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  1. I did it! 12 am eastern standard - means sunday am - :) so here are my two. ;)
  2. and I don't know why that first one sized so small... I could swear I'd saved it as 600px long...
  3. I've made tons of progress into this years backlog over the last week. Yet, I still have hundreds of frames to process, and dozens more ready to upload! It was hard to pick just 3, and then I had Caney fighting for a spot as well.
    None of these are new, actually 2 are from September but just processed and uploaded this week.
    First, why I love being outdoors, and why I bother to carry my camera even when it would be easier not to. Absolutely amazing reward on the hike out after 3 days of fun. Yes it's real, and in fact it's a double rainbow if you look closely!!! Really it's a great lesson why to not cancel plans before the forecast isn't blue skies and sunshine!! Weather makes landscape photography a bit easier! We actually saw about 5 different rainbows on the hike out but never did find the leprechaun or the pot of gold (damn, I really wanted a few new lenses!)
    K10D, Sigma 10-20 @ 12mm, f/11, ISO160

    Second, the Adirondack Balloon Festival. A little different (I hope) than you typical balloon fest shot!
    K10D, FA 28-70 f/4 @ 70mm, f/11, ISO 400

    Third, a little action from way back in June when we backpacked the Nundagao Ridge. Caney has not been in a photo in a while and was pretty adamant about being in one or chewing through a set of hiking boots per week till he was put in one (and yes, I just got to these...heck, I'm just getting to stuff from May!!).
    As you can tell, he was being his usual bossy self and very irritated with the slowness of the pack, I was told, "Border Collies have photographic memories, thus there is no need to stop and take photos, I wish I was hiking with a family of dogs!" When we got back he didn't want to get back in the car and layed down in the road refusing to budge, I guess he really liked the weekend!:
    K20D, DA 21mm, f/8, ISO 320
  4. Good thing I checked first Rose, I was about to hit submit on a separate thread...easy enough to cut and paste over to this one!!

    The second one makes me think thanksgiving is very close!
  5. Rose, love the sun shot! Wish it was larger. Post it 700 pix wide and I am sure it will really pop..

    Justin, As soon as I saw that first image, I new it had to be that Sigma 10-20mm...Great photo!.
  6. Great white Egret I believe.
    <img src="http://i404.photobucket.com/albums/pp128/jgredline/Wildlife%20parks/IMGP1450.jpg">
  7. A wood pecker...Very tough to shoot...All I could think about was Dave's nemesis...
    <img src="http://i404.photobucket.com/albums/pp128/jgredline/Wildlife%20parks/IMGP1422.jpg">
  8. Can someone tell me what the name of this bird is? I have never seen this kind before.
    <img src="http://i404.photobucket.com/albums/pp128/jgredline/Wildlife%20parks/IMGP1308.jpg">
  9. Love the balloon shot. Nice shot Justin.
  10. This shot is of the Split Rock Lighthouse along Superior's north shore. They light it every Nov 10 to honour the crew of the Edmund Fitz. It the only publicly scheduled lighting of the year. [​IMG]
  11. And another shot from the north shore. This is the morning sun on Hollow Rock. [​IMG]
  12. Haven't been putting too much on the POW as of late. Spending all my time in the shop making stuff. But here's a couple.
  13. My dogs and I love to go to the beach when a storm rolls in.
  14. Rose..that clock says 11:59 ! LOL. Beautiful start for this weeks POW. I like those mailboxes. That is indeed a nice lens
    Justin: I like the rainbow.. and the photo of your boss is pretty neat, but that balloon shot is definitely ultra cool.
    Javier: did you stretch out that poor egret's neck in photoshop? lol. Good bird photos.. love the woodpecker.
    Patrick: even though I like both your shots.. I think the lighthouse is very special. Really neat shot.
    Scot: Beautiful colors in that first shot, but the second one is my fave of the two :)
    I managed to take a few shots this week.. spent the week in Tucson, but never managed to get out around sunset.. I'm just going to have to go back sometime.
  15. Painter?
  16. It's been a good week for completing indoor processing tasks and getting back outside shooting. Getting that Bigma on Thursday was a bit of a motivator too I must admit.
    Two shots: This first one was yet another commute photograph during a glorious sunrise. That is the bottom part of Mt. Rainier way off in the middle. [​IMG]
    Friday Morning 2, K20D, Pentax DA12-24 @15mm, 1/45 @ f6.7, ISO 400

