POW anyone?

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  1. I guess I'm the first one this week.
  2. Nice ones Guy! I particularly like the first one, it's soft and sharp at the same time and that bokeh to the left looks like a sun. Really nice!

    I'll try to bring back some photos from today - I'm hiking to a place called 'The Stone Living Room' or sometimes called 'Stone Chairs" It's on the top of a mountain not too far from me and was the location of many, many parties back in the day. We'd drag kegs of beer to the top of that damned mountain. Anyway, I haven't been there in 18 years or so and if all is good, there should be a nice fire pit with a bunch of stone chairs and couches surrounding it.. Google, "the stone living room new jersey" - Here's a link to the Weird NJ page on it.. http://www.weirdnj.com/stories/_ancient02.asp
  3. Guy, very nice shots. As some one who is still trying to figure out lenses, I would like to know what lens you used for these. Well, it rained in Philly on the 4th and i was really looking forward to shooting some fireworks. There is a great display on the steps of the famous Art Museum, but I wasn't about to trek my camera stuff through the crowds and the rain. It will just have to wait for next year. If you turn your back to the art museum, however, this is what you see. Philly's famous Parkway looking towards city hall. Notice Venus in the morning sky of the color shot.
  4. same shot, two months later.
  5. imagine this an eagle.
  6. Very, very nice macro's!
    Tonight, dutch time, when I get home, I'll upload my contibution.
  7. Nice shots guys! Been on holiday for a while... A swan...
  8. Robert, I used my "beloved" Vivitar Series 1 105mm f/2.5 Macro for the shots.

    I really, really love this chunk of glass! :eek:)
  9. And why not...I tend to avoid these...but what the hey!
  10. Wow. Great beginnings! I don't need to imagine the eagle Robert, I can "feel" it!
    Great macros Guy. Those flowers look good enough to eat!
    John-Paul - holiday is a swear word for me. 4 years with nothing more than a long weekend. But planning on a week in August.
    For now, some shots taken on Velvia 50 asa slide film. Again, the lab screwed up the scanning. The slides are incredible! Here are one or two scans with almost no touching up, just framing.
    A Confucian temple.
    Yellow flowers at sunset

    Her face is a little dark due to the back lighting. I am still trying to get this old film camera's metering down. But surprisingly for Velvia 50, the saturation is not too high. Again, must be the lab!
    More colleagues.
    Just for you Haig.
  11. I've already posted most of this week's best in the context of discussion threads but here's something of a change of pace from my usual fare. My daughter and I took the dog (and the smc-a 70-210mm) for a walk down to the stream yesterday afternoon. I didn't get anything really worthwhile in terms of my usual stuff but this is kind of interesting. We were in deep shade on an overcast day and the color is seriously skewed but I like the effect. EXIF: 1/15sec, -1 ev, f18, iso 500, center weighted average metering.
  12. Nice macros, Guy--I like the orange one (surprisingly--I hate orange.)

    Robert, Venus over Philly is cool and the seagull is terrific.

    The swan is nice John-Paul (but maybe try some other crops?) and a good sunset is hard to resist.

    I really like the yellow flowers, Garry!
  13. Really interesting colors Dave! I like it.
  14. Glad you like it Garry! Regardless of photographic merit, it's destined to become a favorite of mine because it comes at time when she's been asked out to a movie by a *boy* for the first time and somehow it captures the spirit of that turning point.
  15. Oh my ... Scary as a dad! My little girl is 10, and I might get around to accepting some guy asking her out in about
    25 years time! You seem to be taking it well Dave - kudos to you!

    That also adds a huge amount to the photo. Wow, it really is a great capture then!
  16. Great stuff all of you! Stuck in a trafic jam in Amsterdam I took this picture. "Eat as much as you want in 1 hour". How about that? K10D plus 70-300 Sigma.
  17. You can imagine my wife's comment.
  18. I really enjoy seeing all your work folks! And thanks for the info on your macro Guy. Here's my one and only for this week. I was driving home from working on a Sunday and came across a bike race being held in my home town. End of day, so of course the race was just about over and I was only able to get a few shots. Used the 50-200 kit lens. This was the best of the half a dozen I was able to shoot before the race was over.
  19. ... but you can't take the jungle out of the cat.
  20. I love that, Johan and I'm impressed by your halo, Bruce!
  21. Wonderful shot, Doug--the lead cyclist really pops out.
  22. Bruce - halos don't seem to help with wives!

