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  1. A sunny sunday morning invites me for a stroll in the Wildpark visiting wolf and bear and wild horses again later and having my first coffee I start to prepare a second colorful Pentax photo children newsletter for 3 years old Lea. After all the saturated colorpics from Zurich I will send her today I notice how much I like muted or faded colors.
  2. Harvest comes
  3. Made by Cosina for different brands, the PENTAX-FA MACRO 100mm F3.5 must be the prime with the most plastic, noisiest hunting AF and cheapest build quality I got bundled with a used K10D body but still it can deliver nice results
  4. Muted colors - Swiss Artist H.R.Giger (Alien) on the photo behind the door in the middle
  5. I like the tones in the last one Markus, and thanks for kicking off this week.
    Speaking of which, yesterday the youth soccer season commenced throughout Washington state. Both my kids had matches and the schedule this day at least was coordinated enough for me to photograph both.
    My daughter's United White U-13 team had an easy 15-0 (her team tried to go light, using their left feet only to kick in the second half) victory over a visiting opponent from Tacoma.
    My son's Ospreys U-11 team (in green) traveled to Tacoma for their first ever road match off Island. They too were victorious, 8-0. I haven't sorted through any of the 1200 shots, but this sequence was memorable. I'm proud of the kid who kicked the ball: he immediately went to the aid of the keeper. Fortunately the young goalkeeper was OK, though he did need to leave the match.
    The shots look better left-to-right wide, but for here they are separate.
    I apologize for showing non-Pentax images.
    Canon 7D, 100-400mm L, f 6.3 @ 1/1250, ISO 400
  6. From Yesterday. Went on a small walk in down town L.A.
    This fellows name is coocooroo....Obviously a nick name. I am going to surprise him with a print. Hopefully I will be able to find him again.
  7. As I approached this corner and see these folks.....
    I knew I had to get their picture :cool:
  8. This from Today.
    Saying good bye to an old friend. I will surely miss him...I should not have been trying to walk in the tide pools as my knee gave way and there went my cam. Good thing, Daniel had the K20D or that one would have drowned as well. (yes, I ate it too, but I am good!) Like I told Daniel. It is only ''stuff''
    But like any one of us would have done, I took pictures of the ordeal :cool:
    More pics here...
  9. OMG, Javier--what a nightmarish photo!
    I've been having serious connectivity issues so I'll attempt only one.
    I wonder sometimes whether my habit of taking the camera with me on my various errands is just silly but then I run across an opportunity like this. Totally candid: K20D & Sigma 70-200mm @ 200mm [1/200s, f5.6, ISO=400]
  10. Very few pics on this sunday from me.First is Dry Swamp -light saturation
  11. Old wall on the old mill
  12. Another
  13. Light Study-"Cucumber in the grass"
  14. That's pretty tough Javier to see an old friend die....
    I am ever so glad that my K10D is back to normal. It's not the best around, neither are my lenses, but you do get attached to the gear.
    the hedge of tonemapping
    the edge of rising tide (water on a garden-table
    and something about being in two minds......
  15. Since the fall high school sport's season has begun, I have shot nothing else. So far this week I shot two varsity soccer games, a water polo match. and a cross country meet. Here are two from Friday's x country meet. The first with the K20D and the second with the Canon 50D. Like ME, I apologize for posting with a non-pentax but I am really happy with the results I am getting by using both cameras. It is a combination that is working out well for me.
  16. Emerging from the woods...
  17. @Javier, I love you attitude with "It is only stuff." It is much easier to say than done. But it is an altitude that was shared with Michael E. on camera gear be just a tool that I should not place the most emphasis on in photography. Your picture and the misery reminds me of the lesson learned. If I had the same misery yesterday, I would have asked my son to picture NOT only the camera but on his daddy's face like a crying baby. I love the first shot on the friendly vendor.
  18. @Markus, I love the 3rd and 4th shots on the uniqueness of the tone
    @Dorus, I love the second shot the most. I love all but the 2nd one stands out due to the mystery it strikes me with first thought not knowing what it is. You have no idea how I always admire at your work and I just don't have the time to comment -- I am the lazy guy who just post and seldom offer comments.
