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  1. OK, it's Sunday where I am so here goes. My wife spotted this little guy crawling up a butterfly plant in front of our house. We think (not sure) he's gonna grow up to be a tiger swallowtail butterfly one day. Maybe someone who knows more about him than I do can weigh in. And maybe that person can tell us which end is which. If it matters.
  2. Looks like a monarch to me, common ones here. Seems to be eating with the end at lower part of the photo, at a guess.
  3. I took my new bike for a 40 kilometers ride to Zurich and its surroundings yesterday early in the morning and met some beautiful morning and evening light for my Takumars and lots of artists and nice people and joined a party in the evening at the river Sihl :)
  4. I'm just upside down
  5. Chilling in the evening
  6. The problem with my kids is that they're so noisy. Here's Abe & Clara at our annual crab feast yesterday: (taken with the K-7 and FA 135 f2.8)
    [1/250, f2.8, ISO 800]
    [1/250, f2.8, ISO 1600]
  7. With the unaided eye-very good capture ! There is my unbounded contribution to sunday from near-by villages !
  8. Domestic unconcealed duck
  12. This was shot with a K7 and 16-135
  13. Good morning all,
    It's been a while since I posted here.
    These 3 were taken with a Pentax 645. The 2 lilies with the 120mm f/4 & the boat scene with the 55mm f/2.8. All with Fujicolor 160S Neg. film. With some minor PP in Lightroom 3.
  14. First a shot taken by my daughter of my wife and I at a friend's farm. This was while we were on holiday in South Africa recently. K100D, kit lens. Aperture priority mode, f8:
    I will be posting more shots from our trip when I get through all the editing! But in the meantime, a fun shot I did yesterday, just trying some things out. K20D with FA 43mm f1.9 limited. Two Sigma flashes either side, this is the only attempt that had any attractive merit. It's harder than it seems:
  15. Which way?
  16. I see you :cool:
  17. The sitting drunk
  18. Following Markus this week with a new-to-me M42 SMC Tak 55/1.8 and PK to M42 adapter.
    A first try on the K20D with Milo the "WWP" (World's Wickedest Puppy), now at 5 months.
    Just can't beleive this! And only $51.
  19. On a recent hike I found one spot where large butterflies were enjoying the remaining thistle.
  20. Unlike the black ones, these were quite tolerant of my getting close.
  21. Garry Ian that's an impressive 2nd shot, looks like it took some effort. Javier, the first shot is great! I literally "Laughed Out Loud" at it.
    I took this one at a wedding, it was taken during the couple's first dance (they are in the background). I didn't shoot RAW but thankfully I had switched the WB to incandescent, but still a little too much color cast I think...
  22. From an earlier hike. I am disappointed at the noise in the wings for ISO 400 (not 1400).
  23. Day #5 was a relaxation day...my wife and sister relaxing on a (rarely) perfect Adirondack afternoon. Nothing like a mid day nap in the sun to remind you of the simple pleasures in life.
    K10D, DA 15mm, Nikon SB-30 w/ 1/8th CTO for fill.
  24. We had a car show in town over the weekend and they closed the street around my office for it so I had to get a few with the DA15/K-x combo. Light was so-so and I found my favorites were of reflections in the cars.
    Yesterday I did a big group ride on the Monarch Crest trail. Fun but slow moving due to group size and one person who had 6 flats! Waiting for a flat change:
  25. I'm going to try to link to some pix on my photo.net page here; seems as though it should work, and I don't want to go back and re-convert them.
    Steeple of the church in Center Harbor, New Hampshire:
  26. Just attached it, since it was a vertical shot.
  27. Okay, now I'll try a horizontal-format pic from my photo.net page.
    Lake at dusk:
  28. Try for the (oversize) photo itself:
  29. Oops--did that one last week! One loses track of time on vacation.
    Instead, a foggy morning on the lake:
  30. Well I was considering a thread of my own for my recent trip to Mexico, as I get them processed, but here are a few of my favorite. After MUCH internal debate, I ended up taking the FA 20-35, DA 40 and FA-J 75-300, which was about right; I didn't really use the DA that much, but it is so little, how could I not take it?
    This is coast across from Cabo San Lucas, with the 20-35.
  31. A sunrise at sea (my daughters were still on Midwest time).
  32. That was with the DA40, and this one an accidental over-exposure with the 75-300 of my nephew with a camera he won. A budding photographer!
  33. Pentax Spotmatic II, Ilford SFX 200, Red 21-1 filter
  34. Valley Forge National Park, dawn, 8-22-10
  35. Some neat stuff here--starting with that kick-off caterpillar. I also like Guy's Lily and Garry's tomato (?) splash (what a totally zany idea--I love it!.) I like your first one and the first sitting drunk, Javier--both invite the viewer to imagine the story. Your butterflies are great Bruce--expertly executed. That shot of the idyllic life in the Adirondacks does nothing to dampen my interest in the SA 15, Justin (dittyo you contributions, Matt ;~) But I have to say that shot of your nephew and his camera is my favorite so far, Nick!
  36. I went on a hike in Butler State Park this morning- I thought I would only be out for a couple of hours, but ended up being out all morning. There was a lot more there than I would have expected. I need to sift through, but I really liked this one.
  37. That is interesting, Trevor!
  38. #1 San Jose City Hall
    with Pentax K-x White and Pentax DA 10-17mm f/3.5-4.5 fisheye
  39. Two shots. One from the Pentax K10D with 40mm
    And one from a *gasp* Canon XTI with 50mm f1.8 that is passing by.
    Walking to the alter
  40. Hiking High in the North Cascades
    This week Fran and I spent a few days doing some serious hiking in the North Cascades. It was hot, buggy, and exceptionally beautiful. We were both quite happy that Fran was able to hoof the somewhat grueling miles a mere month after successfully completing cancer treatment. I’ll post more pictures in a separate thread, but these are good for now.
    Sauk Mountain Summit
    K20D, FA 50mm Macro f2.8, f4.5 @1/3000, ISO 200
    Sauk Mountain Summit 2

