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  1. Its been Sunday here all morning - Brisbane Oz 10.30am Took this yesterday and played with this morning. The K20D is a bit of a quiet sleeping giant. The more I use it the better it becomes. This prehistoric darling was guarding its mate. And it seems it had been having a bit of a scrap with a few others too - notice the blood marks on right front chest. As ever looks better big so will try to included larger one. These guys can give you a nasty bite so long lens was good P 50-135mm at 135mm F5.6 1/180th iso 200 - RAW etc.. So off we go - may the Pentax POW show commence ... Da Da Daahhh!
  2. Larger version ...
  3. Nice shot John! The big version does it much better justice. I was testing a Ricoh lens I planned to sell, but got some nice shots with it.
  4. Gotta be from another part of the world, the date format is the give away...must be Sunday in Australia!!

    So what exactly is this little creature? Pretty cool looking but not something I'd like to wake up with stairing me in the face!
  5. Here's a crazy hair shot. Trying to plan how to shoot this better, than recreate it.
  6. And last night I went out, for a change. Was trying to mimic shots posted here of stationary fixtures but blurred/moving people. It didn't work, but I liked this.
  7. Not much this week:
    4th Of July, Lake Placid, NY....K20D, DA 35mm!
    K10D, Sigma 10-20mm EX
    K20D, DA21mm
  8. Mom ..photo madeThanksgiving day ..81 years old,, cancer survivor and 2 heartattack survivor.
  9. on the way to Moms for Thanksgiving..Dillon SC ..Big Slipper is weird seeing it from the interstate, snapped this with Pentax ist DS, also have a earlier version with Canon 10D, both are strange.
  10. Justin - Those last two are spectacular! Ronny, a lovely portrait of your mom! And... it is quite a slipper.
  11. I picked up a Pentax-FA 80-320mm 1:4.5-5.6 lens recently, and tried it out on my daughter with my K10D yesterday. Here's a shot at 170mm focal length and f/8 aperture, with bounced flash. Slightly cropped.
  12. An extremely rare capture in L.A...I went hiking and shot this while it was raining...So two rare occurrences..
    Rain and a deer.... 8~) ..Thanks Pentax for weather proof gear...
    <img src="http://i404.photobucket.com/albums/pp128/jgredline/Wildlife%20parks/mydeer5.jpg">
    <img src="http://i404.photobucket.com/albums/pp128/jgredline/Wildlife%20parks/mydeer.jpg">
  13. This I shot out the front windshield of my truck while driving to the mountains. It was so beautiful outside, I could not resist..
    <img src="http://i404.photobucket.com/albums/pp128/jgredline/Snap%20shots/salamandorhunt.jpg">
  14. Wow. Really great stuff. Glad you got to shoot that deer Javier. Really like the Hurricane pano Jaustin and the balloonfest. Just about done 2ith my 2008 hiking pics. Here's the last installment. A series of four.
  15. And a shot of cloud shrouded Giant Mt looking over the shoulders of Noonmark and Round Mts.
  16. The hike on the way to Indian Head. A bit frosty.
  17. Lower Ausable Lake as seen from Indian Head and my wife below.
  18. Great stuff folks! Crazy hair is my fav so far. It's been a mixed bag for me this week. Found this on a downtown shooting excursion today.
  19. Then there was this goose on the brink of the Daniels Dam.
  20. And Christmas decorations on 34th Street (a Baltimore tradition.)
  21. Very nice photos here already even if it is still Saturday night. Radford and Nick, your little girls are too cute. I was able to catch up on some photo taking with several days off. Here are two from Connecticut, (Long Island Sound) and one from Philly.
  22. and the standard gull shot
  23. and lastly
  24. I'll post a few shots later.. but that lizard that John posted is a male bearded dragon.. the males have red chests.
  25. A tree kangaroo, also from Australia.
  26. helps to post a photo...
  27. Another shot from Sydney
  28. trw


    From product shoot of fused glass. Strobist-style with double diffusion
  29. Holiday weeks are fun weeks with lots of family activities. Often they encompass pretty decent shooting opportunities. This week was better than average as we had Thanksgiving dinner with friends.

