POTW 7 September

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  1. Anti-mosquito "fogging" involves spreading a sort of fog of insecticide.
    999-fog.jpg ZD 14-54 on E-3
  2. I've seen them fog neighborhoods around here. Its done in the middle of the night by people dressed in what looks like space suits.
    This is last of my car photos for a while until the next car show. Its from the Concours d'Lemons in Seaside, CA. The Concours for the rest of us. GX1, 14mm lens.
    Concours Week 17d_Concours d'Lemons_5.jpg
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  3. Sanford, the man on the bicycle does not appear to be dressed in anything protective. Not unusual for India.
  4. Under the carob tree.
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  5. Sally, in a moment you shall have a brand new thread in which to put your photos.

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