    K20D, FA 50mm Macro f2.8, f9.5 @1/500, ISO 200
    Greetings from the meadows of Sauk Mountain
    K20D, DA Ltd 35mm Macro f2.8, f8 @1/125, ISO 200
  41. One from me this week. I got my first roll of seamless paper over the weekend. I couldn't wait to try it out, but the only subject I could use for personal testing was....myself. Anyway, I know this is moody, but I like it.
  42. Three women:
    Beer bash is great, Hin--makes me want to run right out and buy a case ;~).
    And your first is totally WOW, Jemal--that woman exudes substance. Like Javier's shots it elicits stories.
    And talk about substance: it's great to see Fran looking so hale and happy and reveling in her triumph.
  43. Although there are some great photos this week, the 2 that are the most important (to me anyway) are Michael's first 2 of Fran. It's fantastic that she's doing and looking so well. Congrats Fran and many more years of ME's photos with you as a subject!
    Gary's Tomato, Andrew G's 'dapper, dressed man', Javier's "Which Way", Justin's "Nap, Robert C's "Lonely Path" and Matt B's first "car reflections" are all standouts in a group of standout shots. Well done everyone.
    For me, I have one crappy little image that shows why I have no shots to share. My wife had other, much bigger plans for my time.
    Photo news though. I've left my job as on Aug 27th and have taken the plunge to full-time photog. It's been taking 80% of my time anyway for the last 2 years and now it's going to either pay the bills or break us :)
  44. Great work everyone.. Javier's were standouts for me.. I still lurk here but don't post much because I haven't been shooting much.. Did put in some time on a camping trip to the Sequoia's last week.. Here's an hdr taken on the Tokopah Falls trail in Seqioia National Park... (K100D+KIT, F11, 18mm, ISO 200, 7:21am)
  45. Just back from a week at Myrtle Beach. Didn't get as much shooting as I thought I would, it was brutally hot and humid. Here are a couple that I have edited... most are just cropped no color correction.
  46. These were natural marks from water pouring into a tide pool.... struck me as kind of creepy, like horror hands scraping on the sand.
  47. As always great work everyone! My favorites so far:
    Garry Ian Young - Your fruit shot is just spectacular!
    Javier G - The first sitting drunk photo is very intense.
    Matt B - Your first car photo...man...love the reflection and colors.
    Hin Man - #3 Beer Bash is just full of life. Love it.
    Jeremiah Corbin - I love the lighting and intensity of the photo. And you're a model I see...lol. You did great. Don't forget us little people when you get discovered by Hollywood.
    William Roberts - eek...they do look like horror hands. Great capture.
  48. I agree that Garry's fruit shot (tomato?) is great, and Hin I liked Beer Bash as well. Peter - good luck! I confess, I thought you were already a full time pro.
  49. Nick, I basically have been for 2 years and part-time long before that. The 'day job' was working from home and just a small supplement to the photography. But I never put much effort into it compared to the photo work.
  50. Peter - you'd better get that camera in the bag, your wife may have more "projects" {:)
    I went to Lincoln Center on Saturday to see what I could see. They've re-engineered the fountain so it does more than just "fountain". It now shoots water up in explosive jets, singly and en masse. The effect on spectators sitting on the rim and standing close is unpredictable given the random pattern of these eruptions, plus any breeze will soak those at random times, in random directions. Pre-theater entertainment if there are performances that evening or just fun when visiting.
    First shot, two young ladies enjoying the fountain:
  51. Fountain shot
  52. Looking from the other direction
  53. Fountain paparazzi above
    Looking towards Broadway next
  54. Fountain shot no. 1 is weightless water before gravity has reasserted itself.
  55. I'm finally back home from my trip, and even though I did not have much of a chance to post while I was away, this is one of my favorite threads on PN. A lot of outstanding photos this week; my favorites: Garry's tomato (I'll have to try that sometime.. always wondered how it was done), Bruce's butterflies, Matt's first reflection, Rick's foggy morning, Fran looking healthy and happy, and Todd's HDR.
