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  1. Already Sunday afternoon here in Asia. Checking to see no one else posts at the same time ...
  2. Cool. Here are my three this week. Went for a stroll to a cultural museum nearby yesterday. These resulted. All taken on the K20D with the FA 43mm limited.
    Sunshine Buddha:
    Ray of sun on embossed characters:
    Waiting for the show to start:
  3. Very nice work Garry--I really like the second.
    We had an ice storm this week: this is detail from a Japanese maple, taken with the Sigma 105mm.
  4. The birds were very active so I had a chance to work with the Tokina 400mm f5.6.
  5. Oh yeah here's another ice shot
  6. Bryce Canyon - 1999...(from the film archives)
    Mountain bike from this fall after a ride with Caney at the Wilton Preserve...
  7. I was out walking some cut lines early on the 26 and came a crossed these 2 fellows the great horned owl was shot with k20d sigma 300 2.8 with 2 X and the grouse with just the 300mm 2.8 the grouse was the highlight of the trek, he allowed me to sit and wait till the morning sun highlighted his crown and front .
  8. Garry - Great capture with the light, always a pleasure seeing your pics
    Dave - The macro shots are awesome, so much fine detail my eyes hurt :)
    Justin - Was there any HDR effect on the second pic? It has that dreamy effect somehow ...

    Here are a few taken several weeks back. The local performing arts centre held an open day and there were exhibitions, performances, and workshops aplenty. I'm finding most of my pics to be largely pedestrian and run-of-the-mill snapshots, haven't quite found the extra gear or X-factor in them.


    Traditional Indian Dance

    Bubbly Fun
  9. Good start!
    Garry: I love the buddha.. I'm a sucker for natural woods and textures.. I also think the second shot is neat. As for chairs, you did well to have them in b/w, and I think I would like that photo better in a larger format. The small size onscreen makes it feel too crowded.
    Dave: I wish we would get the occasional icestorm here.. The titmouse and the frozen peony came out really pretty, I might have tried to get the background a bit darker in ps if anything.
    Justin: The canyon shot is just so pretty.. but whatever effect you created with the bike shot is very interesting.. I saw it in the other post as well.. really like it.
    Ian: Your owl and your grouse are good.. a bit busy for my liking.. I also realize that you frequently have not much choice in these matters.
    Chune-Hoong: Excellent second shot.. The third shot has beautiful dof, but needs more bubbles methinks :)
    I just got back from visiting the Chihuly exhibit again.. so you'll have to bear with me..
  10. Apologies for posting the date wrong - it's the 1st! Asia may be ahead, but not that much;-)!
    • Dave, love the titmouse. Any bird with a tit must be better than one without ... right? (Am I still a teenager?) Anyway, see you've moved up from the DA* 300 to the tokina 400. Nice.
    • Justin, do you get that effect by dropping the clarity in Lightroom, or is that a Photoshop thing? Nice by the way.
    • Chune, that third shot has great composition and subject isolation. Very nice. I agree that a few more bubbles would be nice, but it's still a great shot.
    • Haig, that last shot has really stunning colors. Good one.
  11. Aah, Ian. Missed yours. I prefer the owl even though I can see what you mean about the highlight in the crest of the grouse. Might be the busyness? Still really nice. Jealous of your location!!!!!
  12. Great stuff so far folks. I will comment on my fav three as soon as more are up. Here is my modest contribution. Still working and leaning PP procedures..
    I took these over the weekend. K20D with Tamron 28-75F/2.8.
    Getting the evil eye... :)
  13. Checking out this dude...
  14. Three statues next to Elvis.
  15. First in line, Waiting for the night club to open and hoping to get in.
  16. Garry.. The larger version looks better.. that shot just reminds me of something, not sure what though..
    Javier: Good shots.. and by the way, have you taken out insurance.. you know, for getting beaten up and getting your camera equipment smashed?
  17. Thanks Haig, Na, I will just resort to the running method. ;-)
    Most of the time my shooting distances are 10-20 feet and I am very obvious. I had another member ask me how I can be so bold, but the bold is not really the deal, Confidence is more important. Here is my answer to him.
    As for my Lens choice, Rarely do I use a long lens. most of images are shot with my Tamron 28-75 F/2.8 lens. Of late I have been using my Tamron 18-250mm, but rarely go over 100mm. Infact most are between 18-50mm.

