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  1. Well, it is just past midnight on the east coast of the USA.
    I truly do not feel like starting the thread this week especially after the news at work this week, but you guys always pick me up, so here it is.
    I have a couple of pics left from my Montreal trip from a visit to the Botanical Gardens. A butterfly exhibit.
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] I know you all will submit GREAT captures. Bob
  2. :D I'm wanting to chase some butterflies myself, so you're just making me itch to a little more, Bob!
    Well, for his bday (which was 6wks ago), Matt & I went to Oklahoma City for a concert Friday night. Finally got him at a building I've been wanting to photograph for a few years - but it's in a spot I will not stop at when it's just me and the girls. Went a little abstract. And since I kicked out my "establishing shot" from what I would post, I'll just have to tell you it's called "Owl Court" - obviously an old old old hotel, I'm guessing from the 20s or 30s. Somebody's still living in the back buildings, but the front ones are falling apart, and that's where we were.
    I hope he posts some of the lensbaby or fisheye playing he was doing. You might get to see the old old gas pump that's there.
  3. Empty bird bath. Contrast also upped, but certainly not all the way.
  4. only slight tweaking here.
  5. Oh, thhhpppttt. Stupid server. one more try
  6. Only two from me this week as I have some work that is still un processed.
  7. And here is #2
  8. a few from the smokies this past week: (fyi, the last one was handheld at 28mm and 1/10 of a second. hooray for SR.)


  9. Hi all, still Saturday here in the PST time zone, so a little early, what the heck....
  10. Elk resting at Jewell Wildlife Meadows
  11. I really like the last shot Bob. Can't wait till we see some here. Maria, The last one is very good. Nice colours and texture.Ben that tree snake looks like he just finished dinner. Nice shots. Adam, Looks like a good hike. Very nice shot of the stream. John the elk look like easy prey.
  12. An ongoing hot air balloon fiesta ...

    Up Up 'n Away

    Nelly B Needs A Pick-Me-Up

    Flaming At Dusk
  13. I normally don't post photos from my wedding work on PNET but I thought I'd make one exception this week.
    I photographed this Saint Patrick's Day wedding and brought my wife along as my assistant (Ok, go-fer). She's a point and shoot kind of gal and hasn't wanted to learn about any of my cameras. However, this time she expressed an interest in giving it a try so I set up my K100D Super with the 16 - 45mm lens, aperture priority mode set to f5.6, ISO 3200, tungsten white balance and placed her up in the organ loft at the back of the chapel. She did a splendid job and documented the rest of the day and evening. But I think I've unleashed a photo-monster. Three hundred odd shots later I got my camera back...
    What impressed me about this shot is not the fact that she did a nice job (after all, she's a very smart gal, OK, maybe not that smart, she's still with me) but the quality of the ISO 3200 from the K100D Super. I was actually shocked when I looked at the photos. I had to check the EXIF to make sure she had not changed the settings.
    I tweeked the white balance a little bit as the light through the windows gave the wedding dress a blue tint, once through ACDSee 2.5's noise reduction and a slight crop. Otherwise there is not a real difference between this photo and the one straight out of the camera. I've not tried the ISO 3200 before in the Super and am duely impressed, for sure.
  14. Here is my contribution. Work has really been rough this month considering I started it off with 3 vacation days, but the 30% pay raise means instead of making peanuts, I now make cashews and 1) I can pay some bills off 2) I will be shooting less photography for money which means 3) I will have more time to photograph stuff I enjoy rather than stuff I have to 4) I'll have some cash to travel a bit since 5) My contract is probably up this year and I have 135 hours of vacation banked that needs to be used up and those with some money to spend can do nice things in this economy :)!!
    So a continuation of the Death Valley shots....
    K20D, FA 43mm, f/6.3, ISO250, tripod, MLU, cable.
    (view larger)
  15. Scot,
    I use the K100D Super as well but have only selected ISO3200 for very desperate conditions.
    This is an excellent sample of its high ISO prowess.
    Kudos to your wife!