    My shots are all from Norway. I had taken 3 lenses with me, the DA 12-24, Tamron 18-75, and the DA 55-300. The tamron pretty much was the one that I used most frequently.
    This first shot is of the Geiranger fjord while on a small cruise around the inner part of the fjord. DA 12-24 at 12mm. (cropped some, as the left hand side of the photo was a bit blown out from the sun shining on the lens)
  56. A partial view of the seven sisters (the 2 waterfalls you see on the left). there's usually much more water earlier in the season. Facing inwards in the fjord
  57. Kristiansund harbor. Picturesque town.
  58. Finally, a sunset on one of the smaller fjords, while waiting to catch a ferry.
  59. That last shot is really nice, Haig. I like photos in which the sunset is an important but subtle influence rather than the subject.
  60. Yeah, Dave's right, Haig, that last one is just gorgeous!
  61. So much good stuff from my peers.
    Markus, lovely work with the Taks. I am just starting with them.
    Yury, Shutters; Guy, Lily, love the colors; Gary, Tomato, looks like magic to me; Javier, second drunk best; Dave, family with feeling; Matt, car reflection; Rick, boats; Nick, sunrise; Hin's cat; Haig, all of them espec. fjord sunset.
    Finally and best of all Michael's lovely Fran. A great victory for both of you.
  62. Thanks Dave, Robert and Tony.. Norway in August is just gorgeous.. the temperature ranged from the low 60's to the high 70's most of the days I was there.. and the sunsets were around 9:30 with the sky staying pretty lit up for another hour or two. It's definitely a place that I'd like to go back to and spend more time.
    One more shot of the fjord as we were leaving, on a road with some 42 hairpin turns on it!
  63. here are my 3 for this week, very random shots but did not have alot of time to get much
  64. here is my 2nd pic
  65. 3rd and final shot
  66. As always, I am in awe of the work here. I started to make some notes and found that it got to be quite a list. But, indulge me.
    Dave S: An interesting caterpillar, nicely shot. I suppose having the rear look like the front would confuse predators.
    Markus: I like the wishes. I see at least six languages. I assume old diapers that the kids have outgrown. Does anyone else remember cloth diapers?
    Dave H: Nicely lit portraits. Noise does not appear to be an issue for the K-7 at these ISO settings.
    Ury: There is an English expression about people being an "odd duck", looks like these birds (geese?) qualify.
    Guy: The Tiger Lily is very nice, a different form than ones I have seen locally.
    Garry: The tomato is very interesting. How did you do that?
    Javier: "Which way?" is droll. The mirrored body positions make a great capture.
    Tony: Nice results for your new lens. How could anyone believe Milo is anything but the world's nicest puppy?
    Justin: Captures the moment.
    Nick: Over-exposure or not, this is a great capture. Made me think of Harry Potter who just found a magical camera.
    Trevor: Interesting, but I am not sure what I am seeing beyond the ant. Invites one to stop and look.
    Michael: I especially like the second one, a very scenic photo with a deeper meaning.
    Jeremiah: Nicely lit and conveys the mood. You could be on either end of a camera.
    Peter: Good luck on your plunge into full-time.
    William: "Creepy hands" is unique. Zombies at the beach?
    Howard: Fountain paparazzi contrasts the totally serious P&S photographers with the giggling ladies.
    Haig: The sunset is especially nice.
  67. Is no strangulation,only matter to like and stride is no object how wide !
    Dave Hollander-portrait of man
    Bruce Michel- first very "try"
    Rick Womer-"Shadows"
    Mike Elenko-"Sauk Mountain Summit"
    Haig Tchamitch-"Kristiansund harbor"
    Todd Phillips-photography from Yellow Stone Park
  68. Haig, you've captured some lovely images of Norway. I wish I had a digital camera back when I went, or scans from my K1000 pics. Maybe I will "copy stand" a few. The evening picture is very lovely.
  69. Thanks Bruce and Yury.. Nick, and this applies to anyone here, feel free to email me if you'd like a copy of something I have posted. Always happy to share as long as it's not for commercial use.
  70. Feedback and appreciations for this week:

    It’s pretty healthy that even here on Thursday the POTW can garner ongoing comments.

    Markus-The artful colors and light on your shot of fawns is letting me transcend my inherent disdain for these pests that raid our fruit trees and wipe out our roses.

    Yury-I like the tone and textures of that window hatch.

    Andrew Gardner--That’s a classy photograph. Looks like an old Agfachrome. Just makes me take a deep breath.

    Garry Ian Young--Very thoughtful shot by your daughter. Everything is in just the right place including the golden light. You have printed this out by now, right?

    Also enjoy your plunging tomato shot, it’s visually engaging. Nice to see experiments, especially when they work out.

    Javier--that first one is such a welcome-to-America classic. You should sell it to the myriad publishers of English-As-A-Second-Language books.

    Bruce M--Two different butterflies on the same thistle! After suffering numerous black fly, horse fly, and mosquito bites while trying to get one, I’m almost jealous. Their positions are almost perfect.

    Justin--that looks like a brochure shot for heaven. Excellent!

    Matt B-the first shot is one of the best I’ve seen from you. Clever and artful and fun. I really appreciate the transition of the colors from the rear quarter panel to the sky. The photo is of much more than an automobile.

    Rick W--I like how you follow the light with the second shot. And your last one is nicely contemplative with the muted colors.

    Nick S--Nice accident with your nephew. The red makes it. Plus his earnest expression.

    Rafael G--fantastic work; among my favorites this week. I get lost in the dunes and sky.
    Bob C--Yours and Rafael's complement eachother so well I initially thought they were by a single artist. I got lost at Valley Forge too.
    Hin--#3, now that’s summer!

    Jemal--Wow. And Wow again.

    Peter Z--Congrats on your liberation and commitment. One day I’ll run into someone from PEI and refer you to them.

    Haig--Each of your shots are impressive. The fourth one of the sunset is awesome. But the one prior of the harbor reflects your skill even better. What light!

    A warm thank you to: Dave H, Peter Z, Haig, Tony E, Bruce M, and Yury U for the kindness expressed for Fran. We both appreciate it.