    @Yury, I like the lighting on the 3rd shot and I will like a closer view on the rock with high contrast from the difficult lighting. And I love the 1st shot the most.
    @Robert C., I always love your work and I like the 2nd shot. I have tried the Canon 70-200mm f/4.0 and that is a beautiful white lens that is sharp and quite small and lightweight. And you have the faster one, it must be heavy, can you still hand hold the whole setup.
    @Dave, that is a wonderful capture and a warm and kind moment to remember.
    @Michael E., please show more with the Canon shots and I will encourage every members to show both Pentax and non-Pentax shots as a dual system. The more I think about it, the more it makes sense in Pentax ownership especially for those who start out on Pentax only.
  19. #2 A Beautiful Model in Suzi's Shop
    K20D and my Pentax FA 43mm f/1.9 limited -- I am in love with the lens
    My family went to Capitola for Art and Wine Festival and I ran into a unique boutique shop with a great model in the front door [​IMG]
  20. #3 Bird On Shoulder
    Pentax K20D and Pentax FA 43mm f/1.9 limited, a big crop to see the detail.
    Thanks to everyone who have given me feedbacks on 43mm limited. This lens is tack sharp when I use it and with extraordinary color that appear to match up well with the 77mm limited. I do hope that it fringes less than the 77mm limited. The above is a big crop from the original while visiting Capitola. I wonder if the bird is a "Love Bird" that I once learn from a PetSmart shop staff that Love Birds are easier to care for in ownership as a pair will entertain each other and easier to take care as compared to other social birds. The original picture here for reference [​IMG]
  21. Markus, Howard, thank you for the assistance with regard to last week. Much appreciated. High contrast BW did look better. This week I received a SMC M 400, and am trying to learn how to use it. I have been wandering the river, hoping to find the herons I have heard live there and came upon a dragonfly sunning itself.
  22. The only other lens I brought was my DA21, which I have been neglecting. It is a marvelous lens, and but I haven't used it much since I picked up a 24mm close focusing manual lens. My mistake.
  23. #4 Portrait with Beca
    Pentax K20D and Tamron 200mm f/3.5 adaptall-2 04B
    I always enjoy running into dog's owner and I always ask for permission to take their dog's pictures. I love dogs and cats and I can't think of a pet that I don't like. But I am sure I will find one. As for Beca's case, it is unique lap dog as she is a lovely female lap for 11 years and she is mellow, kind but very active like a 1 year old. As soon as I learned about the age, I offered my amateur service for free as I would love the dog owner to have more portraits with Beca. And I shot a series with Beca and the photos are on its ways to the owner. They loved the preview of Beca's photos as some of them show a different smile and gesture of Beca. More in this flickr slide-show with Beca. I should have changed lens to the 43mm and had extra for the owner and dog portraits but my family was waiting for me.
  24. I'm happy with the performance of my new/old Tamron 24mm adaptall, works great with my Pentax K100D,my 2 from a shoot last week in TN.
  25. Javier - You must be a Zen Master to have achieved such a level of objectivity over your drowned camera! Fortunately, you didn't injure yourself and you have other cameras - adds to the perspective, I guess.
    Looking at your first shot of the couple, I immediately thought "the Maya live!" Reminded me of the time I was in Mexico, looking at faces on a Mayan pyramid, turning around and seeing a boy with the same face. The link shows a Mayan face carving. I have a similar, non-valuable one.
  26. Trevor - that's how I get PP practice, although, mostly I'm using PSE 6. It's just easier for a quick try.
  27. After all my years in London, this is the first time I have seen Tower Bridge raised. It took no more than 5 minutes for the traffic to be stopped, bridge raise, boat pass and traffic start crossing the bridge again. this must be one of the most recognisable bridges in the world.
  28. On Sunday, I went to Leeds Castle. It was built in 1119 and passed into Royal hands in 1278. Henry VIII regulary visited with his first wife, Catherine of Aragon (divorced). It was lastly owned by an American heiress. On her death, in 1974, she passed the castle to the nation to enjoy.
