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  1. Sorry, jumpin' the gun, just shot these 10 minutes ago...
  2. There's a car show in this parking lot every weekend. These gals (g-ma (owner - paid cash), mom, and baby) showed up LONG after the show was over. You shoulda seen the jaws dropping in the parking lot...
  3. Well, as long as the door's open, I'll put mine up too.
    As you'll see, it was a wet week.
  4. but not without interest
  5. This from Friday
  6. This thing gets earlier and earlier every week. Used to be Sunday, now it's Saturday.
    So here goes:
  7. The greatest lens for the money, the FA 50mm f/1.4.
  8. A Mexican Fisher.
    K10D + lens. No edit but resize.
  9. My dog, acting tough. Key word, acting.
    This is the DA* 50-135mm f/2.8 zoom. Great lens.
  10. And a mountaintop cross in ACA..
  11. Check it out man. I scored an extra gallon paint for my car!
  12. Most of this week was disappointingly wet and gloomy. At a certain point on Wednesday after dinner I was feeling a little stir crazy. Grabbed the K20D, put the bombproof hood on the Voigtlander 125mm, slid on the Metz strobe, setup the tripod and started shooting new growth in the garden. Here are a couple of the keepers. I've been experimenting with modified high-key-ish post-processing that exploits the diffused strobe lighting but doesn't suck the soul of the shot away.
    Dusk Falls
    K20D, Voigtlander 125mm, f 4 @ 1/60, ISO 800
    Untitled No. 3
    K20D, Voigtlander 125mm, f 4.5 @ 1/180, ISO 800 + Metz 58AF
    Last Sunday as an early mother's day treat we took my wife to one of her favorite local places, the Kruckeberg Botanical Garden in North Seattle. Art Kruckeberg is a highly respected botanist, professor, and author who, along with his late wife, developed this wondrous multi-acre garden of native northwest plants. It is now a public space and worth the visit for garden design and photography.
    This is just one shot of many (gotta love the DA 70mm):
    Kruckeberg 2009 1, K20D, DA 70mm Ltd., F 4.5 @ 1/90, ISO 200
  13. We got a new puppy and as a result our two older dogs are feeling jealous. so we took them to park last friday to play with them, to show them that we still loved them :))
    And as usual we took our cameras with us (my wife and I). this series shows what we do to take pics of our doggies and sometimes other subjects like a frog or some beautiful wild flowers.
  14. Matt - Great way to start off the week! Very well done
    Dave - Wonderful turtle, great color.
    Steve - Nice simple bubbles, well done.
    Tom - Wow talk about BRIGHT. Super eye to catch the greens, I didn't notice it right off.
    Michael - I like the soft feeling effect on your first two, but also love the vivid colors & contrast of the white & green in your 3rd one.
  15. Ellie - now the middle child :) most difficult to shoot
  16. Oops ............... Heather's series got in between mine............no problem though
  17. This is Kodak E200, goes vintage and warm all over when pushed. FA 24-90mm, +2.
    A sunset, HDR for added schmaltz. K20D + DA 16-45mm.
    OK those are served off-site, were saved a little larger than pnet's 700 pixels, so I'll stop at 2.
  18. I would like a rangefinder and a 35, but for the time being, I'm getting on very well with a 50...
  19. As usual a lot of great shots. I really like Michael's flower pics, especially the second one. Well, as Dave mentioned it was a very wet week here in the mid-Atlantic region. Between work and the weather it was not a good photo-week. Here are two from last weekend.
  20. Lastly
  21. A nice start to the week everyone. For me just one shot,which was for an exhibit I'm in next week (well it took 53 attempts to get it right) but like Michael, it's been raining and dreary here as well.
    Nice wheels Matt.
    Dave the turtle is cool. Made me search the shot for a second to figure it out. Did you get my email on the Miramichi fishing?
    Steve, I like the graffiti, bit odd but interesting
    Tom, nice green Heron shot and the paint shot is fun.
    Michael, all nice but the last is excellent.
    Subho, Katy poses well. Nice series.
    Leo the HDR is a little over the top but interesting.
    George. I like the portrait. Great.
