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  1. So I'm up too late, wrestling with the blasted printer trying to output the first image as a Mother's day gift to my good wife. One bleepin' ink cart is leaking somewhere. Ugh. Not that I'd rather be in a darkroom right now. I have a backup printer so all is not lost. I'm sure she'll like it, and we're just glad to have her around, and gaining strength very rapidly!
    These are from our gardens, taken during the late afternoon light on a lovely day. The first shots using a spiffy new Manfrotto carbon fiber tripod 190CXPRO4. It's intended for hiking use, but it has this great ability to instantly make the center column go horizontal by simply pressing a little button. You can also laterally adjust it along the horizontal plane. I had a Gitzo CF tripod that was a little better made, but the twisty locks (vs. the Manfrotto's locking levers that are easy to see and grab) and the inability to get real low got me pretty frustrated. The Manfrotto is a tad less stable, but more functional, and it's 2.5 inches smaller when compacted due to the four sections. So far, so good.
    Mother's Day Lilly
    K20D, Voigtlander 125mm f13 @1/8, ISO 200
    Electric Red
    Pentax K20D, Voigtlander 125mm f9.5 @1/45, ISO 200
    Iris Details
    Pentax K20D, Voigtlander 125mm f9.5 @1/45, ISO 200
  2. These are just lovely Michael! - and I am glad to hear things are going well.
  3. I stitched this together this week - taken with the 70mm Ltd.
  4. Greetings from Da Nang, Vietnam. Took a bump on a motorbike two weeks into my stay and fractured my olecranon (elbow) so I had to fly to Saigon and get pins and plates put in it, but it's on the mend now, I'm within a degree or two of full extension again. Meant my P&S olympus stylus epic has seen some use. Just started shooting the MX again now that I'm two handed. This from a home for orphaned and abandoned babies, the child is blind and has numerous health problems.
  5. Michael, lovely pics and, more importantly, great news that mom is feeling well. I hope that picture was finally printed. George C. sorry to hear about the accident but glad things are getting better. A very touching image by the way. Peter, well done, I am going to have to figure out how to do that some day.
    I did nothing this week but on Friday my students took the AP History test so suddenly my workload has been reduced by 75%! Hooray, more time for photography now. I did go out yesterday for a few minutes and managed to capture some flowers.
  6. second...
  7. lastly
  8. Wonderful flowers Michael and Robert and yours is a very a very affecting photo, George!
    Now that I think about it, I did a ton of shooting this past week. I dusted on the big lenses and got some interesting birds, including a Red-Headed Woodpecker! (the photos are ok but not braggin' good); then there were the lacrosse games (again, ok but nothing special) and some Mother's Day portraits of Clara (who's been a surprisingly cooperative subject.) But I've also been grabbing shots here and there like these from Friday when I did a workshop for some local kids down at the stream, introducing them to benthic macroinvertabrates. All taken with the Tamron SP AF ASPHERICAL XR DI [IF] 28-75mm f2.8

    @28mm: 1/30s, f/10,ISO=500

    @75mm: 1/200s, f/8, ISO=100


    @28mm: 1/50s, f/8, ISO+400
  9. My POW is from an adventure race. These races involved running, swimming, bicycling and canoeing. There were several teamwork-type events where people had to solve puzzles. In the photo below, the teams running through the course get to a station and they're told that they have to swim across a water filled quarry to retrieve some golf balls from two buckets floating on buoys on the other side of the quarry. It's a fair swim. They had to wear these life jackets and carry these oh-so-macho inflatable rings as part of the requirements. These folks are just about done.
    There were a bunch of fun pictures made in this quarry.
    Pentax K1000, 35mm Takumar, EWA Marine UF. 400 ASA generic C-41 film. AP2 from minilab scan.
  10. One more just because. The girl on the left cut up her hands on a bike spill earlier.
    Pentax K1000, 35mm Takumar, EWA Marine UF. 400 ASA generic C-41 film. AP2 from minilab scan.
  11. Bicyclist.
    Pentax K1000 & 35mm Takumar. 400 ASA generic C-41 film. AP2 from minilab scan.
  12. A friend, Viviana, whom you might have seen at 15 in my portforlio, came out a few days ago, desperate for a yearbook photo. She is a senior now, and what she liked was not my cup of tea, but I thought that I could share it.
    Taken with my K20D and the DA17-70.
  13. I'll raise a cup of tea for that photo, John--I think it really works!
  14. John, She's got a good eye, I like it!
  15. Michael - Glad to hear your wife is getting better. Lovely pictures.
    George C. Ouch! Hope you continue to heal quickly The woman looking away somehow adds to the picture - well caught.
