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  1. Well... sunday has just begun, here in da tru lowlands.... (I live 14 feet below sealevel)
    Pentax people seem a little conservative. But not me.
    Lens Focal Length: 65,00 mm ()
    Shutter Speed: 1/1000 sec
    F-Number: F9,5
    ISO: 200
    + some fooling around with a thingy called Fractalius
    more heavy pp:
    Lens Focal Length: 50,00 mm ()
    Shutter Speed: 1/250 sec
    F-Number: F8,0
    ISO: 200
    + hdr + blooming
  2. wow!! just wow!! the first one; what is that effect?! "Fractalius"??
    anyways, its way too early for me to post, it's only 8pm Saturday haha! but man what a way to start...
  3. What a kick-off, dorus--very cool!
    OK, since the door is open...

    I've been trying to cut back on my shooting a bit and take care of other business but the zinnias have been irresistible. Here are three shots, each with a different lens.
    Voightlander 180mm
  4. Sigma 70-200mm (@ 200mm)
  5. Sigma 24mm f2.8
  6. What a great start to the POW.
    Two from me this week First up is ISO 200 180mm F/8 @ 1/160sec
  7. Next is ISO:100 50mm F/1.8 @ 1/3200sec
  8. Well, I had two to post but after looking at these first seven images, I might just pass till next week!. Dorus, that first one is awesome. If you ever give a workshop on post production, by all means, please let me know. Dave, all three are beautiful, especially the first. You sure get your money's worth out of that voightlander lens. (BTW, Nice house! No wonder that piliated woodpecker keeps coming back) Ben, I really like the first shot, quite simple, but very effective. I love the colors.
    Here are my two, both shot this week with my K10D. The first with the DA 50-135, the second with the 35mm ltd. I had just changed lenses when she rode by, I wish I had kept the 50-135 on.
  9. second..
  10. [​IMG]
    Pentax K10D, Sigma 10-20mm @ 10mm,f/13, ISO 100 w/ base image at 1.3 seconds, cable release, MLU, 5 images at 2 stops for final HDR image. Those who are Flickr contacts view larger here
    Pentax 645N, 55mm f/2.8 @ f/8, Fuji Acros 100 @ EI 320. Processed in Kodak HC-110 Dil H @ 20C for 10 minutes. Scanned HP G4050 using Silverfast Ai. Minimal adjustments.
  11. Pentax K2 with Pentax FA 50mm/1.4 shot with Kodak BW 400CN Film
    Scan at Target on Target CD.
  12. I do like those, Ben. I think maybe the first is just a tad too dark but I like the idea. The second is great because you've found the beauty in a subject which could be easily overlooked--well done!
  13. This must have been one of my most successful weeks photographic wise since I met my most loved dog, saw some of the most beautiful and rarest classic cars and had a lot of leisure time on lake Zurich and other locations. I used the Pentax FA-50mm macro on the K10D for "Zafra" and the Pentax 50mm-A macro for the classic car details in available light.
  14. detail shots before the classic car race in Zurich started
  15. I would love to show you much more of these beautiful classic cars, everything was there: Maserati, Lotus, Rolls Royce, Bentley, Oldsmobiles, Porsche, Ferrari, Topolino, Bentley, Ford...
    all you could ever dream of :)
  16. Wow! Dorus' first and Justin's are just amazing. Thanks for sharing those! Markus, maybe a car show thread? I'd like to see more.
    This isn't quite right, but I love my Tokina 90mm macro.
  17. Wow this is some amazing stuff everyone, I offer you a couple of my humble selctions from my trip to the Getty villas today. Enjoy!
  18. Another with the Tokina Macro
  19. and one more...=)
  20. Picking up our oldest daughter from school the other day, she spotted this little guy in the grass... her "new friend!"
  21. Wow, great photos all around so far! Will wait to comment once more are posted. Here are a few quick snaps from Halifax, Nova Scotia over the past few days. I was over there with work. Great town. Anyone who hasn't been there should visit. The Lobster is amazing!
  22. And a second....
  23. And last but not least...
  24. Trip to Sandiego last week: Butterfly - K-7 with 50-200mm kit lens.
  25. Halifax...when I was younger one of my favorite books was a kids book called 20 Minutes to Live about the Halifax explosion. A rather ominous title and subject if you ask me! It was only until I was much older that I understood it was an actual event. Is the clock tower still there? I would love to see a picture of that. Great B+W Duane
  26. Let's try again. I think too many of us were trying at the same time.
    Trip to Sandiego last week: Butterfly - K-7 with 50-200mm kit lens.
  27. This is also at Mission San Diego, K-7 with 18-55mm kit lens. I made it a point on this photo shoot to only use the kit lenses.
  28. I have something spooky to show, I saw hundreds of spiders around a hiking trail close to my work place. Pictures taken with Sigma 105mm f/2.8 1:1 DG Ex Macro
