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  1. Post a recent street photo or follow this weeks theme " only the lonely".
  2. A recent street photo from today...

    Pass the love on.
  3. Ok, from this morning, Cannery Row scuba divers.
  4. LineMartel

    I was going to say that's a really a good photo you posted.

    But it's on another level than really good..
  5. Perhaps I should verbalize why I think it is a great photo other than offering a platitude.

    The composition draws the eye, party from the central subject, to the full frame of the image... giving the complete image a strength of composition and completion.. The hunched figure gives a feeling of sadness and loneness, and the lack of strong blacks and whites creates a serenity to the image.

    The angels are a telling in the background as religious icons; seemingly to be saying

    "you are never a alone we are always with you".
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  6. "party from the central subject"

    Off center subject.
  7. [​IMG]

    Excellent captures folks. I especially like Line Martel;s picture
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  8. Thanks Allen! much appreciated.

  9. Thanks!

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