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  1. Can I do the honors this week by kicking off ? <br>
    By the way it's confusing, in europe we state first the day, then month, then year, like 7-9-08 or officially
    07-09-08. <br> <br>
    Trying to limit my share to one pic only, but I couldn’t resist…..
    <br> Look what the cat dragged in….
    <br> <br>

    <img src="http://album.zoom.nl/public_images/17779/SudOeS.jpg">
    <br> end of summer….(naturel)
    <br> <br>

    <img src="http://album.zoom.nl/public_images/17779/D5hBbm.jpg">
    End of summer (tonemapped)
  2. Poor birdie.. that being said, I guess there was not much you could do at that point. I like the tonemapped photo a lot more.. brings all the textures out in the tree trunk a lot more. And there are all those lines..
    Now for those of you that have young children.. I took a trip into the wild jungles of Borneo to bring you the plight of parents everywhere..
  3. Scene 1
  4. Oops
  5. Scene 2
  6. While I was at the Phoenix zoo yesterday, I ran across some flamingoes, not really my favorite bird, but the plumage on this one was too pretty to ignore.. (incidentally, the Phoenix zoo also happens to have a baby orangutan that's about 2 years old)
  7. I went out to the country Friday afternoon to play with the late summer light in advance of Hannah. The drying corn was really aglow and I also wanted to explore the humid haze. Another issue I'm wrestling with is how to capture the shapes and lines of the countryside. Sometimes, I think, sharpness and detail can really distract attention from those elements, so I tried to subdue them in pp.
  8. I went fishing again...
  9. I do the same O Shiva with the date but then having a Greek Father and my Mom's family goes back to the UK, I
    guess that's to be expected.I really like he tonemapped version with the enhanced details.

    Haig I sear I've seen that look (both) many times from my boys. Great moments captured. The hand above is a
    little creepy though. The Flamingo is very nice and you could probably crop it on the left a bit.

    Dave, I like the look. Maybe next time try just doing that in camera. Either open the lens up and limit the DOF
    or soft focus the shot. But I really like the look of the shot, the way it's composed and the lines.

    I though we had the picture limit settled on 3 per person??? Only one now. Maybe I missed a post somewhere but
    I'm going to stay at 3 if I have anything worth sharing. and I like seeing more of others work. It gives me some
    ideas. It's also nice to see what others find interesting.
  10. Looks like you had a good catch (and dinner) with a relaxing day Bob. Looks Tasty! So finally something from me that isn't photo work related. This Heron was doing some fishing and I had an early morning wedding that was over at 4PM (love those ones!) So I took the 1000mm with me just in case.On the way home, there he was. Hurricane Hanna was starting to cloud things over, so the light wasn't great and this was hand held. [​IMG] And the day before this spider found a housefly to have a picnic. I was actually chasing bees in the flowering tree that's in the background but had the wrong tool attached (Bellows and 105mm) Just too slow for a fast moving bee. [​IMG] Finally just experimenting with shallow DOF on these tiny flowers in the tree behind the spider. Garry got me thinking macros this week and even the backyard is a great place to hang out. [​IMG] Finally I've got a Sigma 105mm Macro on the way. I had this lens once before and can't wait to get out there with it again!
  11. A great start to the week.

    Haig - I love the flamingo. Getting him to look the other way makes it more interesting.

    Bob - Great fish shot. Beautuful colours.
  12. It's Sunday! Already!!! Going to work tomorrow, damn! [​IMG]
  13. O Shiva, your cat really knows how to say thank you!

    Haig, scene 1 is a neat capture but the hand above is a little disconcerting. Wow - the pink flamingo.

    Dave, great composition, nice contrast between nature and asphalt.

    Bob, you're cooking lunch right? Great trout.

    Peter, that creepy little spider is exceptionally well captured, I guess the housefly was too. Superb shot with
    great DOF and vibrant color.

