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  1. First time as a first poster. two images - non-representational from real objects and a third representational looking unreal.
  2. Howard, a very excellent start.
    This has been a most satisfying week for taking pictures of autumn colors. Some years are more vibrant than others, and 2009 is right up there.
    Three shots from Kubota Garden, Seattle's most artful park. The garden was designed and nourished by a Japanese immigrant who spent 60 years working it. The city of Seattle took it over in the 80s and, with a foundation, maintains an incredible 20-acre site. It's been fun intersecting with shooters of all sorts there-next time I bring the 4x5.
    Kubota 1

    K20D, DA 35mm macro Ltd.,f 8 @ 1/45, ISO 400
    Kubota 2
    K20D, DA 35mm macro Ltd.,f 6.7 @ 1/15, ISO 400;
    Kubota 4
    K20D, DA 35mm macro Ltd.,f 5.6 @ 1/8, ISO 800;
  3. Some streets shot this week, all with Sigma 24-60 f/2.8 I finally have, and Pentax K10D. 24-60 I find a good range for street photography, covering about moderate wide to short telephoto. f/2.8 combined with ISO 1600 allows decent low light shooting. f/2.8 is a bit soft, but very usable, and lens is extremely sharp from about f/4.5. Contrast is good. Lens seems to produice very little aberrations of any sort. Here are three photos from the few hundred I've got so far.
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  6. I'm going to push it this week and upload four. Another monochrome
  7. Not much from me this week I have not really felt all that inspired but I did go out and try to take a few shots this is about the best. Hopefully I will feel more like takeing some photo's next week.
  8. Well, it has been a long time since I contributed, so here is a shot from my family holiday to the island of Boracay during the summer:
    Taken with the K20D and Pentax A 100mm Macro
    And then one taken in my "backyard" last week, K20D and Tamron 17-50.
  9. I have been out and about in the woods of northern New York state.
    A VIEW FROM OWLS HEAD K10D / DA 16-45 @21.0mm / 1/125sec / f6.7 / ISO 100
    A view from Bald Mt stretching up to Rocky Peak Ridge K10D / DA 16-45 @ 20.0mm / 1/350 sec / f5.6 / ISO 100 [​IMG]
  10. Very nice work so far. Howard and Michael, I like the third shot of each set. Camus, the graveyard flight is a very nice capture. Garry, the picture of the woman is outstanding, very expressive. Bob, what can I say other than I wish I was there! Between being very busy at school and the horrible weather we have been having, I have not done much this past week. This first shot was taken last Sunday and is within the city limits of Philadelphia. Shot with my Canon 50D and the 28-135 kit lens. I have not yet received my K20D. aaargh!
  11. This picture is a combination of two shots and speaks more to my efforts to improve my Ps skills than anything else. I hope you don't mind.
  12. was taking pics of the kids yesterday thowing leaves in the air and grabbed this shot. Kiley is clapping for her brother Jordan which is looking at the pile of leaves getting ready to pic up some more, but the pic came out a little different as the title states. hope you enjoy. Shot with K20D 50mm 1.7
  13. what is going on here is photonet having a problem, it will not let me get passed the confirmation page of my submission. I can't even get to the uploading of the pic. it keeps say bad gateway server timed out. I will be back later to try this again. Computers I hate them
  14. forgot pic had to be smaller than 750 so lets try again
  15. A child's Prayer
  16. one last time
  17. Short break in the clouds at sunset lit up this church in northern Romania. It was overexposed by two stops. Though it is a known phenomenon, this is the first time it happened with the K200D and a Pentax-M lens, in this case the SMCP-M 80-200/4.5. The SMCP-M 50/1.4 and 28/2.8 remained accurate under the same conditions.
  18. Jordon,
    Patience. A few moments ago I found the site down.
  19. Jordon,
    Patience. A few moments ago I found the site down.
  20. Jordan - No more than 700 pixels wide - Server seems to be down
  21. Dog sign Dublin Alabama , cut thru here on way to Savannah
  22. trw


