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  1. More of trying out my new/used Pentax 50mm f1.7...

  2. Pic #2
  3. Pic #3

  4. #3 Bun Bo Hue

    Bun Bo Hue

    by Hin Man, on Flickr

    All are old photos taken in last 6 months. Last one was taken with k-3 and FA 31mm f/1.8
  5. SF - Chinatown

    Heiland Pentax H2, 55 ,f/1.8 Kodachrome​
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  6. @JDMvW, I have never shot Kodachrome and I was close to trying it before the last shop stopped the processing. That is a beautiful shot of China Town and I want to thank you in sharing. I admire film and it is always charming to see photos shot in films. No matter how I dice it on post processing, those color ones or b&w never come close to the analog output. Thanks again.
  7. I really like that! Thanks for sharing.
  8. Thanks, all.
    If they still made Kodachrome, I'd be shooting more film nowadays than I do.

    Ektra is nice too, of course.

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