    Robert, I like the tone of both. The second shot is very nice
  22. Doing an animal portrait series with the K10D and Tamron SP 70-150mm F2.8 portrait lens and the Pentax F-50mm macro at the moment I have some snaps I did on the way to that enjoyable project
  23. eternal light
  24. The Pentax *istD & Pentax FA 100mm macro is a light, small an capable kit compared to the K10D.
    Since the POW started with cars, here is a snap from yesterday.
  25. It's sunday, have a dessert!
  26. Trying
  27. I don't know what went wrong, just spent an hour here trying to upload...grrr!
    also my extensive comments (for a chamnge) went down the drain... grrrr !
  28. [​IMG]
    if you like, there is more at dorus.leasefoto.nl
  29. George C. That shot is classic....love it
  30. I probably should stick to just looking at what you guys post but what the H***.
    Here is a Lilac bush and Japanese maple in my yard
  31. Close up of Lilac
  32. Japanese Maple
  33. Not a picture made with a Pentax, but one made with a Panasonic LX3.
    The picture was taken by the subject's twin sister.
    The father was busy switching lenses on his k20d...
  34. Awesome stuff so far gang. Love the shots of Egypt, Dorus.
    Just a couple from a recent wedding. These are from the B/W portfolio.
    Both taken with K10D, 16-50 DA* lens.
  35. A trip through Washington County in the upstate region of New York State [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  36. Will comment on images when more are up.
    I took these yesterday at Venice beach California. All shot with k20d. These where made between 6:30 and 7:00 am on a very overcast morning..
  37. Javier, I think I may know some of their fathers.
  38. It looks like it was a rainy week, but in southern Nevada nothing but sun and wind! These are some of what I found flowering in the desert just north of Las Vegas. It is truly amazing how many wildflowers there are out in the Mohave, I find more every time that I am out in the spring.
    About the previous posts, I really liked Dave H.'s turtle, Tom M.'s fisher and green car, and I thought that Michael E.'s tulip was supurb.
  39. All photos taken with a K10D and an old Sears 135 Auto Macro f2.8. Not easy to work with, and I hope to get something better soon.
  40. Another un named flower and visiter!
  41. Alrite guys.. Great shot by everyone as always! Too much travel this week with no massive shooting. Just got in... Hope u like it
  42. Just a backyard shot, K200D with old manual focus Pentax 50mm f2.0
  43. On the night-shift, and time to spare…..
    To comment on my favs for this week :
    Dave’s turtle is startling
    Steve’s ‘I love you’ is like a contemporary fairytale
    Tom’s Mexican fisher is extraordinary and NG-class, and I really like that cross too
    Michael’s Kruckeberg is very sweet and subtle
    Leo’s hdr sunset is something special, nice pp-work
    George’s woman is a very attractive mystery
    Robert’s treetrunk is best, wonderful ambient style
    Peter’s pencils have taken my by surprise
    Marcus’ strange lemonade……
    Javier’s hippies threw me into nostalgic memorylane
    Arkadiy’s leaves is a good artistic picture
    and Sigmar has a lovely backyard
    Those left out of this list shouldn’t be bothered,
    I’m just expressing my personal taste here,
    Which has nothing to do with proper qualifying :)
  44. I wasn't sure I'd have time to participate today whiich was why I took advantage of the early start. Thanks for the comments on the turtle. As some of you probably know it's pretty unusual to see a box turtle in water--I've never seen that before.
    I'm not a car guy, Matt but those are great photos.
    I like that Fisher, Tom. It strikes me as being just a little but dark (but I find that sometimes happens to me when I resize and post) but the color and light are very nice.
    Love ME's tulip!
    Flower macro is teriffic Subho--sometimes you just have to get down & dirty to get the shot.
    I like that George C!
    The bubbly pencils are spendid, Peter-what a great idea! And, yes, I did get your message about the about the Miramichi--fitting that into the calendar is a challenge though.
    Dessert looks delicious, Markus!
    The portrtait is superb, dorus--a wonderful moment very nicely presented.
  45. My comments and acknowledgments, I'm gonna call this part one because I sense with mother's day and all, that we will have a significant upload by tomorrow noon.
