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  1. Well, it's been a long time since I've posted anything. Work and other projests have kept me pretty busy lately. I got
    this from 10th Ave, near the Lincoln Tunnel in NYC yeasterday, and since I'm still up... I guess I get to start the
  2. OK, internet at sea is a little rough. Let me see if I can get the picture uploaded this time...
  3. Looks pretty deserted for NY.. speaking of which, I spent the last 3 weeks on the East coast between Jacksonville, NY (Manhattan), and Hunt Valley (Baltimore). I'll start with a Central Park photo at sunset..
  4. Baltimore, the inner harbor area
  5. A night shot of almost the same view
  6. Hmm.. some of these borders are looking pretty funky :)
  7. Sean the internet @ sea seems to be working ok. The cab really pops in the city scape. Haig, love the night shot. The couple playing music is a well framed moment. Here are three from me. Back to BW this week...
  8. And another...
  9. And the last....
  10. Living in the land of milk and chocolate I managed to get some bad one last week and had a full dosis of Montezuma's revenche. The photo of the raver after the Zurich streetparade reflects my condition somehow :) Please excuse that my contributions are just a little over the time limit.
  11. from the land of milk and chocolate
  12. hopping again
  13. Another great start! Haig, I love the night shot. Markus, the hopper is so clear. I always have a problem with DoF when I shoot macro, that one is perfect. Yesterday, I went on my first photowalk. It was part of the Kelby thing and we walked around old city, Philadelphia. It was a very pleasant affair; I met some good people. Here are three from yesterday.
  14. and..
  15. finally
  16. I'm going to hit & run--we're hosting the annual crab feast (should be a good photo op) Here are some I took on campus with the Sigma 105mm. (Interesting lampost, Robert!)
  17. Great start to a Sunday Morning folks!
    Sean - like the composition and perspective... My eyes ard drawn into the picture.
    Haig - Including the fence in shot #2 IMHO, adds a whole nother layer of interest in the shot - Well done!
    Duane - Your directions shot brought a smile to my face... but which way to the beach? ;)
    Markus - your "postcard" pic is so well detailed, it looks textured. Great capture.
    Robert - The lampost is totally awesome. Your PP makes the photo look like it was shot 100 years ago.
    Dave - your "grate" shot is "great"!. I'd put it on my office wall in a heartbeat! Hey, Fedx some of thos crabs over in a care package (should there be any left), ok?
    Well, my contributions this week are wide and varied... got lucky I guess!
    I came upon this yesterday... 96 degrees Farenheit at 1:00 pm.
    There's More Than Corn in Indiana...
    Another bug shot... thought the color was cool.
    Cicada #2
    and finally... a little night music,
    Jammin' #1
  18. These are the last shots from my recent vacation, I promise. A little bit different wildlife shots. This poor guy appears to be waiting for a toilet that is out of order.
  19. These guys were not camera shy and walked a bit down the road with us. They seemed to always stop in a formation similar to this, probably to cover each others back.
  20. Caught this guy trying to scratch his head.
  21. Some spawning cutthroat trout atinlet to Trout Lake.
  22. Hi and thanks to all for sharing your pictures. I have been at home most of the week, and in terms of photography did nothing but got my Scanner running again. Now I'm working through heaps of slides. Not sure if these are technically valid for a "this week" thread as they were taken several yaers ago, but at least they were scanned this week: The first short was taken from Wendelstein mountain in the Bavarian Alps, immediately after a storm.
  23. and the second in springtime in southwestern Germany, in a very cold period late that year, when fruit farmers protected the corps with a layer of ice. Both images taken with my MZ5N.
  24. We already have some good ones going.. nice job! @Haig; I'm digging your night shot and flower photo! Here are my pow; first two were taken at a luminarium sculpture and were shot using my kittens and since I couldn't take a tripod or anything, I had it on high ISO (800). But I think the noise works. I need to pass it through some reduction in iphoto. The last one was taken at funky mexican restaurant, using my to-go box as a prop. Thanks for looking! [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  25. Nice pics from everyone but Robert your "Dead leaves" is stunning! Great job! [​IMG]
  26. Previous owners of my mother's house seem to like tying ropes around tress a lot.
  27. Nice selection, Guy!

    Love the first, Sommanna.

    Bob, the sheep look like the "Pusmi-Pullu" from Dr. Doolittle! Good shots!
  28. trw


    I finally got out there with my flashes when the primrose were blooming. It's not easy to focus by flashlight.