    Here are a couple of more coastal shots from me...
  14. Ooops, I think Guy and I were posting at the same time and my pic got lost in the shuffle. Here's the first..
  15. And the second...
  16. Many Old Order Amish buggies pass this way. Thought I would try this in B+W.
  17. Sporty *istD and it's owner had a look under the bridges of Zurich and met some skaters, bikers and graffiti :)
  18. skating away, skating away, on the thin ice of a new day (Jethro Tull)
  19. and one for the moto bikers
  20. trw



    (see more by clicking)
  21. O Shiva I'm just making progress on b&w conversion and now I have to learn about tone mapping? That's a rhetorical question: yours is so good, I just have to (at my own snail's pace.)

    Bob that IS a nice trout--I'm so envious! Nice photo too!

    I hate spiders, Peter--except yours which is splendid!

    Those are really nice sea-scapes, Duane! (You wont be surprised that I like morning mist the best ;~)

    Nice bridge, Bruce! Any chance of getting the same shot with a buggy on the bridge?

    The light on the skater has a wonderful quality, Markus--very nice shot!
  22. Wow, this week has some really good pictures! The 2nd 'End of Summer' looks more peaceful, but maybe that's because it was shot at a different angle. Bob- The 'Pretty Brown Trout' looks like it should be in a magazine. Markus- Nice shot, but my head still rings with the roar of motorcycles. I heard rumbling while I tried to photographed waterfalls, deer, bear, and everything else.....all weekend! I went to a secluded spot to look for my friend Jack, and as I drove up, he came running towards me!
  23. Even he looked when a white car almost hit his brother/sister. BTW, these were taken with Tamron 75-300mm @ around 200mm.
  24. I also went to the far reaches of the Earth where the mountains scrape the sky. I'm not too sure about the composition of this shot, but it looked like the mountains said, "NO!"
  25. Markus, Don't you know that any Pentax camera can't take fast action sports shots?? Fess up, what camera did you really use? :) Good stuff Btw

    Nice scene Bruce and good B&W conversion. You have to go back when the buggies are going through and either clone out or isolate the power lines, then add a touch of Sepia to the final image.

    Guy, Love the reeds in the water shot.

    Trent, That is an odd flower, what is it?

    Duane, More great stuff from the Rock.
  26. I guess I need to dispel the mystery of the disembodied hand.. it's mama orangutan playing with the youngster from her comfortable perch. I guess i could have photoshopped it out.. but haven't had time to play much with the photos..
  27. Mama and youngster
  28. great photos everyone!

    O Shiva I like the second version too and now i have to go goole what tonemapping is and mess with it.. ;-)

    Haig - Borneo? You teleported there and then brought that little guy back back with you to the Phoenix zoo? Wow! Those are nice captures and I feel for mom and pop.

    Dave that photo works for me! Nice work!

    That's a stunning cannon scene Duane!

    Nice comp Bruce!

    Markus you are Mr Cool this week. Nice shots and I agree that lighting is nice!

    Bob those are some nice catches!

    Peter your shots always wow me and the spider shot is my fave this week.

    Guy that first shot is really beautiful. Colors and lines and dof oh my!

    Jon that's neat that your buddy looks out for you too! nice captures!

