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  1. Just got home from a late dinner (for normal people) and noticed no POTW.

    Pentax K10D, FA 43mm Limited at f/11, Nodal Ninja panoramic head, Bogen 3221W tripod, with cable release and mirror lockup. Exposure was 25 seconds long at ISO 100. This is a 3 shot panoramic that creates a 21MP final image. So much for the K10D being over the hill, when you can create mural size prints!

    Pentax 645N, SMC-P 35mm f/2.8, Fuji Neopan 400 @ EI 1600, Kodak HC-110 Dil H @ 20C for 25 minutes, initial agitation of 1 minute, second agititation of 45 seconds and the half point. Scanned on HP G4050.
  2. It's that time of year again!
  3. Bob Marz , Aug 30, 2009; 12:23 a.m.
    Two images from across the bay from Acadia National Park, but still a part of the park, the Schoodic Peninsula Schoodic Peninsula / Tide Pool Search / My wife, forever with the eyes of a wondering child loves to search for crabs, lobsters, anemones, etc... Pentax K10D / Pentax 16-45mm @ 26mm, f 5.6, ISO 100 @ 180 sec [​IMG] The always foggy coast of the Schoodic Peninsula Pentax K10D / 16-45mm @ 28mm, f 8.0, ISO 100 @ 1/180 sec [​IMG]
  4. I've really been enjoying these images of Acadia, Bob! I'm from Maine and have family in the Acadia area... it's so beautiful and I never get tired of seeing those familiar places.
  5. Thanks R.T., I appreciate it, but Justin's 25 sec. 3 shot panoramic, holy crap!!!!
  6. Thanks for the pano inspiration Justin. This shot is from the east side of the Sierra near Lone Pine, taken with a 50mm with a grad filter and the k10, hand held.
  7. I did some portraits of the workers and visitors in the artists park with the Pentax K10D and Pentax-FA 50mm macro and met a gang of friendly bikers with the *istD and the Pentax-A 50mm macro yesterday.
  8. riders meeting
  9. and a portrait for a friend
  10. Really, I have no time... I'n busy buying a house, and selling one. And doing up the latter, I'm typing here with wet paint on on my fingers...
    These are pics made by the estate-agent, just to give you an idea of our new place (at last: by the water !). I'm very happy :
  11. My son, hangin' out in the tree at grandpa's house.
  12. Signs of the time here in TN , this is in a rural town with more people out of work than government figures indicate, scenes like this all over the place
  13. From a nature walk:
  14. Justin, the Coney Island shot is incredible; it makes me very glad I am not jumping any time soon! Dan, nice work on the panorama, the horizontal line really makes it.
  15. [​IMG]
    As promised last week, a recent shot... Duck Pond, Buckhead (Atlanta), Georgia, USA
    Pentax Spotmatic with f1.4 50mm SMC Takumar
  16. Love those panoramas, well done with the hand held one Dan. This with a K10D and an SMC Pentax M 135 mm lens, 1/1000 sec (can't remember the aperture, and the camera never knew it)
  17. Dorus, the new house looks lovely - is that a canal it is on? Where could you go if you took a boat from there?
    Ronny - there is something about the Livingston photo, not sure what, but it is sure saying something about good times gone.
  18. [​IMG] Don't move or I'll foul you!
    Armwrestling tournament in Ft Myers, Florida this past weekend. Competitors have 60 seconds to get set. When they don't the referree puts them in a "referee's grip". Any movement during the referree's grip results in a foul. Two fouls is a loss.
    K20d with DA 40 / 2.4 , Nikon SB-16 flash. Shot in jpeg using Javier's settings, no PP. Jaggies are from resizing. Original photo is clean.
  19. Still finding little pockets of past rural life as the city continues to encroach outwards. Here's a couple hidden away behind a nearby subdivision.
  20. Still finding little pockets of past rural life as the city continues to encroach outwards. Here's a couple hidden away behind a nearby subdivision.
  21. In all too recent American History, if an African slave was fortunate enough to escape from his masters, there were two choices. Flee North through the underground railroad, or South to Florida and the Seminole Indians where they were welcomed with open arms and immediately became part of the tribe with an opportunity for a new life.
    Their fierce loyalty helped ensure that the United States would never win in a military conflict against the Seminole People and is a large part of the reason they remain a sovereign nation here in Florida to this day.