    More in my SmugMug PoW Gallery
  29. What a wonderful show again ! It's such joy scrolling down. most impressig I find Robert's lamppost with that strong and moody ambience.. <br>
    i got just some snapshots really, all made yesterday, I didn’t go on a mission, this week…..
    <br> <br>

    <img src="http://album.zoom.nl/public_images/17779/sRJ8Gz.jpg">
    <br> outside the stables <br> <br>

    <img src="http://album.zoom.nl/public_images/17779/sPdiZx.jpg">
    <br> summer-reflections <br> <br>

    <img src="http://album.zoom.nl/public_images/17779/k4es3Q.jpg">
    Welcome to the free world
  30. Great shots everybody. Here is my contribution for the week.
  31. Wow, nice shots all around!
  32. I'll wait to post comments until later on, but I'll hang up my two pics for the week. Coincidently, they're both of the Moon; I didn't plan it, it just happened :)

    Please Recharge after Using
  33. I am more impressed each week. Some stunning shots from each of you. As Justin said last week, it's getting tough to comment on each person's work but here goes... @Sean, I like the way the cab stands out and I'm surprised at how quite the streets are. @Haig, Love the first shot in Central Park, classic and beautiful. The 'funky border' flower shot is excellent. @Duane, The portrait is beautiful. Love it in every way. Fun distance/direction sign. @Markus, Great cow shot and Hopper macro is excellent. @Robert, I like them all but the Old Lamp post is stunning. Nice shot and even better PP treatment. @Dave, interesting 'isolation shots and I like the mesh image. Don't ask me why... @Doug, I like all three. 1 has a perfect second captured, 2 does have great colour, 3 Jammin' is excellent. @Bob, the first shot is a riot in many ways. The others are also great moments captured @Thomas, what can I say? More incredible stuff from your vision. @Somanna, I love all of these. Very cool stuff. Incredible shape and colours in the first one. @Guy, that last shot is excellent work. Fu Man is fun. @Sweet image Trent. Looks great @O Shiva I like all three but particularly the 'free world' @Fun shot Travis and the placement of the blue earing to the lips of the front manikin is funny. Sorry for the @ symbols but it won't allow line breaks for each sentence with photos added. So they are just there to break up the comments. So it rained here all week as it has for 3 weeks Then the rain cleared for the wedding and here's a couple I liked. [​IMG] Soft focus Cokin filter with CPL (love being able to stack filters with this thing) [​IMG] And today the sun remains. here's a tiny buttercup at 3 X life size. Macro bellows and 75mm lens. [​IMG]
  34. Some very interesting abstracts this week, and it seems we have more black & whites every week. Some nice portraits too, it's great to see what others are doing. I was also in New York City for 3 days last week...
  35. Construction at the World Trade Center site...
  36. That WTC picture wound up looking a little goofy on the upload!!! Is this a common thing? Your pictures don't look the same uploaded as they do on the hard drive?
  37. I finally got my camera-computer cord back and so could upload all the shots I took on my recent vacation to California. See, when I have the chance I do shoot things other than flowers and my two girls!
  38. I shoot skies too! :)
  39. And last, flying home - don't tell the TSA but I did not have all "approved electronic devices" shut off as we came in to land!
  40. Wow, This thread grows and grows and the quality grows with it....BUT PETER, Those are some of the best wedding photos, I have ever seen....I will be back to comment on others later. There is much to Ponder...
  41. My Wife and Twins just got back from a trip up North..Anyway, My son Daniel got a capture that left me jealous.. The quality is not good. He said he got excited and just started machine gun kellying it...I for one have never seen a wild vulture.... [​IMG] - [​IMG] - [​IMG]
  42. Went to a local Asian cultural festival last night. I wanted to try out my new Sigma 28-75 2.8 (thanks for the recommendation Miserere and Javier). I had to crank up the ISO later as darkness approached. I am still working on knowing how to get the noise out in PP, but these are passable. Lots of great pictures here and to come, so I will try to look at all of them a bit later.
  43. Whoops, operator error. The caption for the above should be Uchi Taiko drummers. Amazing endurance for these two.
  44. @ Dave: yes, several of us have noticed the upload goofiness http://www.photo.net/pentax-camera-forum/00QU8J
    but I like the WTC shot. Also Nick's beach scene. Your son did great, Javier!
  45. Some exuberant dancing.
  46. A few quick snaps from the weekend...
  47. Whoops, that clearly isn't the boat launch! Let's try that again.
  48. One more...
  49. Javier, that seems rare to see one that close, for anyone. Especially in what looks to be a populated area, hard to tell from those pictures, tho. I was on the road not long ago, coming back home after a visit to my mother's and saw 10-15 of them sitting on the side of the road chowing down on something, probably a deer that got hit on the highway most likely. I keep kicking myself for not turning the car around and going back to get a shot of them. Was early morning, too, so the light would have been pretty good. Heck, even a camera phone picture of them would have been worth having. I won't be skipping those chances again, that's for sure.
  50. Great shots again as usual! I Finally got out to get some pictures this weekend, and it seemed that all of nature put on it greatest show. None of these shots were posed either:) This first one is a young coyote that just walked down the road and came right up. It kinda scared me a little!
  51. Does this happen naturally when someone is watching?
  52. And of course the normal deer shot...
  53. If you're lucky you will usually see on of these in The Great Smoky Mountains. This bear came down out of the tree and made a run at some people standing in its path!
  54. Operator error, part deux: I meant my new Tamron lens earlier.