    Finally an appreciation to Josh Root and the Photo.net team for:
    A-- initiating a Canon Thursday Pic just when I can participate; and
    B--having a very convenient “jump to the bottom” link for iPhone and other mobile users.

  71. Thanks ME, but to quote or misquote somebody.. If you find the right light, you can always find something to photograph!
  72. Jemal - thank you!
    ME - Thank you. Your compliments mean a lot.
    Ok, here are my picks for the week:
    Markus - I love your first two. The deer are very well done and the bottles are great. The droplets, color, composition and the way they are nonuniform makes for a really nice image.
    Dave H - Nice portraits! Beautiful girl in the second one. So easy on the eyes...
    Yury - I like the River bords one. The lines and perspective really draw the eye in.
    Andrew - the TR waiting is great! The subject is interesting and the line of the railing really makes the composition. Nice work!
    Guy - the second is super nice. So vibrant!
    Garry - both very nice and the tomato (or whatever that is) is really fun! I could imagine that on the wall of a bistro.
    Javier - Great stuff as usual from you. Both the whimsical and somber subjects look great.
    Rick W - the foggy morning is so peaceful. Nice.
    Rick S - I like the last one, overexposure and all!
    Trevor - I like the ants. You nailed the focus on that narrow DOF. Well done.
    Jemal - The first is very appealing. I like the glass, the light and skin tones. And the model is stunningly beautiful. Fantastic!
    ME - the hazy tones are wonderful in your second. The subject and story we know behind her makes it even better.
    Todd - the light on your HDR looks great. The highlights on the rocks look so warm.
    William - love the "hands"! A slightly deeper DOF might have made it even better.
    Haig - Wow! I love them all. The lines of the ship's bow are great. I'm not sure if I would have seen that framing the way you did it and it really workd for me!
  73. My faves this week:
    Dave S- Caterpillar - nice colors and good bokeh
    Dave H - Well done portraits - good use of light to model features
    Yuri - Door-colors and textures; duck - animated character
    Guy - 1st flower - color contrasts
    Garry - the tomato!
    Javier - Directions
    Tony - Milo - such a face!
    Bruce - I envy the clarity of the first one
    Justin - one relaxes just looking at it
    Rick - #1 Nice theme and variation 2- subdued colors w/almost monochromatic background
    Nick - does your nephew get told he's a double for the young movie Harry Potter?
    Hin - Not fair, I'm a sucker for cat pix; Beer Bash = If she moves the label, it's a perfect beer ad
    Jemal - THAT IS SOUL (but, I'm telling you?) Great shot.
    Michael- great to see your wife on top of the world. As they say in French - Mazel Tov.
    Jeremiah - very much the young Brando - excellent. Can you say Stella? :)
    Todd - It's HDR and I like it a lot!
    William - Have you seen the Mummy movies with Rachel Weisz and whatshisname? These are much creepier.
    Haig - First fjord pix are standard beautiful; the last is breathtaking.
    Jordan - All 3 - Good work- Butterfly is fave; I see what you wanted in #2 - take down the exposure and up the contrast so you see the cracks and grain; #3 looks like old Civil War photo.
  74. Having spent all week processing the photo's of a festival in Southern France (so hardly any internetting during that week). Some picks:
  75. Thanks, Michael! The shot was taken in Dauphin Island, Alabama, which fortunately was spared much of the effects of the oil spill.
  76. Hi folks.
    Sorry for the late reply. I had simply not been getting my p.net notices but all is fixed now...
    Well, these are my favs of this series of images.........
    Garry's tomato shot is incredible!
    Bruce Michel's first butterfly capture is simply beautiful.
    Justin's image is wonderful. I love the comp and dof. Simply great!
    Matts reflection off the bumper is brilliant!
    Nick's image of his nephew...A case where the blown highlights make the image, I love it!
    Hin's beer bash is great!....
    Peter's first....I love how you made a picture out of nothing...Bravo!
    William's picture of the pier may be my fav of the week. That is a wall hanger!
    Haigs 4th is another wall hanger ;)
    Thank you all who commented on my images as well. The words are well received and appreciated!

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