    On my earlier Bigma post, Miserere suggested one particular picture should be converted to B&W. Well, here it is and thanks for the idea:
    Downtown2, K20D, Sigma 50-500mm @160mm, 1/1500 @ f8, ISO 200
  17. This hummingbird was not shy.. I was trying to get some shots of the flowers, and he was about 3-4 feet away.. unfortunately all the camera setting were on manual
  18. My eyes are feasting and it’s still Saturday for me. I'll need a bib by Sunday noon.

    @Justin - That balloon shot is fabulous and very creative. Kudos.

    @Javier: The reflections behind the egret are intoxicating. Love it.

    @Patrick V: The hues of graduated blue in your Split Rock shot cut by the beam and the rock texture = WOW. And
    the other morning shot is sweet. We should trade mornings some time.

    @Haig: your first shot has such rich color and compelling forms. A lot to look at in that frame.

  19. Thanks Michael.. that's a pretty gorgeous morning shot.. I am starting to like that lens a lot more :). and the b/w conversion looks great! that is one sharp lens.
  20. I have been dog- and catsitting all the week for a close friend and took the K10D & Pentax F-50mm macro for walking the dogs and it shows in my POW selection :)
  21. kind of dancing
  22. had a vegetarian "Schnitzel" in the evening
  23. This week I have been testing out a couple of new lenses all these shots were taken with a 24-70mm sigma F3.5-5.6 and I have to say I am really liking it though I think my 28mm prime is better for landscapes. some of these shots have had the painted look done to them but the flower shot has only been processed from RAW to jpg and resized for posting.
  24. A Landscape shot @ 24mm F8 and processed to give the painted look.
  25. I really liked the fenceing wire bundled up and just left in the middle of bushland and thought it deserved a photo
  26. Wow, so many great shots already. Patrick, the lighthouse is my pic of the week. Javier, the woodpecker is a close second. Here are mine.
  27. a tulip tree, or something like that.
  28. in the early morning
  29. Awesome shots everyone. That rainbow shot is great Justin. Here's a view from Amperand Mt complete with graffiti and The Saranac Lakes beyond.
  30. Here's a shot from Hurricane Mt. with a neat cloud formation.
  31. A shot of my wife standing on 'The Balanced Rocks' of the Pitchoff Trail.
  32. And some stitched pics of Pitchoff. Seemed to work best in b & w
  33. Here's the panoramic view from Pitchoff
  34. you're right, Javier - here's that picture resized to 700 px long. Justin, I knew I would be competing with someone to get that first post in... but according to the online clock (as Haig mentioned) - It looks like I cheated by a 'little'. Justin, My friend was looking over my shoulder last night, (I was doing the babysitting/internet surfing thing at her house) and she LOVED your rainbow scenic - then I showed her the thread from last week and it looks like she's one of your newest fans. Although, she was AH'ing over a lot of the pictures. She seemed to really like those sceneries. :) I like the balloon shot more. Those yellow dancing lights in the middle are really cool. :) Markus, love the cat/dog b/w - very rare you see these critters going head to head without blood being spilled. Patrick, the lighthouse picture is gorgeous. Although the light on the rocks from the other picture makes me wish that I was more of a morning person. :) Javier - your bird shots are always fab. I like the pecker shot most - seems like your trying to give Dave some friendly competition. :) Robert, the leaves in the pond shot is really pretty. Until I read the title I was wondering how you got all those leaves in the air under a black background... I was imagining you throwing all the leaves up, then rushing to pull up your camera to take the picture before they all came down on your head. :D Hey, it's still pre-coffee for me - I'm allowed to be a bit ditzy. :D
  35. Been busy moving and haven't had a chance to submit any photos for a while. I decided to go with portraits this week. It is always tough for me to choose portraits because it is easy to be influenced by the subject. In other words, if I didn't know the subject and saw the photo, would I say that it isn't very good? The first photo is Gordon and my aunt Donna. Gordon is 97, a super nice guy, and my aunt and uncle help him when necessary (it isn't often). Gordon grew up here in Oregon and was out in the woods and mills all of his working life. His house collapsed under a snow load last winter and he spent 5-6 hours pinned in his bed in really cold weather until he was rescued. The national media tried to get the story going and he turned down several interviews.
  36. This is my newest little cousin, Carlee, she is about 2 weeks old.
  37. My wife Mary, in a rare shot without a scowl or hand in front of her face.
  38. So that's where the woodpeckers went! Javier must have promised them good times in LA ;~) Love the rainbow and lighthouse. I like the color version of downtown2 better, Michael (and don't listen to Mis when he suggests that you monochrome the sunset ;~) "Mt Ampersand" ;~) is really nice, Bob. Some of the others seem kind of dark but I'd be torn about brightening them at the cost of a interesting tonal mood. I'd say the same about your sun shot, Rose. Having posted my mockingbird shot in Javier's birds thread, I was lucky to come across this guy in the yard yesterday.
  39. This guy was actually pretty acrobatic but I managed to avoid motion blur ;~)
  40. Dave, that first snail shot is awesome - love the shapes that are coming out in that picture. :)