    When shooting film, I usually use my 40 or 50mm lens. Most of my images are on film. As far as boldness goes, I never try and hide what I am doing. I just point, shoot and keep walking. Never stand in the same place for more than a minute unless your composing. It helps to have tWo cameras with you at all times because most folks will just assume your a photographer and not pay attention to you. Men are far more difficult to shoot, because we tend to be more of a guard dog. Women for the most part like to have there pictures taken so the trick is to catch them before they ''ham'' up and start posing which happens to me allot. At that time, offer ''your'' e mail address to them and have them send you a request for the picture...

    When caught, just be honest. I was caught yesterday by women at a bus stop and when she asked me why I took her picture, I responded with the truth...''Your a beautiful lady and could not pass up the opportunity to photograph such a pretty creature''...I then gave her my e mail address and I sent her the image last night. I have cards with my name and e mail on them that I will pass out. Gives folks a sense of peace and security.

    The biggest mistake is sneaking around. I learned this early on...And if all else fails, be ready to run [​IMG]
  18. Ok, I'm going to try to post tonight
  19. and last - taken with the 55mm mamiya f1.8 as a test to how it would respond to bad evening lighting - and for whatever reason - I like the gloominess of this - (Linda was studying and I just snapped about 10 shots of her. She's gotten used to me testing lenses and doesn't put up a fuss.) :D
  20. Very well done - everyone. I really like your second shot Ian. Dave, all three are exceptional, can't pick out one. It is nice to see some bird shots return to the forum, and Ian both of yours are great. Rose, nice hockey shots, I guess you figured out the lens issue.
    As some of you may know, several weeks ago Andrew Wyeth died. He made the Chadds Ford/southern Chester County area of Pennsylvania famous with his many paintings of the area. Yesterday, with him in mind, I went there with my camera. So much of it is privately owned these days that photography is a real challenge. I guess the people who live there are tired of people like me snooping around but there are signs to keep out all over the place. The third shot was taken at the wrestling meet at my school on Friday. Andrew G. is our schools all-time winningest wrestler (our soccer team's keeper) so I had to get some shots of him before he graduates. (Dave, wrestling is a lot easier than b-ball, but I also shot the indoor high school boys track meet recently at Haverford College and those shots were terrible! ugh!!)
  21. also Chester county
  22. and for a completely different look
  23. WOW...Great stuff everyone!! Here's a couple from me: Early Morn at the local hockey rink. [​IMG] Winter Flamethrower???? [​IMG] The snow keeps piling up back east here [​IMG] Another finch succumbs to winter [​IMG]
  24. This is shaping up as one of the best POW's ever!
    Nice birds, Ian--I've been shooting through brambles, too, and you've pulled it off very well. (Don't take low critique ratings so seriously, btw- only pay attention to the good ones ;~)
    Those are nice shots, Chune-Hoong--the backgrounds limit them somewhat but they're great captures of the main subects.
    I agree with Chune about the slightly surreal tone of your second shot, Justin--very cool!
    I've really enjoyed your Chihuly series, Haig: I like #1 a lot (the stuff in the upper left corner is a bit distracting but you've catured the work and it's inspiration magnificently.
    Those are really wonderful street shots Javier! It's impossible to pick a favorite: each is really rich in associational qualities. Good tips on the approach, too.
    Nice work, Rose! They're a bit dark but wonderful captures. Contemplation is a really stunning capture.
    The Chester County shots are a wonderful tribute, Robert--they successfully capture Wyeth feel. Nice wrestling shot, too!
    That hockey rink shot is really nice, Bob. The second makes me wonder "why?" but it's a neat ( I didn't want to say "cool" ;~) effect.
    In response to comments on my contributions:
    1) I was particularly gratified by Chune's comments on the ice shots since I've been working hard to refine my sharpening technique.
    2) I like the 400mm Tokina a lot, Garry, but it's really not in the same league as the DA* 300mm. It's handy to have, though, in times like these when the DA* is out on loan to my son :~|