  16. My photo of the week is this picture of a woman running. I was able to pull her face out of the shadows with VC 5 filters off of a pushed roll of Pan F+. And also there's this tiny snapshot of a runner in a pink shirt; she's off a roll of Ektachrome draped in front of my monitor; proper scan maybe on Monday. In the slide, she really seems like she is running and thinking.
  17. Kodak E100G; E-6 Single Use Kit. Pentax 645; 300mm. Subjects were backlit. Can you remember to pull the flash out of the bag? Lesson for the week for me. J.
  18. Nice shots of the butterfly, Bob. And Scott that really is an amazing shot for that iso. Looks like your wife has the touch! With the third quarter coming to an end at my school, the paper pile finally reached the ceiling so I didn't do much shooting this week but here are a few revised in ps.
  19. finally
  20. I shot alot this week,had a extra day off and great weather, so Im posting 1 extra.these are from west TN and around Cave City KY
  21. robert I love the Bridge it has great composition and PP
  22. Last one.. TVA..I could hear the lines buzzing over head,,it was strange
  23. I was able to flee a conference early the other day and found a lovely landscaped garden. Our typical Spring weather involves alternating windy rain with a few hours of sun breaks. So I caught the latter for these few shots. The DA 70's handling of light and detail continues to amaze me.
    K20D DA70mm f 3.5@1/3000 ISO 400
    K20D DA70mm f4 @1/2000 ISO 400
    # 3
    K20D DA70mm f 4.5 @1/250 ISO 400
  24. Click on image for a slightly larger version. Taken at Zurich Airport (Switzerland) on Friday morning.
  25. Mis makes me leave lurking mode for an instant :)
  26. a local museum in Zurich
  27. Hey Markus, I always think of you when I fly through Zurich (which I do about twice a year). I hope this B&W is worthy of your eyes :)
  28. I would love to meet you next time in Zurich Mis. A sample from a new "commercial" photo project I do at the moment for a local puppet theater....
  29. I got a new wireless capable flash this week and have been playing with that. The best shots have been using a play tent and my son for a subject. Not up to Dorus's photos last week but I am slowly learning.
    On this one the flash is inside the tent and Tyce is outside waiting for it to flash.
  30. Here is a shot with both the flash and Tyce inside the tent. I had a hard time deciding between color and B&W on this shot, both had good points.
  31. Thanks, Ben.
  32. Nice stuff so far everyone! Maria: I like the abstract 3rd shot... I just do.
    Chune: your first shot just pops, nicely done! And for your 3rd "flaming" shots, what mode and settings did you use? It came out really well.
    Scot: that is amazing at ISO 3200!
    Rorbert: your old leaf is a winner... is it the same one from couple of months ago? I've always liked that shot.
    Beerbrain: your shots of TN are as usual weird and fascinating. You're shaping my image of TN just like the way Javier does of LA!
    Mis: your first shot looks like it should be in LIFE magazine... nice old skool feel to it.
    My 2 shots are as follows: The first one is from a bowling meet which I ended up focusing more of actually bowling and so didn't really mess with my camera... I took a few shots and this is only one I liked. I shot in RAW and then up'd the color saturation and warmed the white balance (yay for RAW):
    The 2nd shot was just after I got back from work and the even sun was hitting our tree that was starting to bloom. I slapped on my smc takumar 55 and I think I shot this at f/2.
    Again shot in RAW and slight boost in color and saturation.
  33. Sorry there's bad news at work, Bob! I like that last butterfly (and Maria's Coke sign, Ben's snake, Rhodes Soccer, Peter's Eagle(!), "Flaming at Dusk", Scot's wedding shot, Ronny's Cave City lights, M.E. twigs, & Mis & Markus in Zurich (what fun!)
    Maybe it's a sign of the times or the change of the seasons but I'm seeing a number of folks exploring new styles & subjects. Here's one that's pretty typical for me (taken with that Sigma 24mm I'm so fond of) followed by a couple which are more experimental.
  34. This was a semi-casual shot that spoke to me somehow and proved interesting to play with in pp. It's more a concept than a finished piece. I think I see Ben's influence here ;~)
  35. I had some time at work yesterday, managed to take a picture of our resident Great Horned Owl. He (she) lives in a dark steel grid inside a high voltage switchyard, and usually hoots at everyone coming in to work in the morning. They even have a nest there.
