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  1. Just developed the other night...
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    Image Data (both images):

    Pentax 645N, SMC-P 200mm @ f/5.6 (top image) SMCP 35mm @ f/2.8 (bottom image), Fuji Neopan 400 @ EI 1600, Kodak HC-110 Dil H (1:63) @ 20C for 25 minutes, initial agitation of 1 minute, second agititation of 45 seconds at the half point. Scanned on HP G4050 minimal adjustments.
  2. Justin,
    It is really good to see you back. I have missed your posts. As always will comment on images on Monday or Tues.
  3. Those are the kind of baseball shots that make me feel the way I used to feel about baseball..Sweet and as Javier has said, good to see you back at it...
  4. Finally some hot and hazy weather. (larger )
    For two days in a row even! (larger )
    And a night shot. Colors due to white imbalance. (larger )
    All K20 + 16-45.
  5. I am still wading through Acadia Vacation Shots... Here are two still from Cadillac Mountain... 1) More Atlantic Fog FL 18 / 1/180 sec / F 4.5 / Iso 100 [​IMG] 2) Acadia Sunset FL 16.0 / 1/15 sec / F 8.0 / Iso 100 / Used Tripod for once! [​IMG]
  6. I'm glad the POW started early this week. I have to hit the hay as we get up at dawn to hike at Mt. Rainier all day.
    Last Sunday my family and I hiked the Skokomish south fork river trail in the southeast corner of the Olympic National Forest. This is a old growth forest. The trail itself is quite historic and has been used for 102 years (that’s old for these here parts) dating back to original homestead claims. It’s great for kids too and is only 1.5 hours from our home including ferry transit. We’ve decided to adopt this trail as our family teaching forest to document the four seasons and associated changes.

    Photographing in an old growth hemlock and Douglas fir forest is an exercise in capturing changes in lighting and observing how various natural forms complement each other. The drama is pretty much all around you--from taking in 400 year old trees, to marveling how three trees can regenerate out of an ancient fallen one.
    Old growth tree and ferns
    Pentax K20D, DA 12-24mm @ 21mm f. 6.7 @ 1/30 ISO 400
    Maidenhair fern
    Pentax K20D, DA 12-24mm @ 16mm f. 4.5 @ 1/30 ISO 400
    Forest light
    Pentax K20D, DA 12-24mm @ 18mm f. 4.5 @ 1/45 ISO 400
  7. One taken this morning, Pentax K10D and 18-55 kit lens:
  8. And one that also appeared in a thread the other day. Pentax K10D and 18-55 kit lens again:
  9. A great start to the POW.. Justin, those two shots of yours are really good. Always such a pleasure to see good b/w photography.
    Leo, the light in that first shot is really good.. a very nice capture
    Bob, your second shot is breathtaking.. It must have been quite the experience to be there. On a side note though, I have seen nary a fish in the last little while :)
    Michael, Forest Light is something I'd love to take someday.. Deep forests are just wonderful places to be..
    Camus, As I mentioned in the other post.. your second shot is a clear winner :)
    My two shots this week are also from the Seattle area
    #1 With Mt. Rainier in the background, shot from a ferry
  10. #2 Lavender farm on the outskirts of Seattle
  11. Believe it or not Haig, I have been very busy fishing...Lots of fish to show at some point...Lots of BIG fish...Just thought everyone was tired of my fish photography...Thanks for remembering...
  12. Blame it on Haig... I have been faithfully trying to stick to the (2) pic Pow Justin setup... Forgive me... [​IMG]
  13. Actually Bob, I too have enjoyed your fish and adventures. Don't know if you have noticed, but I shoot allot of fishermen as I enjoy the sport from the view finder. Everytime I run into one, I think of Bob and his trout. :cool:
  14. Great shots everyone. Justin, the rain delay shots are nice, I like the way the raindrops are highlighted on the top of the umbrella. Looks good on the monitor, I bet it would look even better as a large print.
    Leo, I'll trade you the hot, humid weather any day of the week, especially if you can crank out shots like that. Of the three, the tankers are by far my favorite. The colors look fantastic.
    Bob, I really like the sunset shots, the second being my prefered of the two. The colors in the sky really pop.
    Micheal, I'm up in Vancouver, BC so I can totally understand the challenges of shooting inside forests in the PNW. Really nice shots, my favorite of the three is the last. It looks fantastic desaturated but not quite black and white. The vignetting is a little bit much for my tastes but its a matter of taste.
    I'll try to comment on some more in a day or so, a bit short on time now. Here's my contribution.
  15. Shot from tonight's wedding. We have way too much fun at the reception. I'll post one of those when the sun is up & I'm not dizzy - wow. Hope I can finish this post.
    Storms & rain during a wedding are not always a bad thing. If the sun can peak through, the light is just fantastic.
  16. Great photos here peoples! Hard to pick faves when they're all so good, but Camus #1 and Jav #1 if I must...
    I went out for the first time this afternoon (to the Irvine [California] Spectrum) and enjoyed my new $10 28mm Toyo...

