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  1. Well it's Sunday morning here and everyone must been sleeping in after the late Phillies game. I checked and double checked to see if there was a POTW thread. Not yet so here goes! Time to get putting those pictures on the net for this week. Here's a couple with a fall and/or Halloween theme to get us kicked off. More to come later today.
  2. Some of my photograhic Pentax moments this week included recording a live performance of a puppet theater in low light with the superb SMC Takmar 85mm F 1.8 om the K10D after taking closeups with the Tamron 90mm macro for advertising the winter theater before. I can soon show you some closeup photos. A mint SMC Takumar 28mm F 3.5 with hood was my buy of the week and influenced my POW selection. Since we already have a Pentax "limited" and "star" prime lenses series, I would call my SMC Takumars the "unlimited" ones!
  3. gravel industries
  4. Remembering "Vinci", the artists dog
  5. The autumn theme
  6. I have acouple from recent hikes
  7. After hiking up over The "Three Bothers", there is a dark forest just before you climb up Big Slide Mt, an Adirondack High Peak. It was cold, dark, and a bit spooky. All of a sudden this beam of light brightened the trail.
  8. Peter - Wow! Those Blue Jay shots are amazing. Outstanding captures. No small accomplishment capturing moments like that. Great detail - nice and sharp. Kudos. BTW - what lens did you use? 300mm? Markus - cool fall shots. I like "Vinci" shot best just because of how well the subject is framed but all 4 images are superbly captured. Here are a few from me. The first 2 are with the Sigma 50-500 and the second 2 are with the DA 50-200. I've been experimenting with booth zooms.
  9. Here's another Bigma shot...
  10. Many of the Adirondack Mts have 'Summit Markers' on the summit. In the late 19th Century, thestate of New York hired a surveyor by the name of Verplank Colvin to survey and climb these mountains. Some of these mountains aren't so easy with trails so it was no small feat breaking trail on them back then. Anyways, I don't believe I have seen a summit marker quite like this one yet. Big Slide, 1896
  11. Bob - Awesome shot. A real interesting find. Here's the other 2 shots I was going to post...
  12. And the last...
  13. Bob - that black and white waterfall is spectacular. Nicely done.
  14. I haven't done much shooting this week but kinda like this one, shot through the screen door to the porch.
  15. Thanks Duane, Yes that jay was captured with the FA*300 f4.5. One sharp lens that renders as good as any lens I've used. My wife and I were out to a local farm getting pumpkins for Halloween. Of course I always have at least one camera and a bag of lenses. God love her, she will wait and supports my "Hun, just wait a minute (a total lie and a minute will never do) for me to capture this".

    These Blue Jays were feeding on the corn in a little display. One was watching out for the other one that was getting a belly full of corn.

    Markus, The shots look very good and I'm wondering what you think of the 28/3.5 vs a Limited? I'm slowly building a Tak primes collection and the wider ones are now on the list. The last shot is fun, great stuff!

    Cool Bob. I've seen a lot of these but never one like this. You and Justin need to have a meet up.

    Duane, the "*X&$#**X&$#**X&$#**X&$#* hawk" looks great. You have a fine copy of the Bigma. Not all 50-500mm's are the same (I've had 2 new ones and the second was not so good). The colour and light in the fall shots is excellent.

    That's interesting Dave. Well used ball. The screen door gives a very soft look to the shot.
  16. I did not see this thread and opened another POW for 10/26/2008. We need edit feature to delete/edit threads. Anyway, as I stated on another thread, I love occasional 2 POW for a change

