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  1. Happy Pentax day folks.
    Never started a POW thread. Recently got a Tamron SP 300mm f2.8. My wife and I went to the park with our 2 dogs. This gave me an opportunity to test my new lens. Here are few I am sharing with you. Enjoy.
  2. Pics not attached first time. Sorry.
  3. The posing dog :)
  4. Close up mania :)
  5. Here is my three for the week I will comment later when there is more photo's First up is a black and white BIF
  6. Next up is one I took with my K100D which I recently cleaned and thought I would take it out for a run I also done this one with the painted effect
  7. The third one is a shot of lake broadwater done with the painted effect. I was going to add the finished product of my work in progress from last week but I put it in the monthly photo project.
  8. My 2 cents...
  9. And another one..
  10. I'm culling & uploading Saturday pics right now - guess what I've been doing this weekend. No time for anything else this week entire week.
    This little one decided she needed her own pics of her puppy. Apparently, she likes my set-up.
  11. Here is my 3 plus 1. The plus one was taken a few weeks back and I really just was happy with the post processing. Hopefully everyone will forgive my extra photo.
    Rescue Me - Hermosa Beach California
    Talking Shadows - Hermosa Beach California
    50mm Shoot Out Entry - A contest with a friend, His Nikon 50mm f1.8 manual vs. My Pentax SMC 50 f1.7 M
    And the Bonus Shot...
    Long Beach From the Queen Mary - No HDR
  12. And this is my favorite of the weekend, I think (it's going to be hard to beat!!) Shooting only w/ the DA* 16-50, studio lights in a tent, 180th shutter speed, usually f9.5 or f11.0
  13. I've found myself shooting with my old M 50mm f/1.7 alot lately for some reason. I've really enjoyed the more intentional process precipitated by the manual aperture and focus, as well as stretching my comfort zone by taking some candid portraits of my friends.
    And yes, I'm aware of how ridiculously pretty my friends are ;).


  14. wow the captures here are amazing so far! I got to spend the day on Wed. at Sea World with my family and my tammy 70-300LD.. It was only $5 each for us to get in (normally $65 each), and that necessitated a 'sick day' for me... :)
    I have a bunch of fun shots but have only had time to edit a few so far...
    3 shot hdr (was wishing there was room to back up more):
    no crop here:
  15. Winter's retreat from Lake Superior, Canal Park/Aerial Lift Bridge, Duluth MN, 4-4-09.
    I have to admit- these photos were taken with my new Panasonic LX3, really my first trip out into the world with it. Straight off the camera, no editing at all. But it's the photos that are important, not the camera, right? And if it helps at all, my friend Dave was shooting along side me using my "old" Pentax K100D Super.
  16. Okay, to keep some Pentax content from me, here are a few shots from my K100DS as shot by my friend Dave. He's got a Canon 35mm film camera at home collecting dust, and he's been using an older digital P&S for several years, so I put the "K" in his hands today and we had some fun.
  17. Steve, we aren't brand snobs here, as long as you are a Pentaxian, you are free to post whatever. This of course assumes you do actually post some Pentax shots from time to time!
    My three....all taken with a Pentax, unlike Steve and Ned Bunnell!
    Mount Mansfield (same trip as last weeks lead shot), about 100 vertical feet from the summit. Nasty conditions, and just a grab shot to show the conditions! Interestingly, the boulder and foreground arent there for photographic addition but rather the boulder was my windbreak.
    K20D, DA 21mm on a boulder pod!
    PNC Park, Pittsburgh. Despite the money the Yankees spent, this is the best (new) ballpark in baseball! Camden Yards is a very close second!
    K10D, Sigma 10-20mm mounted on a garbage can! That would make it a garbage pod!
    And a limited view from the seats of a small slice of the entire Pitt skyline that is visible from this great stadium. Absolutely perfect design, perfect location, they just need a major league team to put in the field!
    K10D, DA 35mm Limited.
  18. Spring finally hit today after a soggy three days. We are just starting to get bushes flowering. Here are three from around my home this afternoon. I promised my wife I would mow tomorrow. Really.
    No. 1
    K20D, Voigtlander 125mm f 4.5 @1/350 ISO 400
    No. 2
    K20D, Voigtlander 125mm f 6.7 @1/30 ISO 400
    No. 3
    K20D, FA 50mm f 5.6 @ 1/60, ISO 400 Metz 58 AF flash on A
  19. Subho - The bokeh in the first pic really stands out for me, contrasting nicely with the hairy texture of your dog.
    Ben P - Great catch of the egret taking flight.
