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  1. I don't believe I have ever started one of these, so here goes. From the past couple of days.
    I met these Rastafarian folks on Friday...there they where toking up a storm. I sat there and listened to them tell me how they where all ready dead and that this was heaven...I said ''OK'' and went on my way.
  2. [​IMG]
    Ran into this fellow while out for a stroll today....Atleast he did not think we where in heaven ;-)
  3. [​IMG]
    These where at odds with each other...Don't know what about.
  4. I know the subject may seem to be getting old but this whole month of May our group has been traveling from side of the archipelago to another "chasing the light" so to speak. This time we beat the sunrise in Real, Quezon province. Unfortunately, I forgot the 15mm and had to make do with the 21mm.
    Mother Ship at Dawn-

    And no, I do not haul my own banca during our shoots. It's just that our inhabited rural coastlines consists mostly of small fishing villages. :)
  5. Javier, love your street shots. My fav is the second one where the dog was looking at his master as if to say - "Yeah, right!".
  6. a great start to the POW not much from me I havn't really done alot of work the last couple of weeks and I wasn't planing on these shots so I had to use my sunglasses as the filter but I am rather pleased with the results...
  7. and here is my 2nd shot
  8. the USA seem to be full of ..ehr... amazing people... ;) If I had the courage I'm sure I would find them here too.
    Lorenzo that's some wonderful romantism !
    Ben, I will have to follow your example on of these days...
    These pics are 8 days old :
    formerly the zuiderzee, then the IJselmeer, now the Markermeer (and still poldering)
    and still smoking (herring)
    for my selection of bizarre architecture: a scientific museum in Amsterdam
  9. Adirondack Anniversary / K10D mounted on Ulta-pod f/8 @ 1/90 sec / Iso 100 / fl 24.0 [​IMG]
  10. Terrific start, Javier: I love the first two. I haven't decided which of Lorenzo's & Ben's I like most: in both cases both deliver both versions really "work". Dorus first two, too. Anniversary is really nice, Bob--the sepia is a nice touch.
    Abe and I (and his boys) joined some other Pentaxians at the Joint Service Open House Air Show at Andrews AFB yesterday qnd had a great time . The brutally bright light was a challenge and, in the interest in going light, my longest lens was the DA 55-300mm. I didn't get good shots of the modern aircraft in flight--next time, I'll take a 300m & TC.
  11. Pentax K1000, 35mm Takumar, C-41 400 ASA film.
    Photo was made of someone with diabetes in a diabetes prevention, fund-raising, bike ride. She rode in the shortest of the tours, and fell down. We caught up with her at the top of a hill. She kept on going and completed the ride.
  12. Finally finished up the photos from my India trip in January! Yes, a little late on things... this shot was an unexpected surprise for me because I didn't realize I caught my wife in this photo:
    So far I'm liking Javier's 2nd shot
    Lorenzo that first shot with the moon is great
    Ben that's interesting putting sunglasses in front as a filter...
    Odorus I really like the composition of the 2nd shot.
    Bob that's a neat anniversary shot.
    Dave those paratroopers look like dolls in that last shot!
    John her pose and that blood on her knee make for quite a strong image.
  13. Nice Javier - I love the first two. I've had some interesting conversations with Rastas on a few occasions myself.
    Dorus' Herring are really nice! (as are the other two as always)
    Lorenzo's Mothership at dawn is great but I agree the 15 could have made it greater.
    Bob, Happy Anniversary! Nice photo too. Very atmospheric.
    Dave - I like aviation shots. The cluster of dangling soldiers is fun.
    I've been running around with my new toy (DA 15mm) and got a few I like:
  14. Very enjoyable shots this week; comments later.
    Leaves and Light
    K20D, Voigtlander 125mm, f 5.6 @ 1/15, ISO 200
    Fire in the Flower
    K20D, Voigtlander 125mm, f 5.6 @ 1/350, ISO 200
    Purple Violet
    K20D, Voigtlander 125mm, f 8 @ 1/6, ISO 200
  15. Michael, I love the flowers.
    I took (lots of) pictures this week, for the first time in a while. It was fun. I pulled these few out. The first is a picture I took while Chaparoning a trip to DC. Its a shot taken from the WWII memorial up towards the Jefferson memorial around sundown.