    Robert- #s 1 &2 Gorgeous.
    Dave #1 speaks volumes - it's an almost unbearable tension., #3, so delicate.
    My three are plants in hard sunlight:
  16. Banana Leaf
  17. We have been having some very colorful sunsets here in Oregon this week so I ventured out to the Columbia Gorge to see what I could find , this shot is looking West from a bridge on the old Gorge Highway , during a heavy rain shower with the sun setting through the clouds.
  18. Excellent work guys! I'll make formal comments later this week!
    I was inspired by Justin's panorama stitching stuff last week, and decided to try one myself. This is from the park at Lookout Mountain. This park is less than 100 yds from the final resting place of Buffalo Bill. Although this shot isn't perfect, I was happy with the results. It's probably hard to see at 700px wide, but it's pretty close. :)
  19. I don't know anything about stitching but I think that's really super. Jeremiah!
  20. [​IMG]
  21. I shot this last night.
  22. Another sunset with the DA 15mm-
    Touching Home Base-
  23. First of all I would like to thank all those of you that left comments last week.. Grazie :)
    Michael.. what a great start to the POTW. I was referring to the good news about Fran.. the pictures aren't too shabby either :) I think that iris is my favorite.. probably because of the color combinations.
    As for favorites.. I'll just mention a couple for now.. George C's shot (Glad to hear you are on the mend).. Howard.. love that banana leaf, except for that out of focus intrusion on the left hand side.. Lorenzo, the first sunset is a beauty.
    A couple of flower shots from me.. a bit hesitantly considering what's already been posted!
  24. #3
    This (unknown to me) little kid was at the Out of Africa Wildlife park.. watching the tigers. Talk about focused!
  25. I have to say that I am a sucker for good flower shots. I loved Roberto's second and Haig's first! Kudos to both.
    John B., that is a closeup of all the fuss that we could see from Boardman. Made for great sunsets here. Nice shot!
  26. Boy, am I ever glad I didn't post flowers this week--I'd have been blown away! ;~) My favs in that category are Michael's first, Robert's second and all of Haig's. Other photos I haven't already noted in passing include Javier's third, Dorus' third (very dynamic composition somewhat in tension with the calm, rich color), Lorenzo's first sunset and Haig's intent kid (I love that "locked-on" look ;~)
  27. A rainy PNW afternoon, K20D 50/4 Super Macro Takumar.
  28. Javier, your second and third shots are just fantastic, and make a nice pair. Jeremiah, that panorama, looks like it might be really good, but that format really suffers at 700p wide. Lorenzo, great first sunset under the boat there!
    I'll throw in my flower shot.
  29. Some very fine work this week. Haig's first shot just blows me away. Lorenzo's first sunset is also gorgeous. Javier's first shot and Dorus's third are very well done. Jeremiah's pano is also very nice, it would be nice to see a larger version. John D., I think I'm with you on the young lady's portrait, just doesn't do much for me.
  30. Also, while focusing I liked how this looked and shot. Both this week with the Macro-Takumar 50mm f.4.
  31. Wow, what a great collection!
    ME - so glad to hear some good news. Wonderful photos too. I especially liked the first.
    I'll comment more later this week.
    I caught a nice sunset in my friend's back yard. Not a bad spot!
    Used the flash for the dried flower which I think might be a little overpowering but probably better than not using it.
    One in the same spot of my lovely wife. I wished the flash was a little stronger on this one.
    And one from a couple of weeks ago. It was another day I was glad to be carrying my camera on my morning bike commute! A little bigger for more cloud detail.
  32. I've been in the woods this weekend. I'm also trying to take as few shots as possible to help me think more about getting better shots.
    Is it working? Don't know....
  33. Some sort of tiny (2 to 3 inch tall) plants growing out of large slabs of rock on the ground.
  34. This was some sort of old fireplace/cooking pit that is the only thing left of this old farm. The forest and tall grasses reclaimed this area.
  35. Flora must have been subliminally in our collective minds this week because I too, took a number of flowers.
    Very nice work all around by everyone.
    ME, liked your samples. The first in particular is gorgeous! And there's the Voiglander again haunting me.
    George C., enjoyed the picture by itself but it gained even more value upon reflecting on your description.
    robert colameco, lovely flowers. The first two seemed to float in the air. Lovely.
    Dave Hollander, nice especially the second one. I love soccer and the juxtaposition of a beat up ball on rocks just works for me.
    Howard Tarragon, the banana leaf reminds me of back home; enjoyed it.
    dorus oshiva, the third one takes my heart. Beautiful. Brings back memories of walking/running, after school with uniform and all, along the streets to my house. Thanks.