    Arkadiy - Plenty of details. Were those leaves taken with your Voigtlander?
    Maria - That portrait deserves an entire wall to itself ... and maybe a shrine to top it off.
    Adam - Really neat candids, too easy to just shoot a bunch with such ridiculously pretty friends :D
    Todd - The man in the first pic looks surreal, almost pixelated like the display in the background. Great timing.
    Steve T - Dreary winter, neatly captured. Not so dreary out from the Pentax tho :)
    Justin - Love the black-and-whites especially of the movement in PNC Park.

    Took advantage of the free entry to the F1 Malaysian GP free practice session.
    Here are a few topical pics.

    Ferrari Team - Felippe Massa
    300mm, f5.6, 1/4000sec, AV mode, ISO200

    Williams Team - Nico Rosberg
    300mm, f5.6, 1/2000sec, AV mode, ISO200

    Petronas Ambassadors
  20. Another great start of the POW this week! I must admit tho that my favorite is the shot from Maria of the little lady :)
    My photos this week are from Houston, and mostly street shots.. taken with the Olympus. It was a lot easier to pack my p&s than either of my dslrs.
  21. Number 2
  22. A nice diverse array of photo's by everyone, but over all (I must say) not quite as nice as last weeks' POW (which was extremely nice).
    Next week I won't be 'here', will be on a mission to try an shoot original photo's in Egypt.....
    Some samples from this weeks' harvest....
    brave new world nr49
    busstop (from nowhere to nowhere)
    school's out !
    • Ben, really like the fallen tree shot, composition and colors are very nice.
    • Maria, what can I say about say cheese? Perhaps priceless.
    • Steve, very impressive shots with the Panasonic.
    • Justin, I always love your snow shots.
    • Haig, all three are really nice.
    Well, last night was prom night at my school and I wasn't going to attend, but I thought it is about time I get over my flash-fear. This would be a perfect place to shoot away and not have to worry about the outcome since I was doing just for myself. The minute I put my 540fgz on my K10, I freeze and enter a whole new photography universe. One thing I tried last night and it seemed to work well was to tape a white coffee filter (at least a piece of one) over the flash to act as a diffuser. I read somewhere that it works well and it seemed to work OK for me last night. Well, here are three.
  23. and
  24. finally
  25. April Fool's Day Beginning to a new trout season A capture from the drive to the stream [​IMG] Walking the cornfields in April [​IMG] As usual, the trout are not very active early on. I did manage to 'capture' one. [​IMG]
  26. Interior shots of 1963 "MS Winkelried" during the tour on the lake of the four states up to Lucerne and a quick visit to the comic festival "Fumetto" for some good reading are my POW contributions :) All made with the Pentax K10D & Pentax DA 16-45mm.
  27. a member of the "Fumetto" Festival
  28. "Fumetto" comic festival in Lucerne
  29. Some bird shooting
  30. Luckily I was almost in focus for this one - no time to adjust.
  31. And a paparazzi pic. :)
  32. I needed a break from flowers after my obsession with the magnolias so I've been on a "bust-a-prime" jag with the FA 31mm LTD for the last couple of days. This is an abandoned mill community down by the Patapsco River.
  33. Wandered the city yesterday and came across this. Apparently, a new approach to bill boards is to print the graphic on a huge plastic sheet. It works fine until the wind tears it up: then you get a pretty spectacular mess (which does get a lot of attention.)
  34. The Maryland Institute College of Art offers light rail commuters a glimpse of tranquility.
  35. Some quick comments before I dash off to lunch:
    • Ben, your overamped colours must be starting to grow on me, cos I like "Lake Broadwater". What have you done to me!?!? :-D
    • Arkadiy, your first leaf is dark and ominous. I like it!
    • Jemal, you 2nd shot is maybe the best I've seen from you. Fantastic! The exposure was spot on (for my tastes).
    • Maria, is that a stuffed bear!?!?
    • Adam, your fabulous timing continuous to reap you great shots. I still remember that photo of your dad pointing his finger at you! LOL!
    • Todd, while I like the flying man with orca (good timing on that one), the flamingo is simply beautiful, with a daring composition that works for me. Bravo!
    • Justin, PNC Park is my kind of B&W wide angle shot (Sigma 10-20mm?). Love it :)
    • Haig, #4 is #1. I need not say more.
    • Dorus, where do you keep finding all these buildings???? I like abstracts from buildings, but whenever I find myself taking one I invariably think of one of yours and often end up not taking the shot. Bus stop is my fave from your batch this week.