    Matthew M2, I like the intention of the first shot, especially the yellow and neon background. I had to shoot a circuit sports car for work a few weeks ago and in spite of a 103 fever, enjoyed the assignment. But I found that I had to dope up most of the shots in post-processing to bring forth the potential energy of the vehicle. I couldn't resist dumping your first one into Lightroom. Upped the fill light about 18%, jacked the brightness, clarity, and vibrance and highlights a bit on the tone curve and got a nice yellow that popped to match the amped up onion rings sign. The amber running light in the front really comes through and I think that was your objective too. So you got a fun photo there.
    Dave H., that turtle shot is downright metaliic. Maybe my fave of all your shots I've seen in this forum.
    Tom M. that dayglo green car/hotel is hilarious as is your caption. The world needs more funny pictures.
    George C. What a keeper. I echo Christopher S., it is classic.
    Robert C., that old horse shot rendering is strange, I think I like it, dusky green.
    Markus M, the dessert shot I would have had to hide from my wife this morning if she popped by--it would have raised mother's day expectations even higher. Nicely exposed and lit.
    Dorus O, you must have had a great time in Egypt. These shots have an humane dimension to them in a positive way. Let me know if you ever come to the US Pacific Northwest and we'll shoot ourselves silly.
    Scot T, I'd put that first one in my portfolio too. Very sweet and spontaneous.
    Javier, those neo-hippies (or Sears hippies as my Frank Zappa-influenced brain calls them) are too beautiful. Gotta be trustafarians.
    Thank you Heather, you got my full intentions there.
    Thank you Robert, I wish I could get into the second one as much as others seem to, but that's not only OK but healthy.
    Thank you Peter. Thank you John D., I'm gonna try to sell that tulip shot. Thank you Dorus. Thank you Dave H.
  46. My pics taken today in the Columbia Gorge east end at the Tom Mcall Nature Preserve
  47. Well, the good news for me is I've just replaced my old DSL modem and wireless router because I was running at 27K. I'm now back up to DSL speed. Amazing what you can get used to. The slowdown was gradual until 2 weeks ago, then it became ridiculous. The bad news is that my wife just called to tell me there's major mechanical failure in our upstate house probably caused by a flooded basement. I did manage to get a few pictures this week.
    Comments later.
  48. took a trip to phoenix this weekend. Most of the photos are ruined because of dust on the sensor. Egads! But here are a few of my favorites.
    Little house
    Brokedown Palace
  49. I really like those landscapes, John--the colors are really wonderful--but I think they'd benefit from some pp tweaking (more brightness & contrast, in particular.)
    The same might apply to those nice redbuds, Howard.
    Interesting crop on Meeca, Jemal--it almost invites text of some sort. I love how you handled the dof and caught the highlights!
  50. As usual, everyone has some great shots. I'm very impressed with oshiva. Damn nice photos man.
    That green car/motel shot was just perfect. They were identical in color, it was too funny. There I was walking around the downtown inner city of Acapulco, and bang! I was rubbing my eyes from all that bright green. Anyone notice how clean the streets are? There is no public garbage cans but the people just put large cardboard boxes everywhere and folks use them instead, and good samaritans throw it out with their own garbage pick up.
  51. My sons' senior prom Saturday night provided them ample opportunity to goof around. We got pictures and then it poured rain for the rest of the night.
  52. And the photos...
  53. My faves-
    Matthew- Sexy!
    Dave - You really caught the wetness - well composed.
    Michael- I really like the texture and colors on the tulip.
    Leo - The sunset really works and I don't usually go for HDR.
    George - Haunting portrait - I like the way she is looking away from the perspective line in the wall. Is that film?
    Dorus - the work is worth it - great portrait and sense of place. I find the sign funny, do you?
    Scot - Her expression on the balcony says it all and you caught it.
    Bob - Upstate NY can be gorgeous and you caught it - The colors and the landscape. If you hit Enter after the pictures you'll get the needed space here.
    Javier - They're in a time warp - it's the 40th anniversary of Woodstock this year. Noooo, I can't be that old!
    Arkadiy - Just beuatiful the exposure is perfect. The darkness makes it.
    Sigmar - the colors are really nice. The Pentax f/2 50mm lens was my first lens. I still have it.
