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  1. I want to post pictures not as the 1st poster but I don't see any. Can somebody post first for the next POTW? And please excuse me in posting first again. All of the following pictures are taken with Pentax K-5 and Tamron 17-35mm f/2.8-4.0

    #1 Meet Up
    I was aiming the back of someone appreciating the back-lit scene. It was quite a boring scene until he comes along. It was one of the picture that is supposed to go the ignore-bin until I edit and think of the title.

    #2 Transamerica Center Collection


    I need to find out all the customized print templates in Lightroom as I like mosaic pictures where I can cheat on POTW to have multiple pictures. Out of the three I especially like the one that was a badly blown back-lit scene


    #3 The Crack

    I initially titled the picture as 'Tree Age' but I like the crack in the picture as the most dominate subject. My bad in heavy darkening and hence the crack becomes prominent in the picture
  2. Hin - we wait for you to be the first poster!
    This scene is from the Adirondacks in northern NY. I used the timer and carefully scrambled down to look relaxed with my beautiful bride of 31 years. We are on top of a rock that looks like an Indian Chief in headdress obviously called "Indian Head". The lake is Lower Ausable Lake. Only members of the Ausable Club can canoe, fish, or swim in the lake. The mountains are either side are Adirondack High Peaks. We've hiked the one to the right called Sawteeth Mt.
  3. #2 Where we sat for the above pic and to enjoy the scenery. Indian Head.
  4. The Reach
    K-3, DA Ltd. 15mm, f5.6@ 1/125, ISO 800
    Wright Park-12
    K-3, DA Ltd. 15mm, f5.6 @ 1/500, ISO 400
    Tahoma Dusk
    K-3, SMC A* 200mm, f8 @ 1/45, ISO 400
  5. my last ..
  6. I was at The Cloisters in upper Manhattan this past week for a 40 part motet recorded with each individual voice coming out of individual speakers set around the chapel. Was quite nice..

    All taken with K-5 with Rokinon 85mm F/1.4 manual focus lens. The chapel was surprisingly dark despite the appearance of sufficient light.The first and last shots were taken at ISO 6400 and the second at ISO 3200.

    Hin, Bob, Michael, you guys always come up with great shots.
  7. Second:
  8. Well I was out skiing so I couldn't start it. Great shots from you guys!
    I got up early and did some fun backcountry skiing with a friend this morning. Great conditions!
    K-3 & DA 18-135
    One from a walk in a snowstorm on Friday.
    K-3 & DA 18-135
    Finally I thought I'd better post one that isn't of snow so here is my brother's new little kitten.
    K-3 & Tamron 28-75 ISO 3200!
  9. @Matt, love the cat picture. What a cutie!
  10. Love the Indian Head picture Bob, makes me wish I was there!
    For me, first snowfall on the decaying Halloween pumpkins... :)
  11. This is at the weekly inner city market close to downtown Bangalore. K-50 / Tamron 28-75. I haven't finished processing all the shots yet.
  12. Hi everyone. It has been awhile since posting here. Haven't shot much, but here are the latest things.
    Flower - Macro shot with Pentax MX-1
    Underside of mushroom cap - Macro shot with Pentax MX-1
    Faith & Love - Shot with Pentax K20D and FA 100mm
    I will be back later in the week to comment on your great photos.
  13. I am a day late but not too much so, I hope. We had our first significant snowfall, just a few inches but enough that I was grateful for weather sealing. I have been reading "The Photographer's Eye" which has me feeling more inspired than I have in a long time, so I took a walk w/ K5 and DA 18-135.
  14. There was a flock of birds in this bush, eating berries no doubt, but they escaped before I could catch them.
  15. I might do something more abstract with this shot, ultimately, but I like it as is for now. Despite the lack of color this is not BW converted.

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