    Doug - love that cycling shot! I love the 50-200. Really is the right lens for a cycling race like that.
  23. Here's a quick shot from the Dallas zoo last Sunday. The mesh fence was about 2' in front of me and the buzzard about 15' back. I was a bit surprised at just how much the fence disappeared.
  24. Good to see everyone is up early this Sunday...well, those on the American continent, anyway. I like the first shot of the thread, and not just because I like orange, but the second is my favourite, Guy. I see you get along fine with that big hunka glass.

    Some of the others that stood out to me:

    Robert's flag shot was cool; selective B&W seems overdone nowadays, but in this case it works very well.

    John-Paul's swan nearly put me to sleep. That's because it's such a calm, tranquil scene, not because it's boring! I was imagining lying down on the grass, listening to the water flow and the birds sing... I want to go back to bed now!

    Garry, good to see you still braving the (film) elements. And it's particularly difficult for you, I know, being surrounded by all those ugly "colleagues". I like the first portrait, even if it is a bit dark.

    Dave, that's a great shot of Clara, and the colours are great. Ah...daddy's little girl no more, huh? You knew it was coming, so I hope you prepared for it (bought the shotgun and salt pellets, etc.).

    Johan, I can eat a lot of Chinese food in 1 hour! :-D

    Saint Bruce, great self-portrait.

    Doug, that is an impressive action shot, worthy of the D3s and 1Ds the pro photographers were probably carrying :)
  25. One More this week, Dallas Skyline waiting for fireworks, July 4th 2008. And sort of tied in with the photo here's something a friend send me I got a chuckle from. /Roger You can't beat Texas - Copper Wire After having dug to a depth of 10 yards last year, New York ** scientists found traces of copper wire dating back 100 years and came to the conclusion that their ancestors already had a telephone network more than 100 years ago. Not to be outdone by the New Yorkers, in the weeks that followed,California scientists dug to a depth of 20 yards, and shortly after,headlines in the LA Times newspaper read: 'California archaeologists have found traces of 200 year old copper wire and have concluded that their ancestors already had an advanced high-tech communications network a hundred years earlier than the New Yorkers. One week later, 'The Express News, a local newspaper in Texas reported the following: After digging as deep as 30 yards in corn fields near College Station, Texas A&M University, Bubba Johnson, a self-taught archaeologist, reported that he found absolutely nothing. Bubba has therefore concluded that 300 years ago,Texas had already gone wireless.'
  26. Here are my two shots up for consideration of the judges this week. I want to dedicate them to Paul Wilkins, who received much crap for posting some postcard shot, yet he took it like a champ and doesn't hate us (I hope). I really like his "other" style of photography, which I nicknamed "bathroom hyper-realism", and seeing his photos reminded me that I had to keep looking around for opportunities, because they're always there, everywhere, and if they're not captured, it's the photographer's fault. Our fault.

    The first shot is a different view at panoramics (not just for branches, Tom!); click through for a larger version. The second is a different look at feet :) Both taken with K10D + FA 50mm f/1.4, if anybody asks. And for all the people that complain, myself included, Border Feet was shot at ISO1600.
    Bottle Hole

    Border Feet
  27. Oh yeah, Alisa, they're in colour!!!!!!!!!! ;-)

    Roger, that bird is freakin' me out, man!
  28. I've got three shots of the same subject this week. I really like how the vivitar 100mm macro lets you change scale and come up with different shots. I think this is just a weed in our rock garden. Interesting textures at many different levels though. Here we are starting out with the big picture:
  29. Medium sized weed.
  30. I am the weird guy who doesn't like tripod and I force myself to take it out to shoot sunset one day last week, and for my first day out with the tripod, the only shot that I like is on the tripod and the sunset shots were done without tripod again. Perhaps, I need more time in learning my tripod.

    And when I finally used it, I forget to turn SR off on the unplanned fireworks night, inspired by Mis's post on official July 4th thread. I made way many mistakes in the shots without SR turned off and I have a 15 year old kid with a DA 300 and a Holga next to me taking about D700 but he doesn't have tripod but a ledge to put his camera on. I felt compelled to make the shot with those Nikon clicking noises next to me and I forget to check my settings and that my camera is all on manual focus but in infinity -- I felt an idiot but lucky I got some shots.