  25. Even though you can't tell it from my photos, it has been nice here in central Oregon this week. Not sure why all three were stark, I only noticed the theme after I picked them.
    All the photos are really impressive this week.
    First up is a willow in black and white.
  26. This is the last color left in the rose bushes in front of the house.
  27. This is from a couple of weeks ago. Had a few days of freezing fog and a buddy and I went out to capture it.
  28. Garry - love the "Sunshine Buddha" you can practically feel the warmth of the sun on the wood grain. Nicely done.
    Dave - superb "Titmouse" capture with tjhe 400mm Tokina. Those little birds are pretty quick. Kudos.
    Justin - awesome landscape. Bryce Canyon looks like a spectacular hiking area.
    Ian - wonderful owl. I like the way he's keeping an eye on you.
    Chune-Hoong - great DOF in "Bubbly Fun". Quite a beautiful subject too...
    Haig - still lov'in the glass shots. Your gallery of these is pretty amazing. Thanks for posting the link to it last week.
    Javier - Elvis rocks! Great shot.
    Rose - looks like you took the right lens to the hockey game. Excellent captures. Too bad Detroit wasn't playing - I would have ordered enlargements from you (being a die hard Wings fan for almost 30 years). You've scored a few goals with those captures. When's the next game? Can't wait to see more.
    Robert - that first landscape is simply stunning. Great light.
    Bob - no one captures the cold as well as you do. The lighting and fog in the "Rink" shot is amazing. Kudos.
    Following are some party captures. We went to the 1st Birthday party for a friend's daughter. I was asked to take candids so the couple could focus on ensuring all the small children were having a great time. After reading #2 on Javier's "photography obsession" I decided to leave the AF360FGZ in the bag and captured everything with the K100D Super and FA 50mm f/1.4. Kids make wonderful subjects. So many terrific expressions. Here are a few shots...
  29. Here's the second....
  30. Here's the third...
  31. And the last...
  32. Thanks for the comments on the hockey shots, Duane I don't know if they'll be many more hockey games in my future - I have to admit to you all - I am EXTREMELY afraid of Heights - and just the simple act of getting up that high in the balcony scared the living daylights out of me - you all probably would have gotten quite a laugh at how I was almost hugging complete strangers as I walked the half filled row (as the game was starting) - just to get to my seat. Yes, being high up was a good view of the whole rink - TRUE - but my poor heart reminded me of my precarious position the whole game and I stayed in my seat - unmoving - NOT going for treats, and most definitely NOT alcohol.
    I think I'm meant to be a ground floor type of person... :)
    I posted the rest of the game on Flickr - ... photos/rosey_d ... the score was bruins 1-0. Those NY teams sure do try - but It's all about those Boston Beans (nothing quite like them) - it must gets our sports teams moving better than the rest of the nation. :D
  33. Duane, those pictures of the kids are stellar - and reminds me that the 50mm 1.4 is such a good lens that's always left unused in my collection... I really should bring her out again.
    Andy H - love the rose shot - it's awesome that you were able to find one this late season with petals still - How I look forward to June/July - and blooming gardens.
    Bob M - the outdoor hockey rink with the way the light reflects off the ice - gorgeous - I hope you can go back and get 'day lit' hockey shots there. :) Hockey outside - who'd imagine such a thing? :)
    Javier - I like the stop walk photo most of your collection this week. There's something about that glare the man is giving you that really catches the breath.
    Chune - LOVE the expression of the woman in the Bubble picture - very very nice. :)
    Haig - the lighting on #4 and all those sparkles - makes the glass pic look MAGIC. What lens did you use on this one?
    Dave, I think I like this Tokina of yours - that little bird picture is really nice. I'm envious because I have a lot of work to do, to master birds... they seem to hear me coming and zip off when I focus.
    Gary - the Buddha is beautiful. Love the way the light reflects on the wood carving, and the shades of brown.
  34. Here are the best from the last week or so...
