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  1. Post a recent street photo or follow this weeks theme "smiles and laughter".
  2. xxx.jpg
  3. Somehow I got there.
  4. No smiles and laughter recently. Looks like another double post, I think I know what I did wrong this time. Fisherman's Wharf 17a_5.jpg Fisherman's Wharf 17a_5.jpg
  5. Smiles from a few hours, unprocessed. DSCF0064.jpg
  6. Smile and laugh[​IMG]
  7. IMG_0732.JPG

    :) :)
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  8. <br> <br><br><br>
    San Francisco, California • ©Brad Evans 2017
  9. waitress
    0020aa Sonrisa Camarera Sirviéndome Café-VoigtländerHeliarII15.jpg Voigtländer Heliar II 15 on Fuji X-E1
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  10. Hoods up on a rainy cold day. Konica Autoreflex T3, Kodak Tmax400 film.
  11. Got to like Voigtländer Heliar II 15 on Fuji X-E1 photo. Interesting angle and great smile...happy in his work.

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