    Kodak BW400CN shot through SMC Pentax-M zoom 1:4.5 80mm~200mm and scanned at Dwayne's
  22. And the other.
  23. Here is one of Fridays shuttle launch.
    Taken with my Pentax k10D and Sigma 10-20 @ 10mm, f22 bulb mode, 104 sec. In raw and developed and perspective correction in Silkypix.
  24. Great shots so far , my shot is Crown Point and Vista House in the Columbia Gorge in Oregon.
  25. Absolute crackers this week, especially Dennis' launch.

    Independence day today, unfortunately no one told me there won't be any fireworks when midnight struck.

    Dang! (K100D Super + Version I kit lens, ISO 200, 10sec, f/8 at 26mm)
  26. Hi folks. I am sure some of you have heard of the California wildfires. Where I live I am actually in the Burbs in the SanGabriel Valley which is less than 8 miles or so from the fires. Maybe more as you go up the mountain, still the smoke is so bad, it is unreal. This picture I took with my K20D and DA*50-135...These I took from a movie theater three blocks from my house. I forgot my tripod
    There was quite a few people up on the 5th floor looking in amazement.
  27. I'll post after brunch today, but i have to say how much I've been enjoying the photo-journalistic flavor of today's shots.
  28. Spent most of this week doing things for my website which I hope to be up soon, so I'll post a couple of older street photos. First with a point and shoot, second with K10D and DA 18-55 kit lens.
  29. and second one
  30. Before I forget: Thank you Howard Tarrigon for the Eliot Porter reference re: last week's POW. He is certainly a major influence on my seeing.
    Some foggy morning garden shots. The last one was taken with a Pentax 50mm f 1.4 "A" lens which I'm liking better than the FA 50mm f 1.4. The handling just feels better and the optical results are somewhat different--not necessarily better, but different.
    K20D, Voigtlander 125mm, f4.5@ 1/350, ISO 400
    Blue Glow Globe Thistle
    K20D, Voigtlander 125mm, f6.7@ 1/60, ISO 800
    K20D, SMC 50mm "A" f 3.5 @ 1/45, ISO 400, Conversion in Lightroom
  31. Dorus, first I envied your Photoshop skills...now I also envy your house :)
  32. I've been practicing Birds the last few weeks so here's a couple ducks from today. Thought I'd keep with the B&W feel of the day and convert one of them.
    Justin GREAT panoramic!!!!!!!
    K2000, 200mm, 1/1000, f5.6, ISO 400. Converted in Corel Paint Shop
    Same duck nano seconds earlier, same settings.
  33. The first one by Javier is excellent.
    Fennel by M Elenko is great.
    I'm still a big fan of Camus'. Something about your style just grabs my attention.
  34. Justin, I have lived in PA all my life and I have never been to Pittsburgh. I think I need to visit there. That first shot is really awesome.
    Bob, I have been to Acadia and can't wait to return. Thanks for the pics, very nice images of a beautiful place.
    Dan, nice pano!
    Markus, The B&W of the little girl is excellent.
    Dorus, good luck on the move and the new house - congrats!
    Nick, I love Nature Walk, it has a very nice feel to it.
    Ronny, I really like that second shot with the Coca Cola machine, great colors and nicely composed.
    DPeter Barnes, Very nice B&W seascape.
    Hin Man, Shot #2, Drummer, is really well done, as are the other two!
    Dennis, the shuttle shot is really cool, that must be something to witness.
    Javier, I was just watching the news. Those fires are unbelievable, I sure hope you are not in harms way.
    Camus, always the lines. I really like your photos. You sure have a knack for seeing the lines in the every day world. Nice stuff as always.
    Well, this past week and the next two are the busiest of the year for me so I didn't get out much this week. Maybe next week I'll have some of those wedding shots to post. Nice work all!
  35. Very nice stuff here--comments later. I've been swept up in the annual Crab Feast and haven't shot much but we went down to the Harbor today and I'm playing with this one (K20D & Tamron 18-250mm @170mm, iso 200, f6.3)
  36. Absolutely amazing shots this week! I'll need courage to submit this week.
    Michael E - You're welcome. I have the Eliot Porter Wall Calendar for 2009 on the door to my room. When I saw his first book, many years ago, I was blown away by the color. That's what I try to capture.