    I have been testing my 'new' - as in 'old' by way of Hin lens - a CZ Jenna 135 and loving this glass. I know you all will hate me for the subject matter - but it was raining yesterday so I was stuck to the indoors. :)
  41. once again... darn connection...
  42. sigh... you may have been saved from seeing another cat picture. my poor connection ability from home is saving you all. But it is still a beautiful lens.
  43. This is a shot I discarded 2 years ago as not being good enough. However, my wife thought otherwise... so I'll share
    it today:

    <img src="http://www.marclangille.com/photos/268463396_GLHyQ-L.jpg">

    Crop showing only the Snowberry Clearwing Moth:
    <img src="http://www.marclangille.com/photos/367837293_c3GrC-XL.jpg">
    What's embarrassing is that two people wanted 8x10 and 11x14 prints of the first image...
  44. This was actually taken last week but processed this week. We have been having the first proper summer rains here and the garden is really coming to life. K20D with a D-FA 100mm f2.8 Macro for those who are interested.
  45. You have very high standards, Marc! May I ask what (very impressive) lens that was?

    Henk, I envy you your summer rains. I'm looking forward to shots like that but they're a looong way off.
  46. Dave: thank you and again it's a tad embarrassing for me that I thought it wasn't good enough! I suspect it's because
    the skipper's eyes weren't in focus, so I just put it aside. It's one of the sharpest images I've ever seen of this insect
    (hummingbird moth) in any image. After ruminating on it's soft light, my wife's input, etc. I decided to convert it from
    RAW. Nothing but defaults in ACR to JPEG.

    The lens used is the FA* 200/4 Macro, which is a relatively rare (and expensive) Pentax lens in the FA* series. It's a
    real treat to use and a gem of a lens. The 9 blades on the diaphragm really make the image bokeh really smooth. A
    macro lens this long requires excellent technique to get the most out of it. Handheld shots are generally not a good
    idea unless you have very steady hands, or it's bright daylight and/or using a flash.

    EXIF: Pentax *ist DS, F/8, 1/250 sec., ISO 400, AV mode.
  47. "Black Beauty":

    <img src="http://www.marclangille.com/photos/208736162_7D83o-L.jpg">
  48. Here's a link to a larger image, since photo.net resized the link to it. The antennae and some (what should be smooth lines) are jagged in appearance: Black Beauty
  49. I like your PoW thread starting technique technique, Rose ;-)

    Some quick comments:

    Rose, I find the mailbox itself more interesting than the decorations. My mailbox would not be worthy of a
    picture :-D

    Justin, hooray for Caney! The rainbow is *very* cool. Rarely do you get to see a rainbow from above instead of
    below. As a nerd side note, all rainbows have a secondary rainbow with a larger radius. It's produced by the
    light that's bounced inside the water drops before coming out again and it's always fainter, so not always
    clearly visible.

    Javier, love the egret! I still suspect you are Dr Doolittle.

    Patrick, awesome lighthouse shot.