  31. And here is the closeup: Man, how did I get such terrible luck to surround Hin Man's post this week? Had to run in and see what the ruckus was about that my son was making in the bathtub. I guess it is my own fault for not learning how to remotely link to photos yet. Now I know what it is like to be a band opening for the main act.
  32. I always carry the Pentax K10D with me now and made over 700 photos this week, a cruel thing to choose only 3 out of completly different themes to show as best ones... The first photo is a real candid with no second chance and therefore technical somewhat weak but I like it anyway :)
  33. the local photo club arranged a historical 1900 style photo shooting with wonderful costumes and I managed to get some incredible shots of the models preparing for it :)
  34. My heart is bleeding when a to be unnamed Pentaxian considers selling such a jewel of a Pentax lens :)
  35. finally the photo....
  36. and an extra one from the historical photo session
  37. Hin, were your fireworks shots taken on the tripod? Did you use an IR remote and/or 2s delay? If so, the SR was automatically turned off. And I already told you how much I liked your fireworks shots :)

    Andrew, very neat progression, a bit like a power-of-ten Discovery Channel kinda thing.

    Markus, I love the diver. Great technique comes to the rescue, huh?
  38. Those are really splendid weeds, Andrew!
  39. trw


    Found these guys on the beach.
  40. Wow, every week it gets tougher and tougher to decide on a Fav. They are all quite god, but that ''SNAIL'' is quite cool and I also like Venus over philly.
  41. A pendulum that knocks down a pin every 10 minutes that the ''earth'' rotates...... [​IMG] A very old telescope.... [​IMG] My twins picking Einsteins nose. (yes they are identical.) [​IMG] My son playing with the K100D super I passed on to him. [​IMG]
  42. Foucault pendulums absolutely fascinate me... making the rotation of the earth directly observable is quite a feat of engineering. anyway, i went to the zoo yesterday:
  43. What a great collection again! Iメm especially in love with the diversity of it all.

    Inspired by Miserereメs wonderful leaf ヨpicture of last weekメs POW, <br>
    I tried some of my own, coming up with different thing altogetherナ. :)
    <img src="http://album.zoom.nl/public_images/17779/TrnmT0.jpg">
    <br> bleed <br>
    <img src="http://album.zoom.nl/public_images/17779/EMlB6M.jpg">
    <br> sunset <br>
    <img src="http://album.zoom.nl/public_images/17779/6ct9cq.jpg">
    Feuilles dメamour
  44. O Shiva, I take my hat, camera, and Photoshop CD and lay them at your feet. Wow... "Bleed" is just amazing. I find the leaf shaped like a bird and it seems to be about to fly away, abandoning the water drop as it goes. Beautiful! [heads off to remove his leaf pic from Flickr]

    PS: When you have a moment, could you return my stuff to me. Thanks!
  45. Another amazing display of Pentaxian creativity - great shots by all - a very impressive gallery of submissions. Doug's "Sunday Ride" and the "Jump into Lake Zurich" by Markus are superbly timed capture. Robert's "Venus Over Philly" is my favorite this week, I like the way the lights pull you down the street. Here are 2 quick shots from me. One is a panorama taken from the deck of my house - I started trying pano shots after reading a few earlier threads. I still need practice. Cheers.
  46. Here's the second....
  47. Wow another great string of photos! The most striking photos to me so far are; Guy's first flower, Roberts E-Gull, Roger's Buzzard, Hin's last fireworks shot, Andrew's last weed shot, and O'Shiva's bleeder...

    I got nuthin new for ya as I was quite the homebody this week. I did spend some time going through my China Chongqing Zoo photos from May, trying to edit them better and posting them to flickr. I will cheat and post a couple.