    First two with Vivitar 70-210 f/3.5 from Tokain
    Brush on a bike with speaker


    And I helped my older boy's school with Pumpkin Patch and photos
    [​IMG] with Tamron 28- 75 f/2.8
    Thank you!
  17. This pretty much sums up my week. Bogan is seven months old and we're sort of in the K9 equivalent of the rebellious teen years. Let's just say we're having boundary issues. /Roger
  18. Great pics everyone! Bob, those BW's are great and Duane, I love the lighting in Fall Grass. I haven't shot much recently, but here's a couple shots from last month.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  19. So far, I especially like the kids pictures this week. My photo was taken on the trail somewhere along the highway in Wisconsin... Interstate 39/90, I think. Possibly Interstate 90/94.
    After so many miles on interstates, things seem to run together. That's why I prefer the two lanes.
  20. A great start. I'll try to digest all these a bit later. I got a chance yesterday to start to test my newly repaired K10D. These used a Tamron 28-75.
  21. Accidental but amusing.
  22. Another way to recycle.
  23. Here's one from a wedding I shot a couple weeks ago and have been working to finish processing this week. I asked them (the brides maids and groomsmen) to imagine themselves a character from the movie "Pulp Fiction" and,,, The bride and groom love it. It's also one of my favotite from the day.
  24. Here ya go, no time to comment now, up late for World Series and ended up sleeping in. Off for a hike, not expecting anything photographic to come of it, but maybe I can do something neat with the fire tower!!
    Click To View Larger
  25. I'll post a fall image of Jordan,17,Native American...We spent the day Shooting around the fall colors in the mountains for her portfolio...We shot back to back days wed and thursday...This was one of the best images...But then shooting with Jordan she does'nt take a bad picture as shes a professional level model....
  26. Duane, how do you like the Bigma? How is the 50 end? Approx how much do these go for these days?
  27. Matthew Lies.....Outstanding pictures you posted!!!!
  28. Peter - the bridge shot is stunning, where were you? On a neighboring peak, or in the air? Markus - the last shot of the tiled creatures is very nice. I like the interplay of textures between the tiles and the leaves. Duane - great fall colors! Hin and Matthew - love the shots of your kids. Hin, I like your middle shot even more than the ones in your own thread. Bruce - Candle indigestion is GREAT, even if unplanned. Erik - I sort of wish I didn't know she was 17. But lovely shots of a lovely and self-possessed girl/woman. All the shots look good,, if I missed anyone. I posted some in Hin's thread, but I'll add my favorite "kid shot" of the week.
  29. Nick...Try going to a freelance model site some time like OMP and see what some of the 14 yr olds are shooting and not just with hacks with big names and high end MUAs (make-up artist) its not the 1970s.....I have seen models like Andrea Capri who started at 12 doing some very edgy stuff,now 17 her portfolio is phenominal.......Not all of Jordans port is glamour but Jeans an t-shirt stuff gets little attention...
  30. Why doesnt that display,all i see is a link...Try again....
  31. Hmmmm That sucks its just a link and not displaying...Oh well....
  32. here's one i shot while goofing off with some of my friends while setting up for a ministry/church meeting on Auburn's campus. I shot it with the FA 35/2, holding an old vivitar 2x screw-on front converter, turned backwards in front of my 35 to produce the crazy fisheye look (credit for the idea of that trick goes to my friend Jake).
  33. Erik, for a photo to appear inline, it must be a maximum of 700 pixels wide and have a caption.
  34. Went to a hockey game last night. Too lazy to get up from my seat and move around so these are all shot from the same location with the 200 DA*. Getting the white balance right is a pita. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  35. Adam.....Thankyou =D
  36. Erik - Great shot of the 17 year old. I need to run into a model like her to use.
    Anyhow, here are my newly processed shots, let me know if they appear "dark" they are perfect on the pc where I process them and then dark on the mac.
    Playing for change
    A girl and her dog
    Scooby snack please
    Money magic
    let me know if its too dark, jut starting to try to learn CS3.
  37. Too dark may depend on whos viewing them on what....LCD screens are much brighter then the old CRTs...The old CRTs though have better color....(this info coming from a man whos wifes father is a engineer whos specialty is color imagery) Again it will depend on the monitor people are using so the feed back you get Jermal might not be accurate and it depends on ones Monitor calibration.... I learned on the Adobe forums the ONLY way to get true calibration is to use a hardware tool like Spyder3....No software tool with accurately calibrate a monitoor.... So again....Becareful the feed back you get as monitors the image is viewed on vary greatly....
  38. Thanks for all your contributions during the last weeks and your nice reactions. I hope you don't mind that I enjoy the POW silently without commenting on your photos? I miss some Pentaxians lately here, mostly the ladies and "someone" who is blogging about Pentax on "others sites" instead of photographing and writing here nowadays? Peter, I can't comment on the limited series since I never owned or even tried one but would love to do so of course! The slower F3.5 wide Takumars are told to be better than the F 2.8 versions, I got the 28mm and 35mm SMC and lately a heavy 35/F2 Super Takumar that I will test soon in low light. My favorite SMC Takumar is the 85mm F1.8 so far but of course the 50/55mm primes are fine as well.
  39. trw