    Here are a couple below and I put some more here if you're bored. (K100D)

  17. I will comment later on this week here are my two Both landscapes.
    K1000 wth Tamron 28mm @ F8 1/250 sec and Kodak 200 C-41
  18. Next up
  19. Modeling my wife again this week....
  20. And another...
  21. Finally...
  22. Feeling a little nostalgic this week I was lucky enough to get a Canon FS4000US filmscanner in clean condition to scan my very first, ME Super made 27 years old photos again and even restore them from heavy scratches due to FARE. I will show some of them later. Using mostly the Pentax *istD and a simple A-50mm F1.7 for a very small street kit this week fitted that mood as well :)
  23. prevention campain
  24. Rescanning some of my very first photos, made with the Pentax ME Super and 50mm prime brings back so much memories :)
  25. two very different things
    a siren's calling
  26. Justin, welcome back, I hope all is well. Obviously your camera is fine, those are very nice shots. Haig, the shot of the sailboat is fantastic. Bob, please don't tell me you held that fish in one hand and held the camera in the other. Nice work! Here are my two from this past week.
  27. and a Kingfisher
  28. My first POW. Thanks all for the opportunity. The last few days in Edmonton have been overcast, cloudy & rainy. Gloomy for photography. However, the sun came out yesterday morning so I thought I would cheer myself up with something in lighter vein. Here are two for amusmenent or otherwise.
  29. Try Again
    My first POW. Thanks all for the opportunity. The last few days in Edmonton have been overcast, cloudy & rainy. Gloomy for photography. However, the sun came out yesterday morning so I thought I would cheer myself up with something in lighter vein. Here are two for amusmenent or otherwise.
  30. And again
  31. O.K. I have to reduce to 700 not 800! Better next time.
  32. This time?
  33. Steve, I think your model looked happier and more refreshed in this week's photos. I think it is the influence of the colors in the picture. My guess is that the strong greens go well with the blues in the denim, the suntan, white fabrics and her blonde hair. Somehow, I think you really did well with the colors this time.
    I think I may have made this one on the eighth, but it's POW for me. Photo is of a friend of mine, John McLeod, a local sculptor, who was welding on one of his latest figures. Photo was made through a very small square window in the door of his studio. I like the way the colors turned out. It kind of reminded me of an abstract painting.
    Pentax K200D; 28-80mm FAJ; 0.3 seconds, f/5.6, ISO 1600; Aperture 2.
  34. Last weekend we had some very powerful thunderstorms in southern Ontario. I managed to get one decent shot looking across the street from my house before the storm hit. Moments later I had to grab the camera/tripod and run inside to avoid the downpour. The second shot is from a local cruise night here in Burlington.
  35. And the second shot:
  36. Wow, great stuff here!
    Fave's so far: Justin's Tickets, Leo's tankers, Camus' Papa family, Javier's tara ta tara (sort of resembles a woman--but certainly not a lady ), Steven's Kim Finally..., Markus' memories, oshiva's first, Bob's Rainbow (OMG!), and John's sculptor welding.
    I'm glad I held back one of my better shots from Ocean City for the POW. This was just a 'grab shot' with the Voightlander 180mm (rather casting doubt on the "it's not the equipment it's the photographer." line, imho ;~) I do like that lens, btw--it's MF, slowish at f4, and kind of goofy-looking (especially with the Takumar hood I use with it) but, oh, the IQ! The composition is pedestrian but, luckily, the subject just happened to fit a 4:5 crop perfectly.
  37. Man! What a great set of shots. I'll have to sort through later for comments, there's a lot to like this week.
    I was waiting outside a local building to buy a lens, and looked up. Struck me as vaguely "oshiva"-esq, if I knew how to do that funky PP. With the FA 20-35, k100d.