    Beautiful flower and lighting on that shot Trent!
  29. trw


    Angel trumpet.
  30. Good stuff so far. Just two for me this week. The first is another macro. I didn't post this one in my thread about macro shots as I still needed to work on it. Well, here it is, a 2:1 shot of a drop caught in the join of a cluster of leaf stems. K20D and "Frankenstein".
    And then I have been inspired by recent threads on black and white conversion, so I tried to follow some of the advice. This is my first photoshop black and white conversion using the channels mixer, in fact, photoshop and I are still trying to get to know each other! I found out this evening that I can't get any brushes to activate, just the little hand stays there all the time. Blow me if I can figure this stuff out! Well, at least the image adjustment things seem to work. The shot was at -1EV due to her bright white shirt and helmet, and that gave it a nice dark background. K20D, Tamron SP 500mm Mirror lens.
    Will comment on photos later tomorrow when more have been put up.
  31. Duane: Amazing how these old cannons are still around! Nice views <br>
    Bruce: You need a buggy! lol. I think the above suggestions were good :) <br>
    Markus: Nice action shots with the 50mm.. I like the shadows with the biker. That unicorn is pretty.. <br>
    Trent: Neat flower.. It's a bit dark I think, but maybe just my monitor.. <br>
    Jon: Your buddy Jack looks great in that first shot.. I also like the ethereal quality of your mountain shot. <br>
    Dave: I like the lines.. however, I think you would be well served to have at least a tiny bit of the photo in focus to
    serve as a starting point .. like maybe the very front of the road? I think the eye needs to anchor somewhere as a
    start. <br>
    Bob: That is a beautiful fish, and the photo certainly does it justice.. When's dinner? <br>
    Peter: I like your flower petals.. though I think having the background a bit darker would have worked better for me..
    your spider on the other hand looks way too real.. glad to hear that he is sated. <br>
    Guy: That yellow bud is very pretty to look.. but it's those bw reeds that take the day! <br>
    Garry: The macro is kind of ok.. but you did great with the mirror lens. Very clean, and good contrasts. <br>
    Todd: Teleportation device.. Umm.. yeah.. standard issue with a K10d.. you mean you didn't get one?
  32. @O-Shiva, I like the second. Just yesterday i ran across a dead squirrel that I considered shooting but got distracted. It is sad to see dead animals, but it is a way of life...
    @Haig, I see you shot one of my cousins...Is that james or jamal? LOL...
    @Dave, I got to tell you. I am a great fan of yours and in particular your river and landscape shots, but this one does not do it for me. Perhaps it is my eye sight.
    @Bob, Love the composition, especailly the real in the back ground. Good detail and color ''bravo''
    @Peter, That is one fine Spider. Love the details on legs and the bokeh kicks butt..Wish the legs where all there though. ''bravo''
    @Guy, that first of your three is very pleasant to look at.The bokeh is smooth and the sharpness and contrast comes out well..
    @Duane, that canon shot is my Favorite so far. I love history and to see that 200 year old canon is precious...''BRAVO''
    @Bruce, Beautiful and wonderful use of b&w and very pleasant tones..''bravo''
    @Markus, love the first and third. Great color and sharpness. Well done ..'''bravo''
    @Trent, A great choice, I love the use of the dark back ground. I enjoyed the entire gallery.
    @John, I like the third. I think if you cloned out the vignetting on the left corner you would have a home run. It is a very pleasant image to look at and relax...I like the bluish tone and the green really comes out...''bravo''
  33. Haig, didnt come with the K100D. But that's the best reason to upgrade that I've come across yet!

    Wow Garry that macro is amazing! And you did a great work on the b/w shot!

    Got my 50mm in the mail this week and not as much time as I'd like to try it out yet, but I sure have the itch! I am in the desert at a hotel right now with the fam and had a great shot of one my daughters but turned out that I forgot to switch the iso off of 3200 from another test and so the shot was ruined.. There could be some nice shots if I'd just go outside but I am more of an air conditioning kind of guy in 117 degree temps..

    I did take the cam out to dinner last night and found a bird with a big beak.

    out in the parking lot after dinner (can you tell I'm desperate to use this lens?)

    back in the hotel room, our daughter Abigail and grandma like to come up with creative desserts for the desert.. So we had pound cake with toppings from the local frozen yogurt shop this time.. (i prefer the large ice cream sundae they usually come up with)

    I am on my laptop where the lcd is not so bright so can't tell if i did ok with the pp or not...
  34. I did a very bad thing...I shot a wedding last weekend...
  35. By far and away, my most favorite type of photography is street shooting and in particular capturing strangers and using them as props...Here are some of my favs from the week..... [​IMG] - [​IMG] - [​IMG] -
  36. Some very lively photos here, and I mean that literally. :)
    Mind if I join in ?
    Juan Martin del Potro (Legg Mason Tennis in D.C.)
  37. Javier I really like that first one! great comp! The other two are good too!