    • Markus, MS "Winkelried" 1963 #2 is very evocative, despite being mostly empty. I don't know how you do that, but you do it well.
  36. Chune,
    Yah, those leaves were Voigltlander 90mm. That's all I've been using lately
  37. Hi all, nice shots so far, anyway here are four shots, hope thats OK?
  38. next shot...
  39. That's the gayest picture I've taken in years... But I thought it was funny as my roommate was nappin..to take a pic of him with nice window light
  40. Another great collection here!! Justin, a surprise to see so much winter still in them thar mountains! And Steve T, I see you've still a good deal of ice left up in Deluth. Ours cleared out some days ago. I shouldn't gloat, though- seems we have some snow headed our way..
    Here's a shot of a fast-moving bed of ice coming by as the breakup got under way-
    Pentax K200D/ Sigma 24-60mm f/2.8 EX DG
  41. I already posted a few in Doug Stemke's Pentax Day thread of 4/4. Here are a couple from a couple of days before-
    This is from the old railway station where Thomas Edison got his first job as a boy working on a train, eventually learning the telegraph and getting his first ideas regarding electricity.
    K20D/ DA 12-24mm
  42. Two little birdies - outside my doorstep
    k10d 50-135[​IMG]
  43. Thanks Justin! And here is my proof of Pentaxian loyalty (2 biggies along with the 2 little non-P-brands)... Oh, crap, I took this shot with an old 2mp Fuji P&S. But I did spend about 90 minutes this morning in my back yard with the K20D and my 90mm macro catching winter's last hurrah. I'll post those later in another thread.
  44. Wow Dan! Those are great!
    Well, I've been searching everywhere to find the key to making digital images look like my beloved film Fujichrome Velvia 100F.
    This first picture is a photocopy of Fujichrome Velvia using the K20d. I shot this picture about 2 years ago with the Pentax LX. I'm not sure which lens I used though.
  45. This next one is Fujichrome Provia 100F. I won first place in a photography contest with this picture, and haven't been able to win since.
    This is also a photocopied picture from the LX using the k20d. When I took this picture with the LX, the shutter speed was close to 5 min. long--one of the longest shutter speeds I've used!
  46. The last picture is a (I think) Black Capped night heron. I used a lens which has a tendency to not be sharp, but this looks fine to me even at 100%.
    Pentax K10d, SS-1/125; F/8; ISO 160; Focal Length 420mm.
  47. More fine photos!! Steve T, that's a nice shot to show the size difference between K100/200D cameras and the K10/20D models, which are still considered of modest dimensions for their class.
  48. I usually never get around to this. Here goes.
    On Friday Evening a group of local photographers took a trip up to Fort Schanskop here in Pretoria. We were treated to a stunner of a sunset, followed by one of the best nighttime vistas over the city.
    Sunset over the Voortrekker Monument - DA 16-45
    And closer in with the D-FA 100mm Macro - one of my favourite landscape lenses.
    And then some views over the city after nightfall
  49. Okay, let's try that again. This picture is my photo of the week because I was taking some shots of a rhododendron plant, and accidentally found this ant in one of the pictures! Pentax 645 120mm macro, Adapter K, ABR 800, K200D, Aperture post "centerlined." I feel like I need to tweak it some more with actual effort in editing, but here it is. Great photos, folks! J.
  50. My contribution for the week:
  51. Thanks for hosting Subho! Your dog looks a lot like ours.
    I do like Lake Broadwater, Ben the clouds do deserve the repetition. It's like a B&W--only blue ;~)
    The second leaf works for me, Arkadiy (and Brian napping is really good!)
    "Cheese Muffin" is cute but I like "rub mah belly" best, Maria.
    "Talking Shadows" is my favorite of the set, Jemal.
    They are pretty, Adam--and you've done very well by them.
    Nice set, Todd--the flamingo knocked my socks off.
    Sorry, Steve T, Dave don't count--but I like your lighthouse shot anyway.
    Your shot from PNC Park is really impressive, Justin--how much did you pay for the 'pod?
    I mowed my lawn today Michael (so it's officially Spring) buit I'd rather have been shooting photos.
    Nice fish and nice fish photo, Bob!
    Impressive ice, Michael--I'm not inclined to witness such an event in person but it's interesting to see.
    Very nice birds (warblers?) Dan. They seem a bit dark but it's an interesting effect--the yellows practically glow!
    Number 2 is really nice, Jon!
    Killer sunsets, Henk!