  29. I went for a walk today, first time in a couple of weeks since I have been laid out sick. Went to Hollywood and took some 200 pictures with my K-7...Of all those, I ended up with a dozen keepers at best, so it was ok. These are my favs from today.
    This was good timing. I have been wanting a capture like this for some time.
    Here was another that was timed pretty good I thought. Symmetrical
    Could not pass this one up.
    And if I could add one more, it would be this one.
  30. Some amazing shots! Will comment later on. I was at the Metropolitan Museum (NYC) and took pictures of art both inanimate and animate. Since I'm only posting two, I'll post the animate:
    This young lady was trying to imitate the statue's pose for her mother, who was taking pictures, and then she saw me and kept posing.
  31. Two pictures of the Carillon electric dam and lock on the Ottawa River.
    K20 + DA 16-45 (bigger )
    67II + Takumar 75mm F 4.5, Astia 100F (bigger ).
    Two more 67 images of the same location here (Superia) and here (Velvia). They're meh. I like this one for the warm yet uninviting color balance (post-apocalypse yellow?) that makes the place look as if it were suddenly deserted.
  32. And to other ladies observing art were themselves worthy of a portrait:
  33. Accidently ran into an airshow today in downtown Kansas City. Luckily, I had my camera and the superb DA*50-135 f/2.8.
  34. On Hin Man's note, I caught a web in the woods today too.
  35. The Missouri River, looking upstream from Kansas City, Kansas.
  36. Duane Mills, very nice B$W's, especially the first one. It reminds me of looking for my car at the airport parking lot on some cold, dark night.
    Javier Gutierrez, love the crisp street shots. Very sharp lens. I reaasly like the kid's expression on the MJ shot.
  37. Justin, I just read the Posting guidelines and think it is a good idea. Sorry about posting 4 images. I thought three was the limit and was pushing in a 4th. Feel feel free to delete two of my images. Leave what ever two you feel are the better ones.
    Thanks javier
  38. It's great to see so much activity and so many cool shots.
    Last Sunday three families including six kids and three dogs went hiking to Summit Lake which adjoins Mt. Rainier National Park. We lucked out as a low lying fog stayed low for most of the hours we were there; as we headed back the fog was rising and began blocking views of the mountain.
    Mt. Rainier from Summit Lake
    Pentax K20D, DA 70mm Ltd. @ f8 1/750, ISO 200 + Lightroom post processing
    Fallen Tree and Leaves
    Pentax K20D, DA 35mm Ltd. Macro, f 8 @ 1/45, ISO 400
    Pod Remains
    Pentax K20D, DA 35mm Ltd. Macro, f 8 @ 1/90, ISO 200
  39. I have to say that so far, this week's photos are ALL outstanding.. I don't think I would even try to pick favorites..
    I had a tournament to play all this week, so this is old stuff from Seattle, and a candid portrait.
    3 different lenses
  40. The DA 12-24 and k20d at 24mm f4 1/80 sec
  41. k20d + Tamron 28-75mm at 38mm f6.3 and 1/100 sec.
  42. I really like those Halifax shots, Duane!
    There's a striking quality of clarity in yours, Yvon--great demo of what's possible with the kit lenses!
  43. Dorus - simply awesome!! (note to self: learn more PP fun stuff); Justin - beautiful HDR; Duane - nice B&W's, and I agree, Halifax lobster is great!
    Two shots from a couple of weeks ago. The first is my daughter's favourate camping activity (K200D, Soligor 70-150mm), and the second is another cruise night shot (K200D, 18-55 kit).
  44. Cruise night pic'.
  45. Nothing this week so here's a couple from Stisted, Essex to practice uploading, if I don't screw up again this week.
  46. and the second
  47. Sorry, screwed up again. istDS, 18-55mm, ISO 100, 1/180 @ f4.0 & 1/350 @ f8.0 respectively
  48. I have a couple hiking shots from my recent Acadia trip. Hiking on Acadia, although not as demanding as the Adirondacks or elsewhere, the trails are quite steep in sections requiring the use of ladders,iron rungs,thousands of stone steps and you can be literally inches from cliff edges. The views also are quite spectacular. 1) Cairn View / Ascent to Penobscot Mt.Summit / Pentax K10D / Pentax 16-45mm @ 23mm, f22, Iso 100, handheld lying horizontally (Justinish technique) after hitting the ground hard to capture the image before my hiking companions crept out of the shot [​IMG] 2)Iron Rungs and Ladders / Pentax K10D / 16-45mm lens @ 16mm, f/19, Iso 100, 1/30 sec / cropped [​IMG] 3) Pemetic Mt Summit / One of the many spectacular views / Pentax K10D / 16-45mm lens @ 16mm, f/8, ISO 100, 1/750 sec [​IMG]
  49. There are some really great photos in the thread so far. I will comment later in the week.
  50. Here are my few. Again, more model stuff. Hoping to get some street photography in this week.