    Michael E., I don't envy your early morning commutes, but scenes like this must make them worthwhile every now
    and again. Thanks for that B&W conversion, I do like it more than the colour version.

    Haig, you managed to find a hummingbird with now wings. Congratulations!

    Markus, your first pic made me say "awwwwwww...." :)

    Robert, "Bench at Dawn" does it for me.

    Andrew, your wife has such beautiful blue eyes! Wow...

    Dave, I take my hat off, sir. That snail portrait is brilliant in almost every way. I'm glad you transitioned
    from toads to snails ;-)
  50. Shot Early this very cold morning under the bridge, never usted to be Graffiti in this part of the USA,,rural Tennessee,now it is everywhere including MS13 so I was looking very close to see if anybody was under the bridge.
  51. *ist DS Pentax M 28mm
  52. new interstate loop that cuts right thru prime farm land and woods, now I hear trucks and NASCAR speedway while out in the forest.
  53. Did not use 28mm on above, I cut and pasted the wrong lens it was a Tamron adaptall 80-210mm f3.8 version
  54. Did not use 28mm on above, I cut and pasted the wrong lens it was a Tamron adaptall 80-210mm f3.8
  55. Andrew, your lovely wife Mary looks more life-like with the saturation pulled down about 10%. I suspect that she might hide her face less often if you did that routinely.

    I like the *ist DS2 we have here, but the default boosted saturation wreaks havoc on faces.
  56. I agree, Ronny! I was saddened to see recently how much of the richest farmland in the world (in York County PA)
    is being taken over by housing developments, roads, factories and trucking complexes.
  57. WOW - huge already! Only one, for now, anyway. Took a pic of an xray this week. Why? to send to our oldest girl's back surgeon. Why so important? Because monday morn, up until I took this shot, I was convinced we were going to take a fast run to St Louis starting that night. It's important to me this week, because it shows that she didn't actually snap one of the rods in her back - they're all lined up! We stay on schedule for us to be pulling out of town one week from today, so go stretch the kid out. And the pic makes me wonder if we aren't due for a whole new rod set - I wonder if there's any stretching room left in those rods!
  58. That's probably the most important photo I've seen here, Maria--but as I recall, she's prettier than that ;~)
  59. Javi - your first shot: the thing I find most amazing about it is....the WATER. WOW.
  60. This thread gets more fascinating every week.. <br>
    Markus: That's a great shot, the first one. <br>
    Ben: Your cactus flower looks a little overexposed to my eye. I love the rich colors though.. <br>
    Robert: The tulip tree is very pretty..but I really like the bench, you did good to convert it. <br>
    Bob: Nice views.. I like the first because of the 'many' lakes :)<br>
    Andrew: I agree with John's comment.. otherwise it looks like a great pic <br>
    Dave: Definitely the winner for me this week! That first shot is just awesome. By the way, try to shoot the snails
    when they are on the straight runs.. you always get motion blur when you catch them going around corners..<br>
    Marc: I cannot believe you were tossing that photo out! the clearwing moth crop is really beautiful.. <br>
    Ronny: It's sad to see such 'masterpieces' decorating everything nowadays.. <br>
    Maria: Wow.. glad that medecine allows us to do so much nowadays.
  61. Haig - you may have not frozen the hummingbird, but i think u did a good job of focusing AND it's an interesting effect w/
    the bird clear, and the wings a blur.

    Andrew: my kind of baby shot. very cute.

    The lighthouse, i think is my fav so far. Way cool.
  62. MX, M 50mm f1.7, Delta 3200
  63. Wow, so many amazing pics. Will need to comment on them when I have a little more time, but for now, Dave's snails are my Favs...Very well done!!!!
  64. Here is a photo that is the best, but is heavily photoshopped. I'm still learning how to do layers and masks and what not. So be kind.
  65. Jemal, wow!!!, who is this stunning lady?
  66. I'm with Javier, Jemal--it probably could be improved (maybe crop out the red splash on the right and some of the top?) but really a stop-you-in-your- tracks shot!
  67. I didn't mean "the best" just the best of my week. Thanks everyone. This shot was actually taken at Denny's (hence the background colors) while she was fielding a phone call from the office. The camera loves her.
  68. Maria, I am not good at reading xrays - but I believe that your picture proves that you and your daughter have spent too much time in hospitals.