  35. Here is my batch I shot yesterday in the thaw out , most of these are near the TN-AL state line
  36. Andrew - "Spikey" is a superb capture. The almost monochrome feel with just a little green and brown really works well.
    Rose - thanks but all the credit for my using the FA 50 goes to Javier as his satirical article gave me pause for thought and made me approach this birthday party differently. You really must shoot another hockey game. You've got a knack for it and have already conquered your fear of heights on this one.
    Jamal - love the Saddam shot, what a great week, Elvis by Javier and then Saddam. Has anyone got a photograph of Amelia Earhart? That would sum up this week nicely!
  37. Old building in Loretto TN,kinda like a time warp
  38. A quick shot on our backyard. We have two dogs and this is what they do when they do not get enough exercise - play fights !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  39. Rose: #1 is with the k10d and 35mm f2 lens, the remaining 3 were shot with the k20d and the sigma 70-300 apo dg. I was looking at the sparkles in that photo as well, no clue where they came from. Despite your heart palpitations.. you got some great shots of the hockey. They look a tad dark, but that's probably a monitor issue.
    Javier: Thanks for the good advice, you certainly get some awesome shots on the street..
    Andrew: Spikey is a neat shot.. I would try not to center them so much if I had a choice.
    Duane: Excellent job with those kids.. getting such clear photos of rugrats is always tough!
  40. Haig - The 2nd shot's my favourite, like a bouquet of bean sprouts!
    Javier - Your bravery knows no boundaries :) The evil eye juxtaposed with the "Don't Walk" signal made it all the more telling!
    Rose - Thanks, it was the expression indeed that I found worth sharing eventhough there were other shots with more bubbles :)
    Robert - Chester County should give you license to roam, think you're doing them great justice :)
    Bob - Your dead finches are beginning to depress me! :]
    Dave - Hope to see more of your macro shots!
    Andrew - #2 is excellent
    Duane - I often use the same combo as you do, but yet to find much success. Great job!
    Jemal - At a glance, i thought you discovered a younger Morgan Freeman in Saddam :)
    Ronny - The urban/rural decay composition's always top notch, nonetheless poignant.
    Subho - Nothing like a good dogged fight!
  41. Haven't been doing much shooting except still more ice racing. Was too darn cold here last Sunday but I still had a blast at the races. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  42. Thanks for the comments folks. I will sneak one more in. It is not often I get two captures of the same subject, but here is the second shot of the fellow at the crosswalk.
  43. Javier, suddenly the mood has changed completely ... his smirk, her nonchalance, the passing mutt. What a turnaround!
  44. Good show Patrick.. those are really good!
    Javier: Your last shot is just beautiful! What a perfect capture!
  45. Well, I just finished playing with a few more.. and I now have a favorite.
  46. I haven't been very good about checking the POW threads lately, and I'm very much regretting it now. Fantastic work, all around.
  47. Not much of a capture, really. I was screwing around with my new DA* 50-135 zoom, checking out the bokeh.
    Obviously, this lens excels in that category.
    • Adam: Thats my type of shot, reminds me of one I took this summer with the foreground fire and the stars in the background. Didn't make the cut though, just not exactly what I wanted.
    • Javier: I liked your protest shots a lot from a few weeks ago, but these are great. You're looking like you found a niche!! The scenes are great, but the exposures, contrast, grain etc are all spot on. These were all film?
    • Jemal: Love the top down shot!
    • Pat: Keep em coming! The ice racing looks sweet, I've been doing a little myself at this abandoned linens and things lot. We pass by it pretty frequently on our way home, and I take a few laps!
    • Rose, that top hockey shot is pretty good. You just need to brighten it about a stop. What ISO did you use?
    • Robert, love the 1st sunset shot and the wrestling shot is cool.
    • Haig, those glass shots are interesting, looks like a great place to photograph, and the bird came out well.
    • Andrew H, freezing fog always creats some great opportunities, nicely done.