  51. This morning, Silverwood Park, St. Anthony Village, MN (Minneapolis suburb). Both K20D and Pentax F 35-70mm.
  52. Happy weekend all,

    Lotsa excellent pictures this week, not to mention the great spread.

    These 2 were shot last weekend with the el-cheapo Quantaray 70-300mm on my K100D Super at ISO 1600. Some low-light images on the butoh dance. No post-processing except for the borders and resizing.

    Subdued Entry (1/10sec, f/4, at 110mm)

    What's beneath the shadows (1/8sec, f/4.5, at 148mm)
  53. Jemal, Lia is GREAT! All those blues... I know squat about shooting models, but that is a great picture.
  54. "Cairn View" was worth it Bob ;~)
    Nice work Jemal--esp the second one.
    The first is a bit too subdued for me, Chune-Hoong, but the second is wonderful--dynamic, great expression, a bit of mystery and the...uml..."Michael Jackson move".
  55. [​IMG]
    John Hancock Tower and Water Tower, Chicago, 1973
    Pentax Spotmatic SP and f1.4 SMC Takumar, Kodak Plus X developed in D-76 1:1
  56. I gave the M42 adapter I have with my girlfriend so she can use her new purchase, a Super Tak 50mm f/1.4, and concentrate on learning the 50mm view rather than having a zoom, so I didn't get much Pentax shooting time this week. I did take the 50mm and an Auto Takumar (made from '59 to '62) 135mm f/3.5 down to the San Diego - Spring Valley Swap Meet on Saturday so I got in a few shots with the fantastic old glass.
  57. Hmm, haven't posted to the POW thread for a while, but here's a couple of snaps from a burlesque show we went along to on Saturday night... TBH, as a form of light entertainment I find this kind of stuff gets pretty repetitive and boring pretty quickly... Perhaps it's nature's way of telling me I'm getting old...? :)
    But OK, at least snapping the traditionally-tassled titties helped pass the time after a few pints... Didn't have either of my Pentax DSLRs that night, but I guess my little Ixus didn't do such a bad job, given its teeny sensor. On a technical note, I did have to apply a generous amount of negative exposure compensation... Oh, the irony... :)
  58. gib