    I used my old Sigma 400mm, non APO, at f5.6 and my K10D with a tripot for this capture.
    My next photo of the stack (650 feet high), was with my new SMC M 400 f4.0, standing at the base, handheld.
    Finally, on the way home, a double rainbow taken with my new SMC F 28 f2.8.
  36. And then this
  37. The next!
  38. Last one, after a short rain shower in the eastern Oregon desert.
  39. Great Great Horned Owl, John!
  40. [​IMG]
    Soligor 200mm f/2.8 + 2x doubler
    Soligor 200mm f/2.8 + Pentax F-1.7x AF TC
  41. first my favs so far:
    Scot Tremblay's wife - fantastic!
    Beerbrain - love the feel of #4
    Miserere - "fleeting" is a fantastic street capture.
    Hin Man - awesome sunset
    As for me, I didn't shoot that much this week.
    Old Married Couple
  42. Dave, A View is awesome. Not quite sure what it is but I find it interesting. John, two rainbow for the price of one - nice shot. Jemal, old couple is a riot!
  43. ditto what Robert just said. just about word for word (especially to Dave. I like it, but don't know why).
    Hin's sunset is making me go "wow".
    The owl is cool, and I love the story. I wish we'd been able to get a shot of the Great Horned owl that sat on Matt's back for a little bit several years back, but we were 1) a lot busy trying to get it out of the street and 2) had no cameras on hand.
    Markus - the pasta cook is cracking me up
    Mis - love the airport. It does have that Life mag feel
    Ronny - I like the cabin. Screams for sepia to me, but I love abandoned houses.
    Robert - your leaves look like they are on stage. Where's tht light coming from?
  44. Robert & Maria, it's just the railing on my neighbor's back porch, seen through the trees. I don't know why I like it either--but thanks! ;~)
  45. Oh, (blush) I meant a view from Penn Station. I like it.
  46. There's gotta be an easier way...[​IMG]
  47. St. Patty's Day Parade NYC
  48. Last try
  49. March Macromania:
    Fruitless Plum and the "New Toy".
    50mm 2.8 macro[​IMG] [​IMG]
  50. Finally taking people pics w/o telephoto lens and first time parade pics.
    K10D w/Pentax 18-55mm
  51. My faves:
    Maria - 1 & 3 look like the Agfa film I used to like - nice, soft colors.
    Ben - snake looks so shiny as to be glazed ceramic and as someone said, well fed.
    John - Stella is stellar; how do you bribe her to pose like that?
    Scot - I think you have a new shooting partner and if you keep making smart remarks about her she may become a "shooting" partner :)
    Justin - Glad for you for your good news - nice shot!
    Robert - Old leaf is quite nice; the lighting makes it.
    Ronny - 1 & 4 nice feel, TVA I'd worry about the electronics in my camera, flash card, brain and body cells. Otherwise, good picture.
    Michael - great soft colors and patterns in #1 and pow colors in #2. I've been taking pictures of bushes this spring and those colors seem to be all over.
    Andrew - The colors vs the great skin tone and the framing make this a special portrait.
    Dave - interesting color palette
    Great stuff all around
  52. Maria, the leaves were shot on a very sunny morning. The leaves were sitting on a concrete platform of some sort which ran along the building that is the Second National Bank of America. It is obviously not used much because there was a lot of broken glass and other things along with the leaves. There were a number of trees blocking the light but a few rays were hitting the leaves. I added the blue shade in PS this week.
  53. St. Patty's Day Parade NYC​
    Pet peeve of mine: Patty is short for Patricia ; Paddy is short for Patrick . So, it's St Paddy's Day .
    I don't know why there is such a huge misconception in the US about how to spell this.
  54. Thanks Mis... I hate "Patty" it is a girl's name. I finally got out and shot something other than ice racing... [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  55. For those that commented on the wedding photo my wife took, we thank you for the kind words. I have been hinting for a while that it would be perfect to have her as my photo partner. She's very creative, has a good eye and a keen sence of timing. She would be very good. I think she's coming around, the kind words help. Thank you.