  52. The one that appeals to me most is Bob's second pic... Interesting details, great angle, and I think it has a poignant atmosphere to it. I like it a lot.
    One from me... I really wasn't too keen on the lighting/contrast with this one, and kinda went around in circles with it doing the B&W conversion, and then basically gave up. Still, I guess the textures are of some visual interest, nonetheless:
  53. This is for Jon Reid...
    I've been a long time user of Provia and Velvia... (hell..not long..im just 23), where did you the instructions to make them look like the film?
  54. Again, great shots.
    Adam Wilson: Great B & W shots. Very nice candids.

    Justin: Nice mountain shot. And I love the B & W's of PNC, but I have to disagree. Even without the nice city view, I'll still take Kauffman Stadium here in KC. Especially this year, when the remodel is complete. I'll post shots as soon as I get there. Plus, the Royals have a really good chance of not sucking this year!
    Dan Spiess: Nice shots of the birds. I love the 50-135mm zoom too.
    Speaking of which, I took some shots at a baby shower last night using the DA*50-135 zoom and my new favorite lens, the SMC-M 200mm f/4. I put two CTO-gelled flashes up on stands pointing at the chair the subject was in. Unfortunately, I shot in JPEG and over-compensated with the orange gels a bit. I did the best I could in PP, but there still is a slight orange/yellow bent to these shots.
  55. The rest of my shots are with my SMC-M 200mm f/4 prime. I love how sharp this lens is. Focus is slow and deliberate, but spot on. For value's sake, at $60, this is the best lens I've got.
  56. Baby Shower
  57. Baby Shower shots
  58. Justin: Nice mountain shot. And I love the B & W's of PNC, but I have to disagree. Even without the nice city view, I'll still take Kauffman Stadium here in KC. Especially this year, when the remodel is complete. I'll post shots as soon as I get there. Plus, the Royals have a really good chance of not sucking this year!​
    Sadly I've only driven by Kaufman, on my way to Colorado 2X. I love baseball stadiums, and I understand Kaufman is a well kept stadium, plus the falls are impressive. I don't know though, it's more than the city views, it's the ambiance of getting to the park, the riverside location with the river boats and coal barges going by. You can walk, take ferries, drive if you want, but it's an experience. Plus, the architecture of the park, while repeated in many recent parks, is still pretty nice in itself. And Skyblast is a fireworks show like nothing else. They use the entire skyline and the bridges to launch fireworks. Really incredible even if you don't like baseball!
    Camden is #2 (was #1) because it changed "cookie cutter" stadiums forever, and it was the stadium to first integrate existing cityscape and historic buildings into the structure. Plus, Camden yards started the trend of putting stadiums back in cities and not in the burbs.
    Yankee Stadium had the greatest history, and was a decent place to watch a game (no bad seats). But the new stadium doesn't have history and will just be another park in 5 years no views, nothing interesting surrounding it. I really think they made a big mistake. I hope it works out as whats done is done, but I have a bad feeling if the team doesn't continue to win forever, the days of 4 million are long long gone! I'm not a boston fan, but I hope Boston never gives up Fenway, likewise, Wrigley cannot go either! I definitely would love to get to Kaufman though, does look like a great park.
  59. Very cool shot, Mis--is that a common pose for those birds?
    That's a shot worth wrestling with, Paul but I can see how it could be frustrating. I'd want to make the various parts just a bit more distinct from one another but don't know whether that's possible.
  60. I do wish Kauffman was in the city, especially now that the city is being revitalized. But it has always been a cool place to see the game. Even when they still had that crappy turf.
    But you're right. Ballparks SHOULD be in the city.
  61. I haven't been out shooting this last week, but two years ago, my wife and I went to Utah for the first time. I hadn't used my Spotmatic for several years because the light meter had failed. I was planning to buy a new DSLR, and had been doing my research on the internet, not knowing any current Pentax shooters. I went into a shop in St. George, where they had a K100D and a K10D. I really couldn't believe I would spend $1000 on a camera, but after playing with them both for a short time, I knew that I would be happier with the 10D, which has certainly been the case. I am submitting some photos of my first day with the K10D and the kit lens in Zion National Park. I was so impressed with the Shake Reduction that I was shooting out the roof windows of the bus while going up the canyon. I'm sure that I looked like a little kid with my shiny new toy! Even after two years, and several lenses later, I am still pretty impressed with what that camera can do for someone who had forgotten most of what I knew years earlier.[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  62. Sorry, I'll try again to get the photos to appear!