    Michael that's some nice timing! wow
  38. And one more then...
  39. love it! love the old fashioned feel!
  40. Here's a couple with the DA*300. First is a coneflower from my flower/weed garden. And then a shot of our Terry Fox monument. [​IMG] [​IMG]
  41. Bruce - great bridge, you've captured a lot of atmosphere with that shot.

    Markus - excellent skateboard action shots, sharp with outstanding image quality, well done indeed.

    Trent - what kind of plant is that? It photographs nicely.

    Dave - thanks, and thank you for the advice on that those key lighting times.

    Jon - excellent pic of Jack, that's a close up close-up.

    Garry - more great macro work,

    Todd, Javier and Haig - the cannon in the photo is a 24 Pound naval gun installed in the Queen's Battery in 1834. Prior to that the battery had been equipped with 18 Pound naval guns and the 18 pounders were used here during the last North American battle of the Seven Years War.

    Todd - sugar overload - it's a good thing kids are as active as they are.

    John-Paul - wonderful wedding candid.

    Javier - great shots - I really like the composition and detail on the first. Heck I can even make out small details on the Sharp ARC-260M copier, duplex unit and finisher (sorry - I used to work for Sharp!).

    Michael - another superb sports shot this week. Well done, with all these great action shots the Canikon crowd may start come over this way looking for advice! Kudos.

    Patrick - absolutely wonderful capture of the Terry Fox monument. It brought back the memory of seeing him dip his leg in the North Atlantic. It was a cold misty day, I was 10 and was completely awestruck that this man with one leg was going to run across Canada. My father (now deceased) brought me down to meet Mr. Fox. Thanks for making me remember that.
  42. @Garry, love the motor bike shot,

    @Todd, the colors on the tocan are ''great'' Love the shot...

    @Trent, The wedding singer image is simply precious...''Bravo'' Was that a 50 f/1.4?

    @Michael, great action photography! A bump in ISO would have made that a real winner. :)

    @Patrick, I like statue. I really like the detail in your image.
  43. "Heck I can even make out small details on the Sharp ARC-260M copier, duplex unit and finisher (sorry - I used to work for Sharp!). " that's classic!

    Patrick those are great shots and I've really enjoyed cruising through your photostream over there..
  44. Thanks for the suggestions for my picture.

    O Shiva - interesting change in color, works for the bird. Yes, the US has lots of illogical or outmoded measures: date representation,inches, gallons, etc.

    Haig - junior's expression is priceless and matches the caption. The flamingo composition is nice.

    Dave - nice strong diagonals, perhaps even less detail for the corn? I do these too, but I don't intend to.

    Bob - nice color and clarity; adding the rod and net adds to it.

    Peter - nice reflection of the heron. With a 1000mm? The red bits nicely accent the pale colors.

    Guy - I very much like the second shot with the subtle reflections and good light balance.

    Duane - nice colors for both.

    Markus - you sure capture the Zurich that tourists don't see. Great dynamic composition.

    Trent - very dramatic composition.

    Jon - great shots, Jack must not be too afraid of people. Did you use an Acme lens?

    Garry - the B+W is nicely balanced.

    Todd - nice composition and colors for the bird.

    John-Paul - why a bad thing? She's happy.

    Javier - so, in Hollywood there are pop academicians? I particularly like the corridor shot.

    Michael - nice action shot with just the right amount of blur for the ball and racket.

    Patrick - with a 300? Very nice flower shot.