    John - Sorry we got tangled although they seem to blend well. Your scenery is beautifully shot.
    My shot #2 was actually taken with the DA 50-200mm
    Angela- The red dress really pops! You said pictures ? As in more than one?
    To all - A great bunch of pictures!
  54. It is sad to find one goosling less in two days of shooting for the pair of geese with 5 babies found in a trail along a creek. The pair is very protective but there are just too many vultures, hawks and others around.
    k20D with Tokina SD 400mm f/5.6​
    And I have a shot of this tree pointing upwards, I find the tree dressing in bikini.
    K20D with Sigma 105mm f/2.8 Ex DG​
    and I have my most thrilling moment in shooting this bird in flight, I don't know the kind of bird it is but it is hovering over the air and dive into the water for food. Absolutely amazing kind. My AF motor sounds like burning in AF.C with this bird and AF fouls on me.
    K20D with Pentax F* 300mm f/4.5
    K20D with Pentax F* 300mm f/4.5​
    I will try to post more in a separate thread asking about this bird identity and share the thrilling and frustrating experience in shooting this bird. I ended up using manual focus at the end of the photo session.
  55. One from an art gallery I went to a few weeks ago:
  56. Alrite guys.. I´ll try to get a habit of remembering my faves...very tough..all pix are awesome!
    So these are my faves:
    Peter Zack: Great Idea about the pencils! Photoshop it a lil bit, and u have piece of advertising rite there!
    George C: The gal´ , wow, looks like you´ve been shooting rangefinder for a while, lol. The pic´s got the rite spirit. A nice piece of street photo stylin rite there. By the way, that´s my fave POW
    Dorus: Good toning of the Egypt pix. A better light difference (Shadow vs Highlight) and a darkened backround would´ve made a HELL of a portrait!!! (U know, the ones the Elves would put as an offical POW) =)
    Scot: Nice wedding shots. Very good looking B&W tonalities.
    Jemal: Contrast on that Meeca pic is goooooooooooood!
    Last but not least, Paul: That´s a big dildo, buddy. lolololol =)
  57. Howard T, I always seem to have problems getting my pics in the posts! I will try another...
  58. See what I mean? lol
  59. Angela,
    You did fine!
    My feeling was right - the purple dress accentuated the red one. Great color. Which guy is your son?
  60. Howard, thanks! Both boys are mine. I shot with an umbrella over my camera because the rain was intermittent and I never knew what was going to happen. My K10 could take it, but not the lens. Time to shop for some WR lenses!
  61. Angela,
    A photographer I know purchased a plastic sleeve that covers lens and body with a hole for the lens at one end and a larger opening for holding the camera body. Or, as he also suggested, a plastic shopping bag. He has a Hasselblad. Sounds a lot less expensive than new lenses, unless, of course, you really NEED them. :)
  62. Here ya go Paul.. [​IMG]
  63. I am sure I could justify buying new lenses. But I will probably check out the sleeves instead!
    Javier, that is a great photo!
  64. @ Paul Wilkins, I read a recent survey that said 4 out of 5 dildo's prefer Finlandia compared to other major brands.
  65. All the photos are great as usual, but here are my comments for the week
    Matthew M., love the car shots with the yellow signage in the background
    Michael E., those lily pads with the lone flower is just flat out creative and mood invoking
    George C., love the feeling invoked by your black and white girl photo
    Paul W., thanks for the laugh, I'll never look at Finlandia bottles the same, but there is power from that piece in the art gallery
  66. Great pix everyone
    A few that really appeal to my subjective taste.
    Tom M : this is one of the best bird shots I have seen, the composition and lighting is perfect, the eyes are nicely illuminated, there are no distractions anywhere, and the color tones of the background and the rock are also in the bird itself.
    Peter Z : Very nice stillife, great imagination.
    John B : Nice scenics
    Markus M : You're making me hungry... and thirsty
    Matthew M : Pics of muscle cars and drive-ins sometimes make me want to go back to the '60's. I will post the Challenger and Mustang retros as soon as I get some good ones.
    Dorus O : ALL of your work is on a plateau, a VERY high one.

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