    Sean - you got up early based on the length of the shadow. An interesting perspective.

    Haig - I also think the unique gate made the Baltimore Aquarium shot interesting.

    Duane - Kabul and Moscow, interesting choices for travel. Nice shot.

    Markus - Sorry you are feeling poorly as you always show interesting views of Zurich. Louts in Zurich? Unglaublich! How did you get the hopper to not hop? Great shot.

    Robert - I like the lamppost. Your processing enhances it.

    Dave - you are seeing what we often miss.

    Doug - you nailed the cicada shot. Is that a different insect or a future mother cicada?

    Bob - great deer shot. Alternate title: "Junior, hurry up, I need to go."

    Thomas - you climbed up there? Nice shot.

    Sommana - is the color exaggerated or is that how it looked? In any case, the strong colors work.

    Guy - the stone lamp is stunning. How do you get carp to pose? Excellent.

    Brendan - clever observation.

    Trent - nice, does your flash have a focus beam you could use?

    O Shiva - not as abstract as usual, but I like the summer reflections.

    Miserere - perfect half moon, stunning.

    Peter - an interesting effect for the romantic.

    Dave - capturing the polarized light from the glass on the Rockefeller Center deck is superb.

    Nick - the beach scene is dramatic.

    Javier - your son did great. I suspect this was a good meal and the vulture was going to stand its ground and feast.

    R.T - not sure what that fruit is, but nice color and composition.
  55. Thanks Bruce. The mystery fruit in my mis-labeled photo is a rose hip.

  56. Enjoying all the photos here as usual! I almost got a shot of a vulture with prey in his clutches as well, but couldn't focus in time..



  57. Markus - the grasshopper is amazing. Very well framed.

    Robert - those dead leaves are amazing. A simple subject stunningly captured, very nicely done.

    Dave - love the texture and DOF on the mesh.

    Doug - the 'jammin" shot is a great BW available light capture. The motion blur from the slow shutter speed really set it off. Also, no beach just a 400ft drop into the ocean. I'll post a pic with this that gives a really interesting direction...

    The waiting shot is a keeper - made me laugh, thanks.

    Thomas - 2 excellent photos - the icy branches are my favorite of the two.

    Somanna - wow, like I mean WOW. Wonderful color, brilliant perspective, I'm very impressed. Well done.

    Guy - great fish. Did you pan fry him?

    Brandon - the Fu Man tree is pretty cool.

    Trent - interesting night shot. Neat.

    O Shiva - those are impressive stables. They look like first class accommodations.

    Travis - unique choice in models, did they give you the silent treatment at all?

    Sorry all have to run, I'll post a few comments on the rest shortly...
  58. Bruce, actually no, I didn't climb: this mountain has (no joke) an elevator built inside. The elevator is not public but to supply several stations on the summit, including a small astronomical observatory where I've been observing then. The elevator starts about 150m below the summit, where there is the mountain station of a public rack railway.
  59. @Peter Zack - As for your line break issue, does the paragraph or line break command (<p> or <br> respectively) not work
    for you in html mode?
  60. Sean,

    Awesome shot. It makes me miss those safe beautiful streets of Manhattan.....