  48. Hin Man, your fireworks shot are wonderful. What really makes them for me is the crescent moon in the background. Seriously cool.
    Duane, St. John's shot is great. i am curious, which St. John's is it? Newfoundland? I guess I can read your bio. I'll do that.
    Great shots all. They are indeed all around us, we just ned to see them.
  49. Love the diving shot, the buzzard, O's leaves. I was thinking of trying something similar after seeing Mis' lovely original, but if I do I will not now be sharing. So instead I will rip off another poster... Here's a portrait, Inspired By Fredrik. Or at least it is a very sincere flattery. :) I had the shot in color and something about the eyes reminded me of those lovely BW he's been posting so I tried to replicate the effect. Not quite, but I like it.
  50. Best week yet! Everyone is outdoing themselves. There is just some really amazing images here today. I went hiking today so I have some macros, some friends and some landscape shots, etc.. If you want to see the whole album, click this http://homepage.mac.com/tmaher3/Stone%20Chairs/large- 1.html If you want to just see the macros, click this http://homepage.mac.com/tmaher3/Stone%20Chairs/large-63.html
  51. sorry - first link was broken - It's http://homepage.mac.com/tmaher3/Stone%20Chairs/large-1.html
  52. Nick: I'm so flattered. I've never posted anything that cute in my life. Anna is so beautiful.. Can't wait till I get home this sommer and visit my niese. Markus: Like last week you have posted one of my favourite pictures. The diver is phenomenal. I love the way it reminds me of a really great polaroid, but with the detail of the k10d. Really very good. Well, it's been a busy non-picture-taking week, but in the spirit of the 4.th of july weekend for most of you guys i hope it's OK to post something from our national day. PP'd this week, of course. First out is the man who loves my mom, a very kind and gentle minded man. I have no choice to post something other than B&W after Nick's post. Hope you don't mind.
  53. And the second is a precious moment. BTW::: Garry: Your wife must be a trusting woman. Your colleagues are beautiful. Get a dias/slide machine to show your picture's true potential. Velvia is beautiful when it "clicks", it is terribly "nervous" though.. Personally I like very very very good negatives, if your goal is to digitialize or print it. Myfavourite is the Fuji Reala 100. John Paul Treen: The swan is beautiful. Mis had the exact right words for it... Dave: Watching the river flow is a great capture. I really like those "behind their back" pictures. Mis: Those could be my feet. Really. And my shot, you just beat me to it. I love it. And colour. WOW. Where was I, oh yeah, the next shot. I like it, hope You do as well.. Cheers Fredrik
  54. Oh what the heck. Here's one for the colour fanatics amongst us. The above B&W's were taken with the 43mm limited, a very special lens. The next was taken with a vivitar 70-150 zoom which is just plain fun. A Rose for Mrs. Duclos. Where are the cats? Cheers Fredrik
  55. There was a three picture max limit wasn't it?
  56. Maybe there's an extra cannister in it?
  57. Sorry
  58. Johan: I love the "all you an eat" picture. Is it in Holland? Roken is dodelijk, sounds dutch to me. Is it so cool with the guy smoking just beneath the sign, (to the left), great capture.
  59. It is so cool..... not is it, wasn't a question, sorry.

    This is all Justin's fault and you know it. Putting cannisters in my head.

    Typos be gone.
  60. well the evening family walk produced something for the week that I could post and not be cheating.. ;-)
  61. oh wait.. this was taken with my p&s.. still cheating... sorry.. :)
  62. ok so here's another one from my pentax from the walk.. not much of a shot because i was trying to also keep up with my walking family, but it shows the potential of this little underpass that I found... i'll have to head back there sometime soon without the crew.. ok so now the only way i'm cheating is that I've posted four pictures.. shoot me..
  63. Fredrik, love the hands SO, MUCH. I need to be more around people and less around computers... :-( Todd, you have something there. Those birds, the nests, the shadows... Slap some high-contrast B&W on it a la Fredrik, and see what happens. And if you're gonna cheat, so am I! Your picture reminded me of this:
  64. What an idiot, I cheat, and I do it wrong. I posted the wrong pic... :-s OK Todd, maybe now you'll really see why your photo reminded me of THIS:
  65. ha! both those pics are sweet!