    Outstanding again this week, I aspire to doing as well as you.
  45. Simply sweet images folks... will comment later as I am late for a date... anyway, here's my one feeble image I was able to get this week.
    Happy Days
  46. Didn't Pauls idea of a separate "POW comments" thread make it? Thanks anyway for your remarks
    on sporty *istD!
  47. Markus, I guess people have voted with their fingers... :) Which is how it should be, of course, so I'm fine with that.
  48. Let me comment on the pics I find appealing <br>

    Haig: that first shot really does it (and would’ve been enough). <br>
    Dave: I think I understand what you wanted with your blurred september, but you should really try tonemapping or some pp in that line to amplify an ambience. <br>
    Bob: I’m envious of your trout-fishing, and the picture is good too. <br>
    Peter: that heron is truly splendid against that background. <br>
    Guy: the macro is top, but the waterplant is something else altogether ! <br>
    Duane: scrolling the morning mist till just below the rock makes it a much stronger picture. <br>
    Markus: that first (bikers) picture is the one! <br>
    Jon: that first Jack is close to perfection, all you need to do is remove the greenery above his left-ear. And you really spoil that mountain picture with the watermark, I don’t think that’s neccesary at all. <br>
    John-paul: lovely, lovely action shot at the wedding. <br>
    Patrick: very subtle flower, modest yet impressive. <br>
  49. Thanks for the comments everyone. Some awesome shots and I'll update my thoughts later on this weeks additions.

    Bruce, Yes the Heron was shot with a 1000mm Meade telescope (f10 fixed). It's slow and very old school but can give me some shots that I could not otherwise take. I posted some other shots from the lens in this thread if you want to have a look at what it can do. http://www.photo.net/casual-conversations-forum/00Qgv4

    O Shiva, Thanks. I could have shot the Heron from several angles (it was in a shallow cove) but from this spot the green field near the water changed the water surface colour. It was tough to get focus but I liked it better than the water looking gray-blue from the other choices.
  50. Good job, gang! I LOVED Guy's reeds shot. Far and away my favourite this week. Really splendid job, Guy.

    Paul, I think it's fine for people to comment on the photos they've liked here, but start a parallel PoW thread for actual criticisms. I thought that was the idea...

    I see Peter is going to be dangerous with a dedicated macro lens in his hands. Watch out, Garry!

    O Shiva, at least this poor bird's death served to inspire some art. And I agree the 2nd version is the best.

    I don't have much to show. On Friday I went out on a Bust-a-Prime™ walk when I left work. This time I used an old M42 Hanimex 200mm f/3.5. First off, let me explain that I love shots that should not be, like my first one. Taken indoors, in flourescent light, with a suposedly crappy lens (the Hanimex), at high ISO on a camera that supposedly has crappy high ISO performance (the K10D). Oh, and it's a picture of a fast-moving 4-year old using manual focus!

    My colleagues have cute daughters; take that, Garry!

    Dozing Off at the Bus Stop
  51. Once again awesome shots everyone. No matter whether it is a very special scene, person, or thing or the most mundane subject, you guys really make great pics out of every opportunity. I was only going to post one shot like was mentioned on the thread the other day, but my wife shreiked, "Come here and look at this thing!" Well, it's dark now and I had her shine a flashlight on the subject and he ran away pretty fast so I only got a couple of quick shots. Not nearly as nice of a capture as Peter's. Not as sharp or illuminated as I would like but it had a really neat body and coloration. My wife looked it up on the internet and apparently it is a Marbled Orbweaver.
  52. Awesome portrait, Mis--really a tour de force!

    Bob: did I mention that I hate spiders? ;~)

    Duane: The reason I recommended shooting early and late in the day is that these are also prime times for fishing so I'm well acquainted with the enchantment of those times on the water.