    My prayers are with you. I hope all will go well and that the doctor's appointment will give you the answers needed to get her better.
  69. Maria,

    My daughter just had scoliosis surgery and the rods look nothing like this. They used something that looks like what is on the top video of this page:


    She went from 78degree curvature to less than 20 at time of procedure. This has improved to less than 10 degrees as everything adjusted to it's new position over the last 3 months.

    Anyway, you are in my prayers also as I know exactly what you are going through.

  70. Mel: that is a cool video! Our kiddo's only 6 yrs old just recently, so she's not old enough for a fusion yet. What she's
    got are growing rods. The thick part are connector sleeves, holding 2 rods together. As she grows, her spine has
    nowhere to go but out. Every 6mo we go to Shriners St Louis for a couple days, and they push the rods a little further
    apart. How long she keeps a set depends on how fast she grows. Doc says the usual time is 2 years - or 4 or 5
    stretches - (which it will be this coming May).

    Rose/Mel: Thank you! We'll take all the prayers we get! Her curve was about 78 deg when they put those rods in.
    Immediately after stretching, she is a LOT straighter. I think somewhere between 10 & 20 degrees. We'll do this for
    about 9ish years, until they decide her torso's done growing, THEN we get the fusion w/ screws all over the place. I'll be
    glad for that, cause I won't have to worry about her breaking any of those! There's a lot of tension on those 4 little

    What's up in the air, is what we're doing about further repairing her mouth (cleft palate)
  71. Maria - I dearly hope all improves soon. That X-ray looks no fun! Everyone else - great shots! I especially liked Justins Rainbow and Bob's hiking shots - make me long for the wild. Here's a fun shot with my Mamiya 58 mm f1.7M42 - love this lens!
  72. And for my birthday we went to the Packers-Bears game. This is a stitched panorama of vertical shots with the FA 20-35mm, at about 20mm. I should have taken one during the game but was worried the action would be hard to reproduce. And I was excited watching.
  73. I snapped this one on the way home Saturday. The river was frozen and with winter skies you can capture some interesting sunsets
  74. Pretty lady.. I mean pretty photo Jemal :).Maybe a tad dark on the right, but I can live with it ..<br>
    Nick: I like those reflections in the first shot.. the stadium pano looks like it came out really well. <br>
    Ian: I'm not sure I like the frozen part of your scenario.. but heck, if you get shots like that, I can certainly put up with some cold weather :). I think you got a really good result with your filters.
  75. Robert Colameco - That is a Tulip Tree bud. They are a very fast, straight growing tree. I have one on my property that is huge, roughly 4ft in diamter and 60ft or more in height and it was planted in 1964.

    Great shots all - I think Patrick Vesterback's shot of the lighthouse is my fav this time around.. Though Bob Marz's Amperand Mt Summit View shot is right there as well. And I really like Justin Serpico's balloon shot as well as that great macro by Marc Langille - The crop is very impressive. I've never actually seen one before and with such nice detail.
  76. Nick, That Image of the piggy bank is a print big, frame it and hang it on the wall...Bravo....
    That Packers Bears image is also good.

    Ian, another great image...How I wish I had stuff like that around here to shoot, but alas, ''sigh''
  77. all I got this week - view full size.
  78. Javier I also thought gee I never have anything around myself to Draw or take photos of but back in high school I complained to my art teacher about having nothing to draw and she said are you kidding every room has a thousand pictures and I have taken that to heart. Just thinking about spending 5 min in the backyard taking photos if left unchecked I can use up half a day and fill 2 gb card . A photo can be found anywhere I don’t know who took the photo of the toilet awhile ago it was an amazing B W photo of a toilet . I could babble all night and I have to go, just remember a simple house fly sitting on a stump with the right perspective can make an amazing photo.
  79. Ian, You are so right and thank you for the reminder. I did go a spell there for a while of just shooting in the yard and what a blast I had...nIce fly by the way!
  80. Thanks everyone for the above inspiration ! <br>
    I have no pics this week, so 'm cheating a little..... <br> <br>
    <img src="http://static.zoom.nl/945FE663FF2B09D4EBF52F81405F7378.jpg">
  81. O'shiva - that's one tall horse. :) Love the perspective.