  29. pics I done for a friend this week
  30. bailey 1
  31. one more time
  32. Jordan 1
  33. Jordan bailey 1
  34. Great stuff here this week. It puts me to shame. We have a beautiful early Fall morining so went for a stroll around the River Valley. Very "Postcardy" I'm afraid, but it was nice just to out.
  35. Sorry, I got lost!
    Here's the Cloverdale bridge under repairs.
  36. Muttart & Pink Palace (the Federal Building, of course).
  37. Finally, not a Postcard. Rigger's Huts waiting to go out.
  38. Should have said, all with K20D and F28 or FA50. Standard 1/125, f8.0, ISO 100.
  39. Last weekend we were on a small lake in the Adirondacks. First a dinnertime view across the lake:
  40. A "bouquet" of birches:
  41. Finally, we came upon a political debate on a nearby farm:
  42. All 3 of those with a K7 and DA 16-45, btw.
  43. I like NO POST CARD-Thank you for showing
  44. I thought I might try out some painting with light on Thursday after work. The fountain in the foreground is not really lit at all, but I was trying to get it to be visible without blowing out the background. K7, DA15, 20 sec. at f/11.0, ISO 100. Jpeg, straight from the camera. I used a Xenon-bulb flashlight to paint the foreground (LED lights are generally too bluish-white for my tastes, especially here with all the yellow light in the background.)
    Afterwards I headed down to the waterfront for some dinner and a few shots of the fishing boats. K7, DA40, 4 sec. at f/9.0, ISO 400 (since the boats were moving a bit and I wanted to keep the motion blur down). Jpeg straight from the camera.
    On Saturday the photo club that I hang out with in San Diego got together for its monthly Group Shoot - this time we wandered around the Gaslamp Quarter of downtown San Diego. It seems like at every one of these things we somehow manage to become our own subjects. K-7, DA70, 1/200 at f/5.0, ISO 250. Jpeg straight from the camera.
    More from both on my blog and my SmugMug site.
  45. -...well, third shot it like "deep purple " singing - stay away from ricochet and second drop top a good half inch.Thank you.
  46. Trying various shots through a moving car windshield into afternoon sun, K-7, Sigma 10-20mm f/3.5
    First with a less sharp motion blur, second with normal faster shutter.
    Afternoon drive, 1
    Afternoon drive, 2
  47. stemked

    stemked Moderator

    Hey Tony.
    Are you from Edmonton? I grew up there. (Edmonton and an acreage east of Sherwood Park).
    I went out this morning looking for interesting insects, I didn't really see any. I did get this shot with my K7 with a 200 f4 A macro +1.4X-S.
  48. Ok, nice work here! Lots of good stuff. I agree with Yuri that "Blue" is quite nice, Tony. Hin, glad to see you are enjoying your 43mm. I think it may be the only lens I need! But....
  49. Also with a bellows, and a El-Nikkor 63mm f/2.8 enlarging lens I bought for some reason. Manipulated a little in GIMP.
  50. And last, with the 43mm
  51. [​IMG]
  52. This week's photos are from my trip to New Orleans last month.
    A walk down Bourbon street..
    The first 3 are with the k20d and the 28-75mm Tamron
    The last shot of the motorcycle is with the k20d + DA 12-24
  53. Time to acknowledge another great week.
    Markus: As usual, all very creative, espec. like 2 & 4.
    Javier: Coocooroo - classic street shot.
    Dave H: Yes, keep it with you. Beautiful human study.
    Yury: Thank you. Nice to see the b&w espec. the gentle-toned Dry Swamp.
    Dorus: Hedge composition and colour is perfect.
    Robert: Emerging from the Woods. The image says everything about long distance running.
    Hin: The "Model" in b&w is stunning.
    Ronny: Don't know how you find them but always classic composition and presentation.
    David: My first time also. Thank you.
    Jordon: Keepers forever.
    Rick: "Bouquet".
    Frank: The lights.
    Camus: The second is more you.
    Doug: Yes. "City of Champions" (once was). "Wayne-Gretzky-Ville" (once was).
    Nick: Thank you. Bird Berries for the colour.
    Haig: All too good to pick the best, but I will try 1 & 3.
  54. Some very nice prespectives from Nick, both the rings and the trees. Haig's streetartist seems to point you far away along the street.