    "those birds, the nests, the shadows...." but you forgot to mention the poop! :-D
  66. Thanks for all your inspiring photos and the comments on my contributions! I enjoy the Pentax POW every week silently and I'm sure your different shooting styles will also influence my work in the future with some fresh ideas for even more Pentax moments. Since we seem to like food photography, take a Swiss sweet and enjoy the week :) greetings, Markus
  67. Great shots again as usual. As a cyclist and a fan of cycling I'm a bit partial to the bike racing shot. Love it!! Another 3 day weekend in the books for me, 2 days of hiking and a lazy 4th of July. 12GB total to weed thru at some point.
    Interesting note, the K20D shot over 10GB (2.5 days worth) on a single battery. This included 10second to 40 second exposures of fireworks, some live view, and LCD reviews by various members of the group, and fill flash on about 1GB of shots. The K10D never seemed to be a battery hog to me, but I probably never used the LCD and fill flash nearly as much for as many shots and got this life. Very impressed!!!
    Any how, these were posted earlier in the week under my other thread but this is what I have if you missed it:
  68. I love the POW. What a great idea to get it started here.. and it's really incredible the great photos that get posted every week. I was kind of caged all week, but got invited on the weekend to go boating at Lake Pleasant. What an amazing place.. At one point there were about 150-200 boats all in the same cove..tethered in 2 or three lines, where everyone could hop from boat to boat .. sample drinks.. meet people, or just enjoy the views :)
    As to this weeks offerings.. Guy: #1 is outstanding
    Robert: I like your first shot with the lights, but the second appeals to me more.. the first flag on the right is the Lebanese one :)
    John-Paul: Beautiful setting for the swan.
    Garry: You are doing great with your temporary transition to film. It is a lot of fun working with a manual camera isn't it? Nice picture of Belle.. she's very pretty, and thanks for thinking of me!!! LOL.
    Dave: I like the effect.. might have preferred getting the pants whiter, but otherwise a nice shot.
    Johan: Nice street scene..
    Saint Bruce: I am sure your wife said it all!!!
    Doug: The cyclists photo is a tremendous capture.
    Roger: Is that real! Wow.. what colors and eyes. By the way, I kind of noticed the disappearing mesh as well a few weeks ago when I was at the zoo.. I thought it was a lost cause when i took the photo.
    Mis: Much as I like the sneakers.. I really liked Bottle hole. One of my favorites this week!
    Andrew: I kind of like # 2.. and #1 does not look overly saturated.
    Hin: I can't believe you are unhappy with those fireworks shots! The silhouettes in the water.. the moon.. they are just awesome! Your tripod shot on the other hand.. isn't it a bit cumbersome to carry around just so you can add foreground to a shot ? LOL.
    Marcus: Hats off to your Zurich diver. There were people jumping into the water every 2 minutes where I was.. I snagged nary a shot!
    Javier: that old telescope is neat. Is it still functional?
    Adam: This must be Lebanese week.. first the flag, and then a camel.. I feel right at home :)
    O Shiva: Bleed is just excellent! But I kind of like Feuilles d'amour quite a bit.
    Duane: Nice Pano.. I haven't been back there for 20 odd years. Looks like it's grown some.
    Todd: That little munchkin is adorable :) 20 years from now she'll be one of Garry's colleagues! LOL
    Nick: That's a great shot of Anna.. turned out really nice
    Tom: Always impressed with dragonflies and damselflies..
    Fredrik: The Hands is really impressive..
    Todd: You are over your limit, otherwise I would tell you that those birds under the bridge are something you should look into another time.. lol
    Mis: Is it you, or are more people jumping off things in general? Glad you posted the first pic.. I like the fact that it's a shadow.
    Marcus: I think I am going to order that lens right now.. it wont make me any less hungry tho :)
    Umm..yeah.. I plan on a little bit of cheating as well.. just so you can get a feel for where I was.
  69. Hands.. but not as interesting :)
  70. Somebody's little kid. He jumped around incessantly for 3 hours! Cute little guy :)
  71. One of the line of boats tethered together.. we were at the end of this line.. with probably another 30 or so between us.
  72. And this one is for Garry.. some young ladies who wandered by :)
  73. Geesh - I get busy for a day, and now look at all the content!

    Hin - again, your fireworks are amazing.

    Andrew - your weed rocks.

    Markus - love the dive, but the snail is incredible!

    Javier, tell your kids I would have done exactly the same thing to Einstein - but totally out of respect of course!

    O Shiva - I like Feuilles dメamour a lot.

    OK, got to skip along here:

    Tom love your yellow dragonfly. Is it cropped?

    Frederik, I love the hands shot. By the way, thanks for the film advice.

    Markus - those candies look great!