  38. And then one with the "new-to-me" lens, a Sigma mini-wide to relace the one I took apart and tried to "fix". This one has the "A" setting, so that's a step up, and it isn't in pieces on my workbench, so that helps too. Great little walk around lens.
  39. Oh, boy, are there some nice shots here this week. Leo's ships, Haig's Rainier, and Dorus' waterboy and spider web are my favorites so far.
    The other evening I took my K20D and Sigma 10-20mm to downtown St. Paul, MN to take a peek down some city streets. Well, what I found instead were some pups at play in a downtown park. I'm outside my element shooting such a subject and I found that photographing dogs at play is harder than... it ain't easy! They just won't sit still and pose nicely.
  40. Here are 2 from me, taken at a small man made lake in town:
    I'll comment later, cause right now I'm off to see my boys LIVERPOOL kick some butt!!
  41. I like what I see everyone. . .
    Had a lovely afternoon away from the kids and took the camera for a walk down the road. Came home with a full memory card (been a while) and sat back to enjoy the fruits of labour. Bit of playing with the digital filters on camera post picture and ta da. Two of my favourites (hard to chose).
  42. I keep scrolling back to Leo's tankers - great light and Haig's sailing boat with Mt Ranier in the background. John's sculptor welding is also a stunner.
    Last weekend - which was a long one, with a holiday on Monday - we were off the the Barberton Mountainland about 4 hours drive east of here. For the most part our late winter is dry, hazy and smoky but I did manage to get a few landscapes in.
    K20D with an FA 35mm f2. I often forget what a pleasure this lens is to work with.
  43. This is the second one of the pick from the afternoon's walk.
  44. K10D & DA16-45 @23mm TAV 1/160 f:8 ISO400
    One of the best thing one can do during summer holiday.....
  45. Welcome to Portland
  46. Kari,
    How far are you from Rovaniemi? I spent a short time in Finland but it was winter. I had a very good time. Call me silly, I never equated barbeque with Finland, lol. I fell in love with reindeer steak.
  47. [​IMG][​IMG]I've not posted here before, though I post photos frequently on the PDML. I've been very impressed by what goes by here every week.
    So, here are two photos. The first, taken yesterday, is an American common loon feeding her chick. These birds are very shy; I was about 40ft/12m away in my canoe, with the 50-200 on my K10D. So, this is pretty heavily cropped.
    The second is a storm that came over the lake earlier this week.
    Now, let's see if I can get the photos to post!
  48. Nope, no post. Trying again, with a different technique.
  49. Sheesh. One more time, resized.
  50. Rick-
    If you have a direct link to the photo (http://blah...blah...blah...), copy that link, then in your message posting box click the little green square button (looks like a tree if you get really close to your screen and when you hover your mouse pointer over it it says "Insert/edit image") and then paste that link into the fill-in box. This will link your photo right into the body of your message. This is how I do it to link in from Photobucket.
  51. Hey Rick, Welcome to the dark side over here....:)
  52. I'm slow today. just got in from Alabama bout 1 hr ago... I work slower in the dog days HEAT ..2 from Decatur, AL
  53. Excellent work this week everyone! I'll post comments Tuesday!
    Only one for me this week since I had another good post earlier. This is from the same set, same day. We finally had a day off to go enjoy the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. This pine provided the perfect shade...
    Family Portrait
  54. Once again, the only shooting I have done is models. This time at the Disney Center Music Hall with Mandi Myers. Here's 3 from the 7 best.
  55. Rick, nice to see some of your work on the POW. That's a real nice shot of the loon for shooting from a canoe. Where is the lake?
  56. Denise, that first photo with the raindrops on plants reminds me of one I saw made by Laura Gilpin.
  57. Here are my comments and favorites for the week:
    Camus W. - "Lambton Quay" is a very powerful shot. Love the perspective and b&w.