    More by clicking, as usual
  40. Jemal - They look a little dark to me, hard to pick out details in the shadow, like the man's beard vs. his shirt. But seems like tricky light conditions. Not sure if they can or should be fixed.
  41. Another set of fabulous posts! Peter all 4 of your shots are awesome.. and there are some real gems in the rest, but I'll have to come back later for that! I'm still going through OZ photos... will be for a while.
  42. Have to have one of those
  43. Playing with the 12-24mm Pentax
  44. Oops
  45. Rescue team practice on a beach north of Sydney
  46. Here are three for earlier today - autumn in sepia. (go Phillies)
  47. it rain last night so this morning was nice
  48. one more
  49. Peter: i like the Blue Jays. They are feisty and move quickly. Good shots.

    Markus: you would make a great tour guide to the other side of Zurich. "Vinci" is well, different. The aquatic (?) fanciful
    creatures are a laugh. Looks like the Takumar was a good buy.

    Bob: Beaver Meadow Falls looks great in B+W. I wouldn't have expected that. "Beam of Light" is striking, you had to
    be there at just the right time. I'm impressed by your hiking photos earlier.

    Duane: the gull looks like it is on mercury, how did you do that? The lens does a good job, very sharp.

    Dave: if I look at that just right, I can visualize the face of a cartoon character. Also, "irreparable Harm" sounds like a
    great title for a Bond movie.

    Hin: the (your?) boy with the seed cone is charming and perfectly shot. I liked the statue in the other thread.

    Roger: or maybe Bogan will star in "Irreparable Harm". That is amusing (at least now, to me).

    Matthew: both photos are charming; the soft focus works so well on the second.

    Dave: actually that is to prevent drunk driving: people see that and think that they really need to stop drinking as they
    are seeing pink elephants. I'll have to find out where that is for our next trip.

    Scot: hmm, not sure what to think. Looks like it could have been shot fifty years ago.

    Nick: I like the hanging flowers from the other thread. Little girls trying to wear grown up things are so cute.

    Adam: interesting rig, how close can you get?

    Patrick: nice shots. Justin Serpico posted some pointers on shooting hockey a few months ago.

    Jemal: looks dark to me while my posted pictures look the same as originally on my Mac.

    Trent: I like the red seed pods on SmugMug. DOF is such a challenge for these shots.

    Haig: nice framing for the bridge and great DOF.
  50. Haig....LOVE the bird!!!......Robert all your shots,outstanding....
  51. trw


    Bruce: the real challenge is standing still enough to have the same spot in focus when you press the shutter if you shoot
    macro handheld.
  52. Trent....What you say is very true...Hand held macro shots almost dont work in my opinion....Heres a hand held shot i did of a Parrot,Macro...I know this is just going to show as a link and not the image...Oh well...Take a look if curiousity gets the best of you...One of my few hand held macro shots that turned out...This image in a 12 by 18 print is very intense....
  53. Fall colors in and around Portland Oregon
  54. More leaves
  55. @Peter, You have put up some great bird shots in the past, but these blue Jay shots are some of your finest. The detail in the feathers is remarkable. What set up did you use to take them?