    We also visited the Museum of Glass in Tacoma, WA, but that deserves its own thread (see above).

    First picture is the now obligatory commuting sunrise shot o’ the week (it’s getting more dismal here until March, so this may be it).
    HappyMonday2, K20D, Pentax DA 35mm Limited Macro, 1/20 @ f6.7, ISO 400

    We spent Thanksgiving dinner with close friends in their new, partially finished home. The man is an architect and spent the past three years designing and building a remarkable abode on 5 forested acres with a beach below. What is most interesting is the building design and materials. He licensed a construction method from Canada that uses rammed earth exterior walls. Earth is mixed with some cement and is compacted into forms. When dried, you have exterior and interior walls.

    The finished look is very artful, organic, and a nice fit into the forested environment. This shot also features a lovely and functional Finnish wood stove made from Finnish soapstone. One wood box load dissipates enough heat for 24 hours. And you can bake bread on the top half oven.

    The food and wine were good too.

    Rammed Earth and Stove, K20D, Tamron 17-50mm, @ 22mm 1/30 @ f4.5, ISO 400

  30. Spent this week, photographically speaking, working on material for my web site. We're building a page following the construction of some of my instruments. I'm not sure I'll use these but...we'll see.
  31. And a second.
  32. Cheers Haig - and I thought he'd been fighting!

    So he's just a grumpy so and so normally.

    Nice detective work Justin 11/30/2008.

    My fav is the crazy hair pic too.
  33. ok only one from me @ the moment I did do a portrait shoot yesterday but havn't processed the shots properly yet so this one is from the other night I was playing around with lights and flash photography outside.
  34. I am still working on the Portrait's I shot yesterday but here is a sample one for now.
  35. Great shooting ! I mean it, my admiration goes to all pictures, here above.
    <br> <br>
    Three very different photo’s this week. None of them perfect, been walking around with a touch of the flu, which sort of disturbs concentration. <br> <br>
    <img src="http://static.zoom.nl/C3C2688623FE4CA9C902AAD4B1BA9E30.jpg">
    is it : 1) Irak or 2) Afghanistan or 3) the Netherlands
    <br> <br>
    <img src="http://static.zoom.nl/C86055704C3AA861AC03267517C25EF7.jpg"> <br>
    A grumpy building-site- boss came running up to me, and asked me what the hell I was doing. Told him I was quickly making pictures before he could chase me off… He didn’t think that was funny. It being a Monday and all 
    <br> <br>

    <img src="http://static.zoom.nl/EFB0BB09A85A9C35C5A2D9862B62D3AF.jpg"> <br>
    from a series about daily things. Not sharp enough, but I don’t get this late sun every day.
    <br> <br>
  36. I finally came to the weekend in trying out my Pentax DA* 50-135 f/2.8. I have been discussing with Justin about letting go either one of 31mm limited or the DA* zoom. Originally I thought of keeping all primes and limited. Now I am not sure. The DA* zoom is the best that I have used. It is just as amazing. Expensive it is. The 31mm and the DA* zoom are a great combination and I am rethinking of what else to trim but not the two expensive lens. I shot all three in K20D and DA* zoom.