    • Duane, what is your secret for the catchlights, you always get such distinct catchlights on the kids portraits.
    • Garry, the chairs are cool. And the lighting on the other two is great
    • Dave, the details on the icey plants are great
    • Chune, the third one works for me, nicely done.
    As far as the effect I used for the bike shot. It was HDR from a series of JPEGs from my wifes Panasonic FX01. Then I used the orton effect and burned in the edges a little (probably not enough). While named after some Orton guy, one of my favorite photogs, Tim Ernst, used this effect quite a bit in camera on Pentax medium format 645.
    The idea is to take two exposures, either as a double exposure on a single frame, or sandwhich two slides, one sharp and one out of focus. Digitally this can be done with a single image by duplicating the layer, and then softening it various ways to get an image that is at once in focus and has a softdreamy effect.
    If you are doing it in the camera you merely need to take a sharp first shot, then rotate the focus ring and take a second shot out of focus. Make sure you compensate for the exosure (-1 EV).
    Tim Ernst published quite a few wildflower photos using this effect, which I've always referred to as the Ernst Effect!
  48. Thanks Justin. A retired newspaper photographer, Terry McDonald, told me not long ago to focus on the eyes and keep a window or other natural light source at your back when photographing people indoors with a fast 50. That's all I've been doing. Here are the settings from each of the shots:
    Brooke - manual, f2.8, 1/250, ISO 1600
    Owen - manual, f2, 1/90, ISO 800
    Kiera - manual, f2, 1/45, ISO 400
    Jaida - manual, f2, 1/125, ISO 800
    All photos were taken with the metering set for center-weighted, You can see I change the ISO quite a bit indoors, it's a little cumbersome on the K100D Super and another of the reasons I'm looking at a K20D or K30D if it comes out soon.
  49. Here are two more with the catchlights...
  50. And another...
  51. I was just playing with a Cosina 55 mm f1.2 lens on my dining room table so I just so happen to have a picture to post.;-)
  52. Justin, I took your advice completely - right before the game started I moved the ISO to 1600, and then played with the white balance - ended up putting that on custum - and had it cranked to the furthest left top, but still the white wasn't completely there - and in post processing it was a b*tch to figure out how high to increase the exposure level in PS3. It's definitely a challenge to photo-shop the noise... I miss those sunny flower pics. :D
  53. Even though I am not a Petnax user yet, may I post photos that I have taken?
  54. So much splendid work again !
    Here's my harvest, from a visit to the local city-hall.
    These are called "when not confused....you're misinformed :) (nrs 1, 2 and 3)
  55. Louisa Edwards , Feb 02, 2009; 11:22 a.m.
    Even though I am not a Petnax user yet, may I post photos that I have taken?
    Please, by all means...:)
  56. Love the photos (the first, especially) and the name, dorus!
  57. These are such great photos, it is really intimidating! At my age, though, that is less a problem than it once was. That said, I was at work with my K10D and the M28 f2.8. We had a small return of winter weather, thought it might be interesting. Some are hand held, all in manual exposure. The available light was very mixed, and it shows dramatically.
  58. The last post has a photo with the wrong title, it is "Tower as night" You can see the red lights of windmills on the horizon.
    The next photo is "Steel and lights", and hopefully if I can do it, a second "Tower and lights"
    These are my first posts, so don't have a good handle on uploading photos yet!
  59. I will try the third now!
  60. Folks, Thank you for all the comments!!!
    Justin, those where shot with my K20D and Tamron 28-75F/2.8 My new favorite combo for street shooting. That combo focuses incredibly fast and as a result I have few missed images. Since I have been shooting allot of film (tri-x), I have a feeling for what I want in an image and I try and duplicate it with film The difference is that I spend allot of time in PP digital and on film, I scan it and am ready to go in 5 minutes. Thanks for the compliments. They mean allot to me. :)
  61. Well, this is perhaps the most difficult POW to choose my three favs for the week. The work here is splendid to say the least.In no particular order.