    @Markus, I like the dragon image. Looks like it is hunting.

    @Bob, I like the waterfall image. Good use of the slow shutter speeds.

    @Duane, That is a great sea gull...Good to see you making good use of that Bigma...

    @Dave, your basketball image is superb...I love your creativity...You make things that should not work, WORK!!!

    @Hin, I love the image of your boy holding that flower. Great comp...You also amaze me at your gift of being able to use any lens to put out some great work...

    @Roger, what an amazing capture...Would have loved to have seen the credit card in the dogs mouth or him chewing on it...Better yet, burring it.

    @Matthew L, that first image is a home run!!!! Great capture.

    @Dave R, Is that the pink elephant in the room? Nice image.

    @Bruce M, I like the first image best of your set. That frosty flower is cool...

    @Scot T, This is my favorite in this thread so far...Bravo...

    @Justin, The small image here does not do it justice..The large image is superb. I love looking at detail....

    @Erik S, Welcome to P.net...One of the things you will learn soon is that when posting images to P.net, you need to resize them to fit the format and add about 10% sharpening to restore it back to original type quality. I believe this is why the image looks a little flat or soft. From a composition point of view and colors it looks great....
    Not to sure about using a 17 year old model, but that's just me..

    @Nick, I always enjoy your family images and this is no exception...Glad to see all the toys on the floor scattered about. Reminds me that my kids are normal.

    @Adam, that is some great creativity....Bravo, bravo...I love it...Tell jake; thanks for the idea.

    @Patrick, Nice hockey shots...I know those are some of the toughest in sports to take or so I have read, but you done well...

    @Jemal, Great street shooting, love the girl walking her dog, or the dog walking the girl...They are a tad dark on my monitor...but great job...

    @Trent, nice flowers, but that spider kicks ass....

    @Haig, you are perhaps one of the most gifted, versatile photographers I have seen and these images are more proof of that...I love the suspension bridge...

    @Robert, I really enjoyed glazing at your ''misty rays 9''....Can't place what it is that I like so much about it..

    @Erik, I just saw that Parrot head shot....Bravo. That is a nice image....
  56. John, Nice autumn shots..I like the second best. They seem underexposed a tad, but nice..
  57. Javier....Hello....Thankyou =) ....Most images look 10 times better in a print then on the monitor...Seriously....As for my model...On the freelance end i've been round modeling a long time...What she does is not nearly what models in the big competitive markets do,CA,FL and NY....In terms of glamour etc etc....You have models as young as 14 doing lingerie....And working with some very high end photographers.....In this day,for freelance,jeans an t-shirt stuff might be nice but its not getting anyones attention....Glamour sells....Its what gets attention.....I'd put Jordan up against any jeans an t-shirt model her age,garuntee you Jordan gets 10 times more attention from higher end photographers....I could say a lot more on this but nuff said...
  58. Like the other thread - I'm going to have to come back & really go over this one & leave comments. Even a fast scroll looks good! JAMAL - good to see you again!! Where've you BEEN?!??! Anyway - double posting is so much fun AND it gives me a way to get five pix in this week! ;- D All from wisconsin. First - the obligatory barn. I've warned you before I'm an old building junkie! Too bad there wasn't a red or purple tree near this one.
  59. And back to griping about the solid gray skies (and rain). I had to really up the saturation and contrast in these shots. The next two - I spotted on the last leg of our drive out to get the engine for Matt. I started LAUGHING, so of course I had to stop on the way back out to get these!
  60. And if this was the ONLY shot it took in 3 days.... I'm really really glad I packed the 28-300. Being able to get this "close" to the desks made it worth it. They were well off from the road.
  61. @everyone: Thanks. I thought the photos were dark. I was working/reading a book on photoshop CS3, and it had me change the gamma settings. So I think it threw off the processing. Grrr. I'm about to throw CS3 out the window since I can't get it to convert from PEF to JPG without scratch memory errors anyway. I think I'm just gonna move it all to my mac and be done with it. Lighting condition was horrible. It was way to bright and about half of my photos were thrown out just because of blown highlights.