    Haig - did you give them my email address? We are still hiring. Originally only had one more position open, but
    now suddenly we have two!
  74. Garry, I believe it is. Most of the ones I took yesterday probably are as I couldn't get very close to those dragonflies..
  75. Here's a New Jersey blue-tailed skink.. [​IMG]
  76. another angle.. [​IMG]
  77. one last shot.. another dragon fly. [​IMG]
  78. Nice work, Tom--love the skinks!
  79. Markus, Justin, Haig, Tom, all great shots... I think Haig is making it a little too obvious though that he is having WAY TOO MUCH fun... :-D
  80. That skink is really nice Tom.. I do prefer the first shot..
    and Todd.. I went and sat in the sun and heat all day just to get you guys and Garry some nice pics.. and I get accused of having too much fun! Sheeeesh!
    It sure made a nice change tho from shooting pics of jewelry sitting inside a white cube. By the way, I found some fascinating software called HeliconFocus. You can take 20 or 30 shots while changing your focus point (carefully.. need a very sturdy tripod) and then Helicon combines them for you using only the in-focus parts from each photo.. neat huh?
  81. Yeah well, if I can't have too much fun myself then all I can do is accuse others of having it. I have seen that software on the web before and thought it looked interesting but too much fun (in this case difficult fun) for me... Did you try it? I am of course wondering if this nice ring shot is a result of the HeliconFocus process, but then I think not because you say 'no PP'...
  82. Sorry, it is a result of the Helicon Focus.. but I meant no further pp.. ( I would clean out the bottom of the ring, brighten and do a variety of things to get the diamonds sparkling more.. etc..) The software is easy to use.. and you get a 30 day trial period. It's quite important for this type of stuff.. but it would be interesting to play with as well.
  83. Haig - thanks for the skink comment. Post more babes. The fewer clothes the better. Chicks making out with each other with few or no clothes would be best. Get on that. K?
  84. Thanks Robert, it is St. John's, Newfoundland. The pano shot was taken from the Kilbride area of St. John's, overlooking Bowering Park. Nick, your photo of "Anna" is amazing. Haig - wow, there's a tremendous amount of detail reflected on the sunglasses of the two young ladies - nice shot.
  85. What amazing pictures this week! I have to admit - I didn't take any pictures this week. I spent the last week researching media equipment. I finally decided on a tv model (yesterday), and a PS3 (just for the benefit of playing Blu-ray) today. I guess that this is another way to avoid camera/lens shopping... :D

    Frederik, thanks' for the beautiful flower. The Duclos name I was born with - I'm not a Mrs. Besides, you're more than welcome to call me Rose. (It sounds a whole lot more friendly around here without succumbing to using honorifics. )
  86. Ha, cheers for the "dedication" up there, Miserere... Nice colours/exposure on "Bottle Hole", BTW... And yeah, a
    few months ago it seemed half my pics had feet in them, so I do understand the attraction... :)

    Markus, I remember being a little critical of those gasworks shots you posted earlier in the year, but I've seen
    a lot of impressive stuff from you since then... I bet that shot of the guy diving into Lake Zurich would work
    well in B&W too. I particularly like the highlights on the feet, of course... :)

    My personal favourite is Todd's mysterious "Steak Escape" shot... Me being me, I probably would have dragged it
    kicking and screaming into Lightroom to wreak havok with its histogram, but this "au naturel" version still works
    for me... :)
  87. Great shots folks.
    I'm partial to the bike race shot. Love the action.
    The buzzard gives me the goosebumps for some reason.
    And the Panda looks like me on a Sunday afternoon during football season.
  88. Here's a couple from our annual blues festival last weekend.
  89. Here's Kim Wilson...
  90. Haig, i never realized you were Lebanese. most of my step-family is from Lebanon, and my sister just acquired the name Kasoof (along with a Lebanese husband -- i guess that's more important). i wouldn't be too surprised if we knew some of the same people.
  91. I grew up in Lebanon.. left there when the civil war started in 1976.. I usually go back for a visit once a year.. but have missed out the last 2 years, and probably 2008 as well..
  92. My favorite color in dragonflies [​IMG]
  93. Hi Paul,
    gladly I still saw your message. I like honest critic of my photos and you had some valid and well stated points with the gaswork photos. Please feel free to do so aigain, I really appriciate your opinion.
    Hi Rod, yes the blue dragonflies are wonderful and you captured it very well. Every month has a different kind with another color here, just like living diamonds.I like the biggest ones (8-10cm) called "Mosaikjungfer" in German but they are hard to photograph because they seldom sit down for a few seconds.

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