    Chune..... ''Bubbly Fun'' is simply spot on. Her facial expression, composition, bokeh...I love the image!!!!

    Duane ..... While every single one of your portraits is great, ''Owen's'' is my Favorite. You really have the tones right! Are you using filters?

    Haig .... The time you spent on your ''antelope horns'' was well worth the effort. Is that an actual plant? It is rich, sharp as a tack and perfect in every way!!!!

    Folks, well done!!
  62. Beerbrain / Ronny - Great feel in the old building photo, nicely processed too.
    Subho - looks like a dog eat dog situation. Great action capture.
    Patrick - that looks like a blast! Outstanding action captures.
    Adam - wonderful combination of sky and fire lighting, great colors too.
    Steve - great DOF with that new DA* 50-135. Have fun with the new toy!
    Hansen - That's really shallow DOF. The Cosina looks like it'll be fun for portraits.
    O'Shiva - you are unquestionably the master of architectural photography. Very nicely done. I look forward to seeing your contribution each week.
    John Dawson - great images and terrific lighting in the last. Kudos.
    Javier - Thanks and Thanks again for your "Obsession List" post as it made me dig out the 50 and avoid flash. I'm going to leave the 50 on the camera for a while and use it as much as possible since I have neglected this little gem for far too long. The only filter used was a 49mm Hoya UV 0. Cheers.
  63. Well, let me leave a few comments, simply because I enjoy looking at these shots - the shooters may as well be aware of the pleasure they have brought!
    • Javier - you have found your calling on the streets!
    • Rose - I'm impressed with the hockey shots. I tried to take shots of my wife and kids skating at a rink, and I could sit or stand anywhere, and yet I still did not take very good shots!
    • Bob Colameco - great action shot!
    • Bob Marz - Wow! Great light! Love the shots - and not just because there are no fish!!! ;-))
    • Andrew - spikey is cool, stark and cold. I like.
    • Duane - great kid shots, and great advice you got - thanks for passing it on!
    • Jemal - Saddam is a great b&w, nice atmosphere.
    • Ronny - I love all the buildings, doors and windows you shoot - you have a gift with openings!!
    • Subho - good action capture, they look happy - and not cold!?????? (Tropical member here!)
    • Patrick - great stuff! I'm jealous - except that I'm actually warm, so ... (I have seen snow before - once!)
    • Haig - Antelope horns is even better!
    • Adam - warm and cold is really special. More atmosphere in that shot than many of mine together!
    • Steve - I like tiny dof! Nice abstract. Makes me wanna go on a macro speil!
    • Hansen - nice chopper - post more!
    • Dorus - are all the buildings where you live just amazing or what!?!?
    • John Dawson - excellent first posting. I love the mix of lighting, especially in the second.
    I am glad to be a part of this! Good week guys!
  64. [​IMG]
    Please be gentle, I'm still a newbie! :)
  65. sorry Lousa, I'm hard as nails......
    - a picture like the smarties-one should really be sharp, especially in the front.
    - the hairs-picture is rubbish, honestly
    - the running-water-picture is actually very nice, I will steal the idea from you.
    which I'm sure you don't mind after me being so honest and gentle....
  66. Dorus,
    I appreciate the honesty, thank you.
    The skittles picture: I am not sure how to get more area in focus yet but I do like that the back is blurred.
    For some reason, I quite like the dog fur picture. I hate the brown at the bottom, but the actual fur strands intrigue me. (I think in another thread I've mentioned that I am odd! LOL)
  67. Louisa, I can answer how to improve the focus area - you need a tripod - then, you change the aperture until widen the focal area. If you switch the lens to manual, it will give you more control on what the focus range is, too.
    I also like that water picture.
    But the dog hair pic is plain weird. :) but then... you should know that most pentaxians are CAT PEOPLE. We just don't know what to do with dogs... they take to much work to walk them...
  68. Javier, those two at the stoplight are great. And Duane, love the kid portraits. I've been trying to do the similar now that I have a 50mm.1.4 (ok, two, Tak and A) and your advice is spot on. Alas, my daughters won't look at me any more if I am holding a camera. "No more pictures!" Watching TV is a poor substitute, especially as they face slightly away from the window light.
  69. Nick, that's a wonderful photo of your daughter. Very well done. I hope you don't mind but I did a B/W conversion on it, sharpened the image a little and increased the fill light a little to see how it looked in B/W. What do you think?
  70. Personally, I love the edit!
  71. Wow, thanks Duane! That looks great! I had been worrying that I overdid the sharpening on the larger picture, but with downsizing it appears more was needed. And I love how you pulled up the shadows - still working on getting that right. How did you desaturate it? (if you don't mind me asking)
    Oh, and I have about 1,000 more if you've got time. :)
  72. Nick, although I have Adobe CS2 the Master Collection for work use, I didn't use PhotoShop here at all. Just a little freeware program called Picasa 3. My 10 year old daughter finds it easy to use with her digital photos and it's actually fairly decent for quick edits.
    Here's all I did,
    1) opened the photo in Picasa, 2) sharpened the image a little, 3) selected B/W conversion, 4) adjusted the fill light and shadows with the sliders until I got the look thatgave a nice balance of shadow and highlight.
    It worked well simply because you already provided an excellent image to work with. I like the B/W because your daughters eyes become the focus of the image and there is no color to distract the viewer. Hope this helps.
    P.S. Hin uses Picasa quite a bit too.

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