    @Maria: Been lurking, but Javier got me out posting with his whole Street Shooting thread. Glad to be back actively posting.
  62. Wow, I am late to the party this week. Just one from me:
  63. @ Maria, Love the yard Art...

    @ Garry, better late than never...Great nun shot and good use of black and white...
  64. Hi folks, Nothing good from me, but I do have a couple of snaps. I spent the day at my Grandsons BD party yesterday when I heard this rukus up in these tall trees...''Wild Parrats'' There are a bunch of them out here, but seldom am I at the right place at the right time to shoot them. Of course the day I have an opportunity, I am with out the right lens...''sigh'' I shot these my my Tamron 18-250mm lens and it was way to short. These images are nearly 100% crops....I just hope this does not become an obsession to be chasing them like dave chases his woodpeckers...LOL

    <img src="http://i404.photobucket.com/albums/pp128/jgredline/Wildlife%20parks/_IMGP0475.jpg">
    <img src="http://i404.photobucket.com/albums/pp128/jgredline/Wildlife%20parks/_IMGP05122.jpg">
    <img src="http://i404.photobucket.com/albums/pp128/jgredline/Wildlife%20parks/_IMGP0531.jpg">
  65. Back from another tiny holliday-break on one of Holland's smaller islands, Vlieland. I've honestly tried to make less pictures, and enjoy the surroundings more directly instead (dunes, beach, sea, is all). It wasn't easy but I did manage…..:) <br>
    Still, I got me some, ofcourse. <br> <br>

    My compliments go out to : <br>
    Peter for your bird-pix <br>
    Markus for the flying birds up high <br>
    Duane for all….. <br>
    Bob, your b/w are to dark (to my taste) <br>
    Hin man 'second (the little boy) <br>
    Matthew's second close up <br>
    Bruce's frost survivor <br>
    Justin’s gorge floor perfection (I LOVE it) <br>
    Haig for that bridge <br>
    And Robert for the second in your series

    <br> <br> <br>

    <img src="http://static.zoom.nl/6812A45CAE17AE933982E4702CF1ECD8.jpg">

    formerly a seagull
    <br> <br> <br>

    <img src="http://static.zoom.nl/79FE4F059D175E83113270E090EDE90E.jpg">

    a stormy beach
    <br> <br> <br>

    <img src="http://static.zoom.nl/E6E1876CC37962DE95B5249B1E94AB74.jpg">
    a sort of romance…
    <br> <br> <br>
  66. Shiva....Awesome tht last picture...First one too but last ones awesome...
  67. Roger - LOVE the Bogan picture. What a smart puppy - to save you from all that CC debt... :)

    Robert - the sceneries - WOW. I love the way you captured the light and the sepia color works in these.

    O'Shiva - your work always overwhelms me. The seagull - disgusting - but beautiful too. And the third 'romance' picture. Very stark.

    Erik, I've never seen you post before - so welcome to our happy gang. :) You should have offered Jordan a sweater or something. It's cold out there.
  68. O Shiva - stunning works as always - the "sort of romance" photo is amazing. I keep going back to it as the framing, lighting and colors are captivating.

    Javier - great shots. IQ is still very good with the cropping.

    Maria - the desks in the yard are pretty cool.

    John - awesome leaf colors.

    Erik - your shots are excellent and yes Jordan is a beautiful young model.

    Nick - I'm always a sucker for kid candids. Thanks for sharing. My 2 are 10 and 3 so I can relate. Treasure every moment - they grow up far too quickly.

    Bob - love the Bigma. $1200 Cdn + 13% HST (harmonized sales tax). The long end is nice and sharp but the lens is not spectacular on the 50 end. That being said it's about the same as the DA 18-55 or DA 50-200 at the 50 end. From my limited testing so far - I really like it from 100-500mm.