    Javier Gutierrez, nice street captures. Liked the second and third.
    Haig Tchamitch, that child is transfixed! Great picture.
    Here's what I got this week (including one flower):
    Small white flower
    Moth on a screen door
  36. Thanks for the kind comments. Seems like we have a wonderful set of everything (as always). Dave, your set and the soccer ball pic in particular reminds me of that Tom Hanks movie. Remember his friend Wilson? :)
  37. Javier, I like that lasso shadow. That was a good idea.
  38. What a great bunch - seriously - a great bunch of photos. My favourites - ME's #1, Robert's - #1 and 2, Dorus' #3 and George C's (they are my absolute favourites because of the story they tell), Haig's #1 and both of Lorenzo's (but then I'm a succour for a good sunset.
    I have nothing half as good to contribute in terms of eye catching or just good even. But I will throw in two that are a self-indulgent celebration of mother hood. The ordinary everyday . . .
  39. (Having some technical difficulties - just talk amongst yourselves for a minute)
    The ones who make me a mother . . .
  40. . . . and why . . .
  41. "I have nothing half as good.." Denise! Seriously? That first one is pure beauty. Love it! Congratulations on being a mom and for taking such nice images of the kids. (the little one in the stroller with the blue hat on is a little funny looking but the rest are beautiful.)
  42. Robert's right--that first one is really classic, Denise--a delightful tableau! The second is just funny--but very ;~)
    Some of the other new additions I like are Nick's past prime tulip, Matt's sunset and clouds, Steve's tiny plants (mini-landscapes are fun.) I like the cooking pit too--partly because it looks like the throne of some wild Norse god but also because it evokes some vague memory. Everyone has to do a dandelion, Julio, but yours is really terrific!
    Thanks for the feedback on the ball, Julio & Lorenzo: I wondered if that one worked (and all three of mine appear a bit darker than I intended.)
  43. Denise, 4 cute rugrats, and you actually got them to sit still and smile at the same time! I'm afraid I have to second both Robert and Dave's comments :)
    Julio, nice one of the dandelion..
    Steve, your "throne" is beautiful.. but the other two are certainly worthy. that's actually not a bad thought to go around shooting like you were using film.
    Matt, I don't think your flash is overdone on the first shot.. I really like how it turned out. Your second would have benefitted from a bit more fill as you mentioned. I find that I run into that problem myself more often than not.. it's sometimes tough with the light coming from behind the subject to get the flash to not shut off prematurely.
    Dorus, well done on all three this week.. I think your heron looks a bit grumpy though :)
    Jeremiah, I'd love to see that larger..
    Javier, I really like your second and third shots.. especially the third. Good to see that you are out shooting again. We miss your stuff!!
    Dave, your second shot reminds me of something from the lycoperdon family.. :)
    And ME.. next time I visit Seattle and Vashon island, I suggest you lock up that Voigtlander, I might accidentally put it in my bag while I am leaving :)
  44. Thanks guys. (I've been chuckling away to myself for last little while!). That funny looking one in the blue hat is the easiest of the lot. (Also a special one from my husband's grandmother before she died - you can't beat a handmade toy with love.) It is fun and a big learning for me each week to see who is doing what, and I love to see what comes up, and how some shots are achieved. Keep it up everybody!
  45. First, thank you Peter B, Bob, Dave H., Howard T., Haig, Matt B., Julio C., & Denise S. for your warm words. The gift was much appreciated and the whole day was a lot of fun for our whole family.
    Now the pictures:
    Peter B.-I like the Black Stump and the clouds behind it and the yellow diamond to the left. Something vaguely Matrix-like there.
    George C.-The B&W is a remarkable photograph, the story touching, the contrast strong,the lighting spot on. Easily publishable with accompanying text.
    Bob--second flower shot is definitely my style, nice layout.
    Dave H.-I kinda like that second ball-in-rock B&W for the texture and the story it triggers in my mind. The second one I also like as it is Zen-like.
    John D.-I thought you did a nice job on Viviana's yearbook shot--very modern yet classic.
    Howard T.-That first one is vibrant. I have a thing for spherical forms, so I like it.
    Javier--Both the first and the third stand out. The first has nice formal structure and energy; the third intrigues.
    Jeremy--That's cool. Wish I would see it 3 feet across!
    Dorus--The first I like for the atmospheric qualities; the third is seriously artful.
    Lorenzo P--Just beautiful, both of them--it's raining as I write this and I'm being sucked into those warm skies. It's more than the lens at work there.
