well as, perhaps profit. I was never happy with the AF on the Pentax and I just felt that the Canon gave me more flexibility in that area. So far I like it, though it is taking some getting used to as far as the controls are concerned. It is hard right now to compare IQ due to the fact that I only have the kit lens with the 50D. I am hoping to keep my K10D because I really like it but I am not sure I will be able to afford two systems. So we will see, but thanks for asking.
  31. Robert, the main reason I don't like canon DSLR's (but love their point and shoots as I have three) is because where I live and travel, most shutterbugs have them...Stupid reason? Yes, but hey, it is an honest answer...Keep in mind that I also have a secondary system (D700) though I have only one lens, so it is not much of a system...
    Anyway, I suspect that there will be many folks either going dual system or selling there Pentax stuff in favor for canikon..
    Robert, just curious as to why not a K-7?
  32. I don't want to bore you with more "cheese & chocolate" tour pictures so I restrict myself to a photo of the remains of fireworks for the Swiss national birthday at August 1. I had to "lend" a friendly dog today to take a photo for Wonderdog.
  33. Javier, I totally understand your "everyone has one" reasoning. And I agree, I sorta feel the same way. As for the K7, there were a couple of factors that went into my decision. First, I wasn't convinced that Pentax had improved the AF to the point where I thought I could live with it. A very good friend of mine, a once dedicated Pentaxian and the person who is most responsible for my purchasing the K10D a few years back, showed up at one of my soccer games last year (I'm the assistant varsity coach). He had just purchased the 50D and the 100-400mm lens. Take my word for it, this guy knows nothing about sports. His pics blew me away. They were very sharp and clear. Far better than anything I had ever captured with my K10D. Granted he is probably a better photographer than I, but still, I was impressed with his results.
    Secondly, is the availability of longer range lenses. 300mm is just not quite long enough to cover a soccer, or football field. So even if I went with the K7, I still had the lens issue. Believe me, I thought about it long and hard. I love my K10D. I think it is a superb camera. I am going to do my best to hold onto it.
  34. Robert, I completely hear you. With the D700, I am blown away at the nightlife images I am capturing. The ability to be able to auto focus with little light, is amazing and the images are clean...I Hear that the Canon 100-400mm lens is must have for the canon folks. As far as the autofocus speed of the K-7 goes, I have yet to really test it. It seems to be faster, but ''seems'' is a lame answer. :)
  35. Okay, a second shot for me. Taken with the "new to me" Pentax F 35-70 on the K20D. (I'm liking this lens!) I was sitting at the top of a hill that is the rocky beach alongside a river in my area. I'd just climbed off my motorcycle after just less than 10 hours/350 miles of riding/photographing, and I was still about 45 minutes from home. As I sat there trying to get my eyes to see near-distance again, I looked down at my feet and decided to draw the camera upon them. What a great day. Had a pretty good pizza at the half-way point, the best piece of home baked cherry pie I've ever eaten at the 3/4 point (didn't think to snap a shot of the pie, too busy savoring it), and plenty of photos along the way.
    A moment to rest before the final miles...
    Okay, a third shot, same camera/lens. This was the view to my right. This is Point Douglas Regional Park on the south end of Cottage Grove, MN, looking east across the St. Croix River at Prescott, WI and the US Hwy 10 bridge. A wonderful little town kind of spoiled by the plethora of biker bars on the main street. Motorcyclist I am, biker I am not.
  36. I like that horse shot a lot, Robert--nice touch whatever the camera. Duanes is very nice too--lovely conversion.
    The camel races were a lot of fun, Ben--as was the pairing of nice sunset/sunrise shots by Bob and Steve.
    A a very pleasant and tranquil scene Nick--delicate color and tone.
    Both of yours are very nice John--in very different ways, they work.
    Nice stuff, Michael--the mimosa has immediate interest but I didn't fully appreciate the hydrangea until the second look.
    Aesthetically, I like the second two of yours, Javier--and especially the last--but the first is a good documentary shot.
    Blue Lark is another winner, Ronny. I'm glad to see there's one still around: it was a cheerful presence on the road. Nice sepia, too.
    That's a very interesting shot of KC, Steven. The clouds are terrific--how'd you do that? The city itself looks a bit unsaturated--was that intentional? I'm interested because I've been having a devil of a time balancing cloudy skies and earthly detail in some of my photos from Canada.
  37. Dave Hollander: I drug the red, blue green and yellow saturation and vibrance sliders to the left in Lightroom 2.
  38. Hemi & Torque have a moment of silence before a treat in memory of Caney!
    K2000 18-55 DAL @ 18mm f/8 1/60 ISO 800
    One from my Saturday spent in Glacier National Park
    K2000 @58mm f/11 1/180 ISO100
  39. I bought a car on eBay that was 3 states away: ROAD TRIP!
    The car was near Iowa City, so we thought we'd stop in at one of the Porter's Camera locations because we were ahead of schedule. Then I saw a sign that put us behind schedule: Bridges of Madison County - Next Exit
  40. I suppose that playing Eastwood (playing Kincaid) is better than browsing a camera shop...
  41. Heh, what was Javi saying about telephone poles? (In the 1st pic, there was a lamp that lights up the bridge at night that I cloned out. I might go back and clone out the pole and lines in the 2nd one later...)
  42. Here's Franklin my Portuguese Water Dog. While he may be the best dog that I've ever had, this breed was not a good choice for the little Obama girls. By the way, with Franklin, form is everything, he's jumping in to retreive either a trow toy or a crab. I can't remember. Used trailing flash mode.[​IMG]
    Here's something interesting from bird land. A Glossy Ibis. Normally a tropical bird they are a little unusual in NJ. Best shot a I could get.
    This shot made me think I was finally ready for the big show. I'm still deciding.
  43. Just last week took Schotzy (min schnauzer) for his last truck ride to the vet, he was 19! It was a very heartbreaking experience, here is an old shot of zoey(had no digital shots of schotzy) and hoping it is a long time until her final snow romp.
  44. Couple of more abstract compositions using strong lines, first one shot yesterday:
  45. And this one shot this morning:
  46. Well - I'm finally around to "playing" w/ the shots from how I spent my birthday (shooting a wedding). First, my favorite pic that I shot. I didn't do much - only the getting ready, details, and some during the reception, but I was happy I got this one as the moment was (of course) short.
  47. Ok, I admit to cheating on this one - Matt shot it, but he hasn't even really gotten to see what he shot yet, only I have, and I really like this one. For once, "uncle joe" wasn't being annoying - he was being a great foreground!!
  48. I wasn't going to post this, but in Caney's honor, I will. We've gone through some family pet transition lately too so I haven't been photographing much else lately.