    -Justin, where are you posting your Death Valley shots? I love the American South West and am in need of a good desert experience. Too much cold and rain here, in the Pacific North West.
    -Markus and Miserere, I always enjoy your B/W stuff. Black and white (Tri-X) was what got me into photography many years ago and is still my first love.
    -Jemal, the "Old Maried Couple" is awesome. You have a very good eye to be able to see that one coming.
    -And all others, very good work. It's a real treat to see all the different styles and subjects that get posted here every week.
    Oh, and Howard. I'm hoping for that "new shooting partner". However, due to the fairly stringent gun laws here in Canada the northern girls are obligated to devise much more fiendishly creative and painful means of disciplining their "smart remarking" mates than their southern sisters. Taking that into consideration, my chances of being a "shooting" partner are slim to nil...but I dare not contemplate the alternative;)
  56. A couple Butterfly captures from last summer (in the wild).


    And a yellow snake at the zoo.
  57. Bob, like the 3rd butterfly the best. Jemal, agree with others that Old Married Couple came out nice. Also like Dave's Penn Station, Hin's 200x1.7 bird (finch?), and Patrick's deer. Ronny, kind of like #3 & 4, where are these, along US-66? Peter, that appears to be one of Santa's flying reindeer...no?
  58. Mis,
    Sorry, it was haste and being ticked off that the pictures didn't load. I normally write out St. Patrick's. I believe I wrote St. Pat's on another thread, is that ok or is Paddy the only alternative?
    Scot - Maybe the offering of a camera would appease the goddess? :)
    Rod- the butterfly shots are amazing!
  59. Patrick - I don't know why but the last deer picture seems to want a cartoon balloon over the foreground deer's head with him/her saying something like "Wow, a Pentax!".
  60. Wow, Normally It is very difficult to comment on my fav three, but this is by far the most difficult. The degree of photography here is amazing....Will comment later..
    I went to an ''Anti war rally'' yesterday. Spent the whole day there...While I can agree with some of what they where saying like 5% of it, I was there for the pictures....I got there early while they where setting up, started with them on the march and then rushed off to the top of the Kodak to get some overhead shots..I made friends with a few of the security guards their and so they let me on to level 5 which is a celebrity VIP kind of place, so I had a good view of the march. I will post some pictures in a new thread, but for now here are a couple from the march...
    This fellow was singing up a storm...happy as a clam...I shot this with my Sons K100D Super and Sigma 10-20mm...I love this lens...I was carrying three cameras yesterday and 5 lenses and it got real heavy...Big mistake, I am still feeling it today...
  61. This event was put together by 6 different universities...There was all kinds there..
    K1OOD SUPER with Sigma 10-20mm
  62. Here are some videos I took while down there...There was a ''small pro war contingent'' there as well...As a note, this fellow was taking the verses he was quoting out of context, so I disagree with him also.... But I believe in presenting both sides and let people decide for themselves.
    Here is a small look at the crowd as it was gathering.
    Here I am walking through the crowd and video taping some folks.
    Here is a couple of videos from the Top of the Kodak..It was cool..There was three of us on the roof...
    If any one is wondering, I shot the video with my Canon G10 from 5 stories up, or is it 6? hmm, not sure, will have to check next time I am there.
  63. Ok, my third image...This one was underexposed and normally it would hit the recycle bin, but I rather like the dark dreariness about this one..Does it work? or can it?
  64. very nice photography here as always.. My 3 faves would be from these: John's Stella, Peter #2, Justin's shot, Rober #3, Beerbrain's last one, Miserere's airport, DAve's penn station, Hin's shots, Dan #1, Patrick #2, Javier #1...
  65. The pictures this week mostly seem subdued in tone and subject.
    Of note: Justin's Death Valley shot is contemplative; Robert C. third one has Western US clouds (even though it was taken in the east); Ronny Perry's No. 4, nice color; Miserere M's "Fleeting" may be the best of the bunch; Markus' museum exterior is artful too; Andrew H. first shot is wonderfully radioactive; Rod H's second shot is delicate.