    Wye Marsh Wildlife Centre, Midland, Ontario, Canada, K10D with Pentax DA 15-85
  59. Couple of evening shots with Pentax K10D
  60. and second one
  61. thought I'd add a third which is in the evening theme, same evening I think
  62. Sorry my images were temporarialy removed. I put them back (i think/hope). Here are my picks/comment for this week. Stellar stuff as always everyone.
    Robert C. - I love the elegant simplicity of "red leaf on a wooden fence"
    Nick S. - Love the delicate touch to your three dimensional flower
    Trevor N - Your "and one more...=)" just blows me away with its clarity and 3-d effect. My top pick of the week.
    Duane M - your benches under light makes me lonesome. Excellent black and white.
    Javier - You made me an Ed Hardy clothing fan with that shot.
    Leo Papandreou - your first electric dam shot is well electric.
    Camus W. - Those spiraling cars are wickedly cool.

    and to Nick S., Dave H., thanks. I too know nothing about shooting models other than having beautiful models helps alot.
  63. My faves:
    Dorus- truly amazing and artistic work
    Dave-Beautiful shots. I'm still trying to achieve that.
    Ben - interesting effects
    Robert- Beautiful light on leaf, perfectly caught; trees are ghostly in second shot
    Justin - Great capture of the windows in the chapel
    Nick - great light and detail on flower
    Trevor - Great color and contrast in 2nd shot
    Yvon - the clarity and colors- wow
    Michael - Love the color shots - very Eliot Porter whose work I admire greatly
    Sigmar - the caption really makes the first one
    Bob - I've been to Cadillac Mountain to watch the sunset and take pictures (I'll have to scan those). I'll never get to the others because of my discomfort with heights. I'd certainly not stand where the couple is. It's a great shot from about the distance from the edge I would be comfortable with.
    This forum continually impresses me with the quality and breadth of work.
  64. Favorites? That's a pretty tough call..
    Dorus: Both of yours, so different, always so well presented
    Dave H: I really, really like that first shot of yours with the Voightlander 180mm.
    Ben: I like the grass seeds.. but it looks too dark. I suspect maybe your monitor is on the bright side?
    Robert: The light on that leaf is quite exquisite.. and your equestrian is moody and very pleasant.. I assume some pp work.. looks good :)
    Justin: That chapel photo is just simply outstanding. Wow!
    Morgan: Not a bad shot, although it feels like it needs a bit more contrast
    Marcus: Zafra is pretty cute.. your classic cars are superb, even tho you were not all that well prepared and short of time.
    Nick: Nice one of the flower with that Tokina..
    Trevor: Your "one more" was certainly worth it :)
    Matthew: Adopting little critters is fun, till they metamorphose into something else :)
    Duane: All three are just great nighttime shots. I'd have a tough time between 2 and 3
    Yvonne: Butterfly is pretty.. too bad you had to be so close at the top of the frame. The little lady is very well composed..
    Hin Man: We shall dub thee Mr. Arachnid.. 1 & 3 are really good ones..
    Javier: All 4 of those shots are such good depictions of life in a big city.. the little boy on his knees was certainly a great catch
    Howard: Always fun to steal someone else's model :)
    Leo: That electric dam is just gorgeous.. Beautiful colors
    Steve D: Stealth bombers and spiderwebs? Good to see that you have an eye on the ground and another one looking up :)
    Michael E: Your 'fallen tree', and 'pod remains' are quite nice. But I really like that Mt. Rainier shot. Looks great in 'black' and white :)
    Haig: I can't believe you posted these shots..let alone take them
    Sigmar: 'Dinnertime' is pretty cute.. nice caption :)
    David: I guess that's not one of those doors that you could kick in :)
    Bob M: Your 'cairn view' just takes the cake! I'll even forgive you for not posting a fishy :) Your 'Pemetic Mt Summit' is also quite a lovely capture.
    Jemal: Even though Lia has disappeared.. that was a totally outstanding shot. Great pose, expression, and background..
    Steve T: Nice frame on that bridge, and beautiful light
    Choone-Hoong: Subdued entry is very well done..