    Ian, that's a good lesson for all of us - to open our eyes and see the possibilities.
  82. I'm too late, too busy, and too sick to do much this week. But here is a shot from me:
    <img src="http://d6d2h4gfvy8t8.cloudfront.net/8253112-md.jpg">
  83. Im adding a New K100D photo before this thread gets way too big
  84. Beerbrain/Ronny Perry, ''BRILLIANT''
  85. Thanks Javier and Haig - I just wish I hadn't cut off the pig's snout. I tried to stage a shot for better framing, but no luck.

    Beerbrain - very interesting. What's going on there?
  86. Oh, wow ! I'm going to have to contemplate that one for a while, Ronny!
  87. Ronny, that is absolutely awesome. it took me a while to figure out where you were taking it from - I was looking for the camera's reflection - I finally found the tripod - but, don't see you in the image - I'm wondering if you're holding the cardboard - and, it's a super creative self-portrait? :)
  88. Nick, I did not even notice the pigs snout cut off, which to me is a none issue because it puts the all the emphasis on daddy and his little girl...Brilliant.
  89. Thanks ya`ll..I`m not going to say much , but would rather let the image speak, that is not me in the reflection , but a homeless man..I try to keep my own photography separate from my work photography, but this was in both worlds..I work for a very large non profit org. as a videographer & photographer , this shoot was about how to deal with homeless people, do you give them $$$ or get them help or walk on by..this man we offered help and gave him some $$$$$. Don`t try to analyze the shot technically, but what would you do if you encounter a homeless person, whats on the other side of the door, help..$$$$..nothing??????????????
  90. @ Rose...Thank you and your friend for the comments. I'ts always nice when the image you see translates to other people. @ Javier...That egret shot is great, but I wish the head didn't seem blown out...that said, I think the water colors are amazing, and actually I wish you'd taken a shot of the water itself (maybe you did, and can post it next weeks POW). @ Patrick, Love the lighthouse. Well done!! @ Scott, the lighting on your dog is great, and so is the backdrop/setting. @ Haig, I always look forward to your architecture shots!! @ ME...jealous of your location!!! Nice test shots with the Bigma. @ Bob...You are a few weeks ahead or behind me this whole year. That's sad about Ampersand. Who the heck hikes 3 miles up a steep mountain to spray graffiti...thankfully this seems to be a rare occurrence. BTW, did you know my "Mountain Visions" Logo shot was taken on that balanced rock on pitchoff...now I've ruined the effect of some grand jump over a crevasse!!! [​IMG] I like the hurricane mountain shot...next week a pano from up there for my POW! @ Dave, nice change of pace from birds and flowers...love the snail! Tasty too! As far as the farmland being overtaken, the positive side effect of the housing bubble burst is land will not be built on. It's believed we have about 10 sq feet per person of excess retail space (yet more stores are built all the time), and without cheap money, and shady loans housing would be stagnant because the middle class is making less now than 20 years ago. Houses have no real value other than supply and demand, with demand gone, it should be some breathing room for famland!!! @ Mark, love the second shot. And I know what you mean. I have a shot that constantly gets attention for sales and I simply cannot sell it as I don't feel the quality is high enough, it seems that always the shots that lack just a bit of something (focus, exposure/noise) are the ones that get the most attention for prospective sales. @ Ronny, don't feel bad, look at Bob Marz shot at the top of one of the Adirondacks finest mountains, and if my memory serves me about a 2.5 mile hike with a 2000 foot gain (or something like that). Sad!!! oh, and the last shot is awesome. Absolutely love it! @ Nick, great shot, especially with out a tripod, and with a wide angle lens!!! Looks good at that size, I wish you could link to a bigger one (even 1000 pixels)!!! @ Maria, most interesting shot on here. I hope all is well!! @ Oshiva, interesting perspective!! @ Gary, love the shot, works well in B&W!! @ Ian, great scene! Love the landscape! Nice use of old school filters too!
  91. Oh crap...forgot to use HTML for the photo directed at Bob Marz...
  92. Still a great shot Justin. Why do you have to be so honest? Who would have known? Not even I would have figured it out.

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