  66. @ Bob, I didn't read your text when I posted mine. Sorry to hear about what seems like bad news about the job. My situation is kinda funny, I don't believe our contract is going to be renewed and effective Jan 1st 2010, I will also be jobless, it's just the way the government works....but in the meantime I got a big raise (and a lot more work) which will no doubt boost my unemployment check.
    @ Scot Tremblay, I am SLOOOOOWLY posting them to the Death Valley set on Flickr . At this point I only have about 3 up. There should be a few from sunrise on Zabriske point, and a few widflower shots coming in the next week. I have to drop off, or mail out my rolls of film. I actually shot a decent amount of film (Provia 100F). The conditions kinda stunk for photography, strong mid day sun without any clouds, cloudy sunsets, and windy nights with gale force sunrises. That said, coming away with what I feel are a 3-5 good and large printable images, I am very happy for what I was basically looking at as a getting aquainted trip, rather than a full out portfolio building trip. This is definitely a place with the right weather I could spend a week or two. Considering that sunrise and sunset are really the only time you can shoot (and the night) 2 weeks is only 14 subjects.
  67. Javier, I think that third shot is absolutely terrific! You've got two normal but interesting people against a subdued and bizarre background--wonderful! I like that first shot a lot as well.
  68. Nice work everyone !
    I've been taking loads of pictures, last week, all rather in a hurry (still gotta work for a living, you see).
    Anyway, here are a few samples :
    an exercise in hdr
    pimp your office....
    gateway to another reality
  69. dorus, like this set, first one is particularly striking. Javier, i don't think that last one is underexposed by much...the shirts still look almost white. It's just a high-contrast scene that may benefit a little from "fill light" added during PP.
  70. Dorus,
    I went straight to the bottom of the page and started scrolling up....I knew right off the bat before I even got to your name those were your shots.
    You have a nice way of turning this heavily digitally altered images into something that you can see past (or in some cases not even notice) the alteration. As usual, well done!
  71. Dorus, I couldn't agree with Justin more. All three are excellent. The last one especially is really eye-catching. Nice work!
  72. Well, awesome stuff by everyone.
    Justin and Dave, thanks for the concerns. I actually was maybe a little too dour. I actually have not lost my job, yet. I had my hours cutback a few months ago. But things are real tight and a few people will be getting notices soon. I have been told I am safe, but due to the decreased work staff we will be getting vacation cutbacks. Then again, due to these new cutbacks we probably will be back to full time hours. Mixed signals. It has been crazy, but still working for now.
    Thanks again for the concerns.
  73. Well here is my part....
    Pentax K10D and sigma 70-300
  74. Fly!!
    pentax K10D and sigma 105mm macro
  75. Some great images everyone. Here's a couple from my trip to Yellowstone last week. I could really use something a little longer than 300mm.
    Eagle winging in to the elk dinner.
    Coyote looking wistfully at the feast
    Wolf sneaking in.
    Bighorn portrait.
    Grizzly bear out foraging after a long winter's sleep.
  76. Steve Robinson, those are very cool photographs. It must have been pretty exciting to have the elk dining party happen in front of you. That grizzly does look sleepy. Bet it's hungry too!
  77. I want someone to take a "street" shot of Javier and all his gear!
    Jemal, love the "old couple". Dave, I like what's happening with Penn Station. Looks a little like Oshiva's, which is always a compiment. :)
    I never came close to getting a good panning shot before digital. This isn't perfect, but I like it.
  78. Sunny but cold
  79. And something is awake!
  80. Mike, thank you, and you're right about the grizzly which is why I stayed in the car when I took these shots!
  81. I envy your Yellowstone excursion, Steve (if not the Grand Canyon experience)--the Bighorn is wonderful!
    That's quite a compliment indeed, Nick! I've got it in mind to try again when I can get a more interesting (Oshiva-ish?) sky. "Sun on the marsh" is sweet!
  82. [​IMG]
    Moss and lichen, Camassia Preserve, West Linn, OR

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