  63. Yes, they should! That way, when I'm going from Wichita, to St Louis, and happen to hit KC when a game has let out, I can bypass the traffic instead of getting smack into the middle of it!!!! ;-D
    Mis - I have to admit, I was waiting for anybody to comment on the bear. No, it's not stuffed. It's REAL!!!
    Ok, real man in a bear suit. The 'bear' and his handler hang out at Renaissance Fairs (and I think other events) and put on a great show. The guy in the suit is amazing good at being a bear. They raise money for their cub rescue center in OK. I'm going to have to get back with them about working w/ some promo images/video for them.
    BY THE WAY: They are looking for somebody to follow them around at the fairs and take pictures of the bear w/ attendees.... who in here is interested?
  64. Wow...What a great group of pictures....Right now I would have to say that Maria's ''say Cheese Muffin!!!'' is my favorite...What an amazing image!!!!
  65. I know we are only suppose to put in three images, but wanted to show some of the K20D's j peg ability with a good lens and flying birds. I shot these today. All exif is intact (I hope) I took out my Sigma 500 / hand held this beast and set her on AF.C and shot this bird eating a fish in the air.. The larger pictures are much better than these. No pp was done other than resizing them...By the way..The Sea Gulls chase after the pelicans and try and eat the fish out of their mouths. Strange!
  66. So many enjoyable, really fine shots in this thread!! But Mis, that stork shot you nailed so well is incredible!!!
  67. mk. comment time!
    maria - you should not let bears into your studio. if it attacks you, you may have to defend yourself, and that would be cruelty to animals, which is bad. ;)
    todd - wonderful detail and composition in that flamingo shot. well done.
    justin - the PNC Park black and white is fantastic.
    dorus - that first building shot (brave new world) is excellent. and as a side note, it produces some REALLY crazy moiré patterns when i scroll my screen up and down.
    jon ried - really good job on that sunset photo (#2). the color and the glassy water look downright dreamy.
    henk coetzee - GREAT capture of the nighttime city-scape. keep up the good work!
    paul wilkins - I actually really like the contrast of that climbing wall, as well as your timing of the shot. well done!
  68. I went out and shoot a few pictures today. I wanted to try to get some panoramic images. I only converted two, and I did it actually with Photoshop Element 7. I was going to purchase ArcSoft’s Panorama Maker 4 Pro, but it seems that Element 7 does a pretty good job. I might have saved myself $79.00. What do you suggest for software?

    Surprisingly, the two pictures herein were done shooting “handheld” with no tripod or special panoramic heads. I used my K20D with the new Pentax DA* 55mm f/1.4. All shots were taken in manual mode. I used the green button for testing the suggested aperture/shutter speed, and interpolated the results to 1/30th sec @ F/22 for maximum depth of field. I know these aren’t the greatest panos, but I will get it right with a little practice. I am awaiting my panoramic head for adjusting the nodal point and shooting at closer range.

  69. I finally got one photo up, will try another!
  70. And one more, my wife on a warm day, Good Friday, 2007.
  71. Well, today brought high winds and cold temps, but this right here made putting up with it (for 4hrs, anyway) worth it. I laughed all the way through this sitting, but you would, too.
    PS - Alisa B Steig is almost in trouble, cause I was in her hometown & she didn't come by to say hi! (Only thing saving her is I know how busy she's been through yaking in emails.)
  72. Javier, those amazing pelican shots you nailed say- What? Pentax gear is too slow for shooting action??
  73. Dave H. wrote: Very cool shot, Mis--is that a common pose for those birds?​
    Well, I'd been there for about an hour, and the stork asked what do I have to do for you to go away and leave me alone? I replied, just strike a cool pose! And that's what she did. I wish she'd asked earlier... :) But no, it's not very common—usually they just stand there looking around, which is why I had to wait a while to get this pose.
    Michael K. wrote: Mis, that stork shot you nailed so well is incredible!!!​
    Thanks! It was harder work than you might imagine, but I'm reasonably happy with it.
  74. I am always late to POW but late is better than not showing up. I spent the Sunday late morning with my boy on finding the red tail hawk that I had a difficult time having a clear shot the week before. And of course, we could not find the showing of any hawk. We did find cute hummingbirds feeding their young. My boy has a blast with the humming bird. I only have my cheapo gear with Tamron 70-300mm f/4.5-5.6 Di LD Macro and I added my Pentax F-1.7x AF TC for the extra reach. Please bear with me on the purple fringing .