    The second is a shot I took while wandering the town I work in. This is the corner of the porch of an old, decrepit house. I believe no-one lives there, based on the yellowed bulk mailings in the mailbox, but who knows. While taking a few pictures of the house, I became aware that someone was standing in the doorway across the street. Never have I felt like such an outsider.
  16. Trying this again. Issues uploading the images....
  17. And for the second.....
  18. Once again some beautiful pictures by all. Will comment later. I'm still dealing with Macro Madness so forgive me all if I've been repetitive with my photographic technique.
    Red leaf
    Tree bark fungus
    Unfurling fern
    And if anyone can help me ID this plant, much obliged. I know they flower in early June and don't last long but in our yard so many grow that it reminds of Sci Fi pods, it gets a little weird.
  19. There are already a lot of really nice shots here this week, and it's early yet. Javier's first shot stands out, as does Dorus' herring, Matt's cyclist, and Michael's purple violet. I almost feel bad trying to pick only some to comment on, since I really like several of the others as well equally as much.
    A few of us from a local photo club got together for an evening of night shooting in Balboa Park on Thursday. Here are few of my shots.
  20. It's been raining again, so it's back to the woods for me. Got up Saturday morning at 5:15, but it turned completely overcast with a slight drizzle. I only took two pictures. This was the better one.
  21. Today, my son and I went to the park, which is very wooded. The first time we went, it was raining too hard. So we came back an hour and a half later. By then it was merely overcast.We heard the train coming so I set up the tripod about 6 or 7 feet away from the tracks, prefocused and let my son take the shots.
  22. This pathway is also in the park. It's always very dark at this point, even on bright sunny days. After it stopped raining today, the skies were bright and overcast. There must be an opening in the tree canopy. Believe it or not, it doesn't stand out like this on sunny days.
  23. Very nice set, Steve! My favoite is the first but the third is nicely done as well and reminds me of the C&O tow path.
  24. Javier, what a great start. I love that first shot of yours, the second is not too bad either, but that first one is just great.
    Lorenzo, I would have to cast my vote on #2. It may be an old subject.. but a pretty picture is still a pretty picture :)
    Ben, power lines typically bug me.. but they compliment your shot nicely.
    Dorus, Maybe I am feeling hungry, but those smoking herrings look darn good :)
    Bob, that's a great shot..sepia looks good. I might have made the foreground rocks a bit darker maybe.. and have one of your good looking fish on there? lol. Just kidding about the fish :)
    Dave, that's too bad you didn't have anything longer.. I would have loved to be there. Nice ones considering your equipment.
    John, nice story and image1
    Somanna, you really need to see that shot larger to appreciate how good it looks!
    Matt, love your first wo shots..the first one especially with the clouds in the background
    ME, you've decided to really torture me with that Voightlander! I especially like the first two. You did a great job with the first one... really nice tones
    Trevor, good to see some shots from you.. your first one is very well done.
    Julio, those are great, but my favorites are #2 and #3. Nice detail and lighting
    Frank, I looked at the rest of your shots too.. of this set i like the first one best.. it is less busy than the others.
    Steve, pretty neat shot of the train..but I like your third one best.
    As for me.. a few shots from the Desert Botanical gardens in collage form. Shot with the k20d and the DA*50-135. Larger versions are on here
  25. #2 Also k20d + DA*50-135
  26. This next one is from Bartlett lake
  27. This last one is a bit of an experiment in PP and selective sharpening
  28. Wow this week's shots are nicely shaping up! Before I get commenting, I will say this to Steve regarding his train shot: it might p*ss off a lot of people if you post that shot in the off-topic or casual conversations forum! I remember this one thread that got real heated regarding shooting near train tracks. Some people are adamant that it should not be done; citing safety reasons and all.
    Personally, I've never had a problem with it and would love to do a shot like yours!