    My neighbor bunny named Daisy


    Shot in Monterey Bay of California in a golf course close to a Lighthouse in the background

    A dead seal
  37. ok I managed to come up with one more so here it is I shot it the same night as the Red-Lite Blossom
  38. I did some table top photography of an artists small plaster models with the Pentax F-50mm macro and learned a lot
    ligth and shadows. Looking out for a cheap and light zoom for my coming holidays in Costa Rica in January I tried the
    Pentax F-80-
    200mm zoom yesterday and while I'm quite surprised of the quality at 80mm-120mm, the photos at 200mm are quite
    soft and
    some even slighty out of focus as well. So the search will continue, next candidate is a Sigma 28-300mm hyperzoom
  39. at the Christmas market
  40. Some excellent work here that I'll take some time to comment on later. This is a bit of a cheat on my part. They aren't exactly this past week's photos but ones I took recently that hadn't been looked at till this week. So I hope you don't mind this week's 'work'.
    This one is an in camera multi exposure experiment. First frame was a normal exposure and the second was with an ND filter and a slow shutter speed to give the image something of a painting like look. [​IMG]
    This was shot 10 days later and usually winter shots have frozen water. Since we're not quite in the depths of winter yet, the water was still open. [​IMG]
    Finally part of the walls of an old church. [​IMG]
  41. A self portrait. Anyone recognize me? [​IMG]
  42. Picked up a DA 21 Limited and had some fun.
    K20D, DA 21 Limited
    K20D, DA 21 Limited
    K20D, DA 16-45/4 @ 45
  43. Patrick, Didn't you get a pardon from the President on Thursday?
  44. For a long time I have been watching this POW and felt that I don't really have any picture to contribute with...neither is this one of my home town here in Sweden but still I wanted to conrtibute with something. K10D 16-45/4 @ 45
  45. Here are a few from a classix car auction I went to last weekend.
  46. American Steel & Style
  47. 1940's Packard
  48. Let's try that last one again. It hung in the middle of the upload.
  49. The pow gets better and better every time!
    John - Reptiles intrigue me-from a distance. I should say the reptiles with legs, as I don't care too much about snakes. Nice shot.
    Nick - Crazy hair reminds me of a science show I went to in the 7th grade. Or the "stick your fingers in a light socket" bit!
    Justin - Great shots, as usual.
    Javier - I've never seen a wet deer, cute though.
    Bob - Looks like its turning winter in your area.
    Michael - Nice sunset.
    Markus - That is some really great lighting on the sea gulls.
    Kari - Welcome to the POW. Nice winter scene!
    Well, all I have is a bunch of portrait stuff with a white background that's going on some other pictures(overlaying). So, I'll dig something out of the HD from a few weeks ago and post it later.
  50. I like your composition Kari. The ski jumping hill in the front. It almost looks like they will jump straight
    onto the main road. Takes me back to winter-Scandinavia after 6 years in Durban South Africa. We don't
    get much snow here :)
  51. Alrighty then, I missed last week's POW cause I was off wandering around in the smoky mountains. I know Justin will never forgive me for not posting because of a lame excuse like backpacking, but oh well ;).
    first one's of yours truely, taken with my friend's D80. not to worry though: i got him back for shooting Nikon when it started snowing and his camera was forced to retreat into his pack. win one for the K10D! ;)
    at any rate, my real entry for POW is a quick-and-dirty panoramic, taken from Charlie's Bunyon on the AT, looking out over tennessee.
  52. Some lovely shots this week, all I managed to make time for was a picture of the garage :-( In fairness to me, it wasn’t meant to be a good picture. I just wanted a difficult-to-expose image to experiment with integrating “natural” looking HDR settings into my workflow. What do y’all think – still too garish?
    The original image is 5 exposures, 2 on either side of this one.
    All 5 exposures are equally dull and dreary, taken during a late winter afternoon, but the amazing thing is how much information collectively they contain– the HDR files are 32-bit with enormous latitude for post-processing in PS.
  53. Leo, Interesting post work and maybe best for a seperate thread but my only question is how accurate are the
    colours to real life. The shot looks good but is the left car supposed to be white? Did the sky in the background
    really look like that? The houses as well look like they could use a power wash. So my answer is it helps some
    things in and image and hurts others IMO.
  54. Christer: Christmas trees already? Great shot nonetheless. Winter is coming, like it or not. Frozen leaves are a bonus though. This is from a walk last sunday.
  55. I don't think either photo is particular accurate but the colors in the garage in the HDR image are more
    accurate. The car on the left is dirty and ivory, the one on the right is brown.. The tarp's color is also very
    The background beyond the garage I turned into a separate layer. I used curves to increase contrast and reduce
    light, and changed the color balance using PS's magenta photo filter. The original HDR background was much more
    accurate, lighter and less contrasty, the sky a cool gray, albeit more dramatic than in real life.
  56. Just one..
  57. I really like that processed shot, Leo (and Adam's scotch-tape pano, too.)
  58. one more..
  59. Wow another superb assortment of diverse captures from around the globe. The overall caliber of this thread continues showcase growing talent of our small community every week. I'll log-on again shortly to comment on individual contributions. Until then here are a few quick shots from today's Christmas Parade....
  60. This is my POW contribution. Went to the park with one of our dogs on Thanksgiving day and took few quick shots. Then stiched with Hugin. The shots were taken with a K10D.
  61. And another...
  62. Yet another...
  63. One of my favorites...
  64. Every week I enjoy the POW post, so I finally figured I will try a couple of my own shots. Since most of
    the pictures trends towards autumn and winter I thought I post a spring/evergreen picture since we are now moving
    towards the hot summer down in the southern hemisphere. 30 degrees C (90+ something F) this morning, so a dip in
    the pool was the agenda of the day.

