pouches/boxes for lenses on boards

Discussion in 'Large Format' started by joel_sackett, Nov 28, 2003.

  1. Any recommendations for pouches or boxes to carry a large format lens
    on a board? It also has to hold the cam for a lens for use on a
    Master Tech.
  2. Joel,

    Check this out and see if it meets your needs. Great quality stuff.



  3. http://www.gnassgear.com/home/home.cfm

    Try Gnassgear, Jason does make lens pouches. Maybe one will fit your needs.
  4. Rubbermaid food storage containers, with foam to support the board with lens. Caps on both ends of the lens. Small ziploc bag to hold the cam, put it in the container too. Dustproof, shockresistant, inexpensive.
  5. cxc


    I also use plastic food storage boxes, of the Glad brand.
  6. I use the padded cells from Outdoor Research. http://www.orgear.com/(click the Backpacking/Camping link). The red #1 is good for one lens on a 4x4 board with accessories (it is also nice for a Rolleiflex), and the Yelow #3 holds my 90 6.8 Caltar, 210 Sironar-N and B+W polarizer nicely. I also use the blue #4 for film holders. They all have a mesh pocket for various doo-dads (in Joel's case his cam).
  7. I've seen some CD wallets that look perfect for a Sinar board with lens. Nylon,
    padded, available at places like Blockbuster or Best Buy. It looks like all you would
    have to do is take out the CD sleeves. Under $10, I think. Anyone try this?
  8. The Gnass 4X5 lens cases (the longer ones) will hold three current lenses (90mm, 135mm, and a 210mm) on Linhof boards. The zippered compartment on the side is perfect for cams. The shorter lens cases have a side pocket with one clip, but no zipper, so cams could fall out. He also makes a case for the Technikardan (not shown on the website) which holds the Master Technika with room for a darkcloth as well as the optical viewfinder. The Gnass equipment is extremely well built and worth every penny. It is the 'Linhof' of lens cases.
  9. I just use lens wraps for each lens/board assembly. My pack has been set up to accept the lens in wrap in each padded pocket. Took a bit of figuring, but it all stows well and is easy to get to when I need it.
  10. Hi

    Word of caution against the lens wraps
    I used to use them, can't exactly remember the brand
    came in 2 sizes, and in red, green or blue color

    It self detioriated, maybe due to the heat / humidity of Singapore ?

    left behind was 2 layer of cloth, and lots of fine rubbery foam
    that came out from inbetween the 2 cloth layers : (

    not very nice/easy to clean off
    luckily the lens were capped ....

    now i just cap the lens and chuck them into individual
    pockets configured in the phototrekker

  11. I use cloth diapers with a third of the length of each folded up and sewn to form a pouch. Lens identification is written with big sharpie on the unsewn third which folds down to close it. This is a cheap, if slightly bulky, solution and the protection it provides is great.
  12. I second the idea of CD wallets. They are cheap and provide a hard case to protect the lens. You pull out the CD holders of course. They are just the right size for a 4 in. lens board with lens. I have one for each of my lenses. Keep lens caps on the back and front of the lens too. I have older lenses which are fairly flat, but I think a CD case for more CDs, like 50 or 75 would have more depth for a taller lens.

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