    Haig T. - #2 is just awesome. The colors are so bright! It's a mood changer.

    Markus M. - I love the prevention campaign sign. LOL. I didn't even see the condom until you pointed it out.

    Dorus O. - A siren's calling is spectacular. I feel like I'm underwater and he is about to fall in...

    Nick S. - Meteorology is great.

    Somanna M. - #2 is a fabulous sunset photo. It should be framed.
  58. John
    That first one is a weedy thing growing low to the ground, saw when walking, grabbed the shot, found it terribly interesting for photographing, got home and a similiar plant and photo exists on one the iMac's screen savers! Wasn't until I downloaded it that it twigged. Go figure.
  59. To.... John W.
    This Lappajärvi is almost in a straight line to the south of Rovaniemi for about 370km or just above 230 miles. Despite the fact that I'm a finn my home country is Sweden and has been for the last 45 years. This Lappajärvi is the place were my parents have their summer cottage....
    To.... Hin.
    That second picture is just awesome.
  60. Ok, my favs for the week :cool: This week was tough to narrow it down to three for me...really tough.
    My favorites this week in no special order....
    Haig Tchamitch 's picture of the boat in the lake is spectacular in every way. The calm waters with the snow topped mountain in the background is great. The black and white conversion is great as well.
    Maria McManamey 's wedding image is fantastic. I especially love the composition of the capture. The tones and the mood is great...I would love to see more from this series. :)
    Steve Dean 's third image of his wife. What a great improvement from last week, but what I really like is the look she is giving you. How precious is that :cool: The composition is nice and love the dark back ground so that she is the focal point of this picture...
    dorus oshiva 's...Well what can I say...Your PP skills are flat amazing and combined with your photography skills is simply lethal. Wow...great photographs you made there, especially the one of your boy...Fantastic!!!
    Somanna Muthanna 's second image needs to be hung on a wall...! :)
  61. My favorites of the week:
    Leo P, that last one has electric reflections. Great on a monitor.
    Camus W, the family shot is good, but I wish the kid’s other hand was being held. Oh well.
    Haig, both are really nice. I like the perspective on the Sunflower shot. You really ought to come back out for September shooting when the light gets better. Thanks for your kind words.
    Bob M, I love that trout shot. Nice size too.
    Markus, CTI albums had the best cover art.
    Dorus, that first shot of the boy, a siren’s calling is exceptionally artful. His expression is perfect for the shot. I suggest you enter it somewhere and get famous. My fave # 1 for the week.
    Dave Hollander, That’s quite an example. Just lovely the color rendition and the form is so intriguing. My fave # 2.
    Nick S. I see the Dorus influence there. You should start a thread for posting vertical building and sky shots.
    Sommana, nice second shot, it is very dreamy.
    Rick W, No 2 Storm Over The Lake, is my kind of shot.
    Jemal, all three are engaging. The latter two are pretty, but in the first she really grabs you. Nice matching of skin to building there. My fave no. 3

  62. My favourite's this week are:
    Leo's second shot - the elderly couple? - I love the simple-ness and the warm light. It's well composed.
    Haig's first shot - the boat - is clearly a great shot. I'm not usually much of a 'photo-shopper' but I think you could consider editing out the platform on the left. Great shot though.
    I also really like Jemal's first portrait shot, the lines from left and right and the glance away work really well.
  63. Justin, Rainout is probably my favorite from this week. Good to have you back.
    Leo, I dig the tankers!
    Maria, good to see you out and about, excellent shot!
    Denise, 1st one- that's an eerie/awesome shot!
    Hin, You have a lot of patience!
    Jemal, 1st one is my fave, I like the grain. Well done.
  64. My favourites this week are Somanna's 2nd lake shot, Jeremiah's Family portrait and Jemal's 2nd shot those eye's are stunning. I also like dorus's sirens call great PP work as always and Markus's use condoms deserves a mention.
  65. Hey Jermal, can I ask you about your first shot? Lately I've noticed a lot more fashion/glamor photography has gone to an over-processed, overexposed look. You first shot isn't extreme, but it is trending that way. I think it makes the models look unappealing. Can you discuss why this has become is the fashion? Is it a backlash against the micro-surgically correct digital images which can be produced by today's mega-mega-pixel cameras?
  66. Here's my submission(s) for the week. Pentax Super Takumar 85mm f/1.9 wide-open on my Canon 40D. Some post done in LightRoom.
  67. I like almost everything this week. But most of all I like:
    Justin's first shot
    Leo's first
    Camus' second
    Haig's second
    Steve D's third
    Markus' Prevention
    Oshiva's second
    Somanna's second
    And all of Jemal's modelling shots. It is great that some people are just so darn good lookin'!
    Javier, I don't know what to make of your first shot. I can't say I like it, but it is interesting.
    And Hin, I love the two meteor shots.
    Good work all!
  68. Went shopping in the Hudson Valley Mall area, on 9W, in Kingston, NY last week and saw the following within 15-20 minutes of each other, in two different parking lots:
  69. and these shadows in the sky
  70. and last - all taken w/K10D DA 50-200
  71. nice work this week... does the quality ever go down? Anyways sorry it's a been sometime to comment, and I'm afraid this time I'm just going to give a shout out to ones that stand out for me:
    Justin's Rain Delay
    ME's fern shot
    Haig's 2nd shot: nice balance of exposure and that is my dream lens!
    Javier's series just needs to be mentioned!
    Ben P: your b&w version.
    Dorus: def. the 2nd shot.
    Sigmar: 3 bolts in the same shot, nice!
    Nick's 2nd shot.
    Denise's 1st shot.
  72. Jonathan R - I can't speak for everyone. I did that 1st shot in an extreme manner to emphasize the forlorn look on her face. I thought the coarser look made the picture more appealing. That's it. She's a pretty woman, but that wasn't the mood I was shooting for. I agree that it does make her look less attractive, but that wasn't the point really. It was about the emotion. No backlash. It was one of those times that the Post Processing made the art better than when it came out of the camera.
  73. I understand. But have you also noticed the same trend as you look around?

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