    In this picture I really liked how the light fell on the tree, although it doesn't quite look the same after downsizing.
    However I'll post it anyway.

    I am a bit new to this type of photography, so take it as a trying how to do it picture.
  65. The picture after a miss on the upload
  66. And one of my little girl, Hanna. This wasn't taken this week but a couple of weeks ago.
  67. Holy stinkbombs Batman...the Smokies look not that different from the Adirondacks right now. You guys might even have more snow than we had on my short hike last weekend (of course we were at 3000ft tops, there is much more snow above 4000ft).

    Although I am a bit mad at you Adam...breaking the icicles is a sure way to make sure the limited ice you guys get doesn't grow back!! Then again, our ice is coming in nicely but I bet you guys have some ice in as well!

    I'm usually not a fan of the uncropped panos, but I kinda like that one myself. Just because it looks like a series of 4x6 prints strung together, you know, like a collage!

    Anyway, no hiking for me this weekend. Had some stuff to take care of, but off to the gym and hope for a little ice climbing Tuesday and maybe some backpacking over the weekend!
  68. Go Duane--those are riotously terrific!.
  69. Some shots from todays hike in the Little North Santiam River/Opal Creek Wilderness in the Willamette National Forest.
  70. Interesting rocks along Santiam River
  71. Misty forest
  72. Not a great shot, but I loved the light and the fog...
    Sand and Fog - K10D w/ 40mm
  73. Loved the patchwork Panorama Adam but I think my favourite this week is Radford Neal's just what is that Expression, Definatly A great candid shot.
  74. nice work everyone!
  75. @ Roger R.

    I have a unique experience with regards to the Packards.. If I had the scratch, I'd have a '56 Packard Carribean.. With the
    dual carbs and reversible seat cushions ;)

    There are two ;)
  76. O Shiva - Birds with skids aren't really military these days.. The location could be anywhere, I'll admit but, I guess the
    Netherlands would be the best guess. By the way, I just visited your little Netherlands.. Lesser Antilles.. ;)
  77. The kid photos this week are really well done. They're all such a bunch of cuties. :)

    O Shiva's helicopter has really nice lighting in it.

    Markus, love the oranges picture, and I'd love to light those candles...

    John Behrand, beautiful scenery - love the light in the first forest shot, but the third shot brings to mind an Elven forest... :)

    Tom, the Column on the beach is a bit confusing... was it part of some bigger design? Why put it there?
  78. Dunno Rose - It wasn't on the beach. It was high on a hill next to the California Lighthouse in Aruba. It looked like a photo so I snapped it.

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