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  1. You guys sleeping in? :)
    Here's one I took a few days ago while on my way to collect my son from music camp. I took the scenic route and brought the fisheye.
    K-x & Rokinon 8mm FE

  2. And one of my son in Aberdeen quarry on our hike yesterday. This is where the granite for the Colorado state capitol building in Denver came from.
    K-x & da15
  3. Nice, Matt! You may yet break down my reservations about fisheyes. I'll go wide with you--here are a couple DA 15mm night scenes from Guangzhou:
  4. Please stop posting these nice "wides" fueling LBA! I took a slow shutter second curtain flash sync tango dance session this week and the usual snaps on my way to and from work.
  5. Mickey at the flea market
  6. a snail on the steel container
  7. Wow, nice start Matt really like the fisheye image. Nice shots Dave and Markus. So...I went fishing Friday. My brother tied up a new batch of flies and gave me a few. Used my wife's Panasonic Lumix with the Macro Zoom setting. Not too bad for a point and shoot. "The Hornberg" [​IMG]
  8. I love those, Marcus but "a slow shutter second curtain flash sync tango dance session" is way over my head--maybe post some samples in another thread?
  9. I took a little walk with my camera around the former Naval Training Center San Diego on Wednesday evening. Many of the buildings have been restored, keeping all of the exterior architectural details, and are now used as office, retail, gallery and restaurant space.
    K-7, DA21, 4 sec. at f/8.0, ISO 100.
    This next building is the former base commander's office.
    K-7, DA21, 10 sec. at f/10.0, ISO 100.
    On Saturday I met up with the local photo club for our monthly Group Shoot, this time at the old Point Loma Lighthouse at Cabrillo National Monument in San Diego. I'll usually use a small table-top tripod held sideways against that stairway for this shot, so that I can use a smaller aperture, but did this one handheld as I was showing someone new how to get this shot.
    K-7, DA15, 1/15 sec. at f/4.5, ISO 100.
  10. This week I didn't get much time for photography. One good shot came out of the regular Thursday evening music session.
  11. I had my 35mm macro in action too.
  12. Matt's Dave's Markus' and Travis' first shots all grab me. Frank that staircase is great, maybe I will look for it next time I am in southern cali visiting family. Here's a slide shot I finally got developed many months later. Expired Velvia 50, ZX-7, lens unknown.
  13. Here's another from that roll, an experiment or idea I no longer remember having. Probably also with the fisheye.
  14. Dave, thanks for asking and all the others for the comments. I have no model release for the portraits I take and therefore can not show the photos of the Tango dancers and most of my children photos in public. I set the camera to 1/13 or 1/15 shutter speed and the flash to slow mode and trailing curtain sync. That freezes only part the of the movement during the flash like when you pan for example a bird in flight by moving the camera but also produces very interesting light effects.
  15. Matt, Howard and Frank - I like what you've got this week very much. But I'm afraid my favourites are the ones Travis has posted.
    I have one to add - playing with some of the settings on the K20D. Went black and white and infra-red digital filter.
  16. Denise guess you're just in an abstract state of mind this week. Glad you liked them.
  17. Matt - You are going to make me carry my 10-24 and 15-55 all the time!
    Denise - It's ok that mine are not among your favorites this week - I haven't posted yet! Maybe you'll like them better when I do post later this week. :)
    Frank - Great staircase - Really strong composition - light and shadow, colors and lines and ditto what I said about Travis' below.
    Travis - Beautifully done. Last time I saw strong abstracts like that was in the Museum of Modern Art in NYC - really.
  18. That's very much photographic art, Travis !
  19. Howard and Doris,
    Thanks for your kind words. I feel like these really "work" in a way I can't explain, but I find most people don't particularly have a taste for more abstract work.
  20. Believe me, you have an audience. This is really good stuff (an understatement). Keep doing it.
  21. Travis - Here are some of the reasons why these abstracts work for you:
    Untitled: Warm-cool colors set against each other with a dynamic, diagonal dividing line and a spot of hot red to set it all off. The texture, almost like brush strokes, along with the gradations of colors, gives it depth and feeling.
    Portal: The very strong yellow, well saturated color, contrasts with the slightly blue tint of the window. The relatively small, dark, faintly blue, window against the large expanse of bright yellow sets up a strong dynamic. the blue and the yellow are complementary (opposite) colors which are a natural dynamic. The bright white sill is a target for the eye and pulls everything together because it is the combination of all colors. The black tree shadow is its natural opposite. The inherent texture of the tree is seen on a totally smooth surface. Window surface contrasting with wall surface.The window is offset, creating eye movement.
    I Cried for You - Wow. OK. Making this a vertical shot was essential and you saw it. The large bold horizontal line is set off by the subtle and delicate verticals with complimentary reds and blues alternating. The bright red spot allows one to see the subtle reds within the black horizontal.
    Can you see, now, why these are really, really good? Just analyzing them has been pleasurable. I was a Psych major in college but I thank god that I followed my interests and took 4 art classes as well. Here's a basic page on color theory http://www.colormatters.com/colortheory.html. Go to the library and get a book on Modern Art and the Abstract Expressionists. Guaranteed you will not like it all, but some you really will.
    To all, I did not do this to show off. As I said, this gave me pleasure, the same pleasure as going to a gallery or museum.
  22. I like this one from the 4th...
  23. DOH!! Brain has more than gone on holidays - we have a much needed two weeks off. Sorry Howard - I meant Dave - it must the "H" in the name - first or last. I still like what you post when you do Howard.
  24. Since Denise complimented me on pictures I didn't post, I'll post them now. Flowers from the garden:
  25. And one of an abstract nature
  26. I like the first, Howard--Mullein, I assume?
  27. Dave - You are correct! I know this because I Googled it.
  28. I Googled it.​
    Me too ;~) It's a welcome weed in my yard and I took some passing shots of it last month but yours is better.
  29. Nice work everyone.
    I really like the first shot, with a caveat. The sky is too blown out.
    @Dave, nice to see some night shots and someone else making good use of that DA 15mm besides Matt.
    @Markus, nice action shot.
    @ Frank B. #s 2 and 3 are awesome, I especially like the 3rd. Lighthouses have so many neat shooting options.
    @travis t, nice abstract shots. Can't decide which one i like best.
    @ Nick S. looks like you nailed the flower shot. Perfect focus, nice bokeh and good framing.

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