    Justin - interesting patterns in the "gorge floor" shot. Seems you have an eye for making others see the extraordinary in the ordinary. Kudos.

    Scott - nice sepia. It looks like Pnet screwed up the sharpening a little.

    Bruce - really cool skeleton - looks like a fun project with the kids.

    Dave - pink elephants with glasses? Where did you meet my in-laws?

    Matthew - That second shot is a very special moment - print it, frame it, and put it on the wall in the living room or somewhere else where it will bee seen. That is a moment to cherish for a lifetime.

    Roger - too funny! Bogan looks like a wonderful dog.

    Hin - great shots - love the DOF and framing of the second. Kudos.

    Dave - nice soft look on a well worn ball. Nicely done.

    Robert - all 3 photos are superb but I like 2 and 3 best. Wonderful captures in sepia.

    Bruce - the seagull was shot at 270mm, 1/180 sec, F8, ISO 200, Manual Focus with saturation and sharpening up a notch from default. No processing after except resizing and then a little sharpening. The water just happened to look that way.

    Haig - love the perspective of the "pedestrian bridge". Nicely done.

    Trent - nice DOF.

    Jemal - great everyday, real life shots. Perhaps a little dark for printing but not bad on a computer monitor. Finding the right balance will come to you very quickly.

    Patrick - indoor hockey shots are always tough, poor lighting, fast action and glare from ice. You tackle these challenges well. Excellent captures.

    Adam - neat. Very creative. I like it.
  69. Peter, those blue creatures are really pretty. I'm not up on my bird names, because they don't come with fur - but I'm liking them pics. :)

    Hin. the second shot with the grass? and your son is very well done. I like the softness of focus in it because it points out the sense of wonder and learning in his expression. He's growing up so quickly. He's looking more and more like a little man now, instead of the young child he was a year ago. :)

    Adam, I don't think your friend is half as sexy as Jordan - he's gonna have to work on his posing, and maybe show some cheek. ;p

    Maria - you really need some more trees out there. that one tiny bush in the center of a field just doesn't cut it. If I were to send you some seed - (there's plenty of maple seeds on the ground now that the leaves have fallen) - could you plant them?
  70. @Rose...I do look out for Jordan...When she was shooting with Dean Fast,I am at all her shoots,i stopped the
    shoot i felt she was shivering too much,she wanted to keep shooting,i stopped the shoot though and had her warm
    up for a bit...Shes a trooper though and we've shot in glacier fed waterfalls in the mountains....Thanks for the

    @Duane,thanks thats very nice...Where are you from?

    @Rose,where have you seen my post before?...I'm not on many sites....Rose your comment about someone not
    being as attractive as Jordan....Her last shoot with a pro,one i mentioned shoots for National Geographic,he was
    showing her a pose,he puts down his camera an says like this an does this post...I grab the camera and take a
    picture of him LOL!!!!!.....He was like "oh you asshole" lol.....It was funny,you had to be there type thing...
  71. O Shiva: I love your shots! They have a great feel to them...
  72. Another great week by everyone. A few shots really catch my eye this week.

    Peter - Love that bridge and the fall colurs. The blue jays are cool too but to me... the ones on the gourds don't look
    real. I dunno why. Maybe too perfect?

    Duane - The fall grass is incredible. The glow is perfect. Where did you find a Bigma for that price?

    Roger - I don't have a dog and I tend to wonder what bills would be so important that they have to be picked from the

    Bruce - Great seasonally appropriate shots. The candle reminds me of my favourite candleholder that I saw in a
    storefront in Stockholm. If I can find the scan I will post it later.

    Justin - Love the texture. You seem to have as much energy as that border collie of yours. I stayed up and watched
    the game Saturday too and yesterday was a waste.

    Jordan... I mean Erik - Nice shots.

    Jemal - Some nice street shots. Wonderful capture with the girl walking Scooby.

    Haig - Nice shots as usual esp the suspension bridge. But I really didn't need to see the rescue team's aft. Now
    maybe if someone could ps Jordan in there instead.