    And my boy has much better eyesight than me and when we were about to end the photo shoot, he caught a black bird flying high in sky from a distance. We first thought it was a black crow and I saw wing spread looking like a hawk in my view finder with the 500mm rig. I took few shots hoping it was the hawk. Due to sun above our head, we both didn't know what it was until we get home. It looks like vulture to me. These are taken at 510mm with the TC at f/8.0 in ISO 400 , cropped due to a far distance
    The AF work quite nicely with the Tamron zoom but I desire for better detail.​
  75. @subho, the Tamron 300mm f/2.8 adaptall-2 is an amazing lens, do you find it a heavy burden on a tripod? What sort of tripod you use with the Tamron 300mm f/2.8 adaptall-2. The sharpness and color is amazing with the lens.
    @Todd, you have inspired me to take my Tamron 70-300mm zoom.
    @Javier, how can you hand-hold the Bigma. I enjoy the series very much.
    @Mis, that post is definitely worth the wait.
    @Dave, I love the first shot. You should take out the 31mm limited more often.
    @Nick, I wish I can hang out with you for shooting the birds. I recently got a PhotoSniper Tair-3 Phs 300mm f/4.5. I will post some information I get my russian lens. It has a stock gun that goes with lens.
    @Dan, the DA* 50-135 have wonderful shots on the birds
  76. The vulture shots are pretty amazing considering the lens arrangement, Hin!
  77. Hin, That was no bigma but my 500 F/4.5 lens. It is much bigger and heavier than the bigma and of course allot faster and sharper.
  78. I was planning to get back to this thread yesterday but things didn't work out. I went out to do some shooting when I slipped on a rock and landed on my head. 7 staples in the head and 3 hours in the ER later and I was spent for the day. I thought this photography stuff was safe? Anyway, wow some really great stuff here. Dave, your Mill lane is my fav of the week. I guess I am just a sucker for shots of things historic. Nick, "posing" reminds me so much of my daughter when she was that age, very nice. Mis, that is one nice shot of the stork. Henk, the sunsets are beautiful as are the night shots- well done. Javier, that is a great sequence of the pelican. Some really nice work this week.
  79. Robert,
    I am glad to hear / read that you are ok. One of my dear online friends from another forum fell off a bridge a few months back while trying to get a picture and brike his back. He is still not moving and was a real blessing to me. Take care of that head!
  80. I dunno, Javier--he chose my shot as his favorite so maybe he's not fully recovered. Seriously, thanks for that, Robert--I hope you mend quickly!
  81. I had server problems yesterday so couldn't get on to post comments but this week I think my favoujrite shot is Maria's Say cheese muffin. A close 2nd is Javier's BIF's The whole series look great.
  82. Thanks, Javier and Dave - Spring break begins on Thursday! A week and a half off will do wonders.
  83. Thanks folks. Great viewing pleasure.
    @Hin, I will post another time some photos my wife took of me holding the Tammy. My biceps and triceps are growing :) We talk about walk around lens, right? Now this is my work out lens:))
    I am getting used to carrying the lens. This is a pic of my wife. Handhold.........so little bit soft. Well, one day....may be one day I will be able to get a sharp focus handhold.
  84. Subho and Hin, I use the Tamron SP 300mm on a Monostat monopod, that works well.
  85. @Subho, I am very impressed on how you hand-hold such a heavy lens
    @Javier, that Sigma prime is even heavier than the Bigma. I am speechless on how you hand-hold those shots on the Pelicans.
    @Markus, thanks for the tip on the Monostat monopod
    @Robert, I hope you get well soon.
  86. Just wanted to drop in my thoughts on the photos here that caught my eye
    Subho's first shot is wonderful! very nice color and detail - congrats on the lens
    Ben's Lake shot is incredible. Love the comp and reflection and color
    Arkadiy #2 = wow
    Maria Cheese Muffin is so nice!
    Steve #2 = wonderful comp/pov and reflection
    Michael #2 = such a beauty
    Chune's GP shots are super cool
    Haig #2 is a wonderful catch
    Oshiva's shots are phenomenal. such an eye
    Robert, think you did great with your prom shots
    Markus last shot is really neat and good reading
    Nick #3 is a very nice snipe
    Dave your mill hill shot is wonderful
    Dan #1 - such a cute pose captured from birdie
    Mis your stork shot takes the cake for me.. awesome capture - so creative with the processing too
    Steve Dean nice work with the shower!
    Javier your shots are amazing! I hope to be skilled enough someboday to be able to post shots sooc like you do..
    Great shots Hin with the tammy

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