    Pentax K20D + FA 28-105/3.2-4.5 @70mm, f/8

  49. Ronnie, I see you're shooting with a relatively uncommon M28-50/3.5-4.5; I picked one of these up recently for film use...how are you liking it? It has a nice build & compact design but I've only shot a few frames so far. I should also mention that I like the 'Blue Lark' shot, kind of a nostalgic look reminiscent of Steven Shore.
  50. A lot of nice stuff here; Michael's Hydrangea is a real stand-out for me. Javier, like your sombrero dude on horseback--nice, and not what I'm used to seeing from you. Camus, like the abstract with the wires that for many of us are a real bane...Brad, I like the last one with the sandpiper(?)...Steve, really nice family portraits...George, nice work with the Hexar.
  51. Andrew G. Thanks for your kind words. It was 99 outside and this was the shady spot in the arboretum.
    Dave H. Thanks. It’s been so hot here that our mimosa flowered. Highly unusual but I’ll take it.
    My faves this week
    Robert C. horse picture I like the tone and mood of. Even if he’s an apostate :)
    Ben P., I’ve never seen photos of camel racing before. My little brain can barely handle it. I like how the numbers are spray painted on the animal.
    John O’K-O—that sure looks like an Ektachrome. I used to photograph those chairs a lot when I shot film too. Something about the form.
    Javier, that’s a super nice shot of the man on the horse. I’m reading The Tortilla Curtain right now and it fits in.
    Ronny P, both are fine shots. The interior is so excellently lighted, the more I look the more I pick up on the craft of the shot.
    Studebaker shot is funny, blue and blue and blue. Good one. I must be getting old as that car is starting to look halfway decent.
    Steve Dean, excellent shots. A little off the top of the first and it is top tier. The women look so calm and natural.
    Dan Spiess, those look like film shots. What a great place.
    Steve Dean, where’s the stadium? If you like desaturation, try to find a few Dragan presets for Lightroom.
    George C. Very cool B&W, Nice lighting and tones.
    Camus W. Best shot of a plane in the sky I’ve seen in a while.
    Maria M. I can easily see why that is your favorite, it’s charming. They’ll be looking back at that for decades.
  52. Ok, everyone's posting puppy pictures ... and I don't have any of those...
  53. yes - it's algae colored ... my new fish tank is growing the strangest things in it...
  54. I put this in an earlier post but love it so much I wanted to put it n this one to.
  55. Andrew G..the 28-50 M is a little jewel of a lens.I prefer small ratio zoom like this,it is small sharp and robustly built.I ripped out the auto stop/open lever so that I could use it in the AV mode, I have it set to f5.6 mostly.great little lens especially for $35.
  56. my computer locked up so here is the pic I am going to post in color and in B&W hope you enjoy
  57. here is the color one
  58. Jordan, I think this is the same shot from your other thread, but it remains one of the best I've seen from you. I like the crop of the B&W much better than the subject-centered composition of the color version.
    Ronny, if you like the M28-50, you might also like the somewhat similar M24-35/3.5. If I get outside maybe I'll give these lenses a little more exercise. I don't like using M-glass--particularly the zooms which are slower--with flash indoors because they don't work with P-TTL. I don't see myself crippling any of these lenses as I actually have them around for film use as well.
  59. A superabundance of good photos! I missed a couple of POWS due to work and travel, but I did bring back a few shots from Washington DC.
  60. #4 This miniature falcon was too cute not to get included
  61. WOW! That last shot is a real keeper, Haig. Nice work, I really like that one. The others are quite good as well. Nice series.
  62. Thanks Robert :) I was quite pleased to capture that little guy at the DC zoo, under artificial lighting
  63. I'll sqeak in here at the end with a few pictures in memory of Caney. I don't really know what the dog's name is (it's not mine sadly), nor what kind it is, but it certainly has the best personallity I've ever seen.
    Pentax K10d, Pentax AF280 flash, ISO 400
  64. This dog has been clocked at about 30mph....look out cats!:)
  65. I know I'm a bit late, but here's my favorite of these wonderful photos:
    Dan Spiess - Lovely color. WOW.
    Haig T. - #3 really does it for me. Awesome the way the sun breaks through and hits the monument
    I am constantly amazed at the amount of awesome photos you fellow Pentaxians turn out week after week. Well done everyone.

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