  29. Javier's street shots are superb and dorus's work alway's inspires me to do my best there is alot of great work this week as always and a few of the stand outs for me are Bob Marz's Anniversary, Michael Elenko's Leaves and Light not to mention Steve Dean's First shot which seems so peaceful.
  30. lorenzo.. I think I like the one with the moon better.
    dorus, that museum is cool, like the clouds.
    Somanna, that shot looks really good in the larger size, lots of detail and good color without oversaturation.
    julio, the fern and the fungus look very alien and apealing.
    matt congrats on the 15mm like the first shot, how close were you to the biker?
  31. One of many attempts at light trails, from the House on the Rock, a crazy tourist trap in central Wisconsin with the worlds largest carousel, as (somewhat) shown.
  32. And some macro work
  33. Finally, a Painted Lady butterfly my daughters are raising. Not the best shot, but it is hard to get the camera down into their habitat.
  34. More I like a lot:
    Somanna's portrait of his wife
    ME's violet
    Julios fetal fern
    Haig's from Bartlet Lake--such a delicate splash of color!
  35. Javier, nice shots. I takes guts to do street photography. I never get anywhere with street shots because people always give me that look.
    Haig, all nice shots, but you sure can tell a difference between the DA*50-135 and the other two lenses. IMO, this is Pentax's best lens.
    Somanna, I really like the jungle shot. Well done. Regarding the trains, the shots weren't in anyway dangerous, unless the threat of a train derailment was a worry. Even though we were only about ten feet away from the tracks, there is a trench between the tracks and where we were standing. And besides, I wouldn't dream of putting my son in danger. I grew up around railroad tracks, and as a kid, I did many stupid things on train tracks. Let's just say I've learned what not to do.
    But why would anyone want to get bent sideways about how or what someone else is doing with their camera? Some people don't like war photography. Some hate nudity. I can't stand celebrity paparazzo photography, but if I couldn't see it, I wouldn't know I didn't like it. This type of thinking is why we can no longer take pictures around airports, subways and government buildings. We are no safer for it, and we lose a little freedom when it happens. Anyway, I like the train shots.
  36. The photos this week reflect a high level of quality and diversity.
    What caught my attention:
    Javier-yes the little dog really seals the 2nd shot; that said, I just love the slice of the trombone slider and how it is rendered in the first image. Nice contrast to the grain and texture of the rest of the picture. And their faces are so interesting.
    Lorenzo--there is a certain calendaresque quality to your shots. The first one especially would look good with copy in the blue space under the moon. Yes, "making do" with the DA 21mm is so very tough. . .
    dorus o--the first one is a fine atmospheric; subtle colors. The smoked herring would look pretty cool blown up big. And the third one is also compelling to look at.
    Bob M-What a great shot, may be my favorite of the week--so human yet the other stuff is interesting too. ISO 100 impresses me.
    John OK-O--Nice frame tells all; didn't even need the back story.
    Somanna--so, have you blown that up to poster size yet? Do it.
    Julio--lot to like there. As someone noted, the fern looks so alien. I like the fungus too. Are you using a ring flash with these? I like the form of the last one too. I'd try to remove more of the glare on the bulbous part and blip out the orange dot on the lower right.
    Steve D--The third one is Zen-like. Love the tones as well. Must be great big too.
    Haig-I like the center shot of the girl reclining. I remember doing the same thing at the same place (if that is indeed the Botanical Museum) after a day of walking in the dry heat.
    Nick S--Love the "Seventh Layer" for the light and the humor. If I recall correctly, some memorable scenes from the House of the Rock took place in the novel American Gods--one of my favorite books--but I like most anything Neil Gaiman does.
    Trevor P, Frank B., Ben P., Dave H., thanks for your kind words. Haig, thanks again. I'll let you know if I ever run across another Voigtlander 125mm, though they seem to be getting rarer on the used market.
  37. Russel, I was right on the edge of the trail - maybe 3 Ft. or less for that photo. This was my friend and we were riding together so I was pretty confident he wasn't going to take me out.