    Rafael: I see you have a working time machine! Just kidding, we all like to see photos, no matter when they were taken.. especially nice ones from that long ago..
    Anthony: That looks like something the TSA would have collected :)
    Paul: Nice tassles! lol
    W J: To think I lived in Toronto for 14 years, and never explored some of these places..
    Camus: I like your 'spirals' a lot..
  65. Thanks, Haig. I'll post something recent next time! I have tons of old negatives and slides and many new ones, taken with the old Spotty!
  66. Haven't posted in ages, but here's an early morning shot overlooking the Pitt River up here in BC.
  67. That's really nice Jeff! With the mist in the mountains, it reminds me of the Li River in Guilin. My only quibble is that I find the the stuff in the near foreground (bottom center) a bit distracting (but of course, cropping it would mean you'd lose that nice shoreline curve...)
  68. W J Gibson: what is this mythical DA 15-85 lens you speak of? :)
  69. Sorry I am late I have been setting up my new netbook and there are so many good pictures this week it takes ages to load with dial up.
    Ok first up my favourites this week are Chune-Hoong Pong's Sudued Entry,Steve T's First shot and Duane Mills And a second.
    Haig it seems a little dark on my monitor too but as an A3 print it comes out great so I am not sure about adjusting it.
  70. Some excellent work in here as usual.
    I love Roberts leaf, sort of cliche only he found a different angle. I always like the leaves or butterflies or flowers contrasted against rocks. Something about the textures and color that appealsto me in these shots. Roberts shot is unique in the angle, and the bokeh is wonderful as well.
    I loved Duane's shots as well. Well done. Clean, crisp, and engaging.
    Dave, I usually don't really get wowed by flower macros, but that 24mm is a magic lens on the 3rd shot. Something drew me into it and I keep trying to figure out what. The bokeh is excellent and the focus as well.
    Camus, you are quickly becoming a favorite of mine each week. Keep posting, always enjoy your stuff.
    Raphael, the Hancock building is one of my favorite skyscrapers. Not sure why, but it's always intrigued me. I think I like the dual antennas for some reason. Very futuristic. But the juxtaposition of old and new in your shot is really cool.
    Bob M, Acadia has been on my list for a while. Might try to get out there for Columbus day weekend, I am going to guess with the coastal location despite the latitude the foliage will be at peak around then. I like the cairn rock framing the best, but all the undercast/fog shots have been great the last few weeks.
    Mike E, interesting use of split toning (i assume) for those nature scenes. Can't decide if I like it or not, but intriguing and fresh regardless.
    Dorus, you are a master at post processing and making it interesting. I hate overprocessed images and yours are certainly processed but processed well.
    Haig, as usual some nice work. All three were interesting.
    I can't leave out Hin's spider shots which are sweet! Well done.
    This thread is way too big, and the quality gets better every week it seems.
  71. I really like Camus' "Spiralling", although the other two don't work as well for me as your shots usually do. And Sigmar's squirrel is a great capture - I love it!
  72. Thanks, Justin, for your comment, as well as the others'. I took the shot on my first trip to Chicago, as an architectural student, and share with you an admiration of the building, which was pretty new when the photo was taken!
  73. Justin,
    Thanks for the comments. Yes, Acadia will be in great foliage then. A lot of the photos in the photography shops in Bar Harbor were of Acadia in autumn so you should get some awesome shots if you do go. At least a 9 hr drive though.
    And the hiking is quite interesting to say the least. No long hikes to finally get to the base of the mountain. Although most are not very long, very high, or extremely demanding, they will give you a workout and are quite neat with ladders, iron rungs, and handles and great long sections with stone steps....I took quite a few pics while hiking the steps but couldn't quite capture them the way I wanted to. I may post one or two in weeks to come if I get a chance.

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