    Again some concertwork from me, a small band performing on a small stage during the opening of the cultural season
    K20D with Takumar 2.5/135 (first photo) and FA 1.7/50 (other photos).
  55. I just got back from a weekend camping with the family at the Great Sand Dunes National Park. Fun, but camping around all those people is weird. I'm used to a more remote camping experience! Still a great weekend with tons of great photo opportunities.
    Sand yoga
    Evening hike
    Old homestead
  56. Matt that sand yoga shot is very good, very different. Have you tried it with a lower horizon? I'd be tempted to chop off 80% of the sand.
  57. Thanks Camus! Here's an alternate crop like you suggest and I cloned out the backpack. It took me a little time to warm up to it because I liked that sand pattern, but I think you are right.
  58. That looks better Matt.. the patterns are nice, but I think the focus is the yogi :) You might want to lighten it a tad as well.. looks a bit dark to me (at least the sand does).
  59. I actually like the original best. I get a sense of all with the all the sand in the forefront. When I first the saw the image, my first thought was wall hanger. Well done Matt.
  60. Thanks you guys. I kind of like both versions, but either way I think the backpack needs to go. I ordered some prints of the cropped version before I saw these responses so I guess I'll see how it looks printed. My wife, the yogi, wants to give one to her mentor and I figured I'd add one to "my wall" at the local gallery and see if anyone likes enough to buy it.
  61. Ok, I feel like I've hogged enough of this thread, so I'm turning my attention to all of your images.

    Markus - the street lamp is nice with the rectangular shapes in the background. After that first shot I need to look at some muted colors to calm down! :)
    Javier - the punks are fun, but the coocooroo shot is great! Love the personality displayed there. Sorry about your camera taking a dip though - glad you came out better than it did!
    Dave Hollander - that forst shot is just beautiful. Beautiful people captured well in a beautiful situation. Very nice.
    Yuri - I like your first the most. Nice lines and the light saturation works well for this.
    Dorus - All nice but the second is fascination. I really like that surface tension and the velvety surface of the water. Great!
    robert - the treatment of the clouds and the wide view really make the first one shine.
    Hin - Both very nice. The model shot is fun, but I think models look to plasticky these days. I like a natural beauty! ;) The dog portrait is perfect IMO. Such a look of love!
    Trevor - Very interesting bokeh in the dandelion shot. I like it!
    Jordan - your last is great! What a cutie!
    Tony - I like the postcards, but the last one is really nice. Love the blues and uniformity.
    Frank - the first is nice but needed a little more light on the foreground IMO. This is something I have been meaning to try too!
    Camus - I like all that black in your shots. I got one sort of like this at the dunes and debated showing it but have shelved it for the time being. Yours make me want to revisit it!
    Nick - I love the color in your dill shot. Really nice!
    Haig - all very good. I remember those silver painted guys from bourbon street - kind of creepy! That waiter looks like he could be a Baldwin brother!

    Ok, great work everyone! Now I have to get back to my day job!
  62. The two versions of Matt's sanddunes photo give a completely different emphasis. The original one is more about sanddunes, the cropped version about someone doing yoga in a remote place. I prefer the original one.
  63. Wow there are so many this week.... Below are the ones that really stand out to me...
    Javier G- That photo of the street vendor just grabs you. Maybe its his smile.
    Dave H. - Great capture of the black woman and daughter reading. Those images need to be seen more.
    Robert C. - Love the post processing on that team stretching shot. Killer.
    Hin Man - That sunset is marvelous. Nice touch with the sun's reflection off of the water too.
    Jordan T. - That last picture with the little girl looking back...nicely done.
    Tony E. - The blue colors in the Robins Huts photo just pops.
    Nick S. - Nice framing on that ring shot. Impressive.
    Haig T. - Modern girl should be a poster someplace.
    Matt B. - I love your first sand dune shot. I think photoshopping out the backpack was a great idea, but I don't like the crop. The first is better. As Ivo and others mentioned the first is about the scale of the sand dunes and the openness of the photo, the crop makes it more about the person doing yoga which isn't as interesting visually. Homestead for me also pops!
    Until next week...

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