    Garry - Great prayer shot.
  73. Gee, I have a busy day and you all fill this thread with a ton of great work. I've been buried in photo work (not
    complaining) and too busy to comment. Thanks to those that commented on my opening shots. The Blue Jays were shot
    with a K20D and the FA*300mm f4.5 lens. It's quite simply the best lens I've ever shot with (and that includes
    the 31mm Ltd even if they are very different lenses). Too perfect?? Wow I've never had anyone say that.
    The bridge shot was taken with the K10D and Sigma 70-200mm. I was driving back from Toronto to Charlottetown
    (1800 Kms) and needed to stop half way to shake out the cob-webs. This river and waterfall was just off the
    highway. So camera in hand I scaled a hill to get this angle.
    Anyway there is so much good work here I think I'll follow Oshiva's style of comments.
    Hin, your second shot with your son is outstanding.
    Roger, funny and sad. Love the expression.
    Matthew L. Both are excellent for very different reasons. Beautiful.
    Dave that is one ugly Elephant. The glasses are fun though
    <p>Bruce, love the tea light shot. Funny.
    <p>Scott that worked well. Love the toning of that shot.
    <p>Justin. Cool. great shot and something that would normally be ignored.
    <p>Erik, not something we're used to here but well shot.
    <p>Nick is that Cinderella there? Fun!
    <p>Adam, creative use of a lens. I think Jordan wins though.
    <p>Patrick, the hockey shots are well captured. Good WB too.
    <p>Jemal, love the street shots. If I was a dog, my tongue would look like that too. :)
    <p>Trent, nice but a little soft. Great light though
    <p>Haig, love the bridge shot.
    <p>Robert, excellent series with great tomes. The 3rd is a winner.
    <p>Very nice series maria. The first is best
    <p>Gary, I like it. peaceful.
    <p>Javier, the first one looks best. Pretty good for tight crops. Now you hae to take the 500mm back there.
    <p>O Shiva, what can I say. All three are stunning shots. I don't know how you do these but I might have to take
  74. Patrick...That was funny...Now if you can just imagine shes as beautiful inside as she is out...Shes really great to work with...We'll be heading to California this summer where she'll be shooting with Pros Tom Huynh and Pete Ambrose...As well i'm flying Jay Gambino out here to shoot with her..She will have a pretty rockin portfolio.... Hmmmm....I'll post another of Jordan...Long as the women here dont start to throw rocks at me...People always ask if they are real...I'm like dude shes 17..Thats what shes had since she was 14... This image i'm adding of her was edited on the LCD i had which was not calibrated and was wayyyyy too bright....I need to go in and adjust it some....But...Yeah....Jordan...Soon to be a sports illustrated model...The guys at the plant didnt mind us shooting around and were falling all over themselves to find her a pair of coverals......Pig tails her idea.....
  75. I just have to say that you all are just awesome photographers. The overall quality of the work that you produce week after week is just spectacular. Bravo to you all.
  76. I'm hoping Shiva post another Image or two....
  77. Erik, the photo of the week (post) is for up to 3 pics per person. Some people have unwieldy computer connections, and this forum becomes very difficult to download when people don't follow a limit.
  78. Oh right...Sorry....
  79. Roger, I LOL'd, I really, really did; both at the story (which was clear from your photograph) and at the look on Bogan's face "you meant I wasn't meant to chew on that? Really???"

    Ha ha ha ha!

    Peter, I think I might hate you for that 2nd pic. I've been trying to get shots of blue jays around my house for weeks, but there's no way. I've finally given up and have put my Sigma 400mm f/5.6 on eBay. Seriously.

    Matthew, love that little girl, great pics.

    Robert, #9 is The One. Lovely.

    O Shiva, I hope you enjoyed that seagull. Did it taste like chicken?