    Thanks all for the comments on my little experiment--I got some great suggestions. I think Peter & Haig are right that I have to start with the capture (not rely on pp) and that *something* has to be reassuringly in focus. And I will research tone-mapping, O Shiva--as much because of the bird as the suggestion.
  53. just one this week:
  54. Mis - that is a LOVELY portrait. I am sure your colleague will be happy. I went to the University of Wisconsin football game this weekend. I would have needed a wider angle to really capture it, but here's a LOT of people wearing red. :)
  55. And I tried some off camera flash for macro - this isn't technically right, but I like how the ring lights up.
  56. Adam, that is just plain FUNNY! I knew exactly what the pic was about even before I read your comment. Ha ha ha, what a wonderful capture, Adam. And extra brownie points for making it B&W ;-)
  57. I was away from civilization today so will post a bit late in the day. I'm also cheating a bit with a couple more photos from last weeks coast trip. Got a lot of shots I liked and want to see what you folks think. I am often surprised which photos people like and which are duds (obvious from the lack of response on some shots). It is a learning process. I was going out to move the sprinkler in the lawn when I came across a feather oddly sticking up. I thought it might be an interesting subject and took a lot of shots from far away which did nothing for me upon review in the computer. I think this closeup is kind of neat though. Macro just increases the possible subjects exponentially.
  58. Next was kind of a disappointment that was saved (partially) by going to B&W. I need to start carrying a soft brush with me to clean off dirt and spiderwebs. I always get busy and forget. This is an Oregon grape that was on the coast.
  59. Here is one more of my son playing on the beach. I think that was the most fun day he has ever had.
  60. I'm diggin your shots Andrew! Especially that Oregon grape. Never seen that before.. I love shots of rich textured leaves like that (or whatever it's called lol)
  61. Mis: thanks for the comment! photos from my parents' kitchen/dining room will forever be b&w, due to the horrid
    combination of incandescent light above our table and fluorescent overhead lights.
  62. Andrew, that first shot is stunning. fantastic color and sharpness.
  63. Thank you for all the generous comments!

    O Shiva: This first bird pic is stunning. Gives a whole new meaning to the expression "nature morte"...

    Haig: That flamingo just pops out of the screen. Great pic!

    Bob: Yes indeed, this should be in a fishing/outdoor sports mag.

    Peter: Excelent! What detail!!!

    Duane: Great shot. Love the clouds.

    Markus: Great color on those skater/biker shot!

    Garry: Nice macro! And what/who is "Frankenstein"?

    Tood: Toucan shot is awesome! Colors are vivid!

    Javier: Nice composition on the elevator shot. Well done.

    Michael: That's a very good sport shot. Congratulations!!!

    Patrick: Terry Fox - You really captured that expression very well.

    Miserere Mei: 4 year old with manual focus? I salute your great skill.

    Andrew: Oregon grape is my pick for this week. Gorgeous. But where are the grapes?
  64. Duane - I'm glad to bring back memories. I was pretty young back then but I remember following Terry Fox's
    journey. Waiting for him to come thru Thunder Bay. But the biggest memory I have of him was his interview from the
    gurney when he stopped. It's pretty incredible what he accomplished and what he started. The monument that they
    placed for him in Thunder Bay is fabulous and one of my favourite places to shoot. The cannon shot... is that from
    Cabot Hill? I spent the summer when I was about 11 or so visiting relatives in Newfoundland. Good memories.

    Todd - Thanks. I quickly looked at your stream too. Some great portraits and the Disney shots are wonderful. The
    toucan above cracks me up. And the video with the rope is really kind of freaky.
  65. Thanks Patrick. When I saw your comment on flickr about the toucan shot making you laugh I thought to myself that was the best comment I've ever had on a photo. ;-)

    I don't know what's freakier though... A dude climbing down the side of a building via rope, or that ginormous sasquatch cat of yours!
  66. I took a recent trip to visit my parents and siblings in Macau. A few pictures to share.

    shot in a well located inside an art museum

    lotus flower

    lotus flower​
  67. @ Bruce- No, I didn't use an 'Acme Lens.' :)

    @ O Shiva-I never noticed the greenery, but close inspection looks like it is in front of his ear. I'll have to work on that. As for the watermark, I never put it on my original file, and having it there keeps everyone friends...right? I didn't have it quite blended enough, so it is more visible than on Jack. Maybe I could have turned it more bluish-grayish-purplish?