  38. Thanks for the comments everyone..
    and yes, Michael, you guessed the spot correctly :)
    Steve, I agree with you about the da 50-135, but I must say that I have had some really great shots with the Tamron 28-75.. It's super on my k20d.. but has some focus issues on the k10d. I like that last train shot, more so than the first one you posted.
    Nick, a thought on your carousel.. have you tried a long exposure, slightly underexposed, and then finish with flash. You'll freeze the motion at the very end, but still get your light trails. I like the detail on your painted lady.. and if you darken the pink areas of the flower a bit I think the dirty reflections will look very cool.
  39. Since I did a separate thread this week, I am not going to post anything here but I would like to make some comments.
    Javier - The second shot might be my favorite all-time street shot of yours. Really well done.
    Lorenzo - I really like the shot with the moon in it but then I looked at the other one and it's just as good. Nice!
    Dorus - First one is very nice.
    Bob - The anniversary shot is just beautiful. Hang it up!
    ME - That Purple Violet is so nice. The contrasting bokeh really brings out the color of the flower.
    Haig - I had a hard time picking a favorite but I love that flower, whatever it is, at Bartlett Lake.
    Nick - Dirty Reflections is really cool.
  40. Thanks everyone for the nice comments on my photo of the week. Haig, thanks for your suggestion about the foreground darkening. You hinted for another fish shot. I am trying photograph more than fish, but here goes. Shot two weeks ago. Everyone's shots are absolutely beautiful and too tough for me to pick favorites.[​IMG]
  41. Just wanted to say thanks for all the comments.
    ME, no ring flash. Just a homemade Glad container diffuser on a handheld Sunpak flash triggered by a Cactus V2s setup. Oh, and a styrofoam panel as a reflector. It's pretty basic and on a shoestring budget for now because I am just beginning to learn how to manage flash lighting. Yeah, the glare was somewhat distracting to me as well. Maybe the flash was too close?
    Now onto comments of some diverse and wonderful shots this week. Thanks all for sharing. It was difficult to select just a few because there was so many interesting offerings.
    Javier G., love the street shots and the 2nd one in particular.
    Lorenzo P., I like the vertical shot the best. Something about having the moon in the shot and the sunrise reflected on the boat, that worked for me.
    Ben P., interesting use of your sunglasses as filter, I'll have to try it out sometime. I like the first shot for its starkness and the redness of it all.
    dorus o., interesting trio. I like the abstract picture of the museum. Something about the colors and angle.
    Bob M., I enjoyed this one very much. Beside the focal point, the muted surroundings add to a most beautiful photo.
    David H., your third picture reminds me of toy soldiers. Interesting capture.
    Matt B., I loved the second picture. For me a nice black and white and playing with the tree's shadow.
    Michael E., lovely trio. Leaves and Light is gorgeous. I can almost feel the leaf from here!
    Frank B., very nice evening shots. I liked the first the best. It's another place I need to go visit.
    Steve D., the third picture is fantastic. It's so peaceful and the light coming from the opening in the canopy just adds a dimension.
    Haig T., your third post is beautiful. I like the purples and pinks and the very odd looking plant/flower. Very eye-catching.
    Nick S., I liked Dirty Reflections very much and the carousel at the House on the Rock has so much movement and color. Very cool.
  42. Julio,
    Thanks for your kind words.
    I like those lighting hacks, they tend to work pretty well.
    Re: the glare on the plant, I think you were probably at the right distance. Shooting rounded, or bulbous objects with flash will almost always produce that kind of glare. The light naturally bends nicely around curves. On those situations I'll do flash bracketing or if shooting with a P-TTL ringflash, exposure bracketing. In Lightroom (or ACR) it's fairly easy and effective to diminish the glare. You can use highlight recovery or the adjustment brush. For the latter I find creating a custom brush with lower Brightness, lower contrast, slightly lower exposure, and reduced clarity and sharpness to work enough. Have the density about 65-75. And adjust to the specifics of the shot.
  43. Haig, I really like that Bartlett Lake shot.
  44. Thanks Michael, Haig, Robert and Julio! I would agree that there is probably some way to strengthen the reflections photo, but this was a first pass edit - more playing around later. Similarly the butterfly I need to at least get the sensor dust out. "American Gods", huh? I will check that out. It was an unusual place. I did try a combo light trails plus flash with one of my daughters, it came out okay, not quite what I had in mind.