    Sorry about not commenting on others. It's all good, but I don't have enough time! :-(
  80. Thanks everyone for the nice comments. These threads have exploded with quality pics since I was here last. Having just moved, I'm hoping to get back out there soon and explore my new surroundings. Thanks again.
  81. I must apologize for missing John B's Japanese Maple shots. I don't know If I've ever seen one in person. I like the second shot. Very nice colour if not a little soft.

    Miserere, I thought you liked that lens? If it's a touch softer than the FA*300 it might be a better lens! I'm told the shots don't look good because they are too 'perfect'. I'm gonna savour that comment for awhile. I'll probably never hear it again.... Thanks for the comments.
  82. Rose - The lack of trees in the photos w/ the desk aren't my fault! That was the ONLY piece of ground in Wisonsin that
    didn't have 12 trees on it!

    We're taking the Talihena Drive this weekend - the best spot to be in OK to see actual trees and lots of em! I tried to talk
    Matt into going back up to WI, even saying we could go to MI instead, but no dice. I think it has something to do w/ his
    silly ideas of needing actual amounts of sleep before getting back to work on Monday, and having only 2 days in which to
    drive & shoot. Party pooper.
  83. Jeez... Maria... I'm curious... how long are your weekend drives?
  84. Come to Wisconsin! It's lovely here!

    O Shiva, welcome back. I am always happy to marvel at your shots.

    Javier - that's the "play room" which means the toys are everywhere all the time. The living room we clean up (a little) if company comes. :)

    Haig - that last one totally cracked me up. "For the ladies" indeed.
  85. I guess it's not too late to post? I have been experiencing the pains of switching cameras. Just after I sold and shipped my dear k100d super, I had to have about 30 shots, so out came my trusty ole LX with the grand Velvia 100F. Then I had to have a few portraits of a model so there went a roll of B&W. I would like to comment on each photo, but seeing as how there are well over 80 pictures, I'll just say a general..... "Looking better every week.....great job everybody....enjoy your Pentax equipment for the reason you bought it!":)) I just found out that a panoramic can be made out of the RAW file, if the computer will run that big of file. So, my computer got frozen for about 10 min. while it made this shot.
  86. This was from back when the trees still had color, around my neck of the woods.
  87. This was taken on the same day as the above, only about 10 miles up river. Have a great week everyone! -Jon
  88. Jon Reid - very pretty! Where's that at?

    Patrick V - sorry, hadn't checked back (obviously forgot to click 'notify me'). A weekend drive? Not too much or long
    anymore. We'll do about 720 miles in 2 days this weekend - leaving tomorrow night so we can be at the Talimena Drive
    starting point by 7am or so saturday. Back home saturday night. The photos above are from my marathon trip Oct 14.
    2500 miles in 73 hours. There was actually a purpose to that trip, but I was determined to stop and take every picture I
    wanted to. That's why it took 73 hours, instead of 65. Getting kinda lost in Knoxville didn't help, either.
  89. Maria - the panoramic shot is from the foot-hills parkway, I don't know which pull-off. The 'Signs of Fall,' is from lake Ocoee. (where the river runs into the lake) And 'The River' is maybe not quite 10 miles up the Ocoee river.
  90. Ouch... 2500 miles in 73 hours? That's like me driving from thunder bay to knoxville and back in 73 hours. Done it a few times but never in 73 hours.
  91. lotsa caffeine. and looooong (walking) rest stops, which is why it took 8 hrs more than I expected

    I was expecting the Smoky Mtns to be the prettiest part of the trip - and was surprised to realize that WI was the
    prettiest. (I'm going back!) Also didn't expect so much hilly-ness in WI, either. I'm making a point of taking US hwys
    through sometime. Am I the only person that now HATES (I can not emphasize that enough) driving in Milwakee? I'd
    rather drive St Louis in rush hour. I enjoyed chicago compared to Milwakee, but the rain in WI may have something to
    do w/ that.

    I actually enjoy marathon drives - the only thing I don't like is the stuff I miss in the dark. Which was the stuff when I
    was driving on the US Hwy (stupid construction got me thrown an hour out of my way & on the wrong interstate)

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