    Haig--The first one is vivid; the third one compelling. B&W was a smart choice. Love the hair framing those eyes and the perspective you decided on.
    Matt B.-Your third shot has a lot of potential. I brought a screen cap into Lightroom to play. Brighten the foreground, increase the clarity, vibrance, lighter tones, and kick up the sharpening and you've got a keeper.
    Steve D.-I love coming across artifacts like that. Nice tones.
    Julio--An alien dandelion indeed.
    Denise S.-What a loving bunch o' girls you have. Prior to framing that shot, take the adjustment wand and brighten the face of the youngest a little bit.
  46. Haig — that mimosa or acacia flower shot is simply incredible.
    I'm just scanning some film I shot a couple weeks ago. Here's a shot of a bearded iris in the front yard (I hope).
  47. ME, thanks for the ideas. There's something I like about that image too - I'll try some of those.
    Ok, a few more comments.
    Dave Hollander, the ball is great. I love the effect.
    John O'Keefe-Odom, cool race pictures. I have wanted to do an adventure race for a while. Looks like an adventure, that's for sure!
    Howard, the banana leaf has such a great pattern on it with the light coming through. Well done!
    Javier, the legs! Love it.
    Jeremiah, that me me want to stitch!
    Dorus, all three are so different, all very appealing. The first and last stand out for me.
    Steve, the second is really nice. Great use of DOF.
    Lorenzo, your shots with the DA 15 are making me wish I got faster shipping on mine!
  48. Excellent photograph by George C.
    Neopan Acros 100
    TMAX 400
    Both 45mm (67 lens). Click through for larger.
  49. Nice work everyone!!!
    Jeremiah, looks good at 700 px!!
    J-O-O, been loving water shots and sports shots with the old film gear! Keep em coming.
    Steve, I like the first one a lot.
    Matt, I love the fill flash on the sunsets BUT you gotta get some gels. Your exposures look good but the mismatched WB is a killer. That said, all you need to do is tape/velcro a little CTO onto your flash heads and instant you'll have some great shots.
    George, nice to see you check in. Great shot.
    Peter B, nice sort of abstract urban landscape. Very monotone until that yellow square. How'd you do the stitch? Nodal Ninja?
    ME, I don't usually like flower macros, but all three of yours are great. The lighting is excellent!
    Javier, love the second one, but the tonality is great in all 3. Film or digital?
    Lorenzo, love the framing of the first one...man I want that lens!
    Leo, as always, nice work with the MF gear, great developing and tonality from both images!
  50. How'd you do the stitch? Nodal Ninja?​
    Yes, and with a little help from CS4's Align and Blend Layers commands.
  51. Justin - what's CTO? I was using the built-in flash by the way if that makes a difference. I have an old Pentax manual flash from my film days which seems to work well but it doesn't swivel (I wish it did!).
  52. Hi folks,
    Thank you all so much for those that commented on my photos. Justin, they where all K20D with the 24mm Sigma I bought from Dave. You would not believe but i dropped the camera and it fell on the lens and cracked the focusing ring and dented the filter threads and what a mess. So I crazy glued the focusing ring and lens hood and then taped it all solid...So it completely no longer has the ability to focus or change hoods or anything...It also works great. I am pretty much forced to use the lens at F/8-F/4 as I set it up for hyperfocal setting of F/5.6 @15 feet and I love it...Has not left my cam for a month already...It looks as guetto as I do, but it works...
    My favs for the week are
    George C's portrait. There is something special always with a momma and her child...You captured it great!
    dorus oshiva's third...That is such an awesome photo of your son...The PP is wonderful...I love it and wish I could do that...
    Lorenzo Perfecto's second simply [​IMG] my fav of the week!...Well done...
    and Haig Tchamitch's third is magnificent...All n all another great week....of shooting folks...
  53. Justin, thanks for your kind words and for calling out the quality of lighting. I'm glad you noticed. Each of the shots was backlit and posed some challenges. I'm glad I was able to manage the lighting without resorting to anything more than a tweak in post processing.
  54. Matt,
    I thought I responded, but a CTO is essentially an orange gel.
    They come in 1/8, 1/4, 1/2 and full.
    I like 1/4 or 1/2. You can use vecro on flash/camera and gel to attach them to any flash, for the camera just hold it in front of the flash!
  55. Javier, this
    So it completely no longer has the ability to focus or change hoods or anything...It also works great.​
    is just a fun piece of writing. Sorry to hear about the mishap (know the feeling) but I'm glad to know you like the lens so much you have it duct-taped to your camera ;~)
  56. Thanks to all of you that commented on the photos :)
    Javier, you should be taking duck pictures with that duck-taped lens of yours :)

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