    I was especially impressed by Haig's Bartlett Lake shot, with great geometry and colors; Bob's anniversary shot, just lovely; Javiers stoners/tromboners; and everything dorus posts as always. Lots of good stuff here this week!
  45. Thanks!!
    Bob, your fish always look so good.. love how you always get the colors to come out so beautifully.
    Nick, that last shot is great!! Love the effect :)
    The plant in question is one of the "fairy dusters". This particular one is also known as a false mesquite, latin name Calliandra eriophylla. The red ones are always tough to photograph for me..always end up with blown highlights in the red. The more common one is red and looks like
  46. My Pentax is being repaired. These are Fuji REALA, Zeiss 80mm CF. The nightscape is a 645 crop. Click through for larger.
  47. Hi folks. For those of you you who liked my street photos, Thank you so much.. It is something I love and I hope it shows through the images I make..It was also the first time I had been out in a while...By the way....Something I have not mentioned, but there are three news papers in L.A. that will begin to carry and use my photos on a regular basis. The Voice which covers North East los Angeles which is mostly a Spanish publication. I will also be writing my blurbs in both English and Spanish for them. Then there is another publication called Alhambra Source that just got fully funded for the next three years and the Los Angeles times will be publishing a Story and pictures I did on Racism. The concept of the story was simple. I have seen blacks, whites, latinos, asians all in the street homeless and hungry. What they all have in common is the streets who are the least racist of all..They will take in anyone....Once the stories run I will post some links here in P.net....By the way, Something I never even thought to ask about was money. So far I have been offered to get paid by one of them, but to be honest, I think I would rather not take the money. I don't need the stress of another job. But it is funny. All these folks found me though my cheesy little blog....I mention this because 13 of the 16 images that got accepted to use where shot with the K20D and the other 3 with the D700. But enough about me....
    My favorite images of the week are as follows.
    Bob Marz's couple in the mountains. Bob, did you know them? Great shot.
    Dave Hollander,s third is awesome. I love the composition allot!
    Matt Burt's second is awesome. I love shadows and of late have been on the hunt for them.
    Trevor Peterson's first. I tried taking a similar shot and my stunk to high heaven. That shot looks simple, but is a tough one and I appreciate that!
    Steve Dean's train shots are spectacular. I am going to have to try that.....Fantastic.
  48. Yes, Javier, I know them pretty well I'd say. I used the timer on the K10D to capture me and my wife. Gotta get a remote some day so I don't have to run quickly into the picture.
  49. Nice Leo! Where is this? There are similar scenes here in Baltimore.
  50. Congratulations Javier! I look forward to the link once they are published. I think that's pretty exciting.
  51. Dave, it's in Montreal.
  52. The level of these POWs is getting higher and higher, I hope I can keep up.
    My faves this week:
    Javier Interesting shots - the dog does make the first one and the kid makes the last, no commentary needed. And Congratulations!
    Lorenzo - 2nd boat - you managed to make the 21mm look like the 15mm w/ the camera angle-great shot.
    Dorus- you always manage to show interesting patterns. The feel of the subtle color and texture shifts catches me in the first one.
    Bob - It looks like the world went away...
    Somanna - one just gets lost in that landscape - Shangri-la
    ME - Everytime I think Im getting pretty good, you come up with shots like these. Unreal.
    Trevor- I don't don't know if you are familiar with the original first Star Wars movie, but I started to hear the theme with your first shot of the stone tablet.
    Julio - the crispness of your shots is amazing.
    Steve - #1 You got the light and the mood (what else is there?) I like the vignette; #2 I can FEEL the train passing; #3 Perfect
    Haig - Your last 3 blow me away.
    What a thread this is! Great pictures and instruction, too!
  53. Here's my contribution - some macro work: The yellow ones seemed to be under water and the last was - it was raining:
    First yellow
  54. 2nd yellow
  55. Nice Howard! I think I like Colors best but admire the subtle yellow ones (I think I might tighten the crop on those just a bit more: the edges & corners are a bit distracting and I think you want the eye to rest more easily on the central structure.)