    @ Micheal-I like the look on the Tennis player's face. He is very concentrated on hitting the ball!
  68. Hin Man: The second lotus flower pic is a real winner! What lens did you use?
  69. Guy, thanks! I shot both lotus shots with Tamron 70-300 Di LD Macro and the first shot with Tokina AF 19-35 f/3.5-4.5.
  70. Nick, that's the way the Univ. of Maryland football games look like too.

    Bob: I love the Marbled Orbweaver (despite being just a little freaked out by spiders. Not as much as my Dad, I've learned today, after all these years!).

    I found one at our house a couple years ago, and was fascinated by the colors. I got a few shots using a P&S (from my pre-Pentax days). Since it's not POW, and I'm not at home, I won't post it, but maybe someone will start a spiders thread (web?), and we can find out who's REALLY an arachniphobe.

    Peter, your fly-snack shot is killer! =)
  71. Thanks to many for the encouraging words on my tennis photo.

    I'd certainly have appreciated a bump in iso, Javier, but I was at 1600 -- max on the K10D. :)

    Didn't get that camera to shoot action sports at night -- not what I usually photograph -- but I'll say that it and the inexpensive and light weight 50 - 200mm Pentax zoom allowed me to do more than I expected.
  72. Another week of varied and interesting work. It's been a little tough to shoot beyond the backyard here as Hurricane Hanna dumped enough rain to wash out the road from our subdivision. Funny thing though, a new addition to the area is under construction and we will have another exit point next year. Right now I'm home till the work is completed. We are lucky when you see what's happening in the Caribbean today. Just a little rain and flooding. So a couple of snap shots. Nothing artistic here for sure. [​IMG] [​IMG]
  73. So to continue from earlier comments,
    Jon, Love the shots of Jack. he's a beautiful looking creature and well captured. As said before, clone out that
    grass over the right ear in the 1st image and it's about perfect.

    Another great macro Garry. I still have to drop a lens sometime soon.

    Not a bad start with the 50mm Todd.

    John Paul, I like the fun capture of the bride. It almost looks like she's running away and the joke is on him. Fun.

    Javier, they need an Academy to learn how to drink Cola in LA? Nice captures.

    Micheal S, that's very good for ISO 1600. Maybe a touch dark but the action is well captured.

    Patrick, that's one of the better Cone flower shots I've seen. I like the brighter spot in the background, it
    makes the shot.

    Doug, far from feeble. I like the shot and the disk that is visible makes it even better (Happy Days), how
    fitting. good B&W too. It reminds me of a couple of the old diners we still have in this area and how you know
    you are home when you sit down to the chrome edged table/chairs with the smell of fried food in the air. I need
    a salad...

    Miserere, great portrait. I love these shots that catch natural emotions without the subject's knowledge.
    excellent conversion as well. Love the earring and chipped tooth. The smile and sparkle in the eye are winning

    Bob, cool spider. looks Egyptian lol. Interesting markings.

    Fun shot Adam. I've seen that look! he seems serious too. Just back away very slowly....

    Nick, even as a rabid hockey fan living in Canada, I've only seen the "sea of colour" a couple of times. It's

    Andrew the feather is a great still life shot. Very nice in every way. The leaves are a cloning nightmare for
    sure. The shot of your son and the clear joy he's showing instantly brought a smile to my face. Take full
    advantage of these days, my youngest is now 19 and those days are important to you and him. Love the shot, it
    brings back so many memories