    Robert, Love the shot of Independence Hall
  61. trw


    Bruce, It wouldn't have helped if my flash had a focus beam... It would have been blocked by the 43" umbrella.... Also, the
    radio trigger wouldn't be able to control the focus light.
  62. Miserere - the "Please Recharge" photo is a very unique and interesting perspective. Nicely done. Peter - Holy crap! Your wedding shots are amazing. That soft hazy look is phenomenal. The salt water / lighthouse backdrop in the second defines the beauty of Atlantic Canada. Dave - like the hazy feel to the WTC pic. Nick - cool Sky Tower. RT - love the first shot, accidental post or not. Jon - Super photos. Which lens? Todd - the one wing Vulture capture worked out beautifully. Nice detail. Javier - Vultures in the street? Wow. Bruce - I like the drummers. How was the sound?
  63. Duane-I used the Tamron 75-300mm F/4.0-5.6. On the coyote shot, I think it was only at around 180mm, as he was so close. The rest were probably around 250-300mm. BTW where do you find signs like that? I've never seen any except in pictures.

    Miserere-I love that moon shot. I did one like it about a year ago, but it never turned out very sharp. I was using an old, old 500mm lens with a 2x converter.

    Nick-It was well worth not have all 'approved electronic devices' shut off!
  64. Woweee! Great stuff folks. Sorry - a little too busy at this time to get around to PP. Have thousands of shots waiting on portable hard drive. Next week maybe.
    My favorites this week are:<br>
    Haig - Couple at water's edge - great, but the border may end up being a little too funky!!! By the way, got your email, will answer when I can breathe again!<br>
    Markus - The hopper. Great dof and clarity!<br>
    Bob Colameco - wow! Dead leaves and the lampost are awesome!<br>
    Dave - love the grate.<br>
    Doug Robinson - rugby in Illinois! Yeah baby!! Now you're talking!<br>
    Bob Marz, love the three heads!<br>
    Thomas - love Ice.<br>
    O Shiva - free world is freaky. Nice!<br>
    Mis - mirror, mirror, mirror! Get ready for the mirror thread next sunday in casual conversations!!<br>
    Peter Zack - my wife wants to get married again!<br>
    Nick - nice beach scene - great sky. That may be the perfect shot for a very slight HDR, or a split ND grad - just slightly more foreground detail would make for a really captivating shot!
    Lot's of wildlife this week! Great stuff. Gotta go!
  65. Thanks for the info Jon. The signs are located on Signal Hill in St. John's Newfoundland. Not quite the most easterly point in North America (that would be Cape Spear) but the most eastern city on this continent.
  66. Thanks Garry! Here's the cheesiest HDR attempt the world has ever seen. I do NOT have the software to do it right, but I like the original enough anyway.
  67. I havn't done much this week really I spent most of it updating my digital darkroom but I did manage to get out this afternoon and grabed this shot.
  68. the same finch sitting on a branch
  69. Over the past weekend, I brought my camera along to a friends' house. Her garden is full of tasty veggies, and some of them were ready for picking. :)
  70. and another ...
  71. and a bit different...
  72. one last because I was really proud of this... I picked the flowers, made the arrangement, and took the picture. I'm so talented, it's hard to be me. :D
  73. Another week of outstanding "work" (for some, play for others).
    • Sean, I recognize it. Rarely any pedestrians around there.
    • Duane, 'Emily & Duke' is nice, I can imagine that one being treasured by the subject's family.
    • Bob: Three heads is amusing, particularly with the curious onlookers in the scene.
    • Peter, really nice wedding work.
    • Brendon: I dig Fu Man Tree. Good eye!
    • Todd: Vulture convention?
    • Ben: Like the wild finch
    • Nick: Nice lighting for Brightened Beach.
    • Rose: The mighty cuke is the most appealing to me. I don't know why.
    • This was actually a pretty quick snap of my wife in the backyard but I was pleased that the on-camera fill-flashed worked fairly well here.
  74. <p>You should be proud, Rose, beautiful colors on those flowers.

    <p>A few more from the latest trip to Canyon Lake.

    />Morning<br />
    />Mid-day<br />
    />Late Afternoon

    <p>You'll want to be careful when picking these flowers. ;-)
  75. Thought I would throw this in for the POW. Hopefully I can get some photos while I'm in San Francisco to contribute for next week's post. Cheers.

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