    By the way, your thistle picture moves. Scroll past it, up or down. Even when still it looks like a frozen floral explosion due to the DOF. All three of your pictures have the 3D effect. Great shots.
  37. There is some great stuff in here. I guess it's about time I posted one of mine.
    K2000, DA 40, ISO 200, 1/20, f2.8. I've had the lens for a while now, just got the K2000, and I'm really liking the combo as something I can carry around when I don't want a whole bag full of gear.
  38. Here are my 3 from a rainy day last week. All were taken with K10D and DA 50-200mm lens.
  39. Ok, this past month has been all about fish ... I switched to the pentax 100mm DFA for both of these...
  40. and the other
  41. Leaf with dragonfly design
  42. Two suggestions:

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  43. Justin - Nice! I'm planning to go on a group excursion to photograph the NYC skyline. Hope I can post something. Impressive panorama - looks like a great poster.
    Dan- That is breathtaking! Can't believe it's from a 50mm. Amazing.
    Markus - Great portrait capture
    Dorus - When are you inviting us all to your house?
    Rafael - looks like an antique print. Nice effect.
    Peter- I only have one problem with your shot - my keyboard and desk are getting wet! :)
    Hin - I like the cafe lamps a lot - dynamic and serene.
    Dennis - fabulous shot - monochrome effect totally effective.
    Javier - Looks like volcanic eruptions and lava flows. Heard that those fires got a lot worse - how are you?
    Camus - I like the lines.
    Michael - I'm still impressed with your shots after much scrolling (I may have to reconsider my previous post).
    Heather - I like the color duck - Looks like he's smiling and the colors make it more effective.
    Frank - I can't believe how many times it took me to see the cat in the background. Foregound cat looks very good natured.
    Looks like a rethink of my Go to bottom and Go to top links need to be rethought.
  44. Now, Now, Howard - I was posting right below the cat when you snuck yours in...
    Really cute cat too. :)
  45. Rose - A semi-simultaneous post?
  46. yes, how evil of you to be so sneaky. I wanted to be right below that cat... now I've got an umbrella over my head. I hope it won't bring bad luck.
    (just teasing you.)
  47. Rose, I couldn't have snuck in, I posted my first one a full three minutes before you. Looks like I saved your fish from the cat. :)
  48. I think he has a good point Rose! lol
    I have a very meager contribution to make compared to all the great posts so far..
    Found this young lady in a nearby park..
  49. And of course with a camera around...
  50. Haig, One of these days, you and I will need to go on a shoot together with Howard.... :)
  51. I suggest in L.A. Seems like there is more fertile ground over there :)
    Hope those fires aren't anywhere close to you.. I had a stop in LAX on the way to San Jose, and it looked like a volcano had erupted..
  52. Those fires are really crazy. From my house they got as close as about 8 miles, so you can imagine. LAX is a good 20 miles from my house. I got some pictures of the fire from SantaMonica yesterday which is about 30 miles from the fires and a Volcano sounds about right. The ashes are another thing. My yard, my cars, my dog are all white....I am kidding about my Dog as Sam is a house dog these days. A couple of days ago, it was so bad that I could move the smoke with my hands as it was settling down with the ashes...They say this fire will be contained in two more weeks... ;-(
  53. No problem guys, but there's less haze over here. Sounds like fun. Haig, looks like she enjoyed the opportunity to have her picture taken.
  54. Javier, if you try to ride it out in a hot tub, I will personally go back over there and fix you. Good luck.
    Somebody let a redneck into California. POTW from a beach on the Pacific Ocean, just south of Carmel, CA. Pentax K200D, 28-80mm FAJ, 1/500, f/9.5, ISO 100; Aperture 2 "centerlined" adjustments.
  55. Now, for my class on how to attach the photo.
  56. John. Oh you heard of those folks who got lobsterized in the hot tub ha? My wife and I where laughing at that. We have a Hot tub / jacuzzi inside our house and can't imagine trying to escape a fire in there....
    Are you still coming to L.A.?