    Hin the second Lotus flower is very good. Nice colour and sharpness. Good stuff!.
  74. Peter, That is exactly the point I was making in the other thread. I love those two ''snap shots'' and in particular the first...The two strangers make that photo interesting to me...If they are not there, then it truly would be lacking..I also like that you caught your shadow in the lower right hand corner...
  75. OK, some comments. Thought we were doing a separate comment thread?, but it seems not. If any comments offend, I blame the whiskey! So:
    @ O Shiva - great dead meal! The post processed one that is!<br>
    @ Haig - if only that flamingo was looking at you!<br>
    @ Dave - definitely try an in camera attempt!<br>
    @ Bob Marz - why on earth do you go fishing? You take such cool photos, forget the boring hobby, focus on the interesting one! ;-)<br>
    @ Peter - arachnid rocks!<br>
    @ Guy - 3 stunning photos! Great work! As for "Frankenstein", read this thread, http://www.photo.net/pentax-camera-forum/00Qk9e<br>
    @ Duane - love the first.<br>
    @ Bruce - gotta find me some mist!<br>
    @ Markus - unicorn's represent something, can't remember what right now! Like it.<br>
    @ Trent - what a flower. Kinda somber for a flower. Nice.<br>
    @ Jon - I tried to tame and raise a jackal once. Thing nearly ate my hand off every day, then abandoned me. Nice shots. PS - gotta find me some mist!<br>
    @ Haig - preferred the disbodied hand, spooky.<br>
    @ Garry - ho hum.<br>
    @ Todd - I understnad the COMPULSION to use a lens!<br>
    @ John Paul - yes, you did a bad thing. I will be doing a bad thing too this month. Hope to suck a nicely as you did! Good shots.<br>
    @ Javier - Go street photography! Nice stuff!<br>
    @ Michael - cool shot! You could and should share this on the sports forum's "what did you shoot this weekned?"<br>
    @ Patrick - I want a DA* 300!<br>
    @ Doug - feeble shmeeble! Happy Days makes it work.<br>
    @ MIS! YOU GOT ME DUDE!!!!!!!<br>
    @ Bob Marz - you see? Forget the floppy wet scaly things - look at that BUG dude!
    @ Adam - you got the special mention of the week - that shot will stand forever as a capture of a person's nature - too seldom do we get these shots!!!
    @ Nick - nice red, nice ring.<br>
    @ Andrew - 3 stunners!! Really, really, really! Wish I saw that first one, wish I had composed that second one, wish I had captured my kids at that age!<br>
    @ Hin Man - your reflection is left handed!!<br>
    @ Peter Zack - good detail from foreground to background in the first, even into the clouds!! Second one sucks?<br>
    Geesh - this is the last POW where I mention everyone - next time I follow Apostle Paul's advice - choose one that really rocks my world, and one that really rocks my nothing, and see what constructive advice and glowing praise I can come up with.
    Again - the whiskey is the rogue here tonight! Be well all.
  76. Garry, thanks for the comments. I have many interests so I try to incorporate all of them. Actually I've been fishing
    since about 6th grade )a very long time ago) and ironically my aunt gave me a kodak instamatic camera for
    christmas that year. My uncle, my aunt's spouse, started me and my brother fishing. Go figure that fishing, hiking,
    and photography are my favorite hobbies, as well as drinking a good beer or two, sometimes more.

    I have a long way to go in photography. I think my best pics are outdoor pics such as hiking, fishing, and wildlife. I
    guess I have a little bit of a photographer eye for this. I really think it's a lot harder to get some of the creative shots
    that all of you guys get. I am learning from all of you and do have to start trying some new photographic techniques
    and will stop posting so many FISH pics.
  77. Ha! Bob, I think that fish picture is one of your better shots! I was joking about the hobby of course - look it resulted in a great shot!
  78. trw


    @ Javier : The wedding singer shot is by John-Paul Treen, not me.

    @ everyone : It's an angel trumpet. I shot several angles on it trying to get the gothic look. close-in off-axis hard flash, fast shutter cut out the daylight.
  79. Michael: AWESOME! Another tennis fan??? I was at the Legg Mason earlier in the tourney. Love watching JMDP's ascent in the rankings this summer. Wonderful player.

    Bravo on your shot! I'm jealous!
  80. Peter, Gary, and Abe -- thanks.

    Abe, I am indeed a fan. And I've played (though not competitively in many years) and taught. Now I'm solidly in the gray area between a "has-been" and a "never-was," which gives me good reason to be a fan. :)

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