  56. Javier,
    A mighty congratulations to you. Wow. Now you're entering the bigger conversation. I'm honored to say that I knew you before you were "discovered." I look forward to seeing your published work.
  57. Thanks Dave, to me the one that needs cropping is the leaf:
  58. Javier - Wow, congratulations! That must be very exciting and surely well deserved. Thanks for the comment on the shadow photo too. I've always been fascinated by shadows and sometimes I come home with a card full of only shadows and feel like I need to pay attention to other stuff more!
    Leo - Those shots are so crisp and well exposed. I love them! Great work!
    Howard - after shadows I probably shoot water drops on leaves the most. You pulled off that one very nicely. I like the crop better than the first too.
    Everyone else - I'm proud to have my shots in a collection with all of yours. What a great bunch of photos!
  59. I remember this one thread that got real heated regarding shooting near train tracks. Some people are adamant that it should not be done; citing safety reasons and all.
    Personally, I've never had a problem with it and would love to do a shot like yours​
    The better not ever go to NYC where a million riders a day are within inches of the yellow line! Uggh, when my car is stopped at a train crossing I am 10 feet from a train whizzing by at 90mph, whats the difference?
  60. Nice work Bob...on both the shot and the long lasting marriage!
    All these folks found me though my cheesy little blog....I mention this because 13 of the 16 images that got accepted to use where shot with the K20D and the other 3 with the D700. But enough about me....​
    Javier, Blogs are like magazines, if people like the niche you are carving they will find you. Congratulations on the publications, it's a nice story to think that you didn't even know how to load a film camera about 2 years ago, and are now being published! Oh, and unless the papers are non profit, take money and if you don't want it, donate it to a charity. This way other people aren't forced to compete with FREE! That second shot is pretty cool, but for some reason I like the first a lot too.
    Trevor, really like the perspective at the WW memorial. Well done!
    Matt, glad the lens is working out, you aren't making my desire to have one get any less. How are you feelings on sharpness.
    Sommana, nice location and composition. I agree with ME definitely should be on your wall.
    Dorus, love the shot of the smoked herring.
    Leo, not your most interesting work, but that said, still pretty nice ;-)
    Howard, the cropped leaf is much stronger in composition, and looks really good.
  61. Matt, Justin - thanks. Something interesting happened on the way to posting the yellow ones. I was trying to pp in PS CS4 using Curves and the optimal version of another yellow which looked much like the first two came out quite different.
  62. and the adjusted one:
  63. I think I still like the more monochrome look better, but the color has its appeal. Decisions, decisions.
  64. Justin - I'm enjoying shooting with it for sure and like the results. It's been on the camera since I got it and yesterday I tried the Vivitar Macro 2x tele converter with it and that was interesting too!
    As for sharpness, I haven't been blown away by the sharpness but I wouldn't call it soft either. I've mostly just been shooting with it and haven't done any empirical analysis. I suspect some of the other Limited primes may be sharper based on examples I have seen. I'm still very pleased and don't have any buyer's remorse! I'd just like to continue building my Limited collection now. These are the crack of lenses!
  65. From last month, only recently scanned:
  66. Howard,
    Thanks for your kindness.
    I like the basic setup of the shot you are playing with. Lots of possibilities.
    Here are a couple of my "muted" color attempts, hope you don't mind.
    Howard muted v1
    Howard muted v2
    Both done in Lightroom.
  67. Michael - I like it!
  68. Congratulations, Javier. You know we will want a link when those pics hit press. J.
  69. I'm still very pleased and don't have any buyer's remorse! I'd just like to continue building my Limited collection now. These are the crack of lenses!​
    I agree, the other day we were .5 miles and 500 vertical feet into a hike, and I realized i only had my FA 28-70. I immediately ditched my pack and ran down and back up for the DA 21mm.
    The 21mm and 43mm are my favorite AF lenses, and the Limited series really is a joy to use.
  70. Michael - How'd you do it?

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