  57. Javier, I must have messed up sending that email; I have already been there and gone again. I will have to return in the future, though; as I only learned enough about the area to begin sizing up some options. I apologize for not following up further; I assumed you were busy; as it was, I was only in the city for a very short time. Drove the PCH up to Jenner, CA from LA, then back down to LA; about a day and a half there, and was gone again. I didn't have much chance to get to know the city (would take weeks); made no photos in town, hardly; was either on the road or in parks.
  58. I would like to apologize again for messing up that email; I was using hotel connections, and they did not always send right. I know two others did not go through.
    I can, however, recommend a bar just north of Pinnacles National Monument; made some okay photos in Pinnacles last week. Bring your flashlight; there are several trails that go through caves. Use the East entrance.
    After you are done baking in the heat at Pinnacles, exit the east entrance and proceed north along California 146 to Tres Pinnos, CA. There you will find a bar called The 19th Hole. On the ceiling, you will notice some novelties. Good community there. Quench your thirst with a cold beer.
    Photo: Pentax K200D, 28-80mm FAJ, Vivitar 285 on PC cord (backwards bounce, set for full), 0.7 seconds, f/4, ISO 1600, tripod; Aperture 2 "centerlined" postprocess. Flash plus ambient; brighter areas are from sunlight coming in through cracks in the ceiling; tunnel like areas are common in this vicinity; most are made by large boulders that have fallen down onto others in a way that forms piles of rocks that make tunnels.
  59. John,
    That's too bad. I never got any email other than the first. I just did a search in my email box and only the first came. up. No need to apologize, there will be other opps. :)
  60. Howard, in lieu of a link on the page, you could use the Home and End keys on your keyboard. These will take you to the top and bottom of the page, respectively. Also useful are the Page Up (or PgUp) and Page Down (PgDn) keys, which will scroll the page much more quickly than your mouse wheel or the arrow keys.
  61. R.T. - I've never used those keys because I usually have the Num Lock key activated. Very Handy.
    Thank you. What I learn here never ceases to amaze me.
  62. Glad to be of service! I find those keys very useful.
  63. Took this yesterday while out on a bike ride. Once the cold weather hits, all the upstate NY'ers will be garaging their classic cars.
  64. Took this yesterday while out on a bike ride. Once the cold weather hits, all the upstate NY'ers will be garaging their classic cars. Shot with Pentax K20D/35mm macro limited.
  65. Cement.
    Carillon Lock, P67II + SMC Takumar 6x7 75mm f/4.5, Fuji PRO 160S (bigger , deeper [K20]).
    Canada Malting plant, K20 + DA 16-45mm (bigger ), multiple hand-held shots stitched in PS. Three different perspectives here , here , and here .
  66. Justin - your shot is just awesome! As many times I've been to Pittsburgh, I've never seen that view. Now it's def. on to my to do list for that city!
    It's shame I waited so late to comment, but will say that Justin's and Denis French's rocket blast off shot stand out for me. There's a lot of good stuff this week!
  67. This weeks photos are amazing. My top two pics are:
    Hin Man - Cafe lightings #1
    Dennis F. - Shuttle Launch
    Both are just fantastic.
  68. All the photos this week are awesome!! I didnt shoot much this week, except today, you got to love when professors cancel classes. For the first time today I filled up a 8 MB SD card! Still going through them, but I like this one. This is lit from a ray of sun, a Rhododendron bud. Taken with my K20D Handheld 80mm f6.7 1/20 so it isnt as sharp as I would like it. But I love how the light just came through the trees to illuminate this one bud. All you guys always inspire me to get better and better!!
  69. That is nice, William! Now hit the books ;~)
    Oh, and Justin: I think the Parachute Jump rocks! I love the sky.
  70. Haig,
    As a beginner in Portraits, I am so impressed with the sharpness of the young lady in the park image. Is it the lens, the shutter/ap combination , experience in holding the camera, or what? I would certainly appreciate any advice you could give. I consider the first photo to be absolutely perfect. Thank you..
  71. Hi David.. I am not a big portrait type person.. Sharpness had to do with having a decent aperture (usually about 2 -3 stops more than the min on the lens you are using) + decent shutter speed (good light helps )... and the 50-135 DA* is just a beautiful lens..
    These were mostly impromptu photos.. I was not using a tripod, but the light was magnificent.. late in the day with the young lady in the shade, but lit by a large expanse of sky.. Almost like being indoors, with a huge window behind you letting in lots of light, but not direct sunlight.

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