    First a picture of my new lights...
    Now a picture shot with my new lights:
    More (but not much) here
    All shots K10D + Flashpoint BF160 in a shoot-through camera left, reflector camera right
    First shot with FA50/1.4, second with Tamron 90/2.8 Di macro
  23. Ok folks now for the unveiling of the most annoying post yet
  24. ok folks it to 5 hours about to get this posted so PLEEEEASE someone show me some love
  25. Well, a bumpy start from a technical point of view but nice photos.
    I like Howard's #3, Kubota 4, Graveyard flight Garry's Boracay Gal, Robert's fisherman (I think maybe the moon is too centered in the composite shot?) and Bear-Bear.
    Between seriously crummy weather and commitments (like unpacking my new lens), I hardly shot at all last week so I'll only post one and actually it's the same on I posted in M.E.'s Autumn Colors thread. It's kind of grown on me. I took it in the extended dusk of a gloomy day with the Sigma 24mm f2.8 (EV +0.7, f3.5, ISO 1000 1/40s.)
    I generally don't like a 2:3 aspect ratio in portrait orientation but after trying several options, I decided that no crop was the best crop.

  26. Michael E.'s Kubota 4 knocked my socks off, and it's not even B&W! :) I bet it would look really nice hanging on the wall as a 12x18.
    Camus's "War Memorial steps" rocks. Classic street stuff.
    Robert C.'s fisherman is a perfect Autumn photograph, I love it.
    Gary, great portrait there. And nice to see you stick around :)
  27. I really like Kubota 4. Fantastic shot Michael.
  28. Wonderful stuff this week. Makes me realise my learning curve is going to be very steep.
    Howard: You're using that Tam 90 like a paint brush.
    Michael, Bob, Robert, Dave all excel in capturing the season.
    Camus: What can I say? Classic mature B&W.
    Hin: Bear Bear is beautiful and the flash brings this out so gently.
    In contrast, if I can upload, here is our new family member, Tessa, taken in low level natural light. K20D & Tam 90.
  29. Once more:
  30. Pure glamour, Tony!
  31. Garry: The portrait is suburb. What a lesson! It looks like it must have been hand-held. Was it?
  32. Some shots from this past week.
    All shots done with a Pentax K110D and Kalimar f/80-200mm manual focus - push/pull zoom.
    #1 - Spiders are every where!
  33. #2 - Found this little (5 inch) guy at my garage door, almost stepped on him.
  34. #3 - While out shooting, ran into this little gal and her grandma, her name is Ion, she was just so full of life and smiles.
  35. My stepson and I went camping last weekend. Here are some shots from our base camp at 7,603 ft elevation. The location is the Big Bear Lake area in Southern California.

    Many great pictures this week. I especially like Graveyard Flight and Rowing to the full moon.
  36. Michael - Thank you. I especially like the brush stroke-like colors of the first two. Your foliage colors are amazing especially in # 2; did you try K4 in b/w? It has that feel to it. Nicely done.
    Camus - I really like the stairs, especially when you find the climber; the graveyard is made eerie by the blurred wings of the pigeon.
    Bob - I'm jealous! Down in Ulster County (NY) things are dull and brownish. Wife and I went to North Adams, MA late last week, where the colors were better, but we were inside at MASS MOCA (MA museum of contemporary art - not a java joint - for those not in the NE U.S.) where the colors of Sol Lewitt were brilliant. Your Dack prints are gorgeous.
    Robert - Your #1 has a beautiful mood. I like your Ps work!
    Jordan - sweet picture doesn't really need caption. Glad you're back.
    Dave - I like pastel-ly photos. I used to shoot Agfachrome to get that kind of color.
    Tony - the "brushstrokes" were what I was going for in #s 1 & 2; # 3 does look matallic painted, now that you mention it.
    Jack - #1 The reason humans don't like spiders is evident here. #2 Can snakes smile? This one does! It is the happiest snake Ive ever seen. #3 That little electrical particle is perfectly caught.
  37. Mr. Elenko, The lighting is darn near perfect on Kubota 4. with the trees. Is that all natural light? Or did you add some fill?
  38. This thread always makes me smile. Not much of an opportunity this week, but here's a shot of my daughter and niece doing there best anime impersonations.

  39. This thread always makes me smile. Not much of an opportunity this week, but here's a shot of my daughter and niece doing there best anime impersonations.
  40. Well, this thread is magnificent. I can't say I love it ALL, but why pick out the 2-3 I don't love as much... the fall colors are great, I haven't been able to get out to try - either too wet, too cold, or kids too sick. :-(
    This is my favorite of the week, as it turned out just how I wanted, which was why I took the 50/1.7 to the party, and I only took one.
  41. Hi Folks. Good stuff as always. Nice to see some new names as well...I will comment in a couple of days when more images are up.
    Here are my three...
    I call this Chips.
    To see the story, read here.
  42. Awesome stuff, as always!
    Here's my contribution, courtesy of my Panasonic FX-01 point-and-shoot (an honorary Pentax):
  43. I'll put up two this week. The first is an old one, taken in December of 1987 in Florence, Italy, with a Pentax MX, M 50 f/1.7 on Kodachrome, then "scanned" with my K20D and DA35.
    I thought this next one turned out out not too badly for handheld, 1/50 sec at ISO 800, with the DA55-300 wide open (f/4.5) at 170mm. Too bad I had to shoot through dirty glass to get this, at the San Diego Zoo reptile house yesterday.
  44. Lovely lizard!
  45. Nice work everyone. I'm enjoying what people get to shoot, because some of that is just not in my part of the world. I have two - both are a good way to finish off a 37 degree day (celcius).
  46. Second one - grabbed on the run with four children clambering for their tea.
  47. Thanks for all the comments guys. Great to be back (thanks for the encouragement Mis!). Love this thread. Where's Justin?
    Tony Evans - about the shot. It was indeed handheld in the gathering gloom of the jungle next to the beach. She was selling shell necklaces to my wife and friends. Exif - ISO 640, f 2.8, 1/250 sec, aperture priority mode. So actually it was a fairly fast shutter speed for a 100mm lens.
    Lot's of stuff to enjoy here, but one or two need individual mention:
    • Michael - Kubota 4 is stunning!
    • Camus - Graveyard flight is amazing.
    • Bob Colameco - Love the first shot of the fisherman. Looks cold, but inviting.
  48. SMCP-M 80-200/4.5 K200D. Details in the previous post above where the server went lame for a while. I hope the picture loads this time.
  49. DC,
    Love the composition, colour and subject presentation. Does not look like +2 EV :). Whether the M series meter properly or not on the modern Pentax D cameras is a "lucky dip". It depends on the the focal length, widest aperture and actual exposure setting. Most times it is within say +/- 1/2 - 1 stop of correct and users often conclude that stopped down metering is working. I have checked my M lenses against my Spot Meter and found the camera is often close, but depending on the factors mentioned, can be 2 - 3 X out, usually in over-exposure. I have found that even Green buttoning with the lens wide open, and then converting to the desired exposure, is often close, but can be well out and the error seems to be EV related. (I should say that on my K20D with an A lens, the green button (spot mode) is always in very close agreement with my Spot Meter). I love my M lenses, but always Spot Meter.
  50. here is one I grabbed late Sun. afternoon at a little lake we fish
  51. Gotta love how this week's images are of a high quality. My picks and appreciations:

    Howard T--I've been looking at that first one since early Sunday and still really dig it. I like how it moves from left to right and down in artful strokes. Plus the texture.
    Camus-Urban rain is urbane. I'd lighten the black outfit a tad. Nice geometry to the shot. Graveyard flight tells an intriguing story and I like the darker tones. Clever stuff.
    Garry Ian Y-Helluva portrait there. The tones rock too. I would assume that you needed to be patient but it was very much worth it.
    Bob M--These are among the best shots of yours I've seen. The colors, lighting, and depth of the scene are well done.
    Robert C-The fisherman shot is truly excellent. So much there and nicely rendered.
    Hin-Bear Bear's beauty is beholden! My only grip is the lack of a right ear tip, but your shooting skills have improved very nicely.
    Tyler-I like the colors of your picture of the boys; it would have been nice to have shot them from below and to their right a bit so we can see their faces and expressions better.
    Martin E--Factory is very cool. Love the colors and mood and would think it deserves a large frame. And that tree.
    Jack B--That's a fun snake shot, the textures are well placed, but I especially like the snake's bearing.
    Javier-Chips is a little different from your usuals and I like it. I'm very impressed with the picture of Wilbur Dean Crocket, the angle of the shot and how you preserved his dignity. Your street work is becoming more refined.
    Frank- those scans are way better than I expected.
    DC C--A very deft picture of the church, in fine light. It is satisfying to see places I'd never get a chance to see otherwise.
    Thank you Robert, Dave H., Mis, Martin E, Tony E, Howard T, Jonathan R, and Garry Ian Y for your kind words. Mis, I will hang a large version of Kubota 4 pretty soon. A smaller proof passed muster yesterday. Howard, the area around no. 2 was very special. I hung out there for quite a while taking the art of the landscape in. I also have a sepia-toned version of this shot I'll post eventually.
    To answer questions, the original had both too much light in the background and too little light up front (I only had my ring light with a guide number of 14, and the exposure was too slow to use it). My remedy was to increase some fill and selectively dodge the background. In Lightroom I applied a preset I had developed earlier for bringing out richer color from cedar trees, and upped the contrast as well. This image would have gone in the trash if I had shot the original in jpeg, but RAW provides exponentially more working space. And nope, I never envisioned B&W for this one, the rich cedar color is one of those essential Pacific Northwestern attributes that I love.
  52. Tony Evans: Many thanks for comments on spot metering. Will the spot metering on the DSLR suffice? I don't have a separate spot meter but the Sverdlovsk 4 meter I used occasionally with the Pentax MX SLR is semi-spot.
    The untreated jpeg from the dng file is now attached (I trust!) at a smaller-than-permitted resoluton. It shows the overexposure and a cast from the cloudy setting which I use now and then to preserve the colour of the sun at dusk.
    Michael Elenko: Being in lesser-known places usually has some virtues. Although, these monasteries are on the UNESCO list, I had never heard of them before I came to this country. They deserve to be known better but tourism, badly needed as it is, should try to preserve their character. Not always an easy task. Tourists have destroyed more objects of pilgrimage without intending to than the waves of conquerors before them who had that intent.
  53. Got this shot yesterday.
  54. This week I very much like :
    Howard Tarragon that first 'abstract'
    Michael Elenko Kubota 4
    Camus Wyatt War Memorial steps
    robert colameco rowing by the full moon (ofcourse...)
    Martin Engineer factory
    Yvon Bourque after the sunset
    Well, after weeks without, I finally came (back) around my camera.
    a view on telecommunication :
    whatever exif, was totally overruled by the pp :)
  55. My picks for this week:
    HOward T. - #3 is amazing
    Camus W - war memorial
    Bob M - Owl's head
    Tony E - Tessa - love the eyes
    DC C - Church - i love this
    Dorus O. - Both of those are stunning.
  56. Here are my two architectural photos this week, experimenting with perspective correction in Gimp...
    K20d @ ISO100. DA 55-300 @ 135mm. f/6,7 - 1/250s
    K20d @ ISO100. DA 55-300 @ 55mm. f/4,5 - 1/350s
  57. Trying a new post process technique by adding vignetting to add a more dramatic feel and to remove any distraction of the background. I included a hint of the red rose in the background as a sort of "reflected" or "double image"
    This is a "Gold Medal" rose especially released for the Olympics in Sydney in 2000.
    K-7 + FA77 f1.8 @